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Kakinada Institute of Engineering and Technology Korangi

ITWORKSHOP EXTERNAL EXAM 1. Explain the basic Functional units of a Computer, What are the components of the motherboard. Explain in details giving the specifcation and functionality of each ?

2. a) How do you install the following? a) SMPS b)CD -ROM c)MOTHER BOARD d)RAM e)CPU Explain each in brief? b) What is VIRUS? What are the types of viruses?

3. a) Prepare a Resume letter with ALL the utilities and tools, furnishing all indetail. b) Explain about BIOS?

4. a) What is an operating system? What are the types of Operating system? b) What is Primary Partition? Partition HardDisk into two logical drives each with equal size (in MB).

5. a) What is a file system? b) What are the steps involved to install Windows XP operating system in the computer, explain?

6. Prepare a chart,taking a sample of population cenuses from 2010 to 2011 in India and give the proportion of the increase and decrease during the years. Explain each step in detail with used tools and utilities.?

7. a) Prepare a worksheet for cricket score board calculate the runrate and produce the same in the form of a line chart/graph with appropriate names for the axes ? b) Explain about SMPS?

8. a) What is Partition, explain the types of Partitions? b) What are the steps to install UBUNTU operating system in the computer, explain?

9. a) Create a project certificate or News Letter using Word Art, Text formating and Images .Explain each step in detail. b) Explain about the ROM types?

10. Explain the following peripherals each with its functions and specifications? a) HDD spindle with specification. b) USB and its specifications. c) SATA and PATA cables. d) PCI and RAM slots. e) Heat sink and fan.

11. a) What is internet and Explain briefly? Explain about some of the web browsers? b) Explain any three components of Computer system with diagrams?

12. a) Explain different types of networks available .Also explain about WWW and URL? b) What is the Difference between RAM and ROM?


a) What is search engine and explain briefly about types of search engines. b) Create a newsletter.

14. a) Create a presentation with the following. a. Backgrounds b. Animation Schemes c. Slide Transitions b) Explain the following DOS commands atleast with one example. a) Copy b) rename c) delete d) datee) Create a Directory

15. a) Install UBUNTU operating system with an already existing XP in the computer?

b) Explain briefly about South Bridge?


a) What is email? Write some domain names you know. b) Explain briefly about north bridge?