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American Kabuki Musings On The Finite Statist Machine by

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"Some big names on Wall Street are eager to step out of the spotlight after enduring years of financial-crisis turbulence and

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negative attention from politicians and protesters, said Peter Ressler, the chief executive of RMG Search."
611 RESIGNATIONS FROM WORLD BANKS, INVESTMENT HOUSES, MONEY FUNDS I don't mind if you re-blog this listing. Save yourself the wear and tear on your karma and do me the favor of including in your reposting. Thanks to all who have caught minor errors. Abreviations used: CEO = Chief Executive Officer CFO = Chief Financial Officer CIO = Chief Investment Officer also can be Chief Information Officer (head of IT) COO = Chief Operating Officer EVP = Executive Vice President CRO = Chief Risk Officer INC = Incorporated (can be private held or publically traded shares) PLC = Public Limited Company (publicly traded shares can be listed or unlisted on stock market) LTD = Limited Company (privately held) LLC = American version of LTD, but can have a shareholder/member that is an INC, often hybrids of both AG = German version of PLC AB = Swedish version of PLC SA = Society Anonymous in various latin languages - same as PLC NV = Dutch version of PLC BV = Dutch version of LTD LP = Limited Partners (partnership with limited liability) REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust

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1. 9/01/11 (USA NY) Bank of New York Mellon Chief Robert P. Kelly Resigns in a Shake-UP q 2. 9/06/11 (BELGIUM) Dexia confirmed that its CEO Stefaan Decraene had left the company. Its exposures to sovereign debt in the PIIGS nations are larger than its core Tier 1 capital. 3. 9/08/11 (US OR)PremierWest chairman John Anhorn retires 4. 9/09/11 (GERMANY) European Central Bank (ECB) governing board member Jrgen Stark, who has resigned 5. 9/09/11 (US OR) Chief investment officer for the Oregon State Treasury Ron Schmitz resigns. 6. 9/12/11 (HONG KONG) HSBC Group Hang Seng Bank Non-Executive Director Mark McCombe resigns 7 . 9/12/11 (US PA) First Commonwealth Financial Corp, EVP strategic resources Thaddeus J. Clements resigns 8. 9/13/11 (US MA) Eastern Bank wealth management head Carol McMullen resigned 9. 9/14/11 (USA NJ) Columbia Bank CEO Raymond G. Hallock Announces Retirement 10. 9/14/11 (NEW ZELAND) AMP NZ Office Limited (ANZO), Mark Verbiest has resigned as a director. His resignation arises due to his desire to devote the necessary time and energy to his prospective new role as Chairman of Telecom, assuming the Telecom demerger is sanctioned by Telecom shareholders. 11. 9/15/11 (USA NY) Morgan Stanley, Chairman John Mack resigns 12. 9/16/11 (US FL) Atlantic Coast Bank President and Chief Operating Officer Robert Larison retires 13. 9/18/11 (JORDAN) Central Bank governor Faris Sharaf resigns over policy 14. 9/19/11 (US MS) COO of Parkway Properties (REIT) William Flatt Resigns 15. 9/20/11 (SCOTLAND) SCOTTISH WIDOWS (RETIREMENT INVESTMENT SAVINGS FUND) There could be no Scottish representative on the board of Lloyds Banking Group,

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Blog Archive owner of Bank of Scotland, in future after it announced the departure of Lord Sandy Leitch, the chairman of Scottish Widows and group deputy chairman. 9/20/11 (JAPAN) BLife Investment Corporation (Diawa House Asset Management) Director Masaomi Yamadaira resigns 9/20/11 (US HI) First Hawaiian Bank's CEO Don Horner retires 9/21/11 (AUSTRALIA & NZ) JP Morgan Australia and New Zealand Worldwide Securities Services CEO Jane Perry resigned 9/23/11 (Singapore) Executive board director Rohit Bhagat has tendered his resignation to the board of BlackRock (Singapore) Limited and BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited. 9/23/11 (UK) UniCredit FX Global Head Nick Crawford Resigns 9/25/11 (SWITZERLAND) UBS CEO Oswald Gruebel quits over 1.5bn rogue trader crisis 9/25/11 (USA CA) American River Bankshares Douglas E. Tow, Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer, will retire from the Company 9/28/11 (SWITZERLAND) SNB Bank Council: Fritz Studer resigns as per end-April 2012 dNiD 9/29/11 (UK) Barclays, Head of UK & European Retail Banking Deanna Oppenheimer resigned. 9/29/11 (USA NM) New Mexico Pension Fund Director Terry Slattery Resigns 9/30/11 (SINGAPORE) AIMS AMP CAP INDUSTRIAL REIT, Ms Tang Buck Kiau resigned. 9/30/11 (ICELAND) Alternate board member of Iceland State Financial Investments Thrds Bjarnadttir resigns 10/01/11 (Iceland)Chairman of Glitnir Bank's Resolution Committeerni Tmassonresigns 10/01/11 (USA MO) Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Thomas M. Hoenig retired on Oct. 1, 2011 10/03/11 (INDIA) The of Euram Bank Asia, president Arun Panchariya, has resigned after being implicated in a stock trading scandal in India. 10/03/11 (GHANA) Intercontinental Bank Ghana Limited, Managing Director and CEO Albert Mmegwa resigned. 10/03/11 (USA FL) Quantek Opportunity Fund, portfolio manager Javier Guerra. Arbitration awarded $1 million damages to Aris Multi-Strategy Fund. Quantek Asset Management made false statements to Aris. 10/05/11 (UK) UBS co-chief Franois Gouws of global equities had resigned after last months revelation of a $2.3 billion loss from unauthorized trading. 10/05/11 (UK) UBS co-chief Yassine Bouhara of global equities had resigned after last months revelation of a $2.3 billion loss from unauthorized trading. 10/06/11 (US OR) CEO of CASCADE BANCORP Patricia Moss retires 10/10/11 (BELGIUM) Dexia (Franco-Belgian bank) its chairman Jean-Luc Dehaene will give up his role on the board of Dexia's Belgian division, which is being sold to the Belgian state as part of a rescue deal, the group said on Monday. 10/11/11 (UK) BlackRock, head of sterling portfolios and manager of the Corporate Bond fund, Paul Shuttleworth, has resigned after 11 years at the firm. 10/11/11 (UK) Dynamic Funds, portfolio manager David Taylor has resigned. 10/11/11 (CHINA) China Construction Bank Non-Executive Direct Sue Yang resigns for personal reasons. 2012 (474) June (28) May (164) 500 Miles and Not a Chemtrail in Sight! In The Dreaming Of It, You Are Creating It Sheldan Nidle - May 31, 2012 Project Camelot: David Icke Interview Possible Explanation for Ascension Transformation SaLuSa, May 30, 2012 Love Will Be the Guiding Power and Authority Power and Place: Dr. Wildcat on Rights of Mother E... Vatican Says Trust in Church Hurt by Scandal The Oneness Meditation A Powerful Transmission o... Lloyd's of London Preparing for Euro Collapse Blossom Goodchild - May 28, 2012 SaLuSa, May 28, 2012 No Update from GW Hardin at This Time Return of The Goddess (Divine Feminine Energy) William Black on JP Morgan and the Failure to Regu... SNL SPOOF OF INVESTMENT ADVISORS ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN House of Cards Unified Meditation 05-27-2012 The Effects of the Meditations this Month Were Hug... SaLuSa, May 25, 2012 Vatican Bank Head Loses Anchor in Holy See The Next Wave Approaches READ THIS VETERAN'S TODAY ARTICLE! Peter Joseph Introducing the Leap No Blog Updates for a Week SaLuSa, May 23, 2012 Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarch... Wonderful Things Are Happening Now Need Input from American Kabuki Readers Greece Prepares to Leave Euro Zone Cartwheel Galaxy Banking Cabal Pumps and Dumps Facebook IPO The Sandie Sedgebeer ShowInterviews GW HardinThurs... SPOOF: Angela D. Merkel Senate Banking Chair Calls Jamie Dimon to Testify:... Annular Eclipse May 20, 2012 My Little Reboot the Grid Experiment with The Ghos... Energy Symptoms Poll Results
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40. 10/13/11 (UK) Cogent Partners co-head research department Katita Palamar resigned. 41. 10/13/11 (UK) Cogent Partners co-head research department Bill Farrell resigned. 42. 10/13/11 (US OR) MBank CEO Rex Brittle resigns 43. 10/14/11 (USA TX) Deutsche Bank Investment Advisor Griffin Perry resigns, SEC regulations prevented him from campaigning for his father Rick Perry's Presidential campaign. 44. 10/23/11 (USA) Fairholme Capital Management LLC, Director Charles Fernandez stepped down for personal reasons. Fairholme Fund has lost 26 percent of its net asset value due to bets that have backfired on AIG Inc, Bank of America Corp and Floridabased landowner and developer St Joe Co. 45. 10/24/11 (ICELAND) Icelandic State Financial Investments board members of Icelandic State Financial Investments have resigned following outside interference with their Sept. 30 decision to hire Pall Magnusson, the former political adviser to the islands industry minister, as chief executive officer. [names and positions have been requested from the reporter on 3/9/12] 46. 10/24/11 (SINGAPORE) Keppel Corporation Limited, Teo Soon Hoe will resign from his role as group finance director Jan 1. 47 . 10/26/11 (INDIA) Beed District Bank (Coop Bank) CEO B S Deshmukh arrested for embezzling Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd payment deposits. Z 48. 10/26/11 (INDIA) Beed District Bank (Coop Bank) former CEO A N Kulkarni arrested for embezzling Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd payment deposits. Z 49. 10/26/11 (US VA) The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, CEO Charles E. Haldeman will retire in 2012 50. 10/27/11 (USA NY) Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc (KBW) CEO John Duffy stepped aside. Duffy has prostate cancer. 51. 10/27/11(US WA) Pacific International Bank CEO Woosung "Edward" Park abruptly resigns 52. 10/29/11 (CHINA) China Construction Bank Corp Chairman Guo Shuqing resigns 53. 10/29/11 (CHINA) Agricultural Bank of China Ltd Chairman Xiang Junbo resigns 54. 10/31/11 (EUROPEAN COMMUNITY) European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, resigns. 55. 11/01/11 (INDIA) Beed District Bank (Coop Bank More directors resign [research still being conducted on the names] 56. 11/02/11 (UK) Lloyds Banking Group chief executive, Antnio Horta-Osrio, is to take leave of absence on health grounds for six to eight weeks, the BBC has reported. (STILL OUT AS OF 2/24/12 - DEFACTO RESIGNATION) 57 . 11/03/11 (POLAND) Nordea Bank Poland, Wlodzimierz Kicinski resigned from as President of the Management Board of Nordea Bank Poland as of the 10th of November. 58. 11/04/11 (USA NY) MF Global, Jon Corzine, stepped down as chairman and CEO, hired criminal attorney to represent him. 59. 11/04/11 (SWITZERLAND) Hyposwiss Private Bank Ltd., Director Hans Bodmer resigns from the Board 60. 11/05/11 (IRELAND)Bank of Ireland announces board shake-up. Director of the Board Denis Donovan resigns 61. 11/05/11 (IRELAND)Bank of Ireland Des Crowley resigns 62. 11/05/11 (IRELAND)Bank of Ireland non-executive director Paul Haran resigns 63. 11/05/11 (IRELAND)Bank of Ireland non-executive director Heather Ann McSharry resigns

