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2012 Volume I

January to March

The newsletter of Heroes Church: a Christ-centered community of imperfect people for the city. Issue 1

Important Dates
Jan 8 Sunday 10:30 am service launch Typhoon Sendong outreach to Cagayan De Oro and Iligan Thursday 6:30 pm midweek service launch Date Night Mixer Gospel in the City Manila Graduation of Zuriel and Aldrin

Jan 10-14

We live for moments. Whether it be the exquisite taste of a gorgeous sunset sea view from Boracay with friends, or the romantic atmosphere of a candlelight dinner overlooking the stars in Tagaytay, we all wish for that perfect moment when we find peace in the world. Yet reality bites. Moments are temporary, and often times costly. We work hard to afford them without really knowing when we can experience them again. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. This is the our basis for coming up with Transient . We don't only randomly move from one point to another, but purposefully transform from one stage to another. Life is full of moments, and in our fast-paced world of endos (end-of- contracts), job transfers, and fluctuating relationship patterns, join us and lets journey together in the eternal transience of our existence.

Feb 2

Feb 14 Mar 26-27 Mar 30

Our New Weeknight Service

On February 2, Heroes Church opened its new weeknight service set to run every Thursday, 6:30 pm. Its a bold move to extend our borders and serve more people.

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Purposive Unity in a Time of Calamity

At first, our ministry center became a receiving center for donations. We put up posters in neighboring establishments i.e. Blenz, Toast Box, PrintLab Inc., Tokyo Bubble Tea, and Big Birds, and condominiums i.e. Grand Hamptons Tower 1 and Bellagio Tower 1, to help spread the word. We connected with organizations - Compassion, One Voice, and Mission Ministries Philippines - to send and deliver the relief goods. We also partnered with KEDRN (Kagayan Evangelical Disaster Response Network), Christians Haven, and Compassion to organize medical and psycho- trauma healing missions on-site. We sent Pastor Zuriel, who has trauma counseling training and a medical background, to personally visit and help. This is a testimony to what we can accomplish together as a movement. To all who shared resources and made an effort like raising awareness, we thank you. Its a great joy to partner with you in helping our countrymen and women in the South. You are all heroes! May the Lord reward you in His time. God bless you!

On December 2011, Typhoon Sendong devastated the cities of Cagayan De Oro and Iligan, dealing the people hard losses of family, friends, homes and personal belongings. Hope was waning and a call for help was issued. Heroes Church answered this and partnered with others to join the movement to rebuild the cities.

Thanks to all of you who helped out!

New Thursday 6:30 pm Service LAUNCHED!

On February 2, Heroes Church opened its new weeknight service set to run every Thursday, 6:30 pm. Its a bold move to extend our borders and serve more people.
One of the frequently asked questions we get at Heroes is why we have chosen to plant a in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). BGC is a rising business district. Its still a tad behind Makati in terms of holding offices, yet this in itself is what made it a prospective choice. BGC offers to us a dream to be part of something on its way to becoming special. This resonates much with the market were serving. Young professionals are driven and full of potential on our way to be where we want to be. Two years later, we have found ourselves a home in BGC. With our Sunday morning service attractive to residents, we also wanted to reach out to the working class in the city. This is the main reason we opened a midweek service so that after work, they can attend service, and spend their weekends at home in their respective cities or provinces. Our open doors have welcomed employees from companies in the area i.e. St. Lukes Medical Center, Towers Watson, J.P. Morgan and Chase, Deutsche Bank, Canon, and others. We have also seen post- graduate students and business owners come in as well, including friends from Makati. The midweek service lets new people experience our Sunday morning service. This doesnt mean one is limited to choosing between Thursday and Sunday only. Research shows that we learn more when we experience the same thing repeatedly. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book The Tipping Point documents the success of Blues Clues in taking the success of Sesame Street a step further. He noted repetitions (Blues Clues showed the same episode daily for a week as compared to Sesame Streets new episode each day of the week) made the lessons stick more. By experiencing the gospel message for the week twice over, spiritual growth is

