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Day 1 (23rd March 2012, Friday)

Keynote address 1 Venue/Time Chairperson Speaker Ballroom (Room 1), 0845-0930 Mr. Wong Yew Hoong Prof. B. K. Dhindaw Title: Materials Technology Research A Synergy between Basic Sciences and Engineering for Sustainable Tomorrow

Session 1a Venue: Room 1 Chairperson: Dr. Souilah Zahi 1100R1F1-001 Adam Al-Mulla, Kinetic Investigation of Compensation Effect in 1120 Degradation of Polyesters 1120R1F5-004 Sirijutaratana Covavisaruch, The Influences of Alpha and Beta 1140 Nano-scaled Nucleating Agents on Crystallization Behavior and Thermal Properties of Polypropylene 1140R1F5-005 Amirah Kamal Rudin, Tensile Properties and Morphology of 1200 Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/ Epoxidized Natural Rubber/ Halloysite Nanotube (EVA/ENR-50/HNTs) Nanocomposites

Session 1b Venue: Room 2 Chairperson: Dr. Yong Kok Chong 1100R2F6-015 Erick Kamil, Biodegradation of Natural Rubber Latex Products 1120 Filled with Peroxide Bleached Banana Skin Powder 1120R2F6-016 S. Farghadani Chaharsooghi, Preparation of Fluorescent Polymer 1140 Particles via Miniemulsion Polymerization 1140R2F6-017 NurFaseha Shukor, Properties of Natural Fibre Reinforced PLA1200 PEG Green Bio-composites

Session 1c Venue: Room 3 Chairperson: Dr. Muhammad Kamran 1100R3F7-031 S. G. Teo, Structural, Electrical, and Optical Studies of n-GaN 1120 Grown by RF-MBE with Ir Schottky Contact for High Temperature Gas Sensing Application 1120R3F7-032 K.P. Beh, Structural Studies of GaN-nanowires Grown at Different 1140 Ammonia Flow Rates 1140R3F7-033 C. Y. Fong, Formation of Beta-Gallium Oxide via Radio 1200 Frequency Sputtering and Thermal Annealing

Session 1d Venue: Room 4 Chairperson: Dr. Wirach Taweepreda 1100R4F8-045 Nurdeen M. Altwair, Compressive Strength and Rapid Chloride 1120 Penetration of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) with Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) 1120R4F8-046 Farid Mulana, Hydrogen Storage Material in Zirconium1140 containing Carbonaceous Composites Prepared by Mechanical Milling 1140R4F8-048 Azizan Aziz, The Effect of Co and Fe on Densification of W-Cu 1200 Composites Prepared by Liquid Infiltration Session 2a Venue: Room 1 Chairperson: Mr. Mathialagan Muniyadi 1400R1F5-006 Md. Salleh F., Effects of Extrusion Conditions on the Dynamic 1420 Mechanical Properties of Kenaf Fibre/HDPE Composites 1420R1F5-008 Bambang Ari-Wahjoedi, Microtextural Studies of Polymer Pellet 1440 Surfaces as a Result of Pelletization Processes 1440R1F5-009 Weerawuth Nabpechr, Properties of Vulcanized Rubber via Finite 1500 Element Simulation 1500R1F5-010 B.Y. Lim, Rheological Behaviour of Low Density Polyethylene/ 1520 Palm Kernel Shell Composites: Effect of Eco-degradant 1520R1F5-011 M C W Somaratne, Reinforcement of Natural Rubber Latex Films 1540 through Surface Modified Silica with Macromolecular Coupling Agent 1540R2F2-012 Sarawut Rimdusit, High Performance PMDA-Modified 1600 Polybenzoxazine Composites Reinforced with Carbon Fiber 1600R2F2-013 Mat Uzir Wahit, Study on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled 1620 Poly (ethylene terephthalate) Reinforced Date Palm Fiber Composite 1620R2F2-014 Noordini M. Salleh, Rezaul Karim Sheikh, Synthesis of New 1640 Polymerizable Monomer for Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Session 2b Venue: Room 2 Chairperson: Ms. Hiew Jie Su 1400R2F6-018 Fauzi Muhammad Djuned, Effect of Process Variables on the 1420 Degree of Substitution of Cellulose Acetate Synthesized from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches 1420R2F6-019 C. Girisha, Effect of Surface Treatment on the Tensile Properties of 1440 Natural Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy-Hybrid Composites 1440R2F6-021 H. Nouparvar, The Effect of Organoclay Contents on the 1500 Mechanical and Morphological Properties Rubber Toughened Polyamide 6 Nanocomposites 1500R2F6-022 Hatika Kaco, Effect of EFB Fibers Dosage on Viscosity and 1520 Molecular Weight of Cellulose Solution 1520R2F10-023 N.H. Zainol, Transport and Morphological Properties of Gel 1540 Polymer Electrolytes Containing Mg(CF3SO3)2 1540R2F10-025 Noor Izyan Syazana Binti Mohd Yusoff, Tensile and Impact 1600 Properties in Hybrid Surface Treated-Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB)/ Talc-Filled Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) Composites

