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In this project The exposure is a very valuable experience for me since most of the staff and the management of BTPN Kuala Lumpur has taught me all the required knowledge to conduct an audit in order to play an important role in maintaining the companys management system, thus creating workplace variety and potentially increasing job satisfaction and for that matter, it is a practical yet down-to-earth. . Once the company has gained confidence in the system's implementation, it should develop a strategic schedule that provides more aggressive coverage of areas requiring the most attention. These areas can be weighted based on the results of previous audits as well as relative importance to the management system's objectives. I also learnt how to perform an audit includes Opening & closing meeting, Audit skills/interview, Collecting information & evidence, Case studies & discussions, audit findings and etc. Once the results have been reviewed and subordinated, some findings may require the use of the corrective action system; others may have simpler remedies. The results of the audits and corrective actions should be included in management reviews. Of all the elements of ISO management systems, the internal audit requires the most time and effort once a system is implemented. Making the most of internal audits will create greater employee involvement, improve job satisfaction and provide more opportunities for continuous improvement.

Finally, I come to realize that at the end of practical in auditing; I have to acquired adequate knowledge to the concept of risk-based approach to auditing and materiality, consider some of the finer points of planning an effective audit and execute an audit by using practical auditing techniques. This will endeavor myself to have the chance to practice their skills with auditing scenarios based on real-life audit situations and enhance my ability and confidence.

Table of contents Abstract Table of contents Introduction / Synopsis/ Company Profiles 1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 2.0 Objectives/Purpose of Industrial Training 3-8 1 2

Background Company 2.1 Map BTPN Kuala Lumpur 2.2 Organization Chart BTPN Kuala Lumpur

Overview of the training 9 3.0 The summary of internship activities Details of experience 3.1 Project Involved 3.2 Explanation of the project scope 3.2.1 Management 3.2.2 Functions of management 3.2.3. Operation 3.3 Appropriateness of the project to the study field 3.4 Courses taken at KPTM to the present Work experience 4.0 Responsibilities as an Internship student
4.1.1 Work Ethic 4.1.2 Time Management 4.1.3 Critical Thinking 4.1.4 Discipline 4.1.5 Communication Skill


4.1.6 Commitment

4.2 New Knowledge 4.2.1 Problem Encounter 4.2.2 Problem with technical 4.2.3 Suggestion 4.2.4 Problem with people 4.2.5 Suggestion 4.2.6 Problem with salary 4.2.7 Suggestion 4.2.8 Problem with technical

4.2.9 Suggestion
4.3 How experience impact system career

Discussion and conclusion References Appendix

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Introduction / Synopsis/ Company Profiles 1.0 Executive Summary

An executive summary is a brief statement or account that covers the main points of your company. An executive summary is one of the component in write this report. BTPN Kuala Lumpur was founded in 1986 as a provide ICT hardware and infrastructure at school. We have a proven track record of business start up expertise. We also have helped several businesses get moving in the right direction. We are focused on improving the position of small businesses, ultimately, helping them to reach the success that they are working on for their company. In this report I was shown the organization chart of my internship company. It is to show the top people who are managing business on the track. In this project, I have gained experience in conducting in admin and operation for many areas and this experience is the most valuable lesson for me. I was also explaining about the main business activities in the company. The core business of my internship company is as IT consults and it deals with the product from abroad. At the page below Im also related what I was study in KPTM with the valuable experience I was gain in BTPN Kuala Lumpur. In this report also I was explain how internship will affect the career in future. Internship means you learn something at the company you do your internship and with 2month and half experience at here I have gain a little bit knowledge and exposure about working and might be it will helps me in the future. I can apply also what I was learning in KPTM in almost 3 years here at my internship company. Other than that, I also carry the name of the college in the eyes of the company. So it is responsible for me to give the best effort while Im doing my internship here during 1 November until 14 January 2011. Finally thanks to Allah, to my parents, my siblings, my lecturer, my friends, my buddies at Internship Company and for those who are involved in completing my internship report. Thank you so much.