SaLuSa, May 21, 2012 Total Anular Eclipse as Seen from Japan Contribute Your Self as You Are For Eons You Have Lived in Fear of One Another Chicago NATO/G8 Protests The Remarkable Comments by Roseanne Barr About the... People Get Ready POOF: No Down, No Return..Be Happy Stephen Cook Interviews Cobra Part 2 of 2 Starship Athabantian 2010+2 THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT - SECOND SUN Buffy Sainte Marie - No No Keshagesh Clowns in Masks of Ego BIX Weir: The JP Morgan Derivatives Book is Blowin... These Changes Build Upon Each Other Possible Volcanic Event Off Pacific Northwest Coas... Select Postings from Ben Fulford's Free Blog Stephen Cook Interviews Cobra Part 1 of 2 Romanian Crackdown on Yoga and Consciousness Raisi... R.O.M.A. - Radix Omnium Malorum Avartia JPMorgans Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 5... Spanish Withdraw 1 Billion Euros! French Govt Slas... SaLuSa, May 16, 2012 Greece: Dump the EU Now For An Economic Recovery! Am I gonna get a poke? Saul: When You Awaken, Your Bodies Will Be Plugge... UFO Amnesty: Ex-Army Colonel John Alexander Seeks ... Carlos Santana on Jay Leno Reboot of the Grid - Update MORE ON JP MORGAN FROM JIM WILLIE Cobra's Very First Interview Reboot Of The Grid - May 5, 2012 Greek Bank Run Mobster's Body Exhumed from Vatican Site in Search... DataKiller Instantly Obliterates Data on Magnetic ... What's Really Going on at JP Morgan Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarch... Finding Peace: Where To Start Looking You are Beginning to See the Effect Tolec Emotional Healing on the way to Spiritual ... Time to Fill the Bucket

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64. 11/05/11 (IRELAND)Bank of Ireland non-executive director Dennis Holt resigns 65. 11/06/11 (GREECE) Marfin Investment Group. Greek Banking Tycoon Andreas Vgenopoulos surprise resignation from his own firm. 66. 11/07/11 (SINGAPORE) Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX), CEO Framroze Pochara quits. 67 . 11/07/11 (US MO) President Maurrice Sandfort retires from Bank of Missouri 68. 11/07/11 (US MN) Bremer Bank President/CEO Gary Bigler retires 69. 11/08/11 (SINGAPORE) The Singapore Fund, Inc, Austin C. Dowling has resigned as Director of the Fund 7 0. 11/09/11 (USA NY) HSBC Israeli desk, managing director Issac Doueck resigned. 7 1. 11/09/11 (ISRAEL) HSBC Israeli desk, senior representative Simon Hakim resigned. 7 2. 11/09/11 (SWITZERLAND) HSBC Israeli desk, head of Israel Dan Sagi resigned. 7 3. 11/09/11 (USA NY) HSBC Israeli desk, ????? resigned. 7 4. 11/09/11 (USA NY) HSBC Israeli desk, ????? resigned. 7 5. 11/10/11 (EUROPEAN COMMUNITY) European Central Bank Lorenzo Bini Smaghi resigned from the European Central Banks Executive Board. 7 6. 11/11/11 (HONG KONG) Goldman Sachs' Asia Pacific co-head Yusuf Alireza is retiring from the investment bank after 19 years 7 7 . 11/10/11 (INDIA) UBS The head of India operations at UBS AG , Manisha Girotra, has resigned 7 8. 11/15/11 (USA NY) Icahn Enterprises LP, senior managing director of health-care investing, Alex Denner, has resigned. 7 9. 11/15/11 (US NJ) GAIN Capital CFO Henry Lyons resigns 80. 11/16/11 (EUROPEAN COMMUNITY) International Monetary Fund Europe, director Antonio Borges resigns for personal reasons. 81. 11/17/11 (NETHERLANDS) Syntrus Achmea (pensions manager), CIO Marjolein Sol is resigning. 82. 11/17/11 (INDIA) Nomura India's investment banking head Nipun Goel resigns 83. 11/17/11 (INDIA) Nomura India's Capital market division head Indraneil Borkakoty resigns 84. 11/17/11 (INDIA) Nomura India's executive director Shubham Majumder resigns 85. 11/18/11 (US WA) President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Steven R. Horton retires 86. 11/18/11 (US MD) Legendary mutual fund manager Bill Miller CIO of Legg Mason Capital Management and portfolio manager of LM Value Trust resigns 87 . 11/18/11 (ICELAND) Horn Invest hf., Director of the Board of Gurn Ragnarsdttir resigned 88. 11/18/11 (ICELAND) CEO of Landsbankinn Steinthr Plsson resigned from the Board of Horn Invest hf. 89. 11/18/11 (SCOTLAND) Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Limited (SWIP) Private Equity Fund, wish to announce the resignation of John Brett from the Board of Directors of the Company, for business reasons. 90. 11/19/11 (HK)CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)Peter Wongsteps down 91. 11/21/11 (JAPAN) UBSs Japan Investment Banking Chairman Matsui to Resign

With the Preparations Complete, a Most Wonderful E... REBOOT OF THE GRID The Elephant Whisperer Died - His Family Tells of ... Montague Keen - May 13, 2012 Sophia Love05/14/2012 My ears are wo... Malaysia: Bush Found Guilty of War Crimes Slashing Through the Jungle SaLuSa, May 14, 2012 POOF for MAY 13: Happy Mother's Day Addicted to Money: Nowhere to Hide Open Letter From Some Colorado Jews: U.S Israel:... Galactic Codex New French leader fires a broadside at Britain: Yo... PORTAL 2012: Clarification about the State of Affa... Continuing Unified Meditation for World Liberation... Cobra: Open Letter to Drake, David Wilcock, Benjam... SECRET ACCESS: UFOS ON THE RECORD Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin Renounces US C... Entertaining Short Course on Meditation Earth as Seen from the International Space Station... You May Choose to Experience Love and Light LAWSUIT AGAINST HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, THE MINISTE... Does This Not Ring True? Whistleblower John Cruz: HSBC Bank is a Criminal ... Never Give Up! Never Underestimate What You Can Do... Weapons of Mass Distraction Best UFO Sightings Of April 2012, AFO Queen Unveils Draft Internet SuperSnoop Bill Three Chinese Banks Expanding in U.S. Humanity is on the Verge of Incredible Opportunity... Strange Timing: Michele Bachmann Becomes a Swiss C... Blossom Goodchild - May 9, 2012 SaLuSa, May 9, 2012 There are those amongst you... NSA Document Admits ET Contact Princess Mabel stops work at The Elders Sheldan Nidles Update from the Galactic Federatio... The Wholeness Blessing ... Shine Your Divine Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival Part 132... Outcry Against Banking Practices with Michael Tell...
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92. 11/22/11(US TX) SWS Group Executive Vice President Paul D. Vinton retires W 93. 11/23/11 (GERMANY) CEO of Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt Andreas Wolf resigns and leaves the boards of Clearstream International S.A., Luxembourg and Deutsche Brse Group 94. 11/23/12 (USA SC & NC) Bank of the Carolinas, CFO Eric Rhodes resigns for personal reasons. Bank of the Carolinas was delisted from the NASDAQ on 3/9/12 95. 11/24/12 (IRELAND) AXA Rosenberg Management Ireland Limited, director Simon Vanstone resigns. 96. 11/28/11 (LATVIA) Latvias chief banking regulator, Irena Krumane, said she resigned today, a week after the state took over Latvijas Krajbanka AS (LKB1R), the Baltic News Service reported. The bank regulator suspended operations at Krajbanka, a subsidiary of Lithuanias Bankas Snoras AB, on Nov. 21 and said around 100 million lati ($191.8 million) was missing. The Lithuanian government seized Snoras on Nov. 16 saying assets reported on the lenders balance sheet were missing. 97 . 11/29/11 (USA) R. David Land Submits Resignation from the Boards of Directors of Peoples Bancorp. and Seneca National Bank 98. 11/29/11 (NORWAY) Carnegie ASAs co-head of investment banking in Norway, Cato Holmsen, has resigned 99. 11/29/11 (FRANCE) AXA Real Estate Investment Managers, Global head of business development, strategy and research for Kiran Patel, has handed in his resignation. Patel was with the firm for 11 years. 100. 11/29/11 (US MI)Chairman of Fentura's State BankForrest Shooksteps down 101. 11/30/11 (LITHUANIA) Lithuania Central Bank, Governor Vitas Vasiliauskas fired Kazimieras Ramonas, head of the banking supervision department, after seizing Bankas Snoras AB, the countrys third-biggest deposit bank. 102. 11/31/11 (AUSTRALIA) Commonwealth Bank CEO Sir Ralph Norris Australia's highest-paid banker, quits 103. 12/01/11 (SRI LANKA) Sri Lanka's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) head Indrani Sugathadasa resigned. 104. 12/02/11 (PAKISTAN) NIB Bank, Singapore forced resignation of CEO Khawaja Iqbal Hassan, for mismanagement 105. 12/03/11 (USA SC) South Carolina's $25 billion pension fund chief investor Robert Borden resigned. Borden's resignation comes as the SC Retirement System faces a $13 billion deficit, prompting state lawmakers to call for a massive overhaul of the system. 106. 12/05/11 (BERMUDA) HSBC Bermuda Ltd, chairman of the board and director John Campbell resigns 107 . 12/05/11 (BERMUDA) HSBC Bermuda Ltd, CEO Philip Butterfield retires 108. 12/06/11 (US NV ) Western Liberty Bancorp CFO George Rosenbaum has resigned. 109. 12/06/11 (US FL) SunTrust Banks Inc.'s Central Florida chairman Ray Sandhagen retires 110. 12/07/12 (ITALY) CFO of Greater Rome Bank and CEO of Greater Rome Bancshares E. Grey Winstead III resigns 111. 12/08/11 (USA) Fidelity Global Special Situations Fund, manager Jorma Korhonen resigned. Rhw 112. 12/08/11 (INDIA) Nomura's co-head of equity-linked solutions Neeraj Hora, resigns 113. 12/09/11 (FRANCE) Klline, Executive board director Abdallah Hitti resigned. Klline is an electronic banking arm of the Group BNP PARIBAS . 114. 12/12/11 (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) Bank South Pacific (BSP) chairman Kostas Constantinou resigned as a director of the Board of Bank of South Pacific Limited and its subsidiaries.