16001620 16201640



N.M.V. Kalyani Liyanage, Evaluation of Technological Properties of Natural Rubber Latex Films Containing Precipitated Silica Modified With a Compatibiliser A.S.Z. Lahewil, Structural Properties of Nanocrystalline CdS Thin Films Using Sol-gel Method for Solar Cells Applications

Session 2c Venue: Room 3 Chairperson: Mr. Chang Boon Peng 1400R3F7-034 M. Amirhoseiny, Effect of Current Density on Photoluminescence, 1420 IR and Raman Properties of Anisotropic Nano Porous Silicon (110) 1420R3F7-036 M. Kamran, Structural Properties of ZnO Thin Films for Front 1440 Contact of Solar Cells 1440R3F7-037 N. A. Shah, Study of Cadmium Sulfide Thin Films as Window 1500 Layers 1500R3F11-039 S.F. Cheah, Synthesis and Characterization of Porous GaN by UV 1520 Assisted Electrochemical Etching 1520R3F11-040 Srimala Sreekantan, The Photoelectrochemical Response of 1540 Various Surface Morphologies of Titanium Anodic Oxide Films 1540R3F11-041 S.W. Ng, The Optical Characteristics of N: TiO2 Thin Film 1600 Synthesized via Simple Chemical Vapour Deposition Route 1600R4F4-043 Koay Mei Hyie, Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Cobalt Using 1620 Electrodeposition Method in Different pH Values 1620R4F24-132 PekLan Toh, Density Functional Theory Study of the Rotational 1640 Barrier and Hyperfine Coupling Constants of Muonium in Tetraphenylmethane

Session 2d Venue: Room 4 Chairperson: Ms. Khairul Arifah 1400R4F8-049 Koay Seong Chun, Effect of Acrylic Acid on Thermal Properties of 1420 Coconut Shell Powder Filled Polylactic Acid Biocomposites 1420R4F8-050 S.R. Chauhan, Study On the Effect of Fly Ash Filler Particulates 1440 on Friction and Wear Performance of E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Vinylester Composites under Dry and Water Lubricated Sliding Conditions 1440R4F8-051 A.R. Nurul Razliana, Effect of Stearic Acid on Properties of 1500 Aluminium Zinc Oxide Composites 1500R4F8-052 T.N.Valarmathi, K.Palanikumar, S.Sekar, Studies on Thrust 1520 Force in Drilling of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Composite Panels 1520R4F12-053 A. Azizan, The Effect of pH on Zinc Phosphate Coating 1540 Morphology and Its Corrosion Resistance on Mild Steel 1540R4F12-054 Kishore Kumar.M, Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of 1600 Aluminum 6061 Alloy by Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment 1600R4F12-055 Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, Study on Surface Characteristic of 1620 Siliceous Mesocellular Foam (MCF) and Nickel Supported on the MCF Materials: Effect of Aging Time 1620R4F12-056 Nurul Hidayat Binti Mat Isa, Surface Modification of Titanium in 1640 Phosphoric Acid Solution (H3PO4) for Biomedical Application

Day 2 (24th March 2012, Saturday)

Keynote address 2 Venue/Time Chairperson Speaker Ballroom (Room 1), 0830 0915 Mr. Ghaddafy Affendy Dr. Nakason Title: Novel Thermoplastic Natural Rubber based on Epoxidized Natural Rubber/Thermoplastic Polyurehtane Blends

