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BYLAWS (Amended September 2011) 1. NAME: The name of this organization shall be INDIA FORUM - JUBAIL. 2. ADDRESS: The address of India Forum Jubail shall be _________________. 3. AREA OF OPERATION: Operations of India Forum - Jubail shall be restricted to the geographical area covered by Jubail.

To build a strong vibrant community of Indians in Saudi Arabia by promoting educational, cultural, social and business aspirations of Indian Nationals residing in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, regardless of caste, color, creed, race or religion 5.0.0 MISSION STATEMENT: 5.1.1 Function as a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of integral development of all sections of Indian community in Jubail by supporting nurturing and developing interpersonal and intercommunity relations and interactions at all levels. 5.1.2 Provide a forum for individuals and representatives of regional organizations to meet and interact with Indian delegations of businessmen, educationalists, bureaucrats, legislators, academicians etc visiting the Kingdom. 5.1.3 Foster a stimulating and interactive environment among members with an aim to develop social and professional relationship. 5.1.4 Address social, professional, political and labor issues affecting Indians in Saudi Arabia and act as a liaison organization to take up the issue positively with concerned local bodies and through diplomatic channels. 5.1.5 Assist educationally and economically underprivileged Indians through philanthropic activities and to conduct educational and personality developmental programs for students of Indian community.

5.1.6 Act as a common platform to bring the various regional and linguistic organizations together to provide leadership for combined unified action whenever and wherever necessary for the overall benefit of Indian community in Jubail. 6.0.0 MEMBERSHIP: 6.1.1 Membership of India Forum Jubail shall be open to any Indian National living in Jubail, 18 years or older, who is committed to India Forum Jubail and is willing to abide by its bylaws. However membership cannot be claimed as a right but is bestowed on eligible applicants as a privilege by the existing Executive Committee of India Forum Jubail. 6.1.2 Members shall take an active and constructive part in the programs organized by the Forum and will contribute to the missions of the Forum. Members shall refrain from any conduct disruptive and harmful to the association or to its purpose. 6.1.3 The One time Membership fee payable when admitted as a member shall be SR. 50 and the membership is automatically renewed upon the completion of a year. Membership in India Forum shall not be transferable or assignable to other persons. 6.1.4 The fee structure may be changed by decree of the Executive Committee, which shall not require any Constitutional amendment. 6.1.5 Power to remove a member is restricted to General Council alone. However General Council shall reach such decision only on recommendation by the Executive Committee and by a simple majority. 6.1.6 Nativity of a member shall be his Mother tongue or his place of permanent residence. In case the member is contesting an election as an office bearer, his nativity should be endorsed by the supporting ten members 7.0.0 ADMINISTRATION 7.1.0 The following clauses will define the Administration of IFJ 7.1.1 ADMINISTRATION: The organizational structure of India Forum Jubail shall consist of General Council, Founders Committee, Executive Committee and subcommittees. 7.1.2 General Council is the assembly of all effective members of India Forum Jubail and is deemed the general body of the organization.

7.1.3 Secretary of the Indian Forum Jubail shall convene the General Council as and when directed by the President. However it is mandatory that the General Council should be convened at least once in a year. 7.1.4 The General Council shall meet once a year in a General Body meeting and this meeting should not be combined with any of the Special Events that are planned by the IFJ EXCOM. 7.1.5 Simple majority of the effective general council members shall be the mandatory quorum for a General Council meeting to function. If the first meeting could not be convened due to lack of quorum the mandatory quorum for the consecutive meeting shall be one third of the general council. 7.1.6 Decisions of the General Council shall be reached with a simple majority of the members present in accordance with quorum requirement. 7.1.7 Decisions of the General Council shall be binding on all organs of India Forum Jubail. 7.2.1 Executive Committee is the executive arm of India Forum Jubail and is elected by the General Council. 7.2.2 The term of Executive Committee shall be two years. 7.2.3 Executive Committee shall consist of 17 members as follows: The President, three (3) Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and eight (8) members. These office bearers are elected from the 17 members elected by the general body during their first meeting after the election. 7.2.4 Executive Committee should be convened at least once in two months and should be chaired by the President. 7.2.5 Decisions are taken with a simple majority (50 % of members plus one member) which is eight members 7.3.0 Office-Bearers 7.3.1 PRESIDENT is the executive head of the organization and provides leadership and direction to the activities of India Forum-Jubail in particular and to the Indian community in general in accordance with the spirit of vision & mission statement and Executive Committee decisions. The President shall preside over all meetings of the General Council and Executive Committee of

