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San Miguel del Bala Village 2-Day Tour Learn about the culture of the Amazons Tacana, their

traditional hunting techniques, medicinal use of local plants, handicrafts, and more Day 01 The adventure begins in Rurrenabaque, where well meet in the morning at the arranged time and then set off for the dock where our motorboat will be awaiting us. Its a scenic 45 minute trip up the Beni River to the village of San Miguel del Bala, which the indigenous Tacana tribe calls home. Well enjoy a welcome drink of tropical fruits upon our arrival at our community-run eco-lodge and then accommodate ourselves in our private cabins. Then well set off with our local guide along some jungle paths whiles he teaches us the tribes traditional trapping techniques. After our introduction into life in the jungle, well return to the lodge where local cooks will have a tasty lunch waiting for us. After lunch well explore the village, stopping at the guides home and the local school, learning how the weaving is done, how to make thatched roofing, how to make juice from sugarcane, and seeing how the tourism project has improved lives in the community. Day 02 Youll hear the singing of the tropical birds as we awake in the morning to an appetizing breakfast. On this day well set off by boat upriver on the Beni, heading for the mouth of a stream where well disembark. From here well hike for 20 minutes to a waterfall and pool where we can jump in for a refreshing dip. After lunch back at the lodge, we could do one of two activities, depending on group preference. The first option is to learn about the medicinal uses of local plants while exploring jungle paths with our guide, and the second alternative is to embark on a short or 3 hour trek through a 150 meter long canyon. After our afternoon excursion, well bid farewell to newfound friends and depart by motorboat back downriver to the town of Rurrenabaque, where well arrive between 5:00 and 6:00pm. Included Roundtrip Motorboat Transport: Rurenabaque San Miguel de Bala Spanish-Speaking Guide Cook & Meals*: o 01 Breakfast o 02 Lunches o 01 Dinner Drinking Water Eco-Lodge Accommodation *Vegetarian Options Available (upon request at the time of booking) Not Included Extra Beverages Breakfast on Day 01 Dinner on Day 02 Transportation To / From Rurrenabaque* *This tour begins and ends in Rurrenabaque, but we can arrange your transport by flight or bus from and to La Paz if you prefer, at additional cost. Recommended Sunglasses & Sunblock Insect Repellent* Lightweight Long-Sleeved Shirt* Lightweight Long Pants*

Travel Insurance *These are essential for protection from diseases borne by insects such as yellow fever or dengue.

101. 3 Days Community & Madidi Tour - San Miguel del Bala Introduction Visit the indigenous Tacana community of San Miguel del Bala, one of the few still surviving within the Bolivian jungle, to experience their culture and way of life, learning traditional hunting techniques, the uses of plants in the jungle, and more, and journey into the protected rainforest area of diverse Madidi National Park. Description The San Miguel del Bala community opens its doors to you to offer you a window to their way of life, also allowing you to see how this tourism project has positively affected the community. Aside from traditional life of the jungle, youll be able to observe the plants and wildlife of Madidi National Park, one of the most richly diverse tropical rainforests in the world. Day 01: Rurrenabaque San Miguel del Bala In the morning well meet at the agreed-upon meeting point and time and head together towards the port where a motorboat will be waiting to take us up the river to the village 45 minutes away. Upon our arrival at the simple eco-lodge where we will spend our first night, well enjoy a welcoming drink of fruits of the season, well have time to accommodate ourselves in our private cabins. Afterwards, well head into the jungle with our guide, who will teach us the ancient trapping techniques of the Tacana. Then it will be time for a tasty lunch prepared back at the lodge by local cooks. After lunch, well explore the village, visiting sites in the community such as the guides home and the school. Well participate in the construction of the thatched roofing which tops the homes in the village, and learn how to squeeze sugar cane for a juice. Day 02: San Miguel del Bala Village Madidi National Park In the morning well awaken to the singing of tropical birds and start the day by enjoying a replenishing breakfast riverside. After breakfast, we embark in our boat for Madidi National Park, along first the River Beni and then the River Tuichi. During the 90 minute river trip youll have the opportunity to observe a variety of wildlife drawn to the riverside, as well as the cayman alligators.. At the eco-lodge in Madidi National Park well accommodate ourselves in our rooms and freshen up before meeting with the guide to choose the jungle trails which you wish to explore. Among others, well keep our eyes peeled for colorful butterflies and tropical birds, bright frogs and snakes, and monkeys. There will also be the opportunity to go on an evening hike so that we can observe the nocturnal wildlife that brings life to the nights of the tropical rainforest. Day 03: Madidi National Park - Rurrenabaque Our final day in Madidi National Park well have the morning to further explore the jungle. After lunch back at the eco-lodge and a rest during the midday heat, well embark along the Tuichi River anew. Along the way well observe the bright macaws nesting along riverside cliffs. In the afternoon well arrive back in the town of Rurrenabaque. Included Roundtrip Motorboat Transport Spanish-Speaking Guide Cook & Meals* o 02 Breakfast

