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Bild 1: CT Pump Unit with heater, 6000 Liter tank and SPM triplex pump driven by engine and transmission.

Accessories SPM HP Parts (swivel joint, plug valve, male bull, tee, lateral, check valve, piping non pressure seal, ...) not included



This description covers the specifications for a truck mounted coiled tubing pumping unit designed for the well stimulation operations in the harsh environment of oilfields located in Russia. This unit is installed on a heavy duty oilfield type truck chassis. The unit will be capable of operating in ambient temperature ranges of -40C to 40 C. Included with this unit shall be the following components or systems: - Heavy Duty Truck Chassis Type MB Actros 4144A, 6x6 - Hydraulic System - SPM TWS 600 (Power End, 700 bar Fluid End - Allison Transmission Series 6000 - Caterpillar Engine C15 433KW - 6000 Liter fluid Holding Tank - Piping (Tank, SPM pump, centrifugal pump, manifold, return lines, ...) - 3.69 Million kilojoules water heating unit - Control Cab - Control and Acquisition System This unit shall be designed with manual control systems. Installation of an automated system will be provided by Manual controls shall give the operator the capability to control all systems installed on this unit. Manual controls can be used to override automatic controls at any time during the operation of the unit. This unit will be capable of operating at 300 Bar, and a minimum rate of 500 liters per minute (FE with 2 3/4 Plunger). Approximate physical dimensions of this unit are: - Length: - Width: - Height: 12.0 meters 2.80 meters 4.0 meters

2.0 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATION 2.1 CHASSIS DETAILS The unit will be mounted on a Mercedes Benz Type Actros 3144 A, 6x6 modified heavy duty oilfield chassis. The MB will be equipped with a full sleeper cabin, PTO, tyres 16R22.5 and a subframe.
Model: Vehicle type: Vehicle sort: Cab: Engine: Mercedes-Benz Actros 3341 A All-wheel chassis L-Cab V6, LA, 300kW/408HP, 1800/min, BlueTec 4 (Euro 4) Admissable total weight: 27000 kg Weight variant: 27.0 t (9.0/9.0/9.0)

2.2 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM The engine PTO shall directly power a multi-output hydraulic pump drive. Installed on this multi-output hydraulic pump drive shall be three (3) closed loop hydraulic power systems designed to power the following components: - One circuit to power the centrifugal charge pump. - One circuit to power the centrifugal fluid transfer pump. - One circuit to power the water heating unit fuel pump and fan. - One circuit to power the hydraulic fan. Additional details on the hydraulic system installation includes: - All hoses to be Aeroquip or equivalent high quality hydraulic hoses - Every effort should be made to minimize contact and wear by abrasion. Covers or wear pads shall be attached wherever contact cannot be avoided. - The hydraulic reservoir size shall be minimized to produce as compact a system as possible without sacrificing performance or longevity. Filters shall be installed as close as possible to reservoir and each other. Ease of filter change shall be considered when installing the reservoir and filters. - All necessary hoses, fitting, couplings, gauges and valves to complete system - Hydraulic oil cooler

SPM horizontal plunger-type triplex TWS 600S with 2-3/4 plungers should be installed on the unit. The pumps hydraulic part shall undergo autofrettage treatment. Specifications of three-plunger Pump rate:
Maximum Brake Horsepower Input: Maximum Rod Load Capacity: Stroke Length: Gear Ratio: Approximate Length: Approximate Width: Approximate Heigth: Approximate Weigth (dry): 600 BHP 100000 lb 6 4,6 : 1 50,25 52,93 23,88 4600 lb 1267 mm 1344 mm 607 mm 2086 kg 447 KW 43360 kg 152,4 mm

TWS 600
Plunger Diameter: 2 3/4 (69,9 mm) Output per rev Displacement at pump:
50 / 230
gpm (lpm) 23 (87) psi (bar) 16836 (1186)

0,46 gal/rev

1,8 liter/rev

Strokes per minute / Pinion rpm 200 / 920 300 / 1380

gpm (lpm) 139 (526) psi (bar) 6666 (470)

120 / 552
gpm (lpm) 56 (210) psi (bar) 16665 (1174)

450 / 2070
gpm (lpm) 208 (788) psi (bar) 4444 (313)

gpm (lpm) 93 (350)

psi (bar) 9999 (705)

For more pressure and flow it is possible to use 3 Plunger.


