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Culture 100 Date: February 16, 2011 Place: Amphitheatre Second Draft By: Via Yu and Chelsea Olaya

OPENING Host 1: Good evening everyone! Welcome to, Culture 100, a night of culture and celebration of our beloved universitys 100-year milestone. I am Host 1, Host 2: And Im Host 2 (from the Green Media Group)! And well be your hosts for tonight! Host 1: Join us as we travel to different countries in just a single night! From Cambodia to Myanmar to Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam and India, our performances will surely entertain you for the hours to come! Host 2: We will experience each countrys culture through their performances tonight. Host 1: Speaking of experiencing the different countries culture, what did you guys think of the costume parade earlier? The costumes were very impressive and eyecatching werent they? Host 2: Yes they were! They showed us that every culture is different yet magnificent in their own right. Host 1: I agree with you completely! And to everyone who doubts that, just watch the performances weve lined up and you will be certain to change your mind. Host 2: You can also visit the food booths so you can enjoy the scrumptious delicacies of the world! Host 1: Mmm, that sounds delicious, Host 2!

Host 2: Yes it does, and we can go there later, Host 1, but right now we still have a job to do. Host 1: And that job is to get this show on the road and start, start, start the party!

Host 1: Hey Host 2, guess which country our next performers will represent. Host 2: Give me a break, Host 1! I'm not psychic. At least give some clues... Host 1: Okay then. I'll give you three clues. 1st: 90% of the world's rubies come from this country. Host 2: clue. Host 1: Clue number 2: The Irrawaddy River and the Shwedagon Pagoda are two of its popular landmarks. Host 2: I think I'm starting to have an idea. What's the last clue? Host 1: Its former name is Burma. Host 2: That's what I was thinking all along--MYANMAR! Host 1: That's right Host 2. They will be performing their traditional water splashing festival in the hopes that all of us will have peace of mind, and a prosperous future. Lets give it up for the next performers!! MYANMAR Host 1: Our next performers will do a dance inspired by grace, beauty and rarity of the animal peacock. Host 2: This dance called the Pailin Peacock Traditional Dance and the Cambodians usually perform this dance every New Year or National Festival.

Host 1: Really? You know, it is said that a visit to Cambodia is only complete once youve seen at least one traditional dance performance which means that their traditional dances really are something. Host 2: If thats the case, then the next dancers will be certain to amaze us all! So lets welcome the performers as they bring to us a part of their culture. CAMBODIA Host 1: Just like the previous dancers, our next performers will dazzle us all as well. Host 2: Of course they will. Their culture has already been a big influence not only here in the Philippines, but also all over the world! Host 1: And what country do these next performers represent? None other than the Land of the Rising Sun, JAPAN! Host 2: Their dance, Soran-Bushi, is a kind of Japanese folksong that originated from Hokkaido, which is in the northern part of Japan. Host 1: This song has been sung since the Edo era, in the hopes of a prosperous catch of fish. Host 2: Well, tonight their performance will not catch fish, but instead will capture peoples hearts and interests! Host 2: So put your hands together for the next set of performers!! JAPAN Host 1: Of course, this night wouldnt be complete without the presence of our wonderful judges.

Host 2: Thats right, with their help, we shall find the victorious one from our competition tonight! Host 1: First we have Dr. Marcon Espino the Student Development and Leadership Coordinator of the Far Eastern University. Host 2: Next we have Mr. Hector Estidolla the Student Welfare Coordinator of Manila Tytana College. Host 1: Last but not the least is Mr. Eduardo Tanwangco Jr. the Coordinator for International Students from De La Salle College of St. Benilde. Host 2: Let us welcome them with a round of applause! Now back to our competition, our next contender is-. INTRODUCTION OF JUDGES Host 1: The country of our next performers has influenced the Philippine culture heavily having been here even before the Spaniards came. Host 2: That is true, Host 1. Because of this, many elements in our culture can be identified as influences by the Chinese. Host 1: China has a vast culture of dance, philosophy, literature, and music. Ancient Chinese believed that the music could purify people's minds. Host 2: One of their most famous musical instruments is the Guzheng or the Chinese Zither, Host 1: It is a string instrument used mainly for meditating and Tai Chi exercising.

Host 2: Speaking of Tai Chi or Tai Chi Quan, it is a result of different sources including the concepts of Chinese Philosophy (Ying Yang), the Martial Arts of Taoism and Buddhism meditation. Host 1: The movements in Tai Chi Quan are slow but steady, poised and powerfulworking both the yin and the yang of the human body. Host 2: Last and not the least is the art of tea making. Tea-drinking is a nation-wide custom in China. It is a daily necessity for the Chinese to have three meals and tea a day. Host 1: Having been a custom for almost 5000 years already, it is one of their most treasured cultures. Host 2: With all of this in mind, let us all welcome, with a round of applause, our representatives from China! CHINA Host 1: Our next performers country has had its share of tough experiences. Host 2: That is right and war after war invade this beautiful countrys abode and leave Vietnam with nothing but ruined land and devastating memories. Host 1: But the Vietnamese are known for their patriotism, working their hardest they can to build the country better and better. Host 2: And because of this admirable trait, their country has become one of the most enriching, enlivening and exotic countries around the world. Host 1: Their natural cites such as the Ancient Hoi An City and the Halong Bay have been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the New World, respectively.

Host 2: So here to give us a performance as beautiful as their country let us all welcome, our representatives from Vietnam! VIETNAM Host 1: The next country to present is a country quite close to the Filipinos hearts. Host 2: Thats right! Their pop music and their infamous TV dramas have taken the Philippines by storm. Host 1: But aside from these, Korea has a lot to offer like their cuisine- one of their most famous dishes is kimchi, which is both sweet and spicy and is good for the health! Host 2: They also have a colorful history- having lost a lot because of the war between North and South Korea they have their share of economical problems. Host 1: But because of their great cooperation and strong spirit, Korea has developed into a country of beautiful stories and people. Host 2: So here to represent the beautiful country of Korea, let us all welcome ZeulGam! KOREA Host 1: Well this night has been a colorful and quite vibrant- different cultures showcased their utmost brilliance and I am pretty sure that our audience had a great time. Host 2: That is right, Host 1. Im pretty sure that not only did they enjoy the performances but they also learned a lot from these beautiful countries performances. I, for one, sure did! Host 1: Sadly, thats all we have for tonight but we sure did end this show with a bang didnt we?

Host 2: We sure did! This has been, Host 2 signing off, Host 1: And this has been Host 1 and were from Host 1 & Host 2: The Green Media Group! Good night and Animo La Salle! CLOSING