Session 4a Venue: Room 1 Chairperson: Dr. Chin Suk Fun 0920R1F13-057 Sarawut Rimdusit, Synthesis and Characterization of Urethane 0940 Acrylate Benzoxazine Hybrid Polymer Network 0940R1F13-058 Nur Fazlinda Razali, Physical and Chemical Characterizations of 1000 Cellulose Solution Produced from EFB Fibers 1000R1F13-059 Mehdy Vafayan, A General Approach for Developing the Cure 1020 Kinetic Model of Thermoset Resins 1020R1F13-060 Azman Hassan, Study on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled 1040 Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) Reinforced Newspaper Fiber Composite Session 4b Venue: Room 2 Chairperson: Dr. Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat 0920R2F14-076 Alahmadi Sana Mohammad, Organic Functionalization of the 0940 Surface of MCM-41 with Toluene Isocyanate, A New Method for Synthesizing Organicinorganic Hybrid Materials 0940R2F14-077 A.G. Supri, Effect of Tyre Dust on Mechanical Properties, 1000 Morphology, and Electrical Conductivity of Low Density Polyethylene/Polyaniline Conducting Polymer 1000R2F14-078 Mohd Syahrizul Chik, Preliminary Study on Properties of 1020 Reinforced Polyethylene-Alpinia galanga Natural Fiber Composites 1020R2F14-079 Syed Azuan Syed Ahmad, Tensile and Flexural Properties of Rice 1040 Husk Reinforced Polyester Composites Session 4c Venue: Room 3 Chairperson: Mr. Zemri Mokhtar 0920R3F15-096 Nur Farahiyah Mohammad, Synthesis & Characterization of 0940 Mesoporous Bioceramic Hydroxyapatite by Co-Precipitation Methode 0940R3F15-098 Ahmad Danial Azzahari, Glass Transition Temperatures of 1000 Binary and Ternary Copolymers from Butyl Acrylate, Glycidyl Methacrylate, and Tetrahydrofurfuryl Acrylate 1000R3F19-099 Lupong Kaewsichan, Development of Chitosan-Hydroxyapatite 1020 Matrix as a Drug Carrier 1020R3F19-100 R. Mohamed Noor, Hydrothermal Aging of Nanostructured 1040 Zirconia Ceramics

Session 4d Venue: Room 4 Chairperson: Dr. Aidah Jumahat 0920R4F16-114 Lupong Kaewsichan, Formulation Factors Effecting Bioactive 0940 Properties of Scaffolds Prepared From Nano-Hydroxyapatite and Zirconia 0940R4F16-115 Soon Huat Tan, Poly(vinyl alcohol) Functionalized Multi-walled 1000 Carbon Nanotube-Chitosan Membranes and Their Application in Dehydration of Acetone via Pervaporation 1000R4F16-116 W P S K Perera, Effects of Nano-Silver Finishing on the Physical 1020 and Dyeing Properties of Polyester Fabrics 1020R4F16-117 W.G.I.U. Rathnayake, Synthesis and Characterization of Various 1040 Colors of Silver Nanoparticles by Chemical Reduction Method Session 5a Venue: Room 1 Chairperson: Dr. R.J. Talib 1100R1F17-061 Mat Uzir B. Wahit, Effect of Polypyrrole on the Morphology, 1120 Mechanical and Electrical Properties of High Density Polyethylene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites 1120R1F17-062 M. Mathialagan, Influence of Maleic Anhydride Grafted Ethylene 1140 Propylene Diene Monomer (MAH-G-EPDM) on the Properties of Bentonite Filled EPDM Composites 1140R1F17-063 MIM Rafiq, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Injection 1200 Moulded Aramid/Carbon Hybrid Fibres Reinforced Polypropylene Composites 1200R1F17-064 Normasmira A. Rahman, Polypropylene/Glass Fiber/Nanoclay 1220 Hybrid Composites: Fabrication and Analysis of Morphological, Thermal and Dynamic Mechanical Behaviors 1220R1F17-065 Mat Uzir Wahit, Oil Palm Fiber Reinforced Poly (1240 Caprolactone) and Poly (Lactic Acid) Composites: Effect on Mechanical Properties 1240R1F17-066 Sarawut Rimdusit, Synthesis and Characterization of Non1300 Phosgene Polycarbonate by Melt Transesterification of Bisphenol-A with Diphenyl Carbonate Session 5b Venue: Room 2 Chairperson: Dr. Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat 1100R2F18-080 S.J. Tan, The Effect of Polyaniline (PANI) Modified Water 1120 Hyacinth Fiber (Eichhornia Crassiper) on Mechanical Properties, Morphological Properties and XRD Characterization of Low Density Polyethylene/ Natural Rubber/ Water Hyacinth Fiber Composites 1120R2F18-081 N.L. Suradi, Natural Fibers Reinforced Recycled 1140 Polypropylene/Recycled Polyamide 6 Composites 1140R2F18-082 Wisut Kaewsakul, Factors Influencing the Flocculation Process in 1200 Silica-Reinforced Natural Rubber Compounds 1200R2F18-083 Waham Ashaier Laftah, Synthesis and Characterization of 1220 Polymer Hydrogel Composites Based on Poly (Acrylic Acid) Filled with Cotton Microfiber 1220R2F18-084 M. W. Adnin, The Effects of Cellulose and Cellulose Acetate as 1240 Fillers on the Properties of Biodegradable Low Density



