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Ramesh V

D.No: 2-1-537/1, Usha Mullapudi Road, Kukatpally Kukatpally Hyderabad- India

Career Objective: To be a challenging Oracle DBA and to be professional with integrity and efficiency. To be a source of strength and dedication to whomsoever I may be working with, and to make optimum use of my knowledge and experience in the field of Software Development and leading to Organizational growth. Oracle DBA with 3 years of experience in providing production support. Experience in working as Production Database Administrator performing core administration tasks for oracle 10g Databases. Expertise in Installing and creation of database. Hands on experience with Oracle 9i, 10g Databases. Installing and configuring 2 Node RAC on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 using OCFS2 and ASM lib interfaces. Experience in backup and recovery of OCR and Voting Disk Performed various routine tasks like maintenance of Table spaces, Alert Logs, Undo table spaces and Temporary table spaces. Implemented Recovery Manager (RMAN). Created recovery catalog and performed automatic full and incremental backup. Index Rebuild and index Analyze along with Table Analyze. Creating database links and creating a password file. Analyzing the Stats pack and AWR Report for Memory tuning and Database tuning. Creating Users and assigning profiles, quotas, roles & privileges to different users. Set up listener and tns using NETCA and troubleshoot problem for TCP/IP. Hands on Experience in database cloning using cold backup and hot backup. Managing export and import utility and EXPDP/IMPDP, Transportable tablespace & reorganization of database. Implemented multiple ARCHIVELOG destinations to archive redo logs to the backup server to support immediate database recovery. Configuration of physical standby database. Up gradation of oracle database from 9i to 10g. Having good experience in flashback technology. Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad in May08

Mobile: +91-96032 18572 E-Mail:

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Nagarjuna University in Mar06. Company Apps HR Services, Job Profile Working as Database administrator and helping

Work Experience Period Jan2009 Till date

Hyderabad Project Details

the technical team to resolve the issues realted to the database on Day to day basis

1. Project
Organization Team Size Duration Role Technologies

: Telephone and Data Systems (May2010 Till date) : Apps HR Services : 10 : 1.8 Years : Database Administrator : Oracle10g

TDS is on Oracle database residing on servers. The TDS application provides two user interfaces. The first is a client/server-based interface and second one is web-based application written in oracle Active Server Pages. This interface provides read-only database access. The databases consist of financial as well as binary data and are very critical, which are monitored, maintained round the clock (24*7). My Role

Working as a Database Administrator with the application vendor for all the database related activities. Experience in Redo logs, Archive files, Control files and table spaces. Uses of Import/Export, Data pump utilities. Experience in automation of the jobs through dbms scheduler. Administering of 10g cluster using Command Line utilities like SRVCTL, CRSCTL, CLUVFY etc. Backup OCR and voting files using cluster utilities. Designing and implementing security policies, deploying roles, privileges, policies for users Manual cloning/refresh of the databases. Analyze SQL statements using Explain Plan. Database Monitoring like alert log messages, events, listeners. Experience in creation of new users and table spaces. Up gradation Database from to Creating of oracle Database through DBCA and Manually. Proactively estimating future storage requirement for the databases. Experience in database tuning by identifying events in databases using AWR Reports, STATS Pack. Experience in applying O-patches to fix bugs in the databases. Loading Bulk data from flat files using SQL*Loader Experience in performing DR Recoveries and Crash Recoveries.

Configured catalog database to perform backup and recovery using RMAN utility.
Switchover & Switch Failure of physical standby database. Analyzing database objects in order to improve the performance of the databases.

Configuring Archive Log Mode for Database and Maintaining Archive files.
Organization Team Size : Metavante Technologies (Jan2009 Apr2010) : Apps HR Services :8

2. Project

Duration : 1.4 Year Role : Database Administrator Technologies : Oracle9i/10g The Extended Account Analysis System (XAA) tracks the services the financial institution provided to customers on a monthly basis while at the same time keeping track of account balances needed to offset the charges for these services. It can manage both simple and complex commercial relationships. My Role

Installation of Oracle software on different platforms. Creation and Maintenance of Oracle Databases as per the requirement Up gradation of the Oracle databases from older to newer versions. Applying O-Patches for various bugs encountered in the databases. Applying security policies by creating new roles and privileges for the users. Analyzing database objects in order to improve the performance of the databases

Archive log maintenance and cleanup.

Database Cloning using cold backup and hot backup. Experience in Managing Redo logs, Archive files, Control files and table spaces. Uses of Import/Export, Data pump utilities. Experience in taking traces and generating TKPROF of the traced sessions as per the requirement of the users.

Creation of Schema with Quota Maintenance. Monitoring databases availability and check the alert log files for errors.
Database links were created to access the data from remote databases. Hands on experience in Recreation of the Control file and Undo/Temp tablespace Experience in taking the transportable tablespace backup and restoring the same by creating new databases. Preparing the shift handover on shift basis (Tickets to be followed up in the next shift and alerts).

Technical Knowledge Skill Type Databases Operating Systems Oracle Tools and Utilities Other Tools Personal Profile Date of Birth Nationality : : 02-Aug-1982 Indian Skill Name Oracle 9i/10g WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX, Solaris OEM, OUI, NETCA,DBCA,RMAN, Tkprof, EXP/IMP, EXPDP/IMPDP, Sql Loader, SQL* Plus Toad, PUTTY, Service Desk Proficiency Proficient Intermediate Proficient Proficient Last Used Using Using Using Using Experience 3Years 3Years 3Years 3Years

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Single H6438950 Indian