The Health Benefits of Raw Food Enhanced Diet Money and Spirit, Re-imagining Money SaLuSa, May 7, 2012 Mass Arrests New information with Bill Wood and ... Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Service... POOF for MAY 6: MOVE ON Game, Set, and Match, Dear Hearts. Hilarion:The Ascension is ON Beloved Ones,Going Ba... BP Cover-up They Knew. Suu Kyi Takes Seat in Burmese Parliament The Official Bankster Dictionary Humanity's Great Step Forward now Irrevocably in P... Huge UFO Near Sun on 5/2/12 You Find Yourselves Feeling More Hopeful and More ... UPDATED: Antares Stargate Crop Circle and World Li... Japan Shuts Down All Nuclear Power Plants 5/5/12 Laura Tyco TAUK with SaLuSa 4 May 2012Mistakes and... David Wilcock: Winston Shrout MP3s Lest We Forget Why We Formed This Country.... I Need Your Lovin' Like the Sunshine! World Liberation Day! Dream a New Earth Together Kahuna Massage at High Spirits Retreat World Liberation Day - Last Update Obama Rejoins International Criminal Court,US No L... SaLuSa, May 4, 2012 "...marvel at all that you can undertakewith but a... Edmund Leopold de Rothschild Dies at 84 Peace, Harmony, and Abundance are About to Occur ... So Long Junior Seau... Awesome Celestial Events Coming Removing the Cabal Power and Expressions of Love;Soul Evolvement;Ligh... Too Short Says There Was An Industry-Wide Plot To ... The Whole Purpose of Your Life is to Evolve UPDATED: 5/2/12 VETERANS TODAY 6 Decades of Decept... Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarch... ARREST WARRANTS: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Ba... UPDATED 5/3/12: FBI Arrest Men Attempting to Blow ... UK Climate Policy Helps Fund Forced Sterilisation ... ETs/EDs To Visit Many PlacesSoon! Benjamin Fulford 5-1-12Chaos on
converted by 115. 12/12/11 (PHILIPPINES) Former Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) president Rey David has resigned as board director of the Ongpin-led Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom). 116. 12/12/11 (US IN)One of Indianas best-known bankers, Alvin Kit Stolen, is stepping down as president of Salin Bank. 117 . 12/13/11 (US TX)Bank of America director D. Paul Jonesretires 118. 12/14/11 (MAURITIUS) African Alliance Africa Pioneer Fund I (the "Fund"), Portfolio Manager Paul David Austin Clark resigned 119. 12/14/11 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs global head Milton R. Berlinski retiring at the end of the year 120. 12/14/11 (IRELAND) AfricanAlliance I's portfolio manager Paul David Austin Clark resigns 121. 12/15/11 (UK) Coutts [private bank] Senior private banker James Fleming resigns 122. 12/16/11 (US WI)President of Westbury BankJim Podewilsresigns 123. 12/19/11 (CANADA) Holloway Lodging Real Estate Investment Trust (a REIT) CEO Glenn Squires has resigned 124. 12/19/11 (JAPAN) Citibank Japan CEO, Darren Buckley, resigns after Citibank was punished by regulators for the third time in seven years. 125. 12/19/11 (DENMARK) Danske Bank Peter Straarup, who will retire February 15 126. 12/19/11 (DENMARK) Danske Bank Eivind Kolding has resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors and from the three board committees on which he served, He continues as member of Danske Banks Board of Directors until he assumes the position of Chairman of the Executive Board on 15 February 2012. On the same day, at the latest, Eivind Kolding will resign from the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. 127 . 12/20/11 (UK) Prudential (UK) Chairman Harvey McGrath has informed the Board of his intention to retire from the Board in 2012 once a successor has been found. 128. 12/20/11 (USA MA) Century Bancorp, Inc., Director Roger S. Berkowitz resigned. 129. 12/21/11 (USA MN) Voyager Bank, fired CEO trade accusations, New details have emerged in Voyager Bank's firing of its CEO in a court filing that accuses him of defrauding the bank of $15 million. The former CEO, Timothy Owens, has sued the bank for wrongful termination and accused the bank of defaming him. 130. 12/22/11 (Sweden) Nordea Bank's Bjrn Savn retires from the Board of Directors 131. 12/22/11 (Sweden)Nordea Bank's Director of the BoardBjrn Savnretire of his own accord 132. 12/23/11 (USA VA) Virginia National Bank (VNB) Chairman Mark Giles quits 133. 12/23/11 (USA VA) Virginia National Bank (VNB) Board Member Claire Gargalli quits 134. 12/23/11 (USA VA) Virginia National Bank (VNB) Board Member Leslie Disharoon quits 135. 12/23/11 (USA VA) Virginia National Bank (VNB) Board Member Neal Kassell quits 136. 12/23/11 (USA) Third Avenue Value Fund, co-manager Marty Whitman is leaving. 137 . 12/23/11 (US NV) Chief financial officer of Western Liberty Bancorp George Rosenbaum resigns 138. 12/25/11 (Russia)Allianzs Russian Fund-Management Unit CEOOleg MazurovResigned 139. 12/28/11 (US IN) STAR Financial Bank's Osborne Oz Morgan retires as Anderson resional president 140. 12/28/11 (US MD) Chairman of First Mariner Bank Ed Hale retires

Benjamin Fulford 5-1-12Chaos on Multiple Frontsas ... Vatican 'Accepted One Billion Lire' to Bury Crime ... CELESTIAL - World Premiere Movie Trailer April (144) March (111) February (27)