Polyethylene (LDPE) Composite Basuki Wirjosentono, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Natural Rubber-Polypropylene Composites Containing Natural Zeolite Nanoparticle Filler

Session 5c Venue: Room 3 Chairperson: Dr. Muhammad Kamran 1100R3F19-102 L.K. Tan, The Investigation of Morphological Characteristics of 1120 Porous Anodic Alumina Generated by Electrochemical Etching 1120R3F19-103 Yeoh Fei Yee, Mesoporous Hydroxyapatite Synthesized Using Non1140 Ionic Pluronics Surfactant 1140R3F19-104 Y.S. Reddy, Low Temperature Magnetoresistance and Electrical 1200 Transport Behavior of Bilayer Manganite La1.2Sr1.5Ca0.3Mn2O7 1200R3F23-105 M. Zemri, Crack Propagation in Welded Joints 1220 1220R3F23-106 M. Zemri, Crack Propagation under Constant Amplitude Loading 1240 Based on an Energetic Parameters and Fractographic Analysis 1240R3F23-107 HN. Reddappa, Dry Sliding Friction and Wear Properties of 1300 Al6061-10 Wt. % Beryl Composites

Session 5d Venue: Room 4 Chairperson: Dr. Souilah Zahi 1100R4F20-118 A. Jumahat, Tensile Stress-strain Response of Nanosilica-filled 1120 Epoxy Nanocomposites 1120R4F20-119 A. Jumahat, Effect of Clay Nanoplatelets Dispersion on 1140 Compressive Properties of Epikote 828 Epoxy 1140R4F20-120 Sarawut Rimdusit, Thermal Degradation Kinetics of Highly Filled 1200 Silica-Polybenzoxazine Nanocomposites 1200R4F20-122 N. Lopattananon, Preparation and Properties of Nanocomposite 1220 Foams based on Layered Silicate/Natural Rubber (NR)/EthyleneVinyl Acetate (EVA) 1220R4F20-123 Nurul Ain Ramli, Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel and 1240 Palladium Nanoparticles in Natural Rubber Latex and Their Catalytic Activity for Hydrogenation of Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) 1240R4F24-124 Moayad Husein Flaifel, Preparation and Microwave Absorption 1300 Properties of NiZn Ferrite Filled Thermoplastic Natural Rubber Nanocomposite

Session 6a Venue: Room 1 Chairperson: Dr. R.J. Talib 1420R1F21-067 Sani Amril Samsudin, Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of 1440 Polypropylene/Polystyrene Blends 1440R1F21-068 Sarawut Rimdusit, Mechanical Properties and Shape Recovery 1500 Performance of Epoxy-Benzoxazine based Shape Memory Polymer 1500R1F21-070 A.B. Rohani, Natural Rubber-grafted-Poly(Methyl Methacrylate): 1520 Influence of Coagulating Agents on Properties and Appearances 1520R1F21-071 Rasidi Roslan, Characterizations of Resol-Type Phenolic Resin

