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Controller Examinations, Hazara University, Mansehra Sir, I have the honour to apply for my degree, which I could not collect in the convocation held in _________________
Reason due to be stated _______________________________________________

My particulars are as under:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Name (Block Letters) __________________________________________________ Fathers Name (Block Letters) ___________________________________________ CNIC No.____________________________________________________________ Registration No. (Hazara University) _______________________________________ Name of Exam: Passed _____________ Roll No.______________ Year __________ (Annual / Supplementary) Session if any ___________________________________ Institution / District from which examination passed __________________________ Permanent home address of parents (State House No. / Mohallah Village, Tehsil, District / State etc.) _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Address on which the degree to be sent __________________________________________________ ____________________ Signature of the candidate CERTIFICATE 1. 2. 3. I certify that the applicant is the same person whose particulars as given above are correct. His/Her photographs have been attested by me. He/She has completed all the formalities laid down under the rules forwarded of degree in absentia. I certify that the applicant has remitted Rs. 2,000/- OR Rs. 4,000/- by University Bank Fee Receipt / Draft No._____________ dated ______________________ (attach original receipt)

Principal / Chairman / Magistrate Ist Class __________________ College/Department Office Seal IMPORTANT
1. College / Late College / University students are required to get the certificate signed by Principal / Chairman of the College / Teaching Department through which they appeared and passed the Examination. Private candidates (Teacher / Laboratory Assistant / Librarians / Army Personnel etc.) are required to get the certificate signed by an officer who signed their Examination Admission form or by the Magistrate Ist Class A photograph is to be attested on the face side (office seal to be invariable affixed) and the other is to be attested on backside for posting on the original degree. Nobody can apply on behalf of the candidates concerned. Degree will be issued by post on the address given at Sr. No. 8 above after two months. The degree on urgent basis will be issued within seven days on the payment of Rs. 4,000/- (rupees four thousand only)

3. 4. 5. 6.

FOR USE IN THE UNIVERSITY OFFICE ONLY The particulars stated above have been checked & found correct. Degree in absentia may kindly be sanctioned. ____________ Superintendent _______________ ACE Sanctioned Degree/Certificate Assistant Issued Vide No. ______ Dated ______________

_____ DCE

___________________ Controller Examinations

__________________ VICE CHANCELLOR