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What I want to be

Nothing is more difficult than to fix an aim in life. So what I want to be is the main dilemma from which I have been suffering. At long last I have been able to fix an aim after a lot of thinking and analysis. I have specific reasons for my choice. I want to be a university teacher in future. The first reason in favor of my choice is the belief that man is a life long student in the lap of nature. There is no end of knowledge and this hunger for knowledge haunts me madly. The second reason of my choice is the belief that it is mother of all professions. Everybody, high ranking and low ranking civil and military officials are taught by teachers. What they are today is the work of a teacher. What I want to be might astonish my parents, friends, and relatives. Because in this age of materialism, everybody is in favor of being a doctor, an engineer, civil or military officials, or big business magnets or executives, They give people authority and wealth to exercise. But I believe that a teacher is needed everywhere and thus can play a great role everywhere. A good teacher is an asset to the country. He moulds the young minds of the students. He inculcates in them the sense of patriotism, religion, values, morality, social service etc. he is a model to the students. He is to be followed by the students. A good teacher can build up good citizens whom the country badly needs for its all round development. Though, in outward appearance, he lives a very simple life, he is full of high thought and ideals. Sometimes I feel sorry for the economic plight of the teachers in our country and they are objects of pity. Many officials and politicians play with their fate. They are not ready to accept and evaluate the service of the teachers. Though they mention teachers as the architects of nation building in their speech, they look down upon them. Until and unless teachers are respected and given due honor in the society, the country will not develop. In the developed countries , even in our neighboring country India, teachers are highly respected and paid. Traffic police salute them when their cars cross them. In spite of all the negatives aspects of being a teacher in our country, I want to be a university teacher. A teacher is really the architect of nation building. I believe it heart and soul. I want to uphold my aim sky high. I want to be a university teacher and will remain happy remaining a teacher. And this is my clear answer to question what I want to be?