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converted by 141. 12/30/11 (Australia)Credit Suisses Head of Australian EquitiesJonathan GurnseyRetires EZC 142. 12/30/11 (SRI LANKA) Sri Lanka Commercial Bank's director of the Board Mahendra Amarasuriya resigns 143. 12/31/11 (US TX) Texas Capital Bank Houston Region chairman Jonathan Clarkson resigns 144. 12/31/11 (PUERTO RICO) Popular, Inc. (Banco Popular) Michael Masin retires from the Board of Directors 145. 12/31/11 (US CA) Wells Fargo Senior EVP Mark Oman retires 146. 12/31/11 (US TX)Executive vice president of SWS Group Paul D. Vinton retires 147 . 12/31/11 (US OH) SVP of CSB Bancorp, Inc. and President and Chief Executive Officer of The Commercial and Savings Bank of Millersburg, Ohio Rick L. Ginther resigns 148. 1/01/12 (US FL) OptimumBank Larry Willis left the board shortly after he was reelected at the company shareholder meeting. 149. 1/01/12 (SINGAPORE) Keppel's group finance director Teo Soon Hoe resigns 150. 1/01/12 (NIGERIA) United Bank for Africa Plc Victor Osadolor resigns 151. 1/01/12 (ISRAEL) Israel's Bank Leumi CEO Galia Maor steps down after 16 years 152. 1/03/12 (GREECE) Marfin Popular Bank Public Co Ltd, Mr Eleftherios Hiliadakis has resigned from the Board of Directors. 153. 1/03/12 (USA VA) Suffolk Bancorp president and CEO J. Gordon Huszagh steps down 154. 1/03/12 (USA WI) Michael Falbo, president and CEO of Southport Bank, has resigned just six months after accepting the position. 155. 1/03/12 (UK) Arbuthnot Banking Group: Neil Kirton resigned from the Board j 156. 1/03/12 (UK) Arbuthnot Banking Group: Atholl Turrell left the Board. 157 . 1/05/12 (UK) Saunderson House [Private Bank] CEO Nick Fletcher steps down 158. 1/05/12 (USA NY) Blackstone/GSO Senior Floating Rate Term Fund and Blackstone/GSO Long-Short Credit Income Fund announced that John R. ONeill has resigned. 159. 1/06/12 (US) CEO of Security Federal Tim Simmons retires 160. 1/06/12 (JAMAICA) Founding partner Mark Golding resigns from Proven Investments Ltd. 161. 1/06/12 (JAMAICA) Chairman of Proven Wealth and Proven Investment's management committee Peter Bunting resigns 162. 1/07/12 (UK) Arab Banking Corporation Intl. Bank (ABCIB) Manama, Bahrain: ABCIB announced retirement of CEO Nofal Barbar from its London office. 163. 1/09/12 (SWITZERLAND) SNB Chairman Philipp Hildebrand resigns 164. 1/09/12 (USA WASHINGTON DC) Whitehouse former banker and Chief of Staff William M. Daley resigned 165. 1/09/12 (USA NY) Morgan Stanley Chief Legal Officer Frank Barron retires. 166. 1/09/12 (SWITZERLAND) Temenos Group AG, provider of core banking software announced the resignation of Mark Austen as a member of the Board of Directors. 167 . 1/10/12 (LIECHTENSTIEN) LLB CEO and chairman Josef Fehr resigned . 168. 1/10/12 (US DC) Fannie Mae (The Federal National Mortgage Association) Chief Executive Michael J. Williams resigns
converted by 169. 1/10/12 (USA IN) Security Bank of Springfield, president and CEO Steve Cour has announced plans to retire at the end of June. 17 0. 1/09/12 (UK) Northern Rock finance director Ann Godbehere quits a year after the bank is nationalisedis standing down to pursue other interests, it was announced yesterday. 17 1. 1/11/12 (KAZAKHSTAN) BTA Bank, CEO Marat Zairov resigns for health reasons. 17 2. 1/11/12 (SWITZERLAND) La Banque Prive Edmond de Rothschild, CEO Claude Messulam resigns, replaced by Christophe de Backer, Claude Messulam to become a director of the bank holding company. 17 3. 1/11/12 (UK)Most senior foreign exec at Japans Nomura Tarun Jotwaniquits 17 4. 1/12/12 (USA) Goldman Sachs, Co-Head Securities Trading Edward K. Eisler retires 17 5. 1/12/12 (USA) Goldman Sachs, Co-Head Securities Trading David B. Heller retires 17 6. 1/13/12 (IRELAND) National Asset Management Agency, head of lending Graham Emmett is resigning 17 7 . 1/13/12 (USA DC) World Bank, Vice President for Africa, Oby Ezekwesili will retire from her position at the World Bank in May. 17 8. 1/13/12 (ITALY) Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, CEO Antonio Vigniat one of Italys biggest and oldest banking groups ousted in top management overhaul 17 9. 1/13/12 (Italy) Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, president Giuseppe Mussariat asked to leave 180. 1/16/12 (UAE - DUBAI) Ajman Bank CEO Mubashar Khokhar resigns 181. 1/17/12 (CANADA) Cumberland Private Wealth Management CIO John Wilson quit to join another money manager. 182. 1/17/12 (HONG KONG) Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC Bank) CEO David Conner retires. 183. 1/17/12 (UK) Morgan Stanley Intl, chairman Walid Chammah is retiring. An inside source speculated that it could mean that the company had suffered exposure to European sovereign debt woes under Chammah's purview. vS7 184. 1/17/12 (KUWAIT) Commercial Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. Board Member Ali Yousef Al Awwadhy resigned. 185. 1/17/12 (KUWAIT) Commercial Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. Board Member Miss Anoud Fadhel Al Hathran resigned. 186. 1/17/12 (KUWAIT) Commercial Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. Board Member Mr. Tarek Farid Al Othman resigned. 187 . 1/17/12 (KUWAIT) Commercial Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. Board Member Mr. Salem Ali Hassan Al Ali resigned. 188. 1/17/12 (KUWAIT) Commercial Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. Board Member Mr. Majed Ali Oweid Awadh resigned. 189. 1/17/12 (KUWAIT) Commercial Bank of Kuwait S.A.K. Board Member Mr. Badr Suliman Al Ahmed resigned. 190. 1/18/12 (USA) Goldman Sachs co-heads of Goldman's securities business David Heller resigns. 191. 1/18/12 (USA) Goldman Sachs co-heads of Goldman's securities business Edward Eisler resigns. 192. 1/18/12 (USA) Goldman Sachs co-head of its investment management division Ed Forst resigns. 193. 1/18/12 (US NJ) Lakeland Bancorp and Lakeland Bank, Director of the Board Paul G.
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Viall, Jr. retires. 1/18/12 (SINGAPORE) Standard Chartered Banks global head of fixed income, Remy Klammersto resign 1/19/12 (UK) Santander, senior director Americas division Francisco Luzn is retiring with a pension pot of about 56m, a package whose generous size is expected to reignite controversy over bankers remuneration. 1/19/12 (EGYPT) Beltone Financial Holding (BTFH) Alaa' Sabaa resigned from board of directors. 1/19/12 (EGYPT) Beltone Financial Holding (BTFH) Wael EL Mahgary resigned from board of directors. 1/19/12 (US OH) President and CEO of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati David Hehman retires 1/20/12 (JAPAN) Normura's head of wholesale banking Jasjit Bhattai quits 1/20/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) First National Bank's sharia banking division is in a state of flux after it was hit by a corporate governance scandal in which its chief executive, Ebi Patel, was put on "special leave" for almost a month while an internal probe was conducted. Patel has been reinstated, but is facing disciplinary action. Islamic finance forbids the payment and receipt of interest (riba), and investment in some industries. Sharia law states that interest-bearing transactions result in economic ills such as unemployment and high inflation. Trading in derivatives and speculative investment are also forbidden. Sharia law requires all transactions to be backed by tangible assets. 1/20/12 (USA) TIAA-CREF executive vice president and president of Asset Management, Scott C. Evans resigned 1/20/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) South African deputy economic development minister Enoch Godongwana quit his post this week in the face of growing outrage in government circles about his involvement in a company that allegedly defrauded clothing factory workers of R100-million of their pension fund money. 1/20/12 (US GA) Chairman of the Board Morris Downing retires from Colony Bankcorp, Inc. e 1/21/12 (UK) Butterfield Private Bank head Danny Dixon Steps Down 1/21/12 (SINGAPORE) ANZ Asia's private banking head Nina Aguas resigns as managing director of Asia-Pacific private banking. 1/21/12 (USA CA) Nara Bancorp (Now called BBCN) President and CEO Min Kim Resigns 1/21/12 (US TX) City of Weslaco finance director Bret Mann; resigns 1/22/12 (KENYA) National Bank of Kenya's (NBK) managing director, Mr Reuben Marambii, will resign before year end. r 1/23/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) The South Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (SAVCA) CEO JP Fourie resigned 1/23/12 (US OH) Ohio Legacy Corp. director of the Board Michael S. Steiner resigns 1/23/12 (US OH) Ohio Legacy Corp. director of the Board Heather Davis resigns 1/24/12 (IRELAND) Deutsche International Corporate Services Limited fund, Paul Shevlin resigned as a director 1/24/12 (US KS) Capitol Federal Financial, Inc., Director of the Board B. B. Andersen retires 1/24/12 (AUstralia) National Australia Bank currency strategist John Kyriakopoulos Resigns 1/24/12 (SWITZERLAND) Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Dr. Michel Kazatchkine, a French clinical immunologist and head of the $22.6 billion fund has abruptly resigned, since revelations about corruption and misspending severely rattled some of its biggest donors. The resignation came on the eve of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, which played a role in its creation a