The new weeknight service also gave opportunity for more people to be involved.
enhanced. On top of that, the new weeknight service also gave opportunity for more people to be involved. Come and join our gospel-driven services at BGC

The Power of Promises: The Gospel in Manila

I shall return. Those were General Douglas MacArthurs famous words as he left Bataan during the Battle of the Philippines on March 20, 1942. Ten days later, as he arrived in Australia, he repeated the same words, offering hope for my ravaged country during a time of great bloodshed and suffering. On October 17, 1944, the American general and war hero landed in Leyte, Philippines, Rev. Zuriel C. Bernardino, and declared, I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God, our forces stand again on Heroes Church Planter Philippine soil. This is a classic story known with Rev. Dr. Nomer D. Bernardino, to Filipinos, of how our American friend a distinguished ATS alumnus, kept his promise of coming back and helping us win our freedom after decades of and Breadcom Senior Pastor occupation and oppression. It offers hope, joy, and peace three things we surely - Completed requirements for a need again today. As Filipinos, relationships are important to us. Just the other day, I had a talk with one of the young professionals in our city who shared about challenging transitions in his life over the last couple of years, which included failed attempts at business and a - Expository Preaching Award relationship. I asked him what sense has he - Church Planting Award made from his experience so far, and he said what hes most thankful for is the relationships hes made with friends. This resonates much with our culture, which holds social community in such a high value. Unlike in the US, where my relatives and friends tell me they work Mondays to Fridays, and only go out on the weekend, going out after office and hanging out in restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, are quite the daily activity here. Its actually ironic how we could value social functions beyond even our capacity to afford such a lifestyle. During one of my recent cab rides, Aldrin I. Teresa, the driver talked to me about how he recently spent lavishly for his birthday, not Heroes Intern Pastor caring about where hell get the money for with Rev. Gary Watanabe, the next day. Across the board, Filipinos out Heroes Church planting coach such a high prime to smooth interpersonal relationships. This in part explains how much we value words, promises, and - Completed requirements for a loyalty.

by Zuriel Bernardino

had been a missionary through Mission to the World (part of the Presbyterian Church of America) in the Philippines. He began working with the local churches in Manila, learning how to move through the hustle and flow of my city, and growing accustomed to my culture. Now, as a church planter coach specializing in intercultural church planting, he became my mentor, and his friendship ever since has been one of my encouragements in planting Heroes Church in Bonifacio Global City, a leading business district in Metro Manila. I know firsthand his desire to see a gospel movement form in my city. Heroes Church was launched in 2010, and we have already been blessed with opportunities to serve beyond our congregation, in Manilas largest hospital and in our local neighborhoods. Gary has continued to come visit us from time to time, offering friendship and encouragement, and connecting us with other leaders throughout City to City Asia. As part of this network, our church hosted our first Gospel in the City seminar in Manila on March 26-27, 2012. It presented the key ideas of gospel-centered ministry in cities to 51 participants coming from various churches and organizations in Manila. The conference was taught by Gary, Tobin Miller of Watermark Church in Hong Kong, Nomer Bernardino (my father) of Breadcom Church, and myself. The two-day conference was a homecoming for all of us. Knowing that we are not alone in the fight for the Gospel in our city truly inspires us to move forward. People who came left inspired by the Gospel and its power to change everything. The seemingly small action of serving, keeping a promise, or returning to where we started is meaningful not just to Filipinos. Christians all over the world have the hope of glory, Jesus Christ, who came to us, lived with us, died for us, and resurrected promising to us He will come back again. The return of General Macarthur and the most recent return of Pastor Gary both point us to the hope of fellowship, love, and the ultimate hope we all have the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He shall return.

degree in Masters of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Asian Theological Seminary (10/1/11) and graduated with honors (summa cum laude)

degree in Masters of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Asian Theological Seminary (3/30/12)

- Distinguished Stateland Scholar - Breadcom Scholar

When I came to New York City in 2008 to spend six weeks as part of Redeemers International Intensive training for church planters, I quickly connected with one of the staff, Gary Watanabe, because of his history in my country. In the 1980s, Gary

2012 Volume I

January to March

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