1540 15401600 16001620

from EFB Fibres Using Liquefaction Process R1F21-072 Ismail B.N., Sedimentation Analysis of Fine Particles Using Digital Image Processing: A Conceptual Review R1F21-073 Sri Aprilia, Review of Mechanical Performance of Kenaf Fiber Reinforce Polymers Composite

Session 6b Venue: Room 2 Chairperson: Prof. Neng Sri Suharty 1420R2F22-087 Zhong Xian Ooi, Deterioration Effect of Glycerol and Sorbitol on 1440 Polyvinyl Alcohol Filled Rambutan Skin Waste Flour under Natural Soil Burial Condition 1440R2F22-088 Mohd Zul Halmy Saadan, Biodegradable Film Based on 1500 Polyethylene/Rice Bran: Mechanical and Thermal Properties 1500R2F22-089 S.Y. Chng, Degradation of NBR and CR due to Simultaneous 1520 Diffusion of Palm Biodiesel and Large Deformations 1520R2F22-090 Siddhartha, Friction and Wear Study of Alumina-Epoxy 1540 Homogenous Composites and its Functionally Graded Materials 1540R2F22-091 Ruth Anayimi Lafia-Araga, Effects of Compatibilizer on the 1600 Mechanical Properties of Red Balau Saw Dust Filled LDPE Composites 1600R2F22-092 C. G. Ching, Porous Zinc Oxide via Wet Chemical Etching 1620

Session 6c Venue: Room 3 Chairperson: Dr. Chin Suk Fun 1420R3F23-108 Ali Akbar Saghafi, Investigation Effect of Hafnium Addition on the 1440 Microstructure of IN-738LC Nickel Base Super Alloy 1440R3F23-109 K. Udaya Bhat, Aluminising of Mild Steel Plates 1500 1500R3F23-110 M.R.Ramesh, Hot Corrosion-Erosion Behavior of HVOF Sprayed 1520 NiCrAl and NiAlCrFeMo Coatings in Coal Fired Boiler Environment 1520R3F23-111 Noor Haafiza Mohd Idrus, Anodic Oxidation of Titanium in 1540 Sulphuric Acid Solution (H2SO4) for Biomedical Application 1540R3F23-112 Samir Milad Elsariti, Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking of 316 1600 Austenitic Stainless Steel 1600R3F23-113 Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat, Corrosion and Cost Modelling 1620 Analyses of Hot-Dip Galvanization with Pre-Coating Layers

Session 6d Venue: Room 4 Chairperson: Mr. Ahmad Zahirani Ahmad Azhar 1420R4F24-125 S. Sankaranarayanan, Improving the Mechanical Properties of 1440 Mg-3Al-5.6Ti Composite through Nano-Al2O3 Addition with Recrystallization Heat Treatment 1440R4F24-126 W.S. Chow, Effect of SEBS-g-MAH on the Mechanical, Thermal 1500 and Morphological Properties of Poly(lactic acid)/Halloysite Nanocomposites

15001520 15201540 15401600 16001620


R4F24-129 R4F24-130 R4F24-131

Anongnat Somwangthanaroj, Curing Kinetic and Characterization of Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Composites Albar, A., Classification of Igneous Rocks Using Digital Image Processing: A Conceptual Review Norlia Baharun, Characterization Studies and Gold Assaying Methods in the Assessment of Gold Ore S. B. Patil, Development of Alginate Microspheres of Nitrendipine for Nasal Delivery