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decade ago. A dinner for the public-private fund is planned Thursday with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and major backers Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The shakeup resulted from an internal review to address problems highlighted in Associated Press stories last year about the loss of tens of millions of dollars in grant money because of mismanagement and alleged fraud. Its biggest private donor is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has pledged $1.15 billion and provided it with $650 million so far. 1/25/12 (Papua New Guinea) Bank South Pacific (BSP) chairman Kostas Constantinou resigned as a director of the Board of Bank of South Pacific Limited and its subsidiaries. 1/25/12 (UK) SOFIA PROPERTY FUND LIMITED, Gerry Williams has resigned as a Director, following his resignation from Ardel Holdings Limited ("Ardel") where he was CEO. Ardel is the holding company of Ardel Fund Services Limited which provides administration services in Guernsey to the Company. 1/25/12 (Kazakhstan) Independent Director of Kazakhstan's BTA Bank Konstantin Korishchenko resigns 1/25/12 (USA NY) Fortress Private Equity, CEO Daniel Madrid (aka Daniel Mudd) has resigned. Madrid was forced to leave in order to deal with SEC allegations. Prior to joining Fortress, Madrid served as Fannie Mae CEO and was forced to resign. SEC sued Madrid and former Freddie Mac CEO Richard West Long (aka Richard Syron) for hiding hundreds of billions of dollars in subprime loans. Madrid denied the SEC allegations saying the US govt. and investors were informed of Fannie Maes loan data. and and 1/26/12 (US NJ)PHH Corp.'s director of the Board James Brinkley retires 1/27/12 (SINGAPORE) AIMS AMP CAP INDUSTRIAL REIT, Mr Graham Sugden resigned. 1/27/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) ABSA Group COO Alfie Naidoo would be leaving to pursue personal interests 1/27/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) ABSA Group chief marketing and communication officer Happy Ntshingila, will be taking up an "exciting position" outside banking 1/27/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) ABSA Group CEO Daphne Motsepe retires at the end of April after a 10-year career at the bank. 1/28/12 (US PA)S&T Bank'sBob Routresigns as Chief Financial Officer 1/29/12 (PORTUGAL) Banco Santander Totta SA executive chairman Nuno Manuel da Silva Amado has resigned 1/29/12 (NEW ZEALAND) New Zealand Reserve Bank Gov Alan Bollard to Step Down 1/29/12 (UAE) NBD, Emirates 's investment banking division CEO Suresh Kumar is leaving the bank 1/30/12 (UK) British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) COO Andrew Graham steps down 1/30/12 (Malaysia) Dr Choong Tuck Yew has retired as director and chairman of OSK Investment Bank Bhd 1/31/12 (SCOTLAND) Royal Bank of Scotland former CEO Fred Goodwin Stripped of Knighthood 1/31/12 (Italy) Director and member of the Remuneration Committee Carlo Pesenti resigns from Unicredit 1/31/12 (IRELAND) The Director of Corporate Enforcement Paul Appleby has announced his retirement at the end of next month. Mr. Appleby has held the position for the past 10 years since the office was first established in 2001. He has led the ODCE investigation into Anglo Irish Bank which is almost complete. and The Director of Corporate Enforcement "pulls a stroke". The Head of the Garda Investigation team looking into 'events' in Irish banking quits and accepts a job with a bank. 2/01/12 (US CT) President and CEO of the First National Bank of Suffield George W.
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Hermann resigns 2/01/12 (SYRIA) Arab Bank Syria Board member Basma Talal Zein resigns. 2/01/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) ABSA [Barclay's Bank] deputy CEO Louis von Zeuner resigns 2/01/12 (UK) Lloyds Bankging Group head of wholesale Truett Tate quits 2/01/12 (UK) Llyods Banking Group Tim Tookey leaving end of February 2/01/12 (Japan)Credit Suisses Paul Kuosteps Down as Japan CEO 2/02/12 (VENEZUELA) Banking Crisis Arne Chacon arrested for Banking Corruption 2/02/12 (USA) American Perspective Bank, President and CEO Thomas J. Beene resigned. 2/02/12 (USA) NIR Group hedge funds, Corey Ribotsky was forced out of NIR by Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, the court-appointed liquidator, following allegations of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. In September, the SEC sued Ribotsky and NIR for taking more than $1 million of investors money to buy cars and watches. 2/02/12 (IRELAND) AXA Rosenberg Management Ireland Limited, director Nathalie Savey resigned. 2/02/12 (Canada) VP of account management and sales in State Streets securities finance team in Canada Warren Maynard resigns 2/03/12 (UK) VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Ltd, Non-Executive Director Horst Geicke has resigned. 2/03/12 (UK) UBS London trader, Kweku M. Adoboli, was arrested and charged with fraud and false accounting, forcing UBS to announce a $2.3 billion trading loss. 2/05/12 (USA - NY) Morgan's investment banking chairman Joseph Perella quit 2/05/12 (USA - NY) Morgan Stanley investment banking Tarek Abdel-Meguid quit 2/06/12 (INDIA) Dhanlaxmi Bank CEO Amitabh Chaturvedi quits: 2/06/12 (USA NY) TD Ameritrade, head of retail distribution John Bunch resigns. Bunch is leaving to take the top job at a small investment advisory firmin Kansas City. M 2/06/12 (CANADA) Director of Sprott Inc. Mark McCain resigns 2/07/12 (USA) Bank Of America's Mortgage Business Chief Barbara Desoer Retires AUY 2/07/12 (INDIA) Kotak Mahindra Bank Falguni Nayar quits 2/07/12 (IRAN) Iran denies central bank resignation rumor (don't believe until its denied?) 2/07/12 (UK) Agneash Soft Commodities PLC, an investment company in mineral, announced resignation of its Chief Investment Officer Tom Winnifrith . 2/07/12 (US NY) BlackRock, General counsel Robert P. Connolly leaves c9v 2/08/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) Standard Bank Group Ltd - Resignation of Group Secretary Loren Wulfsohn 2/08/12 (USA OH) Cleveland International Fund (CIF) private equity fund, A. Eddy Zai launched and led the Cleveland International Fund, an investment outfit that pairs wealthy foreign investors hoping for U.S. residency with job-creating projects. Zai resigned from his job this week, before being indicted in a bank-fraud scheme that, according to investigators, contributed to the collapse of a credit union in Eastlake. 2/08/12 (UAE) Emirates NBD makes top-level changes Bank's deputy chief executive officer Abdul Wahed Al Fahim has resigned. 2/09/12 (VATICAN) Institute for Religious Works (IOR aka "Vatican Bank"), 62 year old Monsignor Emilio Messina, the Archdiocese of Camerino-San Severino Marche
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investigated on money laundering by Italian officials. 2/09/12 (VATICAN) Institute for Religious Works (IOR aka "Vatican Bank"), 49 year old Father Don Salvatore Palumbo of the socially popular parish of San Gaetano 2/09/12 (VATICAN) Institute for Religious Works (IOR aka "Vatican Bank"), 37 year old Father Horace Bonaccorsi of Catania, already tried and acquitted in Sicily for money laundering offenses recycling money through accounts at IOR 2/09/12 (VATICAN) Institute for Religious Works (IOR aka "Vatican Bank"), 85 year old Father Don Evaldo Biasini of Rome. Father Don Evaldo Biasini is known as the "Don of Cash". 2/09/12 (IRELAND) SPL Investment Funds's director John Davey discharged 2/09/12 (UKRAINE) National Bank of Ukraine deputy governor Volodymyr Krotiuk quits 2/09/12 (UK) JP Morgan Chinese Investment Trust PLC, non-executive Director Madam Yujiang Zhao resigned 2/09/12 (UK) Alliance Trust Savings (ATS), Robert Burgess is stepping down as CEO. 2/10/12 (NIGERIA) Peace Capital Market Limited Managing Director Sabinus Iroanya Chukwu resigns 2/10/12 (KOREA) Korea Exchange Bank chief Larry Klane steps down 2/10/12 (INDIA) Tamilnad Mercantile Bank CEO A K Jagannathan resigns 2/13/12 (KUWAIT) Kuwait Central Bank CEO Sheikh Salem Abdulaziz Al Sabbah resigns 2/13/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs confirmed on Monday that George N. Mattson, one of the firms top deal makers in the industrial sector, will retire. He was a senior relationship banker with a client list that included General Motors, General Electric and Caterpillar. 2/13/12 (HONDURAS) Honduras finance minister William Chong Wong, resigned on Monday after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the country did not reach its deficit and monetary targets for 2011. 2/13/12 (US PA) AmerisourceBergen CFO Michael DiCandilo Abruptly Leaves. 2/13/12 (US NH) New Hampshire Thrift CEO Stephen Ensign retires 2/13/12 (US NC)SVP and regional executive for Bank of North CarolinaWilliam H. 'Bill' McMurray IIIretires 2/14/12 (NICARAQUA) Nicaraqua Central Bank President Antenor Rosales resigns 2/14/12 (UK) Social finance pioneer Malcolm Hayday quits Charity Bank 2/14/12 (PAKISTAN) National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) chairman Syed Ali Raza resigned 2/14/12 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs Jeffrey Moslow resigns, an investment banker to companies such as Tyco International Ltd, Nstar, the Boston-based utility, and defense contractor Dyncorp International Inc. h4O7 2/14/12 (US MI) Fentura Financial Inc.'s Douglas Kelley resigns as CFO 35Pj 2/14/12 (US NC) North Carolina Bank Commissioner Joseph A. Smith, Jr.Resigns 2/15/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) HPA - Hospitality Property Fund Limited, chairman Frank Berkeley resigned. 2/15/12 (USA) Boston Properties (REIT), Executive VP and COO E. Mitchell Norvilleto resigned X7 2/15/12 (WORLD) World Bank CEO Zoellick resigns Did the White House tell the World Bank president that he's out?
converted by 286. 2/15/12 (CHINA) Morgan non-executive chairman Stanley Stephen Roach will be retiring. 287 . 2/15/12 (SLOVENIA) Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor CEO Andrej Plos resigns 288. 2/15/12 (SLOVENIA) Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d. CEO Bozo Jasovic resigns 289. 2/16/12(CHINA) Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman in Asia Pacific excluding Japan Mark Machin steps down 290. 2/16/12 (USA IL) Deerfield Capital Management LLC, CEO Daniel Hattori and CEO of CIFC Corp resigned. 291. 2/16/12 (USA IL) Deerfield Capital Management LLC, COO Luke Knecht and CEO of CIFC Corp, resigned both positions. 292. 2/16/12 (UK) The Financial Services Authority Margaret Cole is to step down 293. 2/16/12 (GHANA) Databank Group Executive Chair Ken Ofori-Atta steps down PtU 294. 2/16/12 (SAUDI ARABIA) Saudi Hollandi Banks Managing Director Geoffrey Calvert Quits 295. 2/16/12 (AUSTRALIA) ANZ Bank Australia CFO Peter Marriott resigns Alo 296. 2/16/12 (UK) Royal Bank of Scotland Sr Equities Trader Jason Edinburgh Arrested 297 . 2/16/12 (UK) Royal Bank of Scotland director equities bus. Vincent Walsh director Arrested Alo 298. 2/16/12 (UK) Marex Spectron senior trader Michael Elsom Arrested Alo 299. 2/16/12 (AUSTRALIA) Royal Bank of Scotland Austraila CEO Stephen Williams resigns 300. 2/16/12 (Bermuda) Global Specialised Opportunities 1 Limited Fund's Oliver BetzFletcher resigns from the Board of Directors 301. 2/17/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) Coronation Fund Managers CEO Hugo Nelson is stepping down at age of 40. 302. 2/17/12 (PAKISTAN) PICIC Asset Management Company Limited CFO Ahmed Raza resigns 303. 2/17/12 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein out as by summer 304. 2/17/12 (SWITZERLAND) SNB Council President Hansueli Raggenbass resigns 305. 2/17/12 (UK) Insight Investment, asset manager Mike Pinggera has resigned.. 306. 2/17/12 (USA NY) Harbinger Group Inc. CFO Francis T. McCarron has advised the Company of his resignation effective April 30 307 . 2/17/12 (BULGARIA) Bulgaria National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), The managing director Neli Nesheva, resigned after a two-day row about end-of-year bonuses paid by NHIF to its employees. UQxv 308. 2/17/12 (US OH) Chairman and CEO Doyle Lee of First Financial Bank retires 309. 2/18/12 (PAKISTAN) The Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir executive Zulfiqar Abbasi resigns 310. 2/18/12 (Norway) Terra to Close Equity Trading Desk's CEO Stein Ole Larsen resigns After FSA Report 311. 2/19/12 (MALTA) Bank of Valletta, director of the Multi-Manager Fund John C. Ripard, has resigned being reprimanded by the MFSA for disposing of his holdings in the Fund whilst in possession of sensitive information which was not available to the public. 312. 2/20/12 (IRELAND) SPL Investment Funds's director Mike Kirby resigns

