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The Saif Group is one of the leading industrial and services conglomerates in Pakistan.

Its primary operations encompass: oil and gas exploration, power generation, textiles manufacturing, real estate development, healthcare services, information technology services, software development and environmental management. Our goal is to constantly innovate in a diverse range of business areas, providing unique products and services of the highest quality, while bringing robust value to our shareholders.

Our Vision Saif Group is one of the leading business groups in the region. We see ourselves as an icon of success, of sound partnerships and of the highest professional standards.

Mission Statement With a mission to constantly innovate in a diverse range of business areas, we strive to provide unique products and services, of the highest quality while bringing robust value to our shareholders. The Group is committed to actively contributing to Pakistans economic and human development growth, while maintaining a leadership position in each of our operating areas.

Group Value Charter

Excellence Strive to achieve the highest standards in the quality of the goods and services we provide. Integrity Insist on conducting our business fairly, with honesty, and transparency and without fear of public scrutiny. Unity Work cohesively with our colleagues and across the Group and with our customers and partners around the world, building firm relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation. Strength The group counts as one of its core strengths the support and involvement of the trusted Saifullah family. Legacy As the largest shareholder, the Saifullah family plays a very active role in our organization and is the driving force behind our expansion and success. The family members, with exemplary educational backgrounds and rich experience of Pakistans business environment, bring the strategic vision vital for the prosperity of our companies.

Products and Services:

Saif Group is developing proposals to utilize the abundant indigenous water resources to generate cost effective hydroelectric power in the NWFP which will not only help bridge the existing electricity deficit but will also pave way for providing clean, renewable energy for Pakistan. Saif group is deploying state-of-the-art technology for the project covering all activities, such as geological and geophysical studies, seismic studies, data processing and interpretation, drilling, logging, coring and testing. The Saif Group hallmark of a premium product at a marketable price level will help create a project that will provide the perfect answer to the needs of first-time buyers, investors, families and working professionals. Saif group has software related company named as Softech which offers a full range of Ecommerce and general business application solutions for the capital market, financial and industrial sectors, including:

Financial and Capital Markets Software Systems Telecommunications and Wireless Applications E-Commerce Portals and Web Enabled Applications Business and Manufacturing Industry Systems

Globe Comm (pvt) Ltd is one of the investments of Saif group which provides cell site acquisition, planning, leasing and consulting services and turnkey cell site development services throughout Pakistan. Saif healthcare limited provides the following services: Radiology Department, Open MRI, Catheterization labs.

Organizations Structure: The formal and informal relationship between peoples in an organization is known as organization structure. Saif group of companies have mix structure which includes Bureaucratic and flat hierarchical structure. The basic function of Saif group of companies is to run and see the management of different companies. There is off course top to bottom management level and the basic orders are generated from top level management. If we talk about Roles of different employees, departments, they are clearly defined to everyone. The communication and culture of company is really formal. Ethics, conduct, punctuality are observed effectively in the company. But sometimes informal communication is used. Human Resource Strategy: Basically HR strategy means long term planning of company that how company makes it competitive edge against its competitors in terms of Human resource in the market. Saif Group has maintained its department so well that controls and procedures are well defined that employees are attracted towards the company. Similarly it provides benefits that are helpful for employees that they do their job in effective way and cant think to leave from the company. Also we can say the culture of company is so valuable, ethical, strongly worksite so, employees can also not to think about they leave the company.

Job Description and Specification: The written statement that identifies describes and defines a job in terms of its duties, responsibilities, working conditions and specification is known as job description. Job description and specification varies according to requirement of departments of company i.e. What type of person the company requires its qualification etc When a company need, for example, a person for marketing department, first of all HR Manager consults with marketing department supervisor/manager and ask requirements for new candidate in terms of qualification, skills required, experience, etc After discussing the entire requirements HR department make a job description and specification for the required person. Description is made by help of required person department and HR recognizes the responsibilities and duties and then again approves the job description by concerning department. Recruitment and Selection: Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of qualified candidates for a particular job so, in Saif group of companies after making of job description and specification for newly vacancies; the vacancies are introduced on different channels like newspaper advertisement, online advertisement on their website etc Candidates can apply online on the official website as well as apply on other websites such as, and company also uses third party recruitment.

Different news papers are used for advertisement includes Jang, The News, Dawn. After the advertisement, when candidates send their CVs to the company then these CVs are forwarded to HR department and then initial short listing of the applied candidates who are qualified for the post is done by HR department. After this those CVs are shown to the specific department for discussing and then it is checked by concerning department whether these candidates are applicable for or not and then after this applicable candidates are short listed and then they called for the interviews.