Day 1 23rd March 2012, Friday
Time: 1400 1500 1 D1P1 Naha A, Novel Interlinked Polymer Network for Controlled Drug Delivery 2 D1P2 N.M. Huang, Facile Hydrothermal Preparation of Titanium Dioxide Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite 3 D1P3 B. Bouchouicha, Experimental Study and Numeric Modelling of the Influence to the Austenit Rate on the Tenacity of a Welded Joint in Stainless Steel 4 D1P4 Emelya Khoesoema, Preliminary Study of Natural Rubber Latex Products Filled Banana Skin Powder Bleached with Peroxide 5 D1P5 Maisara Shahrom, A Study on FTIR Spectroscopy and Thermal Analysis of Palm based Polyurethane 6 D1P6 N.M. Huang, Hydrothermal Preparation of High Density ZnO Nanorod Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite 7 D1P7 M. Mazari, Fatigue Crack Propagation Analyses based on Plastic Energy Approach 8 D1P8 M. Zemri, Comparison between Friction Stir Spot Welding and Riveting in Aluminum Alloy 9 D1P9 Nasrullah RCL, Improvement of Recycled Paper with Oil Palm Frond Fibres Acetosolv Pulp 10 D1P10 Noor Azira Mohd Noor, Electrical Properties of ZnO-Bi2O Varistor Ceramics 11 D1P11 N. Yusoff, Synthesis of Flower-like and Fibril-like CuO Nanostructures and Its Catalytic Activity 12 D1P12 P. K. Ooi, Characteristics of Copper Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering 13 D1P13 A. Kadhim, Enhanced Performance of Microcrystalline Bi2xSb2(1-x)Te3 for Thermoelectric Properties Using Solid-State Microwave Synthesis 14 D1P14 A. Hmood, Effects of Tellurium (Te) Compositions on Structure of PbSe1xTex Enhancement Thermoelectric Properties 15 D1P15 Ahmad Syafiq A., Synthesis, Polyol Characterization, and Curing of Jatropha Oil Based Polyurethane Film 16 D1P16 Ghouwaa Philander, Thermochromic VO2 Coatings for Smart Window Applications 17 D1P17 Mazlinda Zainy, Synthesis and Characterization of Silver-Graphene Nanocomposite using Rapid Thermal Exfoliation Method 18 D1P18 Oman Zuas, Synthesis, Characteristic and Photocatalytic Activity of CuZn-Ti Oxide Nanocomposite 19 D1P19 Hanafi bin Ismail, Superabsorbent Hydrogel Prepared From Waste Linear Low Density Polyethylene

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Kanokwan Saengkiettiyut, Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by Chitosan in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions Pranee Rattanawaleedirojn, Preparation and Properties of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Hydrogels Chemically Crosslinked by Citric Acid Mohd Syahrizul Chik, Investigation on Effects of Alkali Treatment on Properties of Agro-waste Alpinia galanga Natural Fibers Sirirat Wacharawichanant, Mechanical, Thermal and Morphological Properties of Polyoxymethylene/ Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer/CaCO3 Nanocomposites N. Chuankrerkkul, Powder Injection Moulding of Metals, Ceramics and Composites Using Water-Soluble Binder System N. A. Marzuki, Flexural Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Beams using Near Surface Mounted (NSM) Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Bars and NSM Steel Bars Mohd Azrizal Fauzi, Diversification Effects of Wood-Wool Size on the Properties in the Manufacture of Wood-Wool Cement Board Ishak. S, Curing and Tensile Properties of Talc and Mica Filled EPDM Composites Suk Fun Chin, Facile Synthesis of Polysaccharide Nanoparticles by Nanopreciptation Method A. Kadhim, Crystal Structure Analysis and Thermoelectric Properties of P-Type Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3 Alloys Prepared By Solid-State Microwave Synthesis Mohammed Hadi, Study of Mechanical Properties of (UPE- AgNO3 and AlNO3) Composites Lazem Hassan, Thermodynamic Study of Adsorption Safranine O Dye by Residual Tea Leaf and Rice Bran in Aqueous Solution W. S. Khoo, Tensile and Oxidative Degradation Properties of of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Chitosan/Polyethylene Glycol Blend N.F.M Yusof, M. N Berhan, M.S. Adenan, E. Haruman, An Investigation of Expanded Austenite Formation on Duplex Stainless Steels Treated by Low Temperature Carburizing in a Tube Furnace Atmosphere A. Yadav, Optical Properties of Microbial Prepared Cellulose Nanowhiskers Nur Izzati Muhd Nadzri, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash as Sand Replacement Material (SRM) in the Development of Composite Cement Dr Yong Kok Chong, Composite Material based on Natural Wood Fibre: Preparation and Properties R. Norida, Comparison of Membrane Performance between Blending Polymer and Primary Polymer for O2/N2 Separation Mohammad Saleh Kenevisi, An Investigation on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AL7075/Ti-6Al-4V TLP Bonded Joint Suh Cem Pang, Controlled Synthesis of Manganese Dioxide Nanostructures via a Facile Hydrothermal Route S Sangsuk, Sol-gel Titania and Silica Coating on Steel for Corrosion Protection Kannan Rassiah, A Comparison Analysis on Mechanical Properties between Wax/LDPE Composite & Coconut Coir/Wax/LDPE Hybrid H. Ghazanfari, An Investigation on the Effects of Welding Current on Microstructure and Shear Strength of Spot Welded 4130 Steel Using Scanning Hardness Machine S. A. Al-Gahtany, Mechanical Properties of Styrene Butadiene Rubber/ Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber Based Conductive Blends F.S.Shokr, Electrical Properties of Conductive Rubber Blends Composites





