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Assefa Dagne Semegn

Summary of Qualifications, A 2002 World Technology Award nominee, University medal winner in all higher education institutions Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, for M.Phil Degree, and Addis Ababa University, for a B.Sc. Degree An experienced highly competent software engineer with solid electrical engineering background, academician, researcher and entrepreneur.

Post-Secondary School Education Ph.D. Candidate: From February 2005- to date: researcher at the Software Quality Research Laboratory (SQRL) ( at the University of Limerick, Ireland, under the supervision of Prof. David Parnas, the inventor of the Information Hiding Principle. The research project is part of the Centre for Telecommunications Value Chain Driven Research (CTVR) that involves 8 universities and the Bell Laboratories Research Ireland (BLRI) ( ) Area of research: Design Restrictions for Improved Software Reliability Predictability, working on precisely documented software system where the reliability of software product can be predicted from reliability of its components and their interconnections.
January 2004 January 2005, was engaged in research in the area of Biometrics at Chalmers University of Technology, Halmstad University, Sweden and Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Area of research: Iris Recognition Using Linear Symmetry

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.): In Computer Applications (Software Engineering) from University of Roorkee, (now Indian Institute of Technology / IIT-Roorkee) India, November 1997

Area of Research Project - An Object-Oriented Approach to the Representation and Manipulation of Mathematical Functions. Awards: only winner of the Universitys Medal for best performance (with a an overall average score of 90.3%).

Bachelor of Science: In Electrical Engineering from Addis Ababa University (Nov. 1993). Five year undergraduate program. Area of Research Project: Development of Image Primitives. Awards: only winner of Chancellors Gold Medal of the year for best performance (with a Cumulative GPA upon graduation of 3.87 on a scale of 4.00, the best score of the University in the year 1993).

Certificate: In Systems Programming from the University of Roorkee, India with outstanding performance.

Assefa Dagne Semegn

Professional Experience (in reverse chronological order) Practice, Teaching and Research Experience Software Quality Research Laboratory (SQRL), University of Limerick, Researcher (February 2005-to date) working towards a Ph.D. degree in the area of Software Design for Reliability Predictability. Identifying design restrictions and precise/mathematical documentation that will allow the reliability of a software product to be predicted from the reliability of its components and their interconnections.

GPXS Senior Software Engineer at GPXS (October 2007, to date ), Limerick, Ireland. Engaged in the design and development high quality software systems for Mobile Devices and their management. Currently involved in the development, evolution and quality assurance of GPXSs Mobile Service Manager (MSM

Galty Technologies Senior Software Engineer at Galty Technologies (July 2005 to June 2007), Limerick, Ireland. Engaged in the design and development high quality software systems for Blackberry Handheld Mobile Devices. Designed and developed the Blackberry Bluetooth Printing product ( that allows printing of files, emails and attachments from an enterprise network through a blackberry mobile device to any Bluetooth printer. Participated in design and development of various other products including Mobile Service Manager, Condor Spell Checker, etc.

Cybersoft Founder and first Chief Executive Officer of Cybersoft International (Dec. 1998 February 2003) the leading software engineering company in East Africa ( (While preparing for my study leave for a PhD Study, I served as Technical and Research Director of Cybersoft International between February 2003 and January 2004.) Responsibilities taken: Initiated and led the establishment of Cybersoft International company along with five other colleagues. Led the company to be a leading software engineering company in East Africa undertaking major successful projects. Participated in almost all Cybersoft projects at different levels- System analyst, Chief Software Architect, Project Manager, Developer, etc. projects include: Integrated Planning Information System, University College Information System, Integrated Privatization System, Various Enterprise Resource Planning 2

Assefa Dagne Semegn

Applications, Library Management System, CyberGeez, Court Case Management System, Website Developments, etc. Initiated and led a number of applied research activities at Cybersoft in such areas as- image analysis and pattern recognition, knowledge engineering, Intranet engineering, software engineering, multilingual systems which resulted in a number of applications among which are Conflict Early Warning Systems, Multilingual Systems and Using the Ethiopic Language, Integrated Information Systems, Web based GIS systems, OCR for Ethiopic Languages, etc

Addis Ababa University

Lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Sep. 15, 1997 to date, currently on study leave) at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Responsibilities: Initiated and participated the launching of a new Computer Engineering Stream specialization in the department including introduction of new curriculum for the programme. This has upgraded the Electrical Engineering Department to Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Designed and taught the following courses in the undergraduate and graduate courses:
Advanced Database Management Systems (for Postgraduate Students) Software Engineering (for Postgraduate Students) Data Structures and Database Management Systems Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (for Postgraduate Students) Object-Oriented Programming and C++ Introduction to Co mputing (Programming in C++), Introduction to Computing (Programming in Pascal), Ethiopic Character Recognition using Fuzzy logic Book Shelf- automated library cataloging system Speech Parameter Extraction for Recognition Point to Point Video Communication over a Local Area Network Crew Scheduling System for Ethiopian Airlines

Supervised the following undergraduate research projects

Amharic Text Reading System Electronic Commerce Web based GIS confirming with OpenGIS standard Map Based Global Information Provider Analog Circuit Simulator Conflict Early Warning System Using Fuzzy Logic Driving Simulator Amharic Dictionary Isolated Word Recognition for User Interface Application (Neural network based speech recognition)

Assefa Dagne Semegn

Graduate Assistant (Nov 1993- Jan 1995) and Assistant Lecturer (Jan. 1995 - Aug 1996 ), in Electrical Engineering Responsibilities: Taught courses in
Computer Architecture and Organization Microprocessors and Interfacing Engineering Electronics II Various laboratory courses in Electronics, Com munication and Control Document Layout Analysis Develop ment of Image Primitives Digital Speedo Meter

Supervised undergraduate research in areas including:

Designed EPROM based Dot Matrix Display System to be used for display of public advertisements, messages, menus, etc.