1.2 Objectives/Purpose of Industrial Training

At the launch phase, brand owners are concerned about building brand and attribute awareness. BTPN Kuala Lumpur range of products will help brand owners to achieve this objective.

I was totally convinced with the business and IT knowledge is the link to bridge the entire gap between financial information and business operation. Of course business is a vehicle for the substance of business transaction. The evolving business landscape and increasingly complex transactions requires the auditing fraternity to conduct an audit in a prolific and holistic approach, with emphasis on understanding the business as well as the associated risk.

Finally, to building capacity as a specialist in ICT integration and management of school. I would say that the industrial training has provided me not only with the basic fundamentals of business and IT, but provide me with enough substance not only to make me a competent business but also as an auditor in various industries.

2.0 Background Company


Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri Kuala Lumpur (BTPN) IT and management CONSULTANT Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri Kuala Lumpur Jalan Seri Permaisuri, Bandar Seri Permaisuri 56000, Cheras Kuala Lumpur




03-91733010 03-91735040


+603-7954 7153

2.1 Map BTPN Kuala Lumpur

Located in Bandar Seri Queen of about 12 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur Cityand close to the SMK Seri Queen, Hospital UKM and SM Sains Selangor.

BTPN WP KL is a network under the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia established for the purpose of maintaining the use of educational technology further enhances the effectiveness of teaching and learning in schools. With the mission of Developing and maintaining a culture of educational technology use among teacher and students to enhance

the effectiveness of teaching and learning process BTPN under WP KL, 6of the teacher centre (PKG) help to complete the mission in the zone throughout the state.

Vision Generation transformations through technology education

MISSION Development of management capacity and improving the quality of instructional technology innovation through education acculturation.

2.2 Organization Chart BTPN Kuala Lumpur

Organization chart for CEO and the subordinates are cannot being publish due to secret for companies

Overview of the training 3.0 The summary of internship activities My name is Azmi bin ahmad taridi. I am a student in Business Information Technology with International Business. I have been attached at a company named BTPN Kuala Lumpur to have an exposure of real-life practical approach in business. The exposure is a very valuable experience for me since most of the staff and the management of BTPN has taught me all the required knowledge to conduct the business in order to play an important role in maintaining the companys performance, thus creating workplace variety and potentially increasing job satisfaction and for that matter, it is a practical yet down-to-earth. When I finish the practical attachment, I felt very much disappointed because it is hard for me to leave the company especially after I have known them for quite some time. What I have learn from the working environment here is that the key success of a company is the effectiveness of communication, no matter what field you are majoring in, whether it is in accountancy, business management or operation, it is very important for us to have good communication skill. I have learnt a good experience in admin and managing people in operation site and I come to understand that a good communication skill will bring a bigger milestone in my career. I have been introduced in every admin concept that I need to be successful. I am very much amazed how good administration would effect on the movement of the company as well. Finally, I come to realize that at the end of practical in here; I have to acquire adequate knowledge to the concept of risk-based. This will endeavor myself to have the chance to practice their skills with scenarios based on real-life worker and enhance my ability and confidence.


3.1 Project Involved In my internship experience I was involved in administration management and operation area. So I will go through with management, operation, marketing, and finance in details. All my internship experience was reflect with my course study, which is it was bring benefit for me in advance for my study and also my career.

3.2 Explanation of the project scope

3.2.1 Management Management promotes organizational achievement by providing the specific knowledge, skills, and resources needed by your most valuable asset - people. Management offers the very best in training and certificate programs for the working professional, providing practical skills and knowledge to enhance individual career advance. Management experts will work with to create learning and development programs unique to organization's culture and strategic goals. In Jump Retail management is care towards the staff where the companies provide the insurance for the thing if something bad happen to them. Company also understand staff also need recreation, so for that management of company was organized badminton competition for among staff and its subsidiaries to reduce stress in workplace and at the same times will strength the relationship among the staff. Panel clinic also was provided in order to ensure all staff in good condition in workplace. 3.2.2 Functions of management Management operates through various functions, often classified as planning, organizing, leading/motivating and controlling. . BTPN FUNCTION

Function 1: Design, administer, monitor, assess and report on the implementation of the basic educational technology


Function 2:



implementing the

dissemination and


of various

published media.