03 Lunch 02 Dinner Drinking Water Eco-Lodge Accommodation (Mosquito Nets Provided) *Vegetarian options available; please request at the time of reserving. Not Included Admission: Madidi National Park (125bs / aprox USD$18 ) Extra Drinks Breakfast on Day 01 Dinner on Day 03 Transport: La Paz Rurrenabaque* Transport: Rurrenabaque La Paz* *This tour begins and ends in Rurrenabaque, but we can arrange for your transport from and/or to La Paz by flight or bus at an additional cost if you so desire. Recommended Travel Insurance Sunglasses & Sunblock Insect Repellent* Light Clothing* *Long-sleeved shirts and long pants in a lighweight fabric, alongwith insect repellent, will help protect you from insect-bourne diseases such as yellow fever and dengue. Group size 2-8

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2 Day Machu Picchu by Bus Daily Departures at 7:30am Travel by bus along the jungle brow, passing through picturesque Andean towns, and walking along Inca paths and contact with the wonder of the world, along a different route, Machu Picchu Included Roundtrip Tourist-Class Bus: Cusco Hidroelectric Station Roundtrip Train: Hidroelectric Station Aguas Calientes Admission: Machu Picchu Archeological Complex Professional Bilingual Guide Meals: o 01 Breakfast o 01 Lunch o 01 Dinner 01 Nights Lodging in Aguas Calientes Not Included Breakfast on Day 01 Lunch on Day 02 Admission: Aguas Calientes Thermal Baths Bus: Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu Archeological Complex