India Forum Jubail. He shall have overall responsibility for all IFJ and shall exercise all powers as deemed necessary within the framework of these by-laws, including, but not limited to, the appointment of various subcommittees as may be necessary to further the Association's objectives; and he may dissolve any such committee when its purpose has been served in consultation with the Executive Committee. In time of urgency and/or expediency the President may be vested with the authority to make decisions by consultation with the majority of the Executive Committee Members. The President shall be the only spokesperson for IFJ unless he designates someone else. He convenes all meetings through General Secretary and chairs it. Authorize all expenditures and approves it along with General Secretary and Treasurer. Represent the organization where required and delegate responsibilities among Executive Committee members for the smooth functioning of the organization. 7.3.2 VICE PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION shall be in charge of all administrative activities required by the forum. The Vice-President Administration shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or where the President is rendered incapable of performing the duties for any reason. He will render all administrative support to the president and other Executive committee members in facilities planning, resource mobilization and operation of the club. He shall also support secretary in execution of all activities planned by the Forum 7.3.3 VICE PRESIDENTOPERATIONS shall be responsible for planning all the activities of the India Forum and shall be responsible for implementation of the same in line with the mission and Vision of the forum. He shall be the leader in growth and development of the forum. His creativity, imagination and skill in planning and implementation of social, cultural and educational activities of the forum will bring dynamism to the organization. He will promote understanding and corporate welfare among the members of the community. He will provide possible help and assistance for the needy and deserving in the community as decided by the Executive Committee. 7.3.4 VICE PRESIDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS shall be Chiefly responsible for the publicizing and promotion of the India Forum among the Indian Community and shall actively market all activities undertaken by the Forum. He will be in charge of liaison and communication with Embassy and promote awareness of India forum among other forums and interact with similar organizations in Jubail. He shall also be involved in preparation of official Newsletter/Web site for the forum. He will also work along with VP (Administration) in obtaining sponsorship for activities undertaken by the Forum

7.3.5 GENERAL SECRETARY shall be the executive arm of the President and the Executive Committee and work in close association with the President. He is the co-signatory to the President to approve expenditures, Convenes meetings as directed by the President. He shall prepare and maintain record of all meeting/proceedings, keep account of the minutes of all meetings and maintain an updated list of all members of the Association. Issue an agenda of all regular meetings. Keep copies of all official correspondence of the Association, including newsletters, program or brochures of the activities of the Forum and reports submitted by the Sub committees. Keep an attendance record of all meetings of the organization. Be custodian of the Constitution, Bylaws and Amendments and documents of the Forum. Be responsible for transferring all the records of the organization within thirty days after annual meeting to the incoming Secretary. He will function as liaison between secretaries. He shall prepare and circulate membership roster half yearly and a copy shall be given to every member of the Association. Propose vote of thanks in any public function organized by IFJ. 7.3.6 JOINT SECRETARY assists the General Secretary to discharge his duties and shares his responsibilities. He performs as General Secretary in his absence as directed by the President. He also shoulder any responsibilities assigned by the executive committee. 7.3.7 TREASURER shall be responsible for issuing notice and collection of annual dues, and deposit the same as directed by Executive Committee. He shall have custody of all receipts and disbursements, which shall be open at all reasonable times for inspection by the Executive Committee .He shall submit a financial report to the General body at its annual meeting and regularly held Executive meetings. Maintain records of all financial expenditures and transactions and present them in relevant meetings/auditors as directed by the president or mandated by the Executive Committee. Confirm and regularize financial transactions with mandatory approvals of President, General Secretary and Treasurer. Prepare budgets as and when requested by the Executive Committee. Shall perform such other duties and exercise such other powers incident to the office of the Treasurer and as may be assigned by the Executive Committee as required by law. 7.3.8 FOUNDERS COMMITTEE shall be recognized as the guardian committee which should function as a moral force to keep the IFJ on track and intact. Founders committee shall elect a Chairman who should be entrusted to chair and conduct its business separately if so desired. In so far as the authority is concerned FC shall make the necessary observations and suggestions to the EXCOM from time to time which may be implemented after the consensus taken in the General Body meeting. At no time shall the FC endeavor to supersede the authority of the EXCOM within the parameter of statutes set in