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D1P47 D1P48



Subjected to Solvent Penetration Wan Ruzaini Wan Sulaiman, Effects of Stand-off Distance (SOD) on Phase Formation and Distribution in Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coatings A.H. Ramelan, Titanium Dioxide Synthesized by Sol-Gel for Dyesensitized Solar Cell Using Anthocyanins Extracted from Purple Eggplant Skin (Solanum Melongena L) as a Natural Dyes Mohd Amin, K.N., Synthesis and Swelling Behavior of Rice Husk Based Superabsorbent Composites Debabrata Bhadra, Enhancement of Dielectric Permittivity and Large Magnetodielectric Effects in 0-3 CuO/PVDF Composite Films at Low Percolation Threshold Siti Nadzirah Misfar, Effect of Tree Portions and Distance from Pith on Mechanical Properties of Kelempayan (Neolamarckia cadamba sp.) Wood

Day 2 24th March 2012, Saturday

Time: 1400 1500 1 D2P50 Z.Salleh, Study of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Coir Fibres and Coconut Shell 2 D2P51 K.G.Manjunatha, Ambient Synthesis of Polyaniline in Functionalized Sulphonic Acids and Partially Non-Aqueous Media 3 D2P52 Nurliza J., WPSA as Filter Medium in Improving Aesthetically Displeasing Character of Waste Water 4 D2P53 S. Zahi, Effect of Fly Ash on the Tribological Properties of FiberReinforced Polymer Composite 5 D2P54 H. Nabil, Cure Characteristics, Tensile Properties and Morphology of Natural Rubber/Recycled Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber Blends 6 D2P55 H. Nabil, Influence of Blend Ratio on Swelling Behavior and Thermogravimetric Analysis of NR/Waste EPDM Blends 7 D2P56 Mohd Zulfahmi Sapari, Bending Strength Properties of Finger Jointed from Off-Cut Yellow Meranti Wood for Furniture Part Application 8 D2P57 Nor Farhana Jasmi, Effects of Bulk Density and Particle Size on Mechanical Properties of Oil Palm Frond Thermoplastic Composite 9 D2P58 M. Mathialagan, Silica or Calcium Carbonate Replacement with Bentonite as Filler in EPDM Compound: Effect on the Curing, Tensile and Morphological Properties 10 D2P59 Ermadasila Mohamad, Effect of Different Press Time on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Phenol Formaldehyde Particleboard Made from Oil Palm Trunk 11 D2P60 Mohd Arif Fikri Mohamad Adnan, Effect of Resin Content on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Phenol Formaldehyde Particleboard Made from Oil Palm Trunk 12 D2P61 A. S. Siti Nuraya, Effect of Banana Stem Powder, Calcium Carbonate and Colloidal Silica on Mechanical Properties of Prevulcanized Natural Rubber Latex Films 13 D2P62 Neng Sri Suharty, Mechanical Properties and Biodegradability of Rice Husk Powder Filled Polypropylene Composites with and without Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Plasticizer 14 D2P63 B. Ksapabutr, Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Nanostructured Bio-Composite Films from Livestock Waste 15 D2P64 A. S. Siti Nuraya, Effect of Ball Milling Time on the Particle Size and Morphology of Banana Stem Powder Dispersion 16 D2P65 W.G.I.U. Rathnayake, Antimicrobial activities of Various Colors of Silver