Recommended Original Passport Valid ISIC International Student Card (if applicable) Insect Repellent Sunscreen & Hat Swimwear, Shorts, Towel & Sandals (for the Thermal Baths) Rainponcho (for Dec Mar rainy season) Water Bottle & Snacks Optional Additions If you wish to add an extra night to this itinerary, it is possible to do so with a slight increase in price to cover the extra nights lodging. You must let us know to pick you up on the third day from the Hydroelectric. For the return trip, you may request to take the train directly to Ollantaytambo in order to cut down on trip time rather than going by bus to the hydroelectric station, at a slight increase in price. Please let us know at the time of your booking An alternative route to Machu Picchu, in bus through the small tropical city of Santa Teresa in the jungle brow and afterwards by train or a trek of three hours through the jungle, depending on your preference, to Machu Picchu. Day 01 Cusco - Santa Teresa - Hidroelectrica - Aguas Calientes Well pick you up at your hotel or hostel in Cusco between 7:00-7:30am to depart by tourist-class bus for an unforgettable trip. Well cross the Sacred Valley with its picturesque and traditional Andean towns and patchworked fields, ascending to the high Malaga Pass (14160 feet above sea level) with its expansive views over the valley and snowy Andean peaks before descending through the cloud forest and jungle brow (the high-altitude upper edge of the tropical forest) to Santa Teresa. During the final segment from Santa Teresa to the hydroelectric station youll see tropical fruit orchards and coca crops. Overall, the trip takes about 6 hours. At the station well catch a train to Machu Picchu Pueblo, the gate of entry to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, known colloquially as Aguas Calientes, or conversely we can embark on a trek of approximately three hours through the warm tropical valley. Upon our arrival to the small but colorful city of Aguas Calientes, well have time to accommodate ourselves in the hostel before heading out to dinner and having a planning meeting to set the schedule for the following day. You can use your free time in the evening to explore the city a little, or perhaps visit the Aguas Calientes Thermal Baths. Day 02 Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu - Aguas Calientes Cusco Well have a very early breakfast in the morning in order to begin our ascent by foot to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu at approximately 5:00am. The trek lasts about 1 hours, passing along the way the tropical orchids and ferns which characterize this zone. Those preferring to sleep in a little longer can forego the trek for the bus, which takes on 25 minutes to arrive. Upon our arrival to the sprawling Machu Picchu Archeological Complex, a startling sight with its lush greenery amidst high Andean peaks, our bilingual guide will lead us through the well-preserved and cryptic ruins for the next 2 hours, highlighting the citys most important sights while explaining what we know of their purpose and construction as well as about the history and culture of the once mighty Inca Empire. After the guided portion of the tour you will have free time to explore the ruins independently and take all of the photos you wish. At around 11:00am well descend back to Aguas Calientes so that youll have time for lunch before boarding the return train to the hydroelectric station. (Lunch on this day is not included but there are many restaurant options among which to choose.) Our will be waiting for us in the hydroelectric station to take us back to the city of Cusco, where youll be dropped back off at your hotel or hostel after an unforgettable adventure.

successful and profitable running of all Dragomans South, Central, North America trips delivering quality product strong sales for their region ensuring the continued smooth operation of Dragomans fleet in Latin America proven track record and knowledge of this region communication and computer skills detailed understanding of the adventure travel business demanding position independent self-starter enjoys constant challenges make decisions constant contact with the UK Operations Team ultimately expected to make decisions on the spot manage their time effectively managing the Latin America crew: monitoring feedback, checking accounts, dealing with problems, contracting, recruiting, on-going training, writing crew reports for Head Office Ensuring the overall profitability of the destination by monitoring overheads, trip fill and all operational costs Liaising with local suppliers to negotiate the best possible rates for all services and then ensuring the smooth delivery of these services Dealing with crises that arise in the destination, in liaison with the UK Head Office. This includes being on 24 hour call All aspects of product development including; o Initial design and costing of itineraries (including private charters) o Liaising with marketing and finance for pricing o Preparing all necessary pre-tour documentation on the CMS system and website o Staff training on all product o Smooth operation of the actual product, from the first departure Liaising with customer services over any issues which arise on trips in the destination and taking necessary steps to address recurring problems Managing the implementation of the new product in North and Central America Keeping detailed monthly accounts Prompt and accurate replies to all queries coming from the UK office Monitoring competitors in the region and ensuring that Dragoman remains competitive Annual health and safety checks / risk assessments for all suppliers, hotels and activities A strong knowledge and understanding of Dragomans style of travel, operating systems and trips A strong knowledge and understanding of the adventure travel industry A good working knowledge of programs such as Excel & Word Ability to communicate in English (good written and verbal skills) Conversational Spanish an advantage Capacity to manage all operations to budget Extensive travel experience in the region and a passion for travel Friendly and flexible - thrives on change and challenge Excellent negotiation skills

Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail Willing to work long hours and under pressure The position will be both challenging and rewarding. The package is attractive and contains salary, appropriate travel expenses including an annual trip to the UK for meetings, and an annual vacation time of 25 days. Note that vacation time should be taken during the off season apart from in exceptional circumstances. Outline of your key objectives for the first year of operation (including the setting up of the new office) & Your plan for the development of the destination during that time Take note of my DNI 10609693 There is a check in section you put my last name Mendoza and my DNI