the IFJ without the endorsement by the General Body. The founders committee shall not be considered a parallel committee to the EXCOM but will be on advisory level and any correspondence with the IFJ members shall strictly be through the EXCOM and specifically through the General Secretary. 8.1.0 ELECTION 8.1.1 The election of 17 member executive committee shall be held during the Annual General Body Meeting convened during the month of April every year. Date of the general body meeting shall be announced at least six weeks in advance. 8.1.2 As India Forum, Jubail represents a mini cosmos of the Indian community in Jubail, the elected office bearers shall to the possible extent be representatives of the pluralistic, linguistic and geographical diversity of India. Considering the demographic distribution of people from different states in Jubail, Eight Zones have been defined as given below and the maximum representation of elected office bearers shall be bound by the number given against each Zone. Zone 1: Kerala, Lakshadweep Max 3 representatives Zone 2: Andhra Pradesh Max 2 representatives Zone 3: Karnataka- Max 2 representatives Zone 4: Tamil Nadu, & other Southern Union Territories Max 2 representatives Zone 5: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP & Goa Max 3 representatives Zone 6: Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, WB, & others Eastern States Max 2 Representatives Zone 7: UP, Punjab, Delhi, JK, & other Northern States Max 3 representatives 8.1.3 The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee six weeks prior to the Annual General Body to prepare and submit a list of 17 members proposed to be elected to the executive committee. 8.2.4 Nominating Committee shall consist of three members, one preferably the immediate past president. Members of the nomination committee shall not be eligible to contest as an office bearer. 8.2.2 Nominating committee should consider the best interest of the India Forum Jubail and the nominations should reflect the geographical, linguistic, religious and cultural diversity of the IFJ membership.

8.2.3 Nominating Committee shall submit a list of 17 names from the effective IFJ membership roster to the Election Officer three weeks prior to the general body meeting. 8.2.4 The Election Officer shall release the list submitted by the Nominating Committee to the IFJ members and set a date not later than two weeks before the annual general body meeting to submit alternate nominations if any. 8.3.1 The President in concurrence with the executive committee shall appoint an Election Officer to conduct the election in an orderly manner. 8.3.2 Additional nominations from the members should be seconded by a minimum of 10 IFJ members in good standing and submitted in writing to the Election Officer one week before the election. A member cannot nominate more than two additional members. 8.3.3 The nominated candidate shall sign an undertaking regarding his nomination that he shall abide by all the rules and by-laws of the forum and and will dedicate his valuable time for the benefit of the Community by showing his attendance in nearly all the EXCOM meetings. 8.3.4The executive committee shall publish Electoral Roll containing the names of effective members eligible for voting three week prior to the general body meeting. 8.3.5 During the proceedings of Annual General Body meeting Election Officer shall be responsible to conduct the election and declare the results. 8.3.6 Election Officer shall prepare adequate number of ballot papers containing 17 names from the nomination committee and the valid nominations per Clause 8.3.2 of IFJ Bylaws with provision to vote for the preferred candidates marking X. 8.3.6 Election should be conducted confidentially with secret ballot. Any ballot with more and less than 17 names selected will be invalid. 8.3.7 Ballot paper shall be issued to the member after verifying his identity and confirming the validity of his membership. Election officer and his assistant shall sign the ballot paper and any ballot paper without these two specified signatures will be declared invalid during counting. 8.3.8 Counting shall take place immediately after completion of the voting process.

