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Varun Kulkarni This Research document is owned by Varun Kulkarni and Own research and thoughts about Universe. Date: 25 May, 2012

Suppose before thinking:

1] Lets suppose that there is a Black hole of 2 Msun (Msun=solar mass) such that a stream of negative mass particles is entering in it. The Black hole has a positive mass and the total mass of the particles in the stream is -2Msun. 2] We know by E=MC^2 that mass and energy are same i.e positive energy=positive mass and negative energy =negative mass. 3] By the concept of hawking radiation, we know that negative energy entering the event horizon reduces its mass. So, from 2 and 3, 4] Negative mass particles really exist. 5] This is the main logic and base of this theory: As per the mathematical number line property that 0 is the whole number which is placed in the middle and negative and positive numbers are shown on left and right

respectively, we are going to compare the properties of positive and negative energies and positive and negative masses in the same way because its a postulate that universe works in the same way. NEGATIVE ENERGY and POSITIVE ENERGY

Speed=299,792 km/s But when energy is converted to mass, the properties drastically change and become opposite to each other NEGATIVE MASS - POSITIVE MASS

NEGATIVE MASS Create anti de sitter space Travel at the speed more than light Keep travelling in the past

POSITIVE MASS Create minkowski space Travel at the speed less than light Keep travelling in future

With the combination of all the above points the theory has been formed. From 1, Lets suppose that there is a black hole of 2Msun such that a stream of negative particles is entering it and the total mass of the particles in the stream is 2 Msun. So, when all particles in the stream will enter the black hole, neither the black hole nor the negative particles will exist.

Now lets suppose that a person challenges this fact. Let us call him a challenger. Challenger: As you say that negative mass particles keep on traveling in past. So, if we suppose that the black hole you say is in present for us then the stream of negative mass particles entering it is coming from future. But according to me there is no future world existing ahead of us. This can be proved by following points: 1) We have direct access to the past through the direct shortcuts in Space-time.But same is not there for future. Time is defined as rate at which things change. So, if we have to move 200 years in future, we cannot directly move through any direct shortcut but we can just slow down the time affecting us, let the time around us pass and then we can finally enter into the desired time. 2) If future world exists, then after 200 years the universe must have expanded much more than what it has now. But General Relativity says that expansion of universe is not affected by the time inside the universe and Big bang theory says that beginning of universe is beginning of Time. So, from this we can say that there is no time outside the

universe as, if it is there then it would also be there before the formation of universe. So, as there is no time affecting the walls of universe, there is no world after even 1 day from now because the walls of the universe are yet to expand so much now i.e so much time is yet to pass now to enter into the desired time. So, there is no world existing ahead of us. So, as there is nothing called the world in the future, there should not be any kind of mass in the desired time ahead. So, I can conclude that negative mass particles entering the Black hole as you have supposed are not coming from future i.e from the time where universe has expanded more than what it actually has expanded in our time because for that, some time must be affecting its expansion. But you are disproved as no time is affecting the expansion.

Here we win the debate by saying to the challenger As we all know that wormholes are the shortcuts through the Space-time which take us to the past world. Calculations leading to the conclusions that wormholes really exist are extensively tested and accepted by everyone including you because even you have used its concept for trying to disprove me. So, if the wormholes exist, then the past world exists.So, for the same also people in the past, we are in future. If a person like you in the past world says the same thing that there is no world existing in the future where universe has expanded much more than ours then certainly he is wrong because you and I are existing in his future.So,my supposition about the given black hole is right.

Even though the challenger has lost the debate with us, he has helped us indirectly to prove that expansion is affected by time. I repeat what the challenger has mentioned in his last Para that if there is really a world existing in the future ,then its expansion must be affected by time.But general relativity says that time inside the universe has no effect on expansion. Secondly, time is defined as the rate at which things change and every second the size of our universe is changing! So, if the expansion is getting affected by time and if the time inside the universe is not affecting it, then which time is affecting it? The answer is compulsorily it has to be the time outside the universe. I have proved this from the mixture of grand theories. If my prediction is true then what about the statement of big bang theory that beginning of universe is beginning of time? Here, If I am right, then following facts are proved: 1) Beginning of universe is not the beginning of time. 2) Time is there outside the universe and it was there before the formation of our universe. 3) It is not necessary that time and space must exist together because time independently exists outside the universe. 4)Time inside the universe stands as a barrier for the masses to attain the speed of light but same is not the property of time outside the universe. This may be because of the fact that there is no space outside the universe as space is itself expanding and time inside the universe behaves in such way because it has combined with the space.

-VARUN KULKARNI With a special thanks to Parth Jani.