converted by 313. 2/20/12 (RUSSIA) Head of Russian Bank Regulator Gennady Melikyan Steps Down 314. 2/20/12 (SWITZERLAND) Credit Suisse Chief Joseph Tan resigns 315. 2/20/12 (ISRAEL) Bank Leumi le-Israel Ltd: Zvi Itskovitch resigns 316. 2/20/12 (USA WA) First Financial Northwest Director Spencer Schneider Quits 317 . 2/21/12 (ARGENTINA) Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) Gen Mgr Benigno Velez, resigns 318. 2/21/12 (BANGLADESH) Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd director Abdul Matlub resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank 319. 2/21/12 (BANGLADESH) Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd director Selima Ahmad resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank 320. 2/21/12 (BANGLADESH) Nitol Insurance Co. Ltd director Abdul Musabbir Ahmad resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank 321. 2/21/12 (BANGLADESH) City General Insurance Co. Ltd director Geasuddin Ahmad resigns conflict of interest with director seat on unknown bank 322. 2/21/12 (BANGLADESH) Social Islami Bank Limited director Taslima Akter resigns conflict of interest with director seat on Eastland Insurance Company Limited 323. 2/21/12 (JAPAN) CITIBANK JAPAN: Bakhshi is taking over duties from Brian Mccappin, who the bank said in December would resign after the unit was banned for two weeks from trading tied to the London and Tokyo interbank offered rates. 324. 2/21/12 (Bangladesh) Social Islami Bank Limited's Taslima Akter resigned from the board in compliance with the Insurance Act 2010. 325. 2/22/12 (US CA) PIMCO, Chairman of the board Vernon Wright resigned from the world's biggest bond fund. 326. 2/22/12 (US CA) PIMCO board member Gregg Silver resigned from the world's biggest bond fund. 327 . 2/22/12 (HONG KONG) DZ BANK project finance head Tim Meaney quits 328. 2/22/12 (SINGAPORE) Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund's CEO John Stuart to resign Q4 329. 2/22/12 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Group Chief Howard Wietschner to Retire 330. 2/22/12 (UK) UBS AGs (UBSN) Doug McCutcheon, head of Healthcare Banking in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific region, has left Switzerlands biggest bank after 25 years at the firm. 331. 2/23/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs Nordic M&A banker Luca Ferrari has decided to retire from the firm, clients included the largest telecommunications operator in Spain the Spanish telecommunications. 332. 2/23/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) Richard Gush resigns from Standard Bank 333. 2/23/12 (SCOTLAND) Royal Bank of Scotland Group director John McFarlane resigns. 334. 2/23/12 (Canada) Bank of Montreal investment banking head Bill Butt to retire 335. 2/24/12 (GUERNSEY) Spearpoint Limited (SPL) Investment Funds, director Mike Kirby resigns for business reasons. 336. 2/24/12 (INDIA) Breaking: ICICI Bank GC Pramod Rao resigns 337 . 2/24/12 (HONG KONG) Citigroup Pvt Bank Global Real Estate Kwang Meng Quek Resigns
converted by 338. 2/24/12 (NEW ZEALAND) FSF Executive Director Kirk Hope resigns 339. 2/24/12 (USA NY) Evercore Partners Head Eduardo Mestre steps down 340. 2/25/12 (AUSTRALIA AND NZ) Goldman Sachs Chairman Stephen Fitzgerald quits 341. 2/25/12 (DENMARK) European Investment Bank (EIB), Mr Sigmund Lubanski, of the Kingdom of Denmark tendered his resignation. 342. 2/25/2012 (LUXEMBOURG) European Investment Bank, director of the Board Sigmund Lubanski resigns 343. 2/27/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank Americas chief Seth Waugh steps down 344. 2/27/12 (BAHRAIN) Khaleeji Commercial Bank CEO Ebrahim Ebrahim quits 345. 2/27/12 (BAHRAIN) - Mumtalakat Holding [Sovereign Wealth Fund] CEO Al Zain resigns 346. 2/27/12 (FRANCE) Societe Generales Investment Banking Chief Michel Preti Steps Down 347 . 2/27/12 (MALAYSIA) Elaf Bank CEO Dr El Jaroudi resigns 348. 2/27/12 (GERMANY) Equiduct chairman Artur Fischer steps down 349. 2/27/12 (IRAN) Bank Melli CEO Mahmoud Reza Khaavari Resigns - Flees to Canada! 350. 2/27/12 (IRAN) Bank Saderat CEO Mohammad Jahromi resigns 351. 2/27/12 (UK) Lloyds Banking Group Glen Moreno steps down 352. 2/27/12 (SINGAPORE) Standard Chartered Bank, global head of repo and collateralised financing Tanweer Khan resigned. 353. 2/28/12 (HONG KONG) Hang Seng Bank CEO Margaret Leung Ko May-yee quits 354. 2/28/12 (CHINA) Bank of China International ECM global head Marshall Nicholson quits 355. 2/28/12 (SINGAPORE) DBS security head Jim Pasqurell quits, cites health reasons 356. 2/28/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America's Asia-Pac. mrkts Brian Canniffe quits 357 . 2/28/12 (BELGIUM) KBC's CEO Jan Vanhevel is to retire after a career spanning 41 years. 358. 2/28/12 (CANADA) Ontario Securities Commission chairwoman Peggy-Anne Brown quits 359. 2/28/12 (AUSTRALIA) Bank manager Colin John Carleton jailed nine years for $3m theft 360. 2/28/12 (SRI LANKA) Sri Lanka Com Bank CEO Amitha Gooneratne retires 361. 2/28/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) REDEFINE INCOME FUND director Gerald Leissner resigns 362. 2/28/12 (ITALY) UNICREDIT: Chairman Dieter Rampl not available for a new mandate aLRU 363. 2/28/12 (UK) Bank of England Sir David Lees re-appointed Chair of Bank of England and gives notice of resignation at end of 2013 364. 2/28/12 (IRELAND) State Street Global Advisors Cash Funds plc Director Keith Walsh resigns 365. 2/28/12 (US IN) Regional chairman of PNC bank in Indy to retire Steve Stitle

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366. 2/29/12 (US KY)PNC Bank regional presidentHarry Richart IIIretires 367 . 2/29/12 (AUSTRALIA) Perpetual portfolio manager Matt Williams steps down 368. 2/29/12 (UK) Honister Capital CEO Richard Pearson steps down 369. 2/29/12 (GUYANA) National Investment and Commercial Investments Ltd. (NICIL), Executive Director Winston Brassington resigns, We feel that (Winston) Brassington knows everythingA to Z about all the transactions, said Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, as he sounded a warning that controversial figure could be subpoenaed to appear before the Parliamentary Economic Sector Committee. I35 37 0. 2/29/12 (US AR) Human resources and operations manage Wanda Tormey to retire from Decatur State Bank 37 1. 2/29/12 (London) Bank of Tokyo's EMEA Loan Syndicate Head Francesco Carobbi Said to Quit 37 2. 3/01/12 (MALAYSIA) RHB Bank Bhd deputy managing director Renzo Viegas quits 37 3. 3/01/12 (ITALY) Italian Banking Association Chairman Giuseppe Mussari talks to reporters in Rome after he and seven other executives offered to resign in protest over new banking-fee rules included in the government's legislation on boosting competition. 37 4. 3/01/12 (USA FL) Florida Venture Forum [Venture Capital] Exec Dir Robin Lester quits 37 5. 3/01/12 (USA NY) PineBridge Investments said Win Neuger has resigned as chief executive. Neuger helped build AIG's third party asset management business, PineBridge still manages AIG assets kT 37 6. 3/01/12 (SINGAPORE) UBS Singapore - James Tulley is leaving Switzerlands largest bank, it is not clear where he is going. 37 7 . 3/01/12 (USA NH) Piscataqua Savings Bank CEO Jay Gibson retires 37 8. 3/01/12 (ICELAND) Icelands Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) fired its director Gunnar Andersen 37 9. 3/01/12 (USA OR) Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF) senior RE officer Brad Child will retire 380. 3/02/12 (USA NC) North Carolina Retirement Systems, Chief investment officer Shawn Wischmeier resigned. 381. 3/02/12 (CHINA) China Construction Bank Corp, assistant general manager and head of corporate banking Mickey Mehta quits 382. 3/02/12 (USA NY) Deutsche Bank Student Loan CEOJohn Hupalo quits to start student loan counseling firm. 383. 3/02/12 (UK) Bank of England Sir Mervin King resigns in June, Lord Sassoon tipped as replacement. 384. 3/02/12 (BOTSWANA) Barclays Bank Botswana managing director Wilfred Mpai forced to resign 385. 3/02/12 (HONG KONG) New Century Group Hong Kong Ltd [investment house and leisure group] Wilson Ng resigns 386. 3/02/12 (USA NY) Citigroup Richard Parsons to step down as chairman 387 . 3/02/12 (Canada) National Bank Announces the Retirement of Rejean Levesque 388. 3/03/12 (AUSTRIA) Volksbank AG (VBAG) The contract of CEO Gerald Wenzel will not be extended 389. 3/03/12 (ETHIOPIA) Dashen Banks board dismisses president Leulseged Teferi 390. 3/03/12 (RUSSIA) Enza Capital KK, Wealthy British banker Philip Townsend (Baron Townsend of Rathmore) and his wife killed at Estonia holiday home 44541444 and and
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391. 3/04/12 (KOREA) Hana Financial Group Inc, prominent figure in the history of South Korean finance Kim Seung-yu , resigns 392. 3/04/12 (USA NY) JP Morgan prop trading chief Mike Stewart quits 393. 3/05/12 (SAUDI ARABIA) Al Rajhi Bank CEO Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi has resigned 394. 3/5/12 (UK) Jupiter fund co-manager Tony Nutt steps down 395. 3/05/12 (UK) Jupiter fund co-manager John Hamilton steps down 396. 3/05/12 (NEW ZEALAND) Insured Group Bill Jeffries has resigned as chairman and director wu 397 . 3/05/12 (USA) Reliance Bancshares chairman Patrick Gideon resigned 398. 3/05/12 (UK) Charterhouse partner Gordon Bonnyman is stepping down. 399. 3/05/12 (UK) HgCapital, partner Lindsay Dibden is leaving after 20 years. 400. 3/06/12 (FRANCE) Blackstone Group's Paris office leader Jean-Michel Steg will step down 401. 3/06/12 (JAMAICA) Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited, Patricia Sutherland has resigned as Executive Director 402. 3/06/12 (JAMAICA) Jamaicas Financial Services Commission (FSC), Executive director Rohan Barnett, has resigned the position, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and the Public Service announced this afternoon. 403. 3/06/12 USA CT) Wells Fargo & Co. said that Mackey McDonald, one of the last remaining directors from Wachovia is retiring. 404. 3/06/12 (USA PA) USA Technologies Inc Bradley M. Tirpak, a nominee of Shareholder Advocates for Value Enhancement,has resigned from its board subsequent to a settlement agreement with the investing group, according to an SEC filing. Provides a network of wireless non-cash transactions, associated financial/network services and energy management. It provides networked credit card and other non-cash systems in the vending, commercial laundry, hospitality and digital imaging industries. C 405. 3/06/12 (UK) Sterling Green Group has announced that Philip Kanas, a non-executive director, has decided to resign Sterling Green Group PLC became a cash shell following the disposal of their subsidiaries Taxdebts Ltd, Sterling Green (Mortgages) Ltd and the back books of the clients of Sterling Green Ltd. during December 2011. 406. 3/06/12 (UK) Aberdeen Asset Management, non-executive director Gerhard Fusenig has resigned from the board. 407 . 3/07/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank AG's (DB) Chief Risk Officer Hugo Baenzigeri to resign 408. 3/07/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank AG's (DB) Chief Operating Officer HermannJosef Lamberti to resign 409. 3/07/12 (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) Dubai Mercantile Exchange announced Thomas Leaver will step down as CEO 410. 3/07/12 (SCOTLAND) Macfarlane Group Chairman Archie Hunter to step down after 8 years of service 411. 3/07/12 (USA) BlackRock Emerging Markets Fund co-head Daniel Tubbs, has left the group to pursue other opportunities. 412. 3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) Christopher French resigns from board 413. 3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) David Wildermuth resigns from board 414. 3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) Matthew Westerman resigns from board 415. 3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) co-head of global mergers and acquisitions Yoel
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417 .