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Nanoparticles I. Saurdi, Effect of Deposition Temperature on the Electrical Properties of ZnO Thin Films by Radio-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Yaumil Hidayah Fauzi, Chemical Modification of Kelempayan Wood with Acetic Anhydride: The Effect of Variation in Temperature and Reaction Time on Wood Specimen R. Mirzajani, Investigation of Heat Treatments Effect on Morphology and Particle Size of SiC Nanopowders Obtained from Sol-gel Method Wirach Taweepreda, Chitosan-ENR-Zeolite Mixed Matrix Membrane for Gas Separation A. Ariffin, Characterization of Thermal Properties of Waste Natural Rubber Latex/Polystyrene Blend Wirach Taweepreda, TPNR Membrane Reinforcing with Cotton Fibre Spun Mohd Afiq Mohd Fauzi, Effect of Using Crushed Concrete Waste Aggregate (CCWA) in Self Consolidating Concrete Using Supplementary Cementitious Material Nur Farahin Yusoff, Effect of Resin Content on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Oil Palm Frond Particleboard Shaharuddin Kormin, Thermal, Mechanical and Morphological Properties LDPE with Different Starch Sources Mostafa Najafi, Surface Imprinted Polyaniline Film Contaning Nano-Pore for Detection of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid Husna Madihah Hasan, Effect of Accelerated Weathering on the Properties of PLA/Impact Modifier Blends Zakir Ahmed, PEEK Coated Titanium Implants Mohammad Naeimi, Effect of Nickel and Cobalt Addition on Infiltration Behavior and Electrical Resistivity of W-Ag Composite D.Purnima, Studies on the Effect of Coir Content on the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene in Coirbased Polypropylene Composites N. H. H. Shuhaimi, A Review: Natural Antioxidant as an Alternative to Synthetic Antioxidant A M. Mimi Sakinah, Effect of Substrate Concentration and pH on Succinic Acid Production Muhammad Azwadi Sulaiman, Enhanced Electromagnetic Absorption on Formulated SiC-Al2O3 Composite Crucible F. M. Mat Suki, Preparation and Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Banana Frond Flour Biodegradable Film Mashitah Jaafar, Dimensional Stabilization of Ludai (Sapium Baccatum spp.) due to Reaction with Acetic Anhydride Zhong Xian Ooi, Study on the Effect of Hexamethylenetetramine on Natural Weathering of Polyvinyl Alcohol Filled Rambutan Skin Waste Flour Film D. M. Putri, The Effects of Cellulose and Cellulose Acetate as Fillers on the Properties of Biodegradable Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Composite R.J Talib, Wear of TiCN-coated Cutting Tool Insert Sukatik.Wiryosentono, Preparation and Characterization of Soil Stabilizer from Polystyrene and Natural Rubber Latexes Emma Zaidar, The Making of Edible Film from Mixture Extract of Carrot (Daucus carota L) and Glycerin with Starch as Packing Materials Darwin Yunus Nasution, The Role of Adding Divinyl Benzene on the Compatibility Blending Polyethylene (LDPE) and Waste Tyre Dust Using Dicumyl Peroxide Initiator





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Andriayani, Synthesis and Characteristic of Mesoporous Silica Materials Using Anionic Surfactants Methyl Risinoleat as a Template by the Addition of Acid Chloride Amir Hamzah Siregar, Preparation of Thermoplastic Elastomer from Polypropylene-IR 10 Rubber Blends with Addition of Dicumil Peroxide as Iniciator and Divinylbenzene as a Crossslinker Cut Fatimah Zuhra, Effect of Plasticizers Glycerol on Mechanical Properties of Bread Fruit Starch Alginate Edible Film Juliati Br. Tarigan, Characteristic and Study of Antioxidant Activity Galactomannans from Kolang-kaling (Arenga pinnata) Sarah Talib AbdulQader, Synthesis of Porous Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Scaffold Approperiate for Dentin Regineration N.S. Abdullah, Nutrient Limitations in Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactors: Numerical Experiments to Elucidate How Changes in Membrane and Scaffold Microstructures May Affect the Overall Nutrient Transport S.K.B Enche Ab Rahim, Mathematical Modelling of Mass Transport in Concentric Microdialysis Probes as a Diffusion-Limited System S.T. Sam, Analysis on Degradation of Oxo-biodegradable LLDPE/Soya Powder Blends under Natural Weathering