Function 3: Planning implementation and provide expertise and coordinate technological innovation in education.

Function 4: Leading/Motivating: btpn does not exhibiting skills in these areas for getting others to play an effective part in achieving plans. With the weak management, it is hard for the business to go further. Function 5: Controlling: The supervisor is monitoring or checking progress against plans, which may need modification based on the feedback.

3.2.3. Operation

Operation can be define as activities related to the creation of goods and services by transforming or converting inputs and outputs through a series of value added process.

Input is the most important ingredient of a production / operation system. As in Jump Retail, the business includes clients, equipment and merchandisers. The human resources includes such as the manager, supervisor, clerk, staffs and agents.

The main objectives of operation are to achieve the goal and strategies in term of quality and quantity requirements. The way of the business handle its system so that there will be no bottleneck in the business. In operation it includes importance of location decision, the facility layout, quality control, maintenance, work measurement and many more. All the above are the most important part to take care In operation department it will clarify of the goals and objectives of the company. Dealing with many projects is hard if the operation department not satisfy the clients need. It will affect the company in future profit. Pos Ad was figure out set a standard that must be followed with all subsidiaries which by this following 12

* Strategies, tactics, policies, and constraints affecting the business * Organizations, activities, and interactions among companies and clients * Clear statement of responsibilities and authorities delegated * Specific operational processes for fielding the system * Processes for initiating, developing, maintaining, and retiring the operation

Controlling the quality of the product is the most important thing to do so that there is no report from the customer about the bad service. The service that is late, cheat or other thing that happen in a sudden will be returned back to the business and it will bring bad impression to the company. 3.3 Appropriateness of the project to the study field During Im doing my internship, I was gain a lot of experience which is related with my course study. As a student who are taken course in IT and international business it is related with my company internship where at BTPN they are implemented IT element in managing inventories. It is helps me because I can apply what I learned almost 3 years in KPTM to my internship company. From my own observation what Im study is related with my internship company and it was bring an advantages to me. One more thing that important I was learned is leadership. One of the subjects I was taken last semester is Organizational Behaviour. Before this I dont feel the leadership in the real working environment but with the internship I can see that leadership is very important in the organization. It is like X factor where you can influenced people between you to make them follow the procedure of company and I see my CEO Sanusi have this element. When he giving a task, or give a speech it is very inspired people between him to follow what his said. At here also I got an idea to do my final year project. One of the jobs at my internship company are I need to update the latest stock using HTC and it will link to the system where the system can be view by our clients. So I got a little bit idea to do my final year project where it can be used for my project in inventories system. Indeed internship was giving me a very valuable experience in my life and I was very grateful with this experience because half of my classmate did not take this subject (Summer Placement as known as Industrial Training) due to 13

they do not have intention regarding the final year project and I take this challenge to prove myself that internship is not disturbing the final year project as long as you have discipline in time division.


Relevance of courses taken at KPTM to the present work experience

Business Study Entrepreneurship Business in Information Technology (BIT) Business Administration Business Law Marketing Human Resource Management


Details of experience 4.0 Responsibilities as an Internship student

Internships are known for giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real world environments. At the same time, they will also develop skills which will help them perform better at their jobs. Internships greatly increase the chances that a student will gain full time employment after graduation. Alhamdulillah during my internship period I was gain a lot of worth experiences that helps me in a real working situation at Jump Retail. Internships give opportunity to students to apply their knowledge in real world environments. It develops skills which help them perform well at their jobs.

4.1.1 Work Ethic By using internships, students are provided with experience that will make them stronger. In addition to this, their work ethic will increase, and they will be confident in their abilities. Internships will also allow students to learn about work ethic. There are certain approaches that have been implemented in the certain company and it must be followed by staff. For example in BTPN they was say that you are free to wear jeans in workplace, no need to wear casual as long as at that day you are not have meeting with the clients. It makes staff feel free without follow any rules of appearances. It same also at the government sector where you are compulsory to wearing batik on every Thursday.

4.1.2 Time Management Proper time management will increase the level of discipline an employee who will determine their performance by the employer. In BTPN include it subsidiary Jump Retail time management is very important because it is one of the criteria in determining their monthly KPI. Effect from that is it will produce quality employee. For example at Japan, time management is a one culture which is concern in the work place.


4.1.3 Critical Thinking In the business world, critical thinking skills are very important. As internship student I must show my ability to make quick decisions which are based on logic. Internships will teach students how to excel in a large number of different organizations and industries. When students use internships, they will bring benefits to themselves as well as their employers.

4.1.4 Discipline Discipline is the basic in creating personality. Discipline will produce a good quality of workers and thus contribute to its good productivity. Next it will teach a person how important discipline. No matter you are a students or employee. In my internship experienced I have to be at the office before 7.30 am and return at 4.30 pm. Through internships, they make me realize discipline is very important in what are you doing.

4.1.5 Communication Skill Work in an organizational unit requires good communication skills to facilitate a job. Good communication will lead to job becomes easier because all the tasks given can be understand by the employees. From my internship experience I need to have good communication skill because all of the works from me need to be check by my superior or for the leader of the project.

4.1.6 Commitment By effectively using internship, students will increase their skills and make them valuable in the job market. Their employers will get the benefit as well, and they can increase the efficiency of their businesses. Commitment for the works and also for the career will enhance the job opportunity after. Commitment also can encourage me to the do a better job rather than just look easy for the task given.


4.2 New Knowledge During my internship, of course I have I have new exposure with the new environment I was gain. The valuable experience is still strong in my heart for my guide in future as my new knowledge. As a product consultant company I have to work fast because every day and every week clients want to view the latest information about their products. In the course of my duties as a practical student I have to complete my work properly because my supervisor selected me to serve on a task force in admin and also operation department. Then at the end of internship my supervisor has to assess me as it is compulsory for my co-coordinator, Puan Zahrah to know about my mark. I was exposing with the latest technology in ICT equipment l. Before this I dont know via phone (HTC) you can update the system which it can link automatically in the system, and what make me impressed is the system can be view by the clients. From my view I think the system normally at the company using stand-alone where it is just can be view by the people in the organization. With the latest hand-held technology it providing live actionable data and this is fascinated me. By this system it will helps company and clients with: Provide ICT equipment and management Managing inventories

4.2.1 Problem Encounter In the real life of course you are having with the problem at everywhere. Therefore we must know how to handle our problems and come out with constructive suggestions and recommendation. When Im doing my internship there is a little bit problems occurred and of course I have to tell my superior about my problem and we was discussing and come out with the solution.

4.2.2 Problem with technical Computer is a medium for staff to do works. Effective computer will not disturb flow of works staff. When Im doing internship at BTPNI have the problem with my personal computer


where it is always hanged. It is disturbed my worked because our clients is waiting the report from us.

4.2.3 Suggestion Company need to upgrade the hardware of computer if they want this problem is solved. Furthermore they have people who are work in IT department who are responsible with this problem. One more thing are they need to upgrade the system because they are still using Windows XP, currently Windows 7 was take over the latest version of system.

4.2.4 Problem with people When Im take over the works from Puan maslinda, admin executive at BTPN I have to manage merchandiser. I have to ensure they are doing their work properly without any complaints from clients but the problem occurred when merchandisers know I am just an internship student, so they are doing the work with the complacency. It is hard to manage people if you dont have the skill of leadership. Furthermore they was think internship student dont have an authority to observe them.

4.2.5 Suggestion I have to strict with the merchandisers who are work with complacency because I got the complaint with client from Permanis and thus it was affected my performance by my superior. What Im doing I was talk to them no matter who I am we need to work as teamwork to avoid the problem. Then I was talk to their supervisor and project manager about their merchandiser performance.

