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Today, the Electronic industry is recognized as the single largest industry in the world and this sector has been recognized as a major significant area of economic and business activities in most of the countries in the world. In Bangladesh, Electronic Industry also played a big role in developing our economy and also does some social responsibility. Now Bangladesh is going to be digital. So every time we use electronic products. For example; TV, Freeze, Generator, Microwave woven, Motorcycle etc. There are many Electronics company in our country.


Name of the Organization Year of Establishment Number of directors Number of Showroom

WALTON 1977 05 32 Jiban Bima Bhaban (Level-3) 10, Dilkhusa C/A, Dhaka-1000 Tel: +88-02-9571634-6, 71711845,9555890, 9554045, 7170271-2, 9558535, 7171873 Fax: 88-02-9572057

Contact Address

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To be the most admired and respected family company in the country

To improve service quality through development of strategic marketing plan. MISSION OF WALTON Mission is to improve the quality of life of people by providing comforts

and conveniences. VALUS OF WALTON

We live up to the expectations of a responsible organization by contributing to improvement in the quality of life of our customers through outstanding product & services.

We respect each other as individuals and encourage cross functional teamwork while providing opportunities for career development.

We develop our suppliers to be partners in progress and share our growth with them

We respect our competitors and recognize their contribution to market value.

We conduct our business by conforming to the ethics of our country and share the social responsibility of the less fortunate.



To be the market leader in our product range and market segment. Provide our consumers with the best service & shopping experience in the country. Provide our consumers with products of latest technology. Provide our shareholders with steady asset growth and return on investment above the industry norm. Grow our revenue and profits at a rate above the industry norm.

Walton tries to achieve lower overall cost than rivals, usually under-pricing rivals. A successful low-cost leader is generally good at finding ways to drive out many elements of cost of their business.

Mar ket Targ et

Broad Market

Overall low-cost provider strategy

Best-cost provider strategy

Broad Differentiation Strategy

Niche Market

Focused low-cost strategy

Focused Differentiation strategy



Refrigerator Motorcycle Air conditioner



Mobile phone Computer LCD monitor LED TV Laptop Car

Television (CRT, DVD player Microwave oven




Thus, the transformation of Walton from a single product Freeze, company into a multiproduct consumer durable company began in 1985 for further growth and expansion. This diversification into consumer durables has continued unabated. At different times Walton has introduced Color and Black & White Televisions, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners, Motorcycles, DVD Players. Laptop, Desktop Computers and Car are among its newest offerings. Today Walton is a household name. It has earned the trust and confidence of the consumers and is one of the leading manufacturing and marketing companies of consumer durables in the electronics and home appliance sector of the country.


Waltons channel members pass any information of sales, inventory, transportation etc. when those are needed. Information can be both inward and outward. Sales data generally is inward or backward. Information of potential and current customers, competitors, and other factors in the marketing channels are gone to the backward or inward from the shop managers to district and area managers, and finally to the Walton. Again, information of the corporate decisions is gone to the outward.

FIG: Information flow



For importing parts L.C. is opened. Then through transportation it is supplied to Savar factory .After that, after making final goods these are transferred to warehouse and then respective shops.


In designing the firms channel system, Walton analyzes consumer needs, sets channel objectives, identifies major channel alternatives, and evaluates them.


Because the point of a marketing channel is to make a product available to customers, the marketer of Walton first understands what target customers actually want. Walton target customers are middle and high level people.

The target customers of Walton want to purchase the products from the nearby locations. They normally prefer fast delivery channel. So Walton opens the showrooms of the nearby locations of target customers. The rural and low income level people are also the Waltons target customers. For this reason Walton also open the showrooms in the rural areas. If the people of rural people want to purchase the Walton products, they go to the showroom and purchase the products.

The greater the service backup, the greater the work provided by the channel. Customers want after sale service from these products, so Walton provides the after sale service by many after sale service centers.


Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Management of Walton

Individuals have carried out logistics activities for many years. Walton also has continually engaged in move-store (transportation-inventory) activities. The newness of the field results from the concept of coordinated management of the related activities, rather than the historical practice of managing them separately, and the concept the logistics adds values to products and services that are essential to customer satisfaction and sales. Walton decides on the best way to store, handle and move their products and services so that they are available to customers in the right assortments, at the right time, and in the right place. Now we describe the nature and importance of logistics management in the supply chain, goals of the logistics system, major logistics functions, and the need for integrated supply chain management.

The Nature and Importance of Marketing Logistics

Walton follows a marketing logistics also called physical distributions. First they take proper plan, and then they implement the plans and control physical flow of goods. Their ultimate purpose is getting the right products to the right customers in the right place, at the right time. Marketing logistics are two types, such as, outbound distribution and inbound distributions. Walton sells the products through their own shops. In the Dhaka city Walton has 20 stores of its own and its shops are remaining in the district towns. Some exclusive and luxury products of Walton are displayed sold through their selected shop.

Inbound Distribution
Walton imports their Parts from foreign countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China etc. First they imports kits or equipments of main products, and then it brings

out to factory. Then they arrange the kits or equipments of main products to make finished goods. Supply chain management involves Walton upstream and downstream follows of materials, final goods, and related information among supplier, company, and final consumers. Their most activities include forecasting information system, order processing, inventory, warehousing, and transportation planning. Walton thinks that it is using improved logistics to give customer better services and lower price. Walton is now competing with LG, Sony, National and many other companies. Walton believes that improved logistics can reduce tremendous cost. Walton uses information technology for major gains in distribution efficiency.

Parts and products handling

Walton handles its parts from port. First they clear their parts from ports. Its parts are carried to factory and warehouse .They handle their products in a sequence way that they can optimize their spaces in the warehouse and factory .Sometimes any shop has no spaces to stocks in their shop then they transferred to near shop. (a) Equipment selection and replacement policies b) Stock storage and retrieval

After sales service

According to its rules Walton gives services to its customers if condition is fulfill. It has some service centers for this purpose.

Walton itself is a brand which has high potentiality in Bangladeshi market with its unique success factors. So based on these factors some recommendations have been given below:

Increasing the Brand image of Walton through more promotional activities. Differentiation should not be only in terms of product features or other product qualities; proper influence should be given towards services and personnel differentiation.

It should establish online information system. It should properly apply its past experiences. It should start the online sales. It should manage its own transportation agency. It should increase retail network. Should maintain competitive price list like competitors policy. Increase product features otherwise customer wont attract. Develop new strategy for profitability.