Net Input Torque: Net Input Power: h Turbine Torque:

3118 Nm 2300 634 KW 5432 Nm 4000


Engine Interface: Acceptable full-load engine governed speed: Minimum engine idle speed range (with transm

Caterpillar Engine C1 5 ACERT Max. Power: Max. Power Speed: Aspiration: Compression rate: Appr. weight (net dry): 580 bhp / 433 KW 2100 r/min Turbocharged aftercooled 18:1 3239 lb / 1469 kg


2.6.1 RUSCH CENTRIFUGAL AND ROPER GEAR TYPE TRANSFER PUMPS A non positive displacement centrifugal type Rusch Pump for moving water and non viscous fluids, along with a positive displacement gear type Roper Pump for loading fluids from nearby tanks or for pushing viscous fluids through the diesel fired water heater. Depending on the fluid viscosities, distance and elevation of the nearby tanks, both, the centrifugal Rusch pump and positive displacement Roper pumps can be used to; Transfer fluids from a tank on the ground to the onboard tank and/or vice versa. Transfer fluids from a tank on the ground through the water heater then to the onboard tank or send the heated fluid back to the tank on the ground. Transfer fluids from a tank on the ground or from the onboard tank to directly "supercharge" the SPM Triplex plunger pump. (Cold supercharging). Transfer fluids from a tank on the ground or from the onboard tank to the water heater then on to "supercharge" the SPM Triplex plunger pump. (Heating on the fly)

All of the process piping shall be configured to allow the SPM to circulate back to the onboard tank. This recirculation circuit is protected by a relief valve set to vent at 250 psi

Charger Pump for loading fluids

Model: Theoretical Capacity: Roper 5658 0,58 GPR 2,195 l/rev Max. Speed: 400 rpm Max. Flow at max. Speed: 232 GPM 878 l/min Max. Temperature: 1 60 F 71 C Max. Pressure: 1 00psi 7bar

Centrifugal pump
Type: Design: Power: Use: Technique: Material: Drive: Rusch R25-80s-200 Lh horizontal, one-level Q up to 80 m /h, H up to 40 m clean up to heavily polluted liquids maintenance-free, save to run dry, self-priming up to 4m WS. cast iron. hydraulically


The Heater is a continuous, forced circulation, coil type, modulating hot oil heater. It is compact, completely packaged unit. Heat is applied to these coils by the designed, pressurized, forced draft heater. The design provides crossflow of heat, turbulent combustion gases around the coils, which has been proven to be the most efficient method of heat transfer. Efficiency factor ~90% Fuel consumption ~110 l/h Heating area from 0 to ~50 C C Automatic high energy ignition Fireye Control System

2.8 OPERATOR CABIN Installed on this unit behind the truck cab shall be a fluid holding tank which can be loaded by the fluid transfer pump and the heater. Located behind the fluid holding tank and heater shall be an operators control cab. This platform shall include access ladder, floor grating, platform handrails and a swing out handrail section. Also installed on the operators platform shall be a heated weather enclosure with console. The weather enclosure shall be designed to produce a clean, heatable environment for the operator and control console during harsh weather. 2.8.1 CABINE DETAILS Details of this cab are as follows: - Tubular steel frame - Sheet metal outer skin - Insulated walls, doors, roof and floor - cabin heaters - Two (2) access doors - Windows installed in each wall and door - Dome light 2.9 MANUAL CONTROLS AND INSTRUMENTATION SYSTEM Installed in the cab shall be a manual control and instrumentation system. Each device shall be installed on a non-corrosive control panel and shall feature permanent labeling in English and Russian. All electronic controls shall be installed in a single NEMA 4 rated enclosure. Any mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic control shall be installed in a separate panel. Power Unit Controls and Instrumentation

Engine controls and instrumentation package Transmisson controls and instrumentation package Heater controls and instrumentation package Mercedes Benz controls and instrumentation package

Coiled Tubing Pumper Operating Controls Pump speed controls Suction manifold valve controls Return manifold valve controls Pump discharge pressure display Pump rate display Hydraulic system pressure displays Hydraulic Temperature Gauge Water heating unit controls Water heating unit discharge temperature display Emergency shutdown control


Supplied with the unit will be the following standard equipment. Note: This equipment will be part of the above unit, and if already mentioned an item will not be duplicated.
- Toolbox with necessary handtools - Fire extinguishers - Test certificates (two (2) copies) shall be supplied in English. Any certification of vendor supplied components (engines, transmissions, pumps, high pressure iron, etc...) should be requested in writing at the time of purchase. - Manuals (two (2) copies) shall be supplied in English at time of delivery. Manuals shall include operating and maintenance procedures for purchased components, unit schematics, and parts list. Schematics shall include manufacturers part numbers. Where available, cut sheet information from the manufacturer shall be provided. - Long joints, chicksans, tees, laterals, and valves to enable rig up to coiled tubing unit. - Unit shall be shipped with standard grade fluids. Cold weather fluids shall be supplied in Russia by the customer if required. - Unit shall be painted using a urethane paint system. All fabricated components shall be blasted to near white metal before primer coat. The unit shall be painted per the customers single color scheme. Additional colors are subject to review.