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Vaibhav Manjrekar Address :-Jui Co operative Housing Society Bldg no D23,Room no 14,sector 25, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai :-400706 Mobile :-9920625658 Email :- Career Objective:To associate myself with an esteemed institution by imparting skills and there by gaining excellent opportunity to innovate my work and become the most responsible person in an institution. Seek an atmosphere where hard work and excellence repays. Experience Profile:Working with NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) as an Executive since Sep - 2007. Skills Profile:Operating Systems: / NT, Windows XP IBM OS390 V2R10, ZOS on Z/890,Z9 & Z10, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000

Programming Languages:


Databases Manager Products: DB2 V 8.1 (UDB) for ZOS. Transaction Manager Products: CICS/ESA Version 4 .2 Hardware environment: IBM Z/890 , Z9 & Z10 (Parallel Enterprise Server) Enterprise Storage Server (DS-8100) Enterprise Storage Server (DS-8300)

Skills: Knowledge of OS/390, ZOS Operating systems concepts Familiar with ISPF / SDSF / SMF / RMF / RACF Knowledge about DB2 / JCL / CLIST & IBM Utilities.

Tools: QMF/ESA Version 8.0 (Query Management Facility) ISMF (Storage Administration) RACF (Security Administration) OPC/ESA (TWS) Version 8.2(Job scheduling, monitoring and controlling) TSO/REXX (Tools for automation) DITTO/ESA Version 2 (Data Transfer and Operations) OMEGAMON II version 500 for MVS, DB2 and CICS.

Professional Experience :1) Organization Period Position National Securities Depository Limited, Mumbai. September - 2007: Till Date Executive.

Responsibilities: Monitoring System Performance.

Monitoring & Controlling OPC (Operation, Planning & Control) & TWS (Tivoli Work Scheduler). Backup and Restore Management. Database Backups and Recovery. Security and Access control. User Administration. Monitoring & Controlling of Batch Jobs batch for auto submission. Maintenance and upkeep of Data Centers (Production, Development and Disaster).

Coordinating with s/w group & h/w engineers to solve the problems related to jobs & system. To run the business from DR site incase of any disaster at production site.

Company: NSDL is the first depository system in India jointly promoted by Unit Trust of India (UTI), Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSEIL) primarily

designed to enable script less trading of securities. NSDL is registered with Securities &Exchange Board of India under the SEBI Regulations, 1996 as Depository. Currently, NSDL has 3000000 crore worth shares in the dematerialized form. NSDL offers various services like enabling Dematerialization and Rematerialization of securities, providing for disbursement of Corporate Benefits to the Beneficial Owners. System Administration: Monitoring System Performance: Monitoring of system usage parameters include Daily usage reports, Peak load identification, and Average load identification for CPU, Memory, I/O paging, DASD use and Tape use. Generate report for hardware utilization using EREP utility. Backup And Restore Management: To plan and implement the Logical and Physical backup of the system. To plan and implement the System recovery using Logical and Physical backups. Database Backups and Recovery: To plan and implement the DB2 backups (Image copy / Logs). To plan and implement DB2 recovery using Image copy and logs. Disk Space Management: Managing file allocation on DASD (Direct Access Storage Device) using DFSMS (Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem) Disk space administration using HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) Migration level 1 and 2. User Administration (Security and Access Control): Creating and Maintaining user accounts and access control for resources through RACF (Resource Access and Control Facility). Batch Programming: Generation of query output reports from Database through Batch programming. Monitoring of Batch Jobs for Auto Submission: To Monitor & control Job Scheduling and processing using OPC (Operations Planning and control) & TWS (Tivoli Work Scheduler). Supporting OPC by monitoring and managing OPC resources. Disaster Recovery Site: Regular upkeep by running business online from Disaster Recovery site (Backup site for Mumbai Production site) located at Pune. Upkeep and monitoring Databases in Synchronized mode using XRC & PPRC. IPL & POR: Shutting Down the system & Initial Program Loading

DB2 Database Administration: Online & stand-alone DB2 utilities. DB2 performance and resource monitoring using Omegamon. Database backups and logs at local and disaster recovery site. Recovery of Databases from the backups and logs. Storage management.

OPC Administration:-

To implement and control job scheduling and processing using OPC & TWS. Supporting OPC by monitoring and managing OPC resources. Re-scheduling job execution plan as per Change control. Recovering from exception conditions.

In Detail Responsibilities at NSDL: Monitoring & Execution of EOD-BOD are the main activities. This activity involves running of batch jobs through OPC. Communicate to upper level by raising a ticket in case of any problems during daily activities. Running queries on database through JCL and through QMF to generate the report requested by the user. Performing Monthly Database Archival Activity & AIX COMMS archival twice in a month (2nd & 17th). Ensure to have enough space on user volumes as well as work volumes for smooth running of the NSDL business using Primary Level (ML1) & Secondary Level (ML2). Taking backup of important datasets or data on Tape. User ID administration Spool Management for JES2 resource management.

Conducting Recovery Testing of System at our Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) to run the business in case of unusual natural disaster at the Live Site. To monitor the necessary transaction in CICS Log during the Business hour.

Handling Storage Management (DB2 Image copies & archive logs backup of important datasets). Using PPRC (Peer to Peer Remote Copy) services for administration. Installation of software for users to communicate with IBM mainframe through remote PC.

Monitor Network Connectivity to BPs during OFF office hours. Operational support to testing dept for day to day activities. Replicating DB2 Log files released on Production to Development and DRS so as to bring Database at DR in sync. With Production database as a part of business continuity measure. Reporting the daily system performance and problems to the Management Authorities. Monitoring System Performance on daily basis through RMF and Omegamon

Educational Qualification :-

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) from University of Mumbai. Period Examination : 2007 to May 2007. Year of passing Percentage Class

Bsc. IT May07 2nd Class Diploma in Computer Application Technology from University of Mumbai. Examination Diploma Year of passing Percentage

May 2005 72.00%

H.S.C Board: State Board of Maharashtra. Examination Year of passing Percentage 58%

H.S.C. Feb2002

S.S.C Board: State Board of Maharashtra. Examination S.S.C. Year of passing Percentage 72.26%


Certification: Done certification in NSE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) in the NSDL Depository Operations Module Personal Details:Date of Birth Sex Nationality Marital Status Languages Known : : : : : 11th july 1983. Male Indian Single. English, Hindi & Marathi

Vaibhav A Manjrekar