8.3.9 Election Officer shall appoint tally counters and counting shall be conducted under the supervision of the Election Officer in the presence of candidates or his authorized representatives. 8.3.10 A voting slip shall be considered invalid if the voter does not vote for at least three candidates from each of Zones 1, 5 and 7 and two candidates from each of Zones 2, 3, 4 and 6. 8.3.11 The first three candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected for the executive committee from zones 1, 5 and 7 and first two candidates from each of Zones 2, 3, 4 and 6. 8.3.12 Upon declaring the results the Election Officer shall submit a list of 17 elected candidates to the President with details of valid votes received by each candidate. 8.4.1 The ex-officio member shall arrange for a meeting of the 17 newly elected members within 15 days from the election and chair the meeting. Election of office-bearers from the 17 members will take place during the meeting, which will be followed by the installation ceremony. 8.5.1 An office bearer shall not be eligible to contest for the same position for more than one full term. 8.6.1 In the event an elected post becomes vacant before the term of the executive committee expires, then the President may fill the post for the rest of the term from any of the members with the concurrence of the executive committee. Replacement of such a member shall be with a member from the same zone as the member who has vacated. 8.6.2 If more than 50% of the executive committee positions fall vacant for any reason the executive committee shall be dissolved and new election held within three months. 8.6.3 Outgoing President will be the ex-officio of the elected executive team members, with no voting rights, and shall serve for only one term. After this tenure he shall be elevated to the Founders Committee list. 8.6.4 The Chairman of the Founders Committee shall be elected by the Founding Committee Members. 9.1.1 FINANCIAL AUDITING The General Council elects two qualified auditors during the annual session.

9.1.2 Annual statement of accounts upon approval by the Executive Committee is to be submitted to the elected auditors for their review and report. 9.1.3 Auditors Report is to be distributed in the Annual General Council meeting along with the annual statement of accounts. 10.1.0 AMENDMENTS 10.1.1Right to make amendments to this constitution is restricted to General Council only. 10.1.2 Any amendment in bylaws, if proposed, should be debated first in Ex com itself and then should be forwarded to the founder committee for their review and recommendations. 10.1.3 Amendments to these Bylaws shall be brought before the General Body meeting in the form of resolutions, which should be submitted in advance to the Secretary. Copies of this resolution shall be sent to the members at least 15 days in advance of the General Body meeting. 10.1.4 Approval of all amendments shall be by a simple majority of the members present and voting. All approved amendments shall become part of this constitution 10.1.5 In the event of exigencies, amendment to the IFJ Bylaws may be got approved through E-Mail by endorsement of a simple majority. But such amendments carried out should be recorded, read out and ratified once again at the earliest general body meeting. No electronic/E- mail response by members to such amendments sought for approval by Email will be considered as affirmation of the amendment. 11.1.0 DISSOLUTION 11.1.1 In case the Forum has to be dissolved, any asset of the Association, after satisfying all the indebtedness, shall be donated to Indian Prime Ministers Relief Fund. 11.1.2 Such dissolution of the Forum shall be based upon the decision of majority of the general membership. 12.1.1 PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE In the absence of any provision in the Bylaws of this Association, Executive Committee and General Body meetings all Committee Members shall be guided

by the Parliamentary rules as contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order. 13.1.1 VALIDITY This constitution is effective from 27th day of February 2005 as it is discussed and approved by the FOUNDING MEMBERS of INDIA FORUM-JUBAIL as indicated below: 1. Sheikh Mehmood 2. Waheed Lateef 3. Shahul Hameed 4. Anis Bakhsh 5. PJJ Antony 6. Ramakant Bhala 7. PGR Nair 8. Zubair Kazim 9. Jagadeesan Kumar 10. Deepak Parailikar 11. Vasudhar Gopal 12. Malik Sayyad Ahmad 13. Benny Jose 14. N. V. Arasu In case the number of founding committee members fall below five members, the executive committee can nominate the preceding Vice-Presidents in the order of their seniority as Deemed committee members 13.1.2 CONTINGENCY CLAUSE FOR CONTINUITY In the event if any of the Executive committee members fails to fulfill the missions and visions of India Forum, acts detrimental to IFJ goals and spreads discordant and divisive messages within the forum that can jeopardize the growth and smooth functioning of the forum, the founding committee members is vested with full powers to step in and remove them from their office and refer to the Executive committee to conduct elections in place of the expelled member. 13.1.3 AMMENDMENT STATUS The last amendment to this constitution is on 23 January 2012