418. 419. 420.



423. 424. 425. 426.

427 . 428. 429.


431. 432. 433.




437 .



Zaoui resigns 3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) Phil Beatty resigned as head of European power and natural-gas trading 3/07/12 (SINGAPORE) Nikko Asset Management Timothy McCarthy is retiring as chairman and CEO at the end of the month 3/07/12 (HONG KONG) UBS Senior Asia Economist Jonathan Anderson Departs 3/07/12 (HAITI) FORMER DIRECTOR HAITI CENTRAL BANK SLAIN! 44541444 3/07/12 (FRANCE) Socit Gnrale Private Banking, Daniel Truchi is to step down as head of Socit Gnrale Private Banking 3/07/12 (AUSTRALIA) Customers Ltd, Tim Wildash has cashed himself out as chief executive of Australias largest ATM operator 3/07/12 (USA CA) CALSTRS, Pascal Villiger, senior private equity portfolio manager at the $145 billion California State Teachers Retirement System resigns 3/07/12 (USA) Astaire quits Bank of America Merrill to dance to Barclays Capitals tune 3/07/12 (US NH) Susan Goodwin to Retire from Meredith Village Savings Bank 3/07/12 (US TN) Dwight Grizzell Mountain National president and CEO, retires 3/08/12 (UK) Schroders, Chairman Michael Miles depart as fees, inflows drop. UK's biggest fund management firm. 3/08/12 (USA NY) Schroders, CIO Alan Brown is steps down 3/08/12 (USA IL) CBOE Executive Patrick Fay Put on Leave Amid SEC Probe 3/08/12 (USA NH & RI) Bristol County Savings Bank president E. Dennis Kelly retires after 35 years 3/08/12 (GERMANY) Clearstream Banking AG Katja Rosenkranz To Leave Deutsche Brse Group [stockmarket] 3/08/12 (UK) B&CE CEO Brian Griffiths is to retire later this year Sk 3/08/12 (UK) Invesco Trimark Ltd, portfolio manager Dana Love has resigned. 3/08/12 (ISRAEL) Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer will hand in his shock resignation in the coming days and take up a new position as head of the Bank of Zambia. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz is believed to be furious with Fischer's decision. Treasury officials said he even canceled his participation in the office's annual Purim party in order to convince Fischer to reverse his decision. 3/08/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) Standard Bank Group Limited (SBK), board member Sir Paul Judge retires. 3/08/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) Standard Bank Groupl Limited (SBK), board member Sir Sam Jonah retires. 3/08/12 (Germany) Managing director and European head of securities lending at Deutsche Bank Ben Sofoluwe has left the company 3/09/12 (MONGOLIA) Mongol Bank President Alag Batsukh submitted his resignation letter to Speaker of Parliament D. Demberel at the end of last month. He described his reason for resigning as a lack of support by Parliament. 3/09/12 (MONGOLIA) Asia Pacific Securities, General Manager Narantuguldur Saijrakh recently resigned, to focus on his role as Director of Khan Investment Management, investment advisor to the Khan Mongolia Equity Fund - the first openended investment vehicle with monthly dealing that invests in Mongolia related equities listed both domestically and internationally. 3/09/12 (Cte dIvoire) Banque Central des Etats dAfrique de lOuest (BCEAO) The Ivorian governor of the multi-billion dollar West Africa Francophone bank, PhilippeHenry Dacoury-Tabley, resigned his post.
converted by 440. 3/09/12 (UK) Lazard , co-head of investment banking Alexis de Rosnay quits. De Rosnay specialises in the healthcare sector, he has advised Teva Pharmaceutical and Novartis. 441. 3/09/12 (UK) Deutsche Bank PWM, UK head of portfolio management Martyn Surguy resigned. 442. 3/09/12 (UK) Deutsche Bank PWM, head of discretionary management, Kypros Charalambous, having also stepped down. 443. 3/09/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, K.J. Kim, responsible for Southeast Asia, resigned xh 444. 3/09/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Jimmy Choi, who was in charge of high-yield debt, resigned. xh 445. 3/09/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Leonard Ng, a vice-president in Hong Kong resigned. xh 446. 3/09/12 (AUSTRALIA) Bank of Queensland CFO Ram Kangatharan plans to leave the bank. 447 . 3/09/12 (USA) Cerberus Capital Management LP, CEO Robert Nardelli resigns. 448. 3/09/12 (US OH) MORPC leader Chester Jourdan resigns 449. 3/09/12 (US OH) Park National Corp.s chief financial officer John Kozak retires 450. 3/10/12 (AUSTRALIA) WESTPAC, Rob Chapman opted to quit running its regional subsidiary St George Bank. 451. 3/10/12 (TURKEY) Garanti Bank, The deputy CEO of Turkish lender Tolga Egemen, has decided to quit. 452. 3/10/12 (CHINA) Korea Development Bank, Shanghai unit senior manager Stella Wen resigned. 453. 3/10/12 (HONG KONG) Deutsche Bank, Johan Sudiman resigns as director. 454. 3/12/12 (USA) John Lewis Partnership Pension Trust, head of investments Andrew Chapman, resigns 455. 3/12/12 (USA CA) Californias Department of Financial Institutions, commissioner William Haraf resigned. The DFI did not say why he is leaving. 456. 3/12/12 (KUWAIT) Gulf Bank, Chairman Ali Rashaid Al Bader quits 457 . 3/12/12 (UK and IRELAND) Allfunds Bank, head of UK and Ireland Alan Gadd is stepping down from his role at the end of April. 458. 3/12/12 (USA) ICAP, CEO of the electronic broking business David Rutter step down following a restructuring of the business. 459. 3/12/12 (UK) SVG Capital, chairman Nicholas Ferguson resigns. His departure left him well placed to succeed James Murdoch as chairman of BSkyB should the latter bow to investor pressure and step down. Other investors in the satellite broadcaster suggested Ferguson might be seen as too close to Murdoch to win the support of institutional shareholders. 460. 3/12/12 (UK) Park Hill Group - Blackstone Groups fundraising advisory arm, Managing Partner of private equity and hedge fund distribution Chris Leach resigns 461. 3/12/12 (UK) Park Hill Group - Blackstone Groups fundraising advisory arm, Managing Partner Justin Bower resigns 462. 3/12/12 (UK) The chief executive David Rutter of the electronic broking business at interdealer broker Icap stepping down. 463. 3/12/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), CEO Paul Baloyi resigns.
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464. 3/12/12 (USA) Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, CEO Bryan Marsal Resigns Title, Remains on as Adviser 465. 3/12/12 (USA IL) CME Group Inc, CEO Craig Donohues will step down at year end. 466. 3/13/12 (USA) Eaton Vance Corp, Treasurer and CFO Robert J. Whelan has stepped down. 467 . 3/12/12 (USA IL) CBOE Holdings Inc. (CBOE), senior compliance executive Patrick Fay has resigned. The options exchange being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Fay had been placed on leave after the SEC began investigating the optionsmarket operators oversight of traders. 468. 3/13/12 (USA) Mithras Investment Trust, chairman Mike Wooderson will step down 469. 3/13/12 (USA) PHH Mortgage, President Luke Hayden resigned from to pursue what the company calls "other interests." 47 0. 3/13/12 (USA) PHH Mortgage, Treasurer Mark Johnson.resigned 47 1. 3/13/12 (AUSTRALIA) WESTPAC, head of corporate affairs after David Bell decided to step down from the role. Bell is the latest top executive to leave the bank. 47 2. 3/13/12 (UK) Capulas Systemic Trading Head Qiang Dai to Leave Fund 47 3. 3/13/12 (UAE) National Bank of Abu Dhabi, CEO Michael Tomalin, will retire from the post in a few months. 47 4. 3/13/12 (ISRAEL) Osem Investments Ltd, CEO Gazi Kaplan has tendered his resignation, effective April 2, citing heath reasons. Nestl SA owns 58.8% of Osem. 47 5. 3/13/12 (USA) Paulson & Co.'s, partner and head of the global bank team Robert Lacoursiere has quit to form his own hedge fund 47 6. 3/13/12 (AUSTRALIA) ASX Ltd, Chairman David Gonski will step down from his role at Australias main stock market operator after being appointed to oversee almost A$90 billion ($95 billion) in the nations sovereign-wealth funds. 47 7 . 3/13/12 (UK) JP Morgan, Asset Management European chief Jamie Broderick is to step down more than 20 years at the firm. 47 8. 3/13/12 (UK) SVG Chairman Nicholas Ferguson retires. 47 9. 3/13/12 (UK) SVG Director Edgar Koning retires. 480. 3/13/12 (UK) SVG Director Denis Raeburn retires. 481. 3/13/12 (UK) SVG Director Francis Finlay retires. 482. 3/13/12 (UK) Nomura's Kieran Higgins co-head of fixed income for Europe, the Middle East and Africa sacked 483. 3/13/12 (UK) Nomura Holdings Inc. (8604), Japans biggest securities firm, will cut about 30 managers in its fixed income unit based in London, Peter Hornick head of fixed income sales for the Americas sacked 484. 3/14/12 (UK) Global head of financial institutions strategic financing and solutions at Royal Bank of Scotland Antonion Polverino leaves 485. 3/14/12 (UK) Goldmand Sachs, executive director and head of the firms United States equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Greg Smith, is resigning today. 486. 3/14/12 (SOUTH AFRICA) ABSA chairman Garth Griffin to retire 487 . 3/14/12 (UK) WorldSpreads, CEO Conor Foley resigns 488. 3/15/12 (US WA) HomeStreet Bank, EVP and CFO David Hooston resigns 489. 3/15/12 (DENMARK) Sparekassen Faaborg board member Steen Grnved Nielsen resigns 4 490. 3/15/12 (UK) RBC Capital Markets head of SSA syndicate desk Noel Williams resigns
converted by zcf4z8 491. 3/15/12 (UK) Novia London sales manager Dave Chassell quits gx6sn2 492. 3/15/12 (US CA) Prosper Finance (online venture captial services) CEO Chris Larsen steps down 493. 3/15/12 (UK) The Royal British Legions (fund) director of corp. communications Stuart Gendall resigns bhtysl 494. 3/15/12 (IRELAND) President of Sinn Fein USA (fund) Larry Downes steps down uqnwcg 495. 3/16/12 (AUSTRALIA) Investorfirst CFO and company secretary Ariel Sivikofsky resigns jdshty 496. 3/16/12 (MALAYSIA) Amanah Raya Bhd (trust) managing director Datuk Ahmad Rodzi Pawanteh steps down wbujpm 497 . 3/16/12 (UK) Towry (investment & fin. advice) Non-exec chairman Glyn Jones steps down 498. 3/16/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank Chief risk officer (CRO)of Hugo Bnziger steps down pmal9k 499. 3/16/12 (US IL) Henderson Global Investors Inc. head of the International Opportunities Fund Iain Clark steps down kfxz3j 500. 3/16/12 (US CA) Executive VP and Chief Compliance Officer of Heritage Bank of Commerce Margaret Incandela resigns 501. 3/16/12 (US VA) Genworth Financial board member J. Robert Kerrey resigns to campaign for senate seat 566f7 4 502. 3/16/12 (UK) CEO of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) Hector Sants to leave av7 v5n> 503. 3/19/12 (US IA) ISU Foundation (fund), President and CEO of the Dan Saftig to step down jvb24x 504. 3/19/12 (BRAZIL) HSBC Brazil CEO Conrado Engel steps down 505. 3/19/12 (UAE) Finance head at SNR Denton Islamic Sheikh Muddassir Siddiqui resignsto pursue advisory role 506. 3/19/12 (SWITZERLAND) Julius Baer banks chairman Raymond Baer steps down in a surprise departure 507 . 3/19/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank, asset management chief Kevin Parker to leave executive committee 508. 3/19/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank, head of private wealth management Pierre de Weck resigns from executive committee 509. 3/19/12 (HONG KONG) China Development Bank HK branch CEO Di Weiping retires xcskmp 510. 3/19/12 (US ID) SunTrust Bank president and CEO Thomas Rueger to retire n2l6sr 511. 3/19/12 (SWEDEN) AP6 (private equity) CEO Marianne Dicander Alexandersson steps down bnvygp 512. 3/19/12 (SWITZERLAND) FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) Vice-chair Monica Mchler to step down r9akho 513. 3/19/2012 (US DE) David Folkwein, interim president and chief executive officer of Delaware County Bank, is leaving the position effective June 22 514. 3/19/12 (Greece) Greek finance minister Venizelos resigns to head Socialist party 515. 3/19/12 (BRAZIL) HSBC Brazil Chief Executive Conrado Engel Steps Down 516. 3/16/12 (Cyprus) Cyprus Finance Minister Kikis Orcel resigns in spite of president's plea to stay