4.2.6 Problem with salary Based on my offer letter I have to work from 9 to 6 everyday with the allowance RM 400 per month. But when the workload occurred and I have to complete it by the day it is problem where they are not paid for my overtime. Normally it was in happen in the first week of month, a lot of document needs to be submitting to the clients. Systematically worked time is not effective with the payment.


4.2.7 Suggestion Provide extra salary for the internship student if they are work overtime. They need to clear with the internship student by time them briefing about the environment working here. After I was discussed with my Human Resource Executive then they explain about company procedure to internship student. So I was think positive and just take it as my valuable experience rather than think about money only. One more suggestion is Human Resource need to talk early about payment because I dont know the procedure of salary.

4.2.8 Problem with technical From my experience sometimes I feel not satisfied with the server. With a lot of staff who are working with BTPN there is not enough support for us to do work with one server only. Sometimes legging will occur because of the redundancy data due to a lot of data was come out to be sent to the clients.

4.2.9 Suggestion By adding one more server at least it can support a lot of staff to do works. Efficiency works happen when they are no problem with the technical matter. By adding server also it will speed up staff work.

4.3 How experience impact system career

According to my observations, workers would typically be looking for work in accordance with the qualifications they have, an interest in the well can promise a good career development and prospects. Experience is the best teacher. That old expression that is still very relevant today and in the future. Close to the meaning of experience is an expression. Similarly, the expression was on work experience that a person possesses. Up-to every company that will recruit new employees, work experience of applicants to be the main criteria. The element of experience is seen as the accumulation of knowledge and life in the learning process. The more experienced applicants are more likely received by the company.


The experience of a work should be viewed as potential resources in managing the change itself. Rationally, work experience would be considered a person. From his experience, should be a capital gain or stock in view the elements of success and lack of cause-yielding work. The increasing age of a growing knowledge about the work and way of looking at things are also getting smarter. For example, when an employee has suffered neglect then it might be considered mediocre. Yet everyone else had done the same thing. But eventually the elements in line with the maturity of his personality, the sense of guilt and remorse arises by itself. And this will be pushed to do better in accordance with company standards. It is because in this life is really solid with the decision making process. So when employees and management will take the best decisions, he will use his experience elements. The consideration to which the results are considered feasible and what is not or less qualified is a function of the accumulated understanding of processes and output of his deeds during this time. Alhamdulillah with the internship experience it can make me exposed with the real life working and the advantages are it will make my resume become strong. Internship with the big industry in retail (BTPN provide is specialist in Field Operations Management and IT) will helps my resume in IT and management. Furthermore with my previous experience working of me in retail industries also will help me to get a better work Insya Allah. So this is how experience will impact career.


5.0 Conclusion As a conclusion, I would like to thank to all the related parties that made this program running smoothly. The internship is very important for the student to know the real business world instead of learning. Learning from mistake is better than if they had not tried it at all. Made a mistake doesnt mean that you will do it again; it will improve you from time to time. The entire guide that Ive received from the staff of BTPN will make it more useful in some other time. Within 2 month at this place, I have learn many things even though I know it, it just a little exposure from me rather than my senior. A lot of appreciation to the staff and KPTM itself for giving me this chance to know business environment. Thank our supervisor for visit, for the college driver it also help. And last to say to all my internship friends thank you for your support. Finally this internship and report have been made. Main objectives of this internship are to give an opportunity for students to implement their knowledge from college to the real work society. In following this industrial training it could help to improve skills and students knowledge so that it could be more positive towards its physical and mental and what I can say I was achieve it.


7.0 References Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri Kuala Lumpur Jalan Seri Permaisuri, Bandar Seri Permaisuri 56000, Cheras Kuala Lumpur 03-91733010 03-91735040


Appendix Any other relevant details that are appropriate to support the write up of the report have been given in this section. It may include important drawings, design details, copies of letters, project report, Figures, Tables, List of symbols and notations etc.