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Republic of the Philippines


Naval Seafarers, MPC

As a Credit/ Financial Institution

Submitted by: Virginia Vere Erica Jane Calima Lilibeth Arpon Rosevic Intong Glenda Ebajo

Submitted to: Mr. Ricardo P. Mejia Instructor


Table of Contents
Pages I. II. Introduction The Agency Name, Location Nature of the Agency Source of Capital Organizational Chart III. The Credit facility Types of Loans Amounts Granted IV. Lending Policies Applications Releasing Repayment Fines and Penalty V. VI. Observations Conclusion

VII. Recommendations VIII. Bibliography Annex I Communication Letter



NAVAL SEAFARERS MULTI PURPOSE COOPERATIVE is a lending institution provider here in Naval. Way back to its humble beginnings on the late 2001 Naval Seafarers was established. With the dedication, perseverance and hard work of many, the institution grew.

As a fast growing area, Naval is definitely considered to be a good location for various businesses according to established branches of firms from this place such as lending business.

The purpose of this study is to understand whether Naval is really a potential market to business entrants. It also aims: To know how companies/ institutions run their business in spite of the threats brought by competitors. To identify how they handle customers.

The result of this study will be equally useful to the researchers, companies, and other businessman/women engaged in business like this.


The Agency Lending has always been part of our Life. Here in Naval, we borrow money as a

means of living, livelihood. Naval is the center of trade of the Province. Lending is also a source of income for those individual who wants to start of new beginning of business. So, in order to realize all of this, Seafarers Multi Purpose Cooperative Naval Branch never fails to offer services at its great principal, where customers can never say NO to what the institution offers. As a matter of fact, Naval Seafarers ushers or offers services factor with remarkable benefits topped with undisputable extension services. In conjunction with these facts, it best bit that services is an integral to the offering of products that could up of visual spiced to the customers. Companys background: Companys Chairman: Companys V-Chairman: Dr. Editha S. Genson Glenda G. Villarin

MISSION A solid and productive cooperative of Naval Seafarers and their lawful wives, children committed to socio-economic development for the welfare of members and the immediate neighbors. VISION To provide economic support and social services to members and other interested parties in forms of credit, small scale business enterprise, banking earning resources center, socio spiritual formation and other services that maybe deemed relevant to the attainment of socio-economic development goals.

OBJECTIVES To promote the well being of the Naval Seafarers family socially, spiritually and economically.

POLICY However, we give more emphases on the administrative policies, which include: Employee Character Integrity Attitude Team work Must be a seaman


Dr. Edita S. Genson Chairman

Glenda G. Villarin Vice- Chairman

Merle Casas Member

Ester Potot Member

Joemard Calvez Board Secretary


Norma Casas Manager

Josephine Matugas Treasurer

Mary Grace Sablan Bookkeeper

Ruby T. Maranga Cashier/ Clerk