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Execution status of last command.

ConfirmPreference Dictates when confirmation should be requested. Co nfirmation is requested when the Confir mImpact of the operation is equal to or greater th an $ConfirmPreference. If $ConfirmPrefe rence is None, actions will only be confirmed when Confirm is specified. ConsoleFileName Name of the current console file. DebugPreference ivered. Error ErrorActionPreference ivered. ErrorView rs. ExecutionContext false FormatEnumerationLimit numerable objects. HOME Host input LASTEXITCODE MaximumAliasCount . MaximumDriveCount MaximumErrorCount n. MaximumFunctionCount on. MaximumHistoryCount a session. MaximumVariableCount The maximum number of aliases allowed in a session The maximum number of drives allowed in a session. The maximum number of errors to retain in a sessio The maximum number of functions allowed in a sessi The maximum number of history objects to retain in The maximum number of variables allowed in a sessi Dictates action taken when an Debug message is del

Dictates action taken when an Error message is del Dictates the view mode to use when displaying erro The execution objects available to cmdlets. Boolean False Dictates the limit of enumeration on formatting IE Folder containing the current user's profile. This is a reference to the host of this Runspace.

on. MyInvocation NestedPromptLevel Dictates what type of prompt should be displayed f or the current nesting level. null References to the null variable always return the null value. Assignments have no effect. OutputEncoding The text encoding used when piping text to a nativ e executable. PID Current process ID. PROFILE ProgressPreference livered. PSBoundParameters PSCulture Dictates action taken when Progress Records are de

Culture of the current Windows PowerShell Session.

PSEmailServer Variable to hold the Email Server. This can be use d instead of HostName parameter in Send -MailMessage cmdlet. PSHOME pace. PSSessionApplicationName ished PSSessionConfigurationName aded on the remote computer PSSessionOption PSUICulture on. PSVersionTable . PWD ReportErrorShowExceptionClass f the error class. ReportErrorShowInnerException tions. ReportErrorShowSource he error. ReportErrorShowStackTrace ShellId used by #Requires. StackTrace temp test test2 test3 true var1 this variable has description Boolean True Parent folder of the host application of this Runs AppName where the remote connection will be establ Name of the session configuration which will be lo Default session options for new remote sessions. UI Culture of the current Windows PowerShell Sessi Version information for current PowerShell session

Causes errors to be displayed with a description o Causes errors to be displayed with the inner excep Causes errors to be displayed with the source of t Causes errors to be displayed with a stack trace. The ShellID identifies the current shell. This is

var2 var3 VerbosePreference s delivered. WarningPreference s delivered. WhatIfPreference l commands. Dictates the action taken when a Verbose message i Dictates the action taken when a Warning message i If true, WhatIf is considered to be enabled for al