Additional Professional Experience Member of National Task force for the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) (2002-2003)- one of the seven members who prepared national position paper for the WSIS process Member of Ethiopic Standardization and Computing Technical Team (2002-2003)participated as active member of a technical team which identified and prioritized the standardization and automation elements of the Ethiopic languages Integrated Immigration Control System (1997-1998): - Participated as a computer engineer in the team which draws the requirement and functional specifications, high level design of subsystems: the database management system and the network layout (as part of the requirement specifications) University Computer System Project (1997-1998):- as one of the four member project team which studied the transition of the Addis Ababa University from a centralized mainframe computing system to a distributed computer system. Advanced Training: provided advanced trainings to different institutions, such as:
Cryptography and Cryptanalysis From Oct 2002 June 2003, to experts from the Ministry of Defense Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using the Unified Modeling Language From June 2002 to July 2002, to Software Engineers of the Ethiopian Airlines. Rapid Application Development Using Visual Basic 5.0- From Oct. 12, 1998 up to Oct. 24, 1998. Advanced training on Rapid Application Development Using Visual Basic 5.0 to the information technologists of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE).

Assefa Dagne Semegn

Object-Oriented Software Develop ment Using Visual C++- From Nov. 10, 1998, up to Nov. 30, 1998, along with a colleague, for the information technologists of the Ethiopian Airlines (EAL). Java Program ming and Visual J++ From July 26 to September 6, 2000- conducted a 70 hours advanced training on the Java Programming language to Information Technologists of the Bureau of Planning and Economic Development (BoPED) of the Amhara National Regional State

Object-Oriented Software Development Using Visual C++- (March and April 2000), to the information technologists of the National Computer and Information Center (NCIC) of the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission (ESTC).

Publications and Presentations Can Africa Claim a Share from the Knowledge Economy?, presenter and panelist on African Engineers day event of the World Federation of Engineering Organization Congress on the Digital Divide and the Role of Engineers, December 2003, Tunis. Putting Technology for Development to Work, presenter and panelist on 2002 World Technology Summit, United Nations Headquarters, July 2002, New York ( African Languages and the Internet, presenter and panelist, Bamako 2002, African Regional Preparatory Meeting for the World Information Society Summit, Bamako, Mali What Africa Can Bring to the Information Society?, presenter and panelist, Bamako 2002, African Regional Preparatory Meeting for the World Information Society Summit, Bamako, Mali IPIS A Facility for Community Based Poverty Eradication and Restorative Development, presentation, January 2002, UN-ECA, Ethio-Forum 2002 a conference Conflict Early Warning System United Nations Regional Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Disaster Management in Africa, Tekeste Birhan Habtu and Assefa Dagne, ddis Ababa, July 1-5, 2002 Developing a Function Class Library An Object-Oriented Approach, JEEE (Journal of Ethiopian Electrical Engineers), 2002 Integrated Planning Information System a basis for National Information SystemJune 2001, UN-ECA, Ethiopia in the Knowledge Age, a conference organized by the British Council Integrated Planning Information System and its Importance to the Amhara National Regional State- January 2001, Bahir Dar, Regional Workshop

Assefa Dagne Semegn

Conflict Early Warning System Using a Hybrid Knowledge Base System January 2001, London, presentation on a conference organized by Forum for Early Warning and Emergency Response (FEWER) An Object-Oriented Approach to the Representation and Manipulation of Mathematical Functions- A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the award of the degree of Master of Philosophy in Computer Applications, University of Roorkee, India, July 1997. Development of Image Primitives- A project work submitted in partial fulfillment of the award of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Addis Ababa University, October 1993. Object-Oriented Software Development Using Visual C++: A training manual prepared for the information technologists of the Ethiopian Airlines

Awards Listed among the top 25 ICT Professionals with Great Impact for ICT Development in Ethiopia ICT Focus Magazine, July 2004, 2002 World Technology Award nominee for the 2002 World Technology Award held in New York. ( University of Roorkees Chancellors Medal on November 15, 1997 for best performance in M.Phil. degree in Computer Applications (Software Engineering). Addis Ababa Universities Chancellors Medal on November 06, 1993 for best performance in B.Sc. degree A special award from East Gojjam administrative zone and D/Markos high school in August 1988 for best score in E.S.L.C.E. Certificate from the Department of Mathematics, University of Roorkee, for being the chess winner for the 1996/97 academic year

Professional Membership

Member of the Society of Ethiopian Electrical Engineers, Member of Ethiopian Information Technology Professionals Association

Read Amharic English Native Excellent Write Native Excellent Speak Native Excellent Understand Native Excellent


Assefa Dagne Semegn

Sex Date of Birth Marital Status Health Phone Male February 20, 1971 Married Excellent +353-85-7457965 (Mobile), +353-61-333674 (Res.)

Email Postal address:,, 166 Curragh Birin, Castletroy, Limerick, Ireland

References Book- Brand New Justice: The upside of global branding, 2003, Simon Anholt, page 70 & 81; Prof. David L. Parnas, Director of SQRL, University of Limerick, Ireland; email: Mr.Kieran OFarrell, Galty Technologies, National Technology Park, Innovation Works, Limerick; Tel: +353 863833302 email: Dr. Melaku Geboye Desta, lecturer at CEPMLP, CEPMLP, The University of Dundee, Park Place, Dundee DD1 4HN Tel: +44 (0)1382 348384 email: Dr. Eneyew Adugna, Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Addis Ababa University, P.O.Box 385, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Tel: +251-911-408991, email: