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Because of the universe and cosmos as a space-time continuum -- a region for aet her to be abundant for all to harness;

the Great Pyramid also incorporates in it s sides and angles the means for creating a highly sophisticated map projection of the northern geohemisphere. Further along with the other two Giza pyramids re plicates the exact positions of the three stars in the belt of the Constellation Orion there is an example of The Golden Spiral, whereby the three pyramids and the Sp hinx are interlocked and thus situated by design. The PyramiTroniX Resonator Similarly, the shape for the invention that accelerates the Law of Attraction is scaled down as a pyramid housing assembly. The purpose for this is to capture t he electron (photon) discharge abundant in the aether which couples with the bio -photons of an individual's brain and body. The present invention provides a method and apparatus that addresses "putative" energy fields or bio fields which have denied measurement based on the concept t hat humans are infused with a subtle energy having 70 different names such as ch i, ki, prana, life force, etc. Because biofields have not been measured by conve ntional instruments and that neither the external field nor their therapeutic ef fects have been robustly scientifically demonstrated as a biophysical process, t he objective is to design a method and apparatus that focuses on the interaction s of the brain (consciousness) and body (cardiac) to amplify emotional, mental, social, and spiritual parameters of human growth and self-development. Non-invasive measurement can determine various changes in biological system s which includes the chemical analysis of blood, urine, and other processes rela tive to bio-photonic discharge usually considered the waste by-product of metabo lism. Previously, infrared photon energy was used since the kinetic energy of th ermal movement of molecules is E = 0.132 eV (electron volts) at 9,350 nm (nanome ters). In contrast is the 1.67 - 3.41 eV (electron volts) of visible photons nec essary for cells to regenerate regarding bio-photon emissions (BPE) as natural p rocesses. Bearden (1995) determined 1kg of mass was equivalent to 17.053 X 10 ^ 50 and served as an "action switch" as a small as a quantum as defined by Planc k's constant divided by four. He de-differentiated an infected cell (DND) and it was the de-differentiation process that indicated the DNA as a "time-reversal" potential at its previous state of health and wellness. However a problem observ ed is between energy and the energy density flow relative to Einstein's E=MC ^2. He related that electromagnetic energy trapped in space is equal to c ^2 (time squared) since energy can be transformed from one state to another state. Howeve r, a reference to Whitaker's (1903) seminal paper "On the partial differentiatio n equation of mathematical physics" indicates that scalar potentials can be deco mpositioned into a harmonic series of bio-directional electromagnetic wave pairs . Of significance is that each wave pair consists of a wave and its phase conjug ate (anti-wave) observed as a "virtual" or phantom effect. By the "distortion co rrection theorem" of non-linear optics (not yet in existence til 1970) was each wave pair (wave, anti-wave) as a superposition for space (wave) and time (anti-w ave). Therefore each wave pair appears as a standing wave where each point as (E ) energy of the wave and (-E) N-energy of the anti-wave simultaneously superimpo se with each other. In superposition (E, -E); individual vectors do not cancel o r cease to exist since the wave pair passes through space as observed by the obs erver. For this to occur, an observation time is needed to detect the "observati on effect" as E and -E. However, it is the E(T) and -E(T), the "observation time differentiation" which removes time so that the observer will observe a zero an d a non-E field comprised of E + (-E) = 0. Thus the scalar field densities can b e summed at any point and a gravitational standing wave is superposed as the tr ue phase conjugate replicated (time-reversal of wave pairs) and the electromagne tic field is converted to gravity. Whitaker indicated that the wave pair include s photons/anti-photons as pairs -- a spin 2 entities called gravitons, not indiv idual photon in the 4th dimension (time). Whereas, E(T) and -E(T) did not cancel

in the 3rd dimension (space). Mind, Body, & Spirit Development The practical scalability of the PyramiTroniX Resonator as a full-scale model ca n now evolve as a trihierarchical stage of development regarding mind, body and spiritual Contemporary neuroscience research addresses the existence of algorthims for all sensory transduction necessary as brain-specific coding referred to as "intrins ic data fields" (IDF). direct stimulation of these codes are within the human te mporal or limbic cortices with application of electromagnetic patterns which usu ally require high energy levels. However, a scaled down process is coupling a narrow band whose frequencies range from 1 - 15 cycles per second HZ (Hertz). Although the resultant vector summation of the E field is a zero vector, the sca lar field densities can be summed at any point thus non-localization. Of particu lar interest is Dirac (1929) who postulated a "quantum theory" for the electron and predicted anti particles and electrons or positrons through the process of " positron annihilation" where the pairing of electrons produce a photon and the new area of research became known as "Quantum Electrodynamics" (QED). Thus non-l ocalization was not an instantaneous connection across space, but rather time wh ich coupled separate systems where no physical (phantom) activity or interaction occurs at the speed of light...but thought. Since non-localization was based on deBroglie-Boem's theory which occurs when an electric current was passed through hydrogen gas, a radiated light, when disper sed through a prism produced a line spectrum and supported Heisenberg's Uncertai nty Principle based on energy and time as a functional relationship. It further purports that if energy was sufficient to penetrate a barrier, the electron coul d "tunnel" through that barrier by sharing "surplus" (free) energy based on supe rposition when the electron is a wave function. Since neurons can be excited by externally applied time-varying electromagnetic fields, the pulse current I(T), the point source to where a cell could be positi oned above the forehead (pineal gland) an/or adjacent to the head (temporal lobe s) activate the E-field in tissue based on Faraday's law" VxE= alphaB / alpha T where B is the magnetic field produced by the coil based on Biot-Savart Law B (r1, t) = mu0 / 4 pi => d/r ^1 X (r-r ^1) / 1r - t (1/3) These laws are amenable to scientific method as a non-invasive imaging process w here the brain as a charge point can be measured as a field outside the head ind icative of metabolic and hemo (blood) dynamics. the conventional neuroscience pr ovides evidence-based research for multiple techniques regarding imaging. Raymond W. Ebbeler