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517 . 3/20/12 (KUWAIT) National Investments Co. chairman Yousef Al Majid resigns maw3xx 518. 3/20/12 (UK) Bank of America, Co-head of distressed debt at Michael Guy resigns 5eml6v 519. 3/20/12 (US PA) Penseco Financial Services Corp, Former state senator Robert J. Mellow resigns from board 520. 3/20/12 (US TX) Acquisition chief Dan Magder quits Lone Star Investments 521. 3/20/12 (NIGERIA) Chairman of House Committee on Capital Markets Hon. Herman Hembe resigns due to allegations of bribery r6dk54 522. 3/20/12 (Hong Kong) Head of Deutsche Bank Asia-Pac Loh Boon Chye quits 523. 3/20/12 (US NY) Deutsche Bank, head of asset management Kevin Parker steps down from executive committee 524. 3/20/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank, Chairman and CEO Josef Ackermann exits with pension of 18.7 million 525. 3/20/12 (UK) Coller Capital, CEO Charles Hippsley has left to help lead a Christian organisation in London. 526. 3/21/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank AG, Co-head Wolfgang Hammes leaves 4ks8jk 527 . 3/21/12 (UK) Aviva Investors European equity head John Botham exits qwlc26 528. 3/21/12 (CANADA) National Banks Ontaria, Atlantic region manager Mike Miller leaves kq4bdp 529. 3/21/12 (UK) Royal Bank of Scotland Groups global head of equity prime services Gregory Wagner resigns 530. 3/21/12 (US DC) Liquidity Services Inc, Chief information officer Eric Dean resigns v2c4ku 531. 3/21/12 (US NC) Bank of America Corp.s salesman Michael Miller resigns 532. 3/21/12 (US NC) Bank of America Corp.s salesman John Livingstone resigns 533. 3/21/12 (US NC) Bank of America Corp.s Michael Case, a director of commercial mortgage security banking, resigns 534. 3/21/12 (US NC) Bank of America Corp.s John Eck, a managing director of assetbased trading, resigns 535. 3/21/12 (US NC) Bank of America Corp.s Seth Jacker, a managing director of mortgage sales, resigns 536. 3/21/12 (US NC) Bank of America Corp.s John McNiff, a managing director who served as co-head of trading in commercial mortgage securities, resigns 537 . 3/21/12 (US NY) JP Morgan's adjustable-rate mortgages trader Roy Kim resigns 538. 3/21/12 (US NY) JP Morgan's securitized-products salesman John Angelica resigns 539. 3/21/12 (US NY) JP Morgan's co-head of trading in subprime mortgages Raphael Gonzalez resigns 540. 3/21/12 (US TN) Chief financial officer for First Security Group, parent of FSGBank, William L. Chip Lusk Jr. Leaves. 541. 3/22/12 (UK) Global equity head Neil Rogan resigns from Henderson Global Investors v2c4ku 542. 3/22/12 (NETHERLANDS) CIO at Nedlloyd Pension Fund Bert Tibben step down 543. 3/22/12 (UK) Bank of America Corp, chairman of global banking and markets, Andrea Orcel steps down, goes to UBS 544. 3/22/12 (UK) Bank of America Corp, Jonathan Moulds steps down, helped build the banks over-the-counter derivatives trading business and held positions including global head of rate derivatives trading, head of global derivatives and head of global rates and commodities.

converted by 545. 3/22/12 (CHINA) China Construction Bank, Zhang Enzhao resigns in the wake of bribery and corruption accusations Bank. 546. 3/22/12 (SWITZERLAND) Lombard Odier Investment Managers, Chief Investment officer for equities Aziz Nahas of , the asset management arm of the Swiss private bank resigns. dI 547 . 3/23/12 (SWITZERLAND) Credit Suisse, Peter Weibel will be resigning from the Board of Directors of both Credit Suisse Group AG and Credit Suisse AG as of the next Annual General Meeting on April 27 , 2012. 548. 3/23/12 (JAPAN) The head of Asia-Pacific at UBS Global Asset Management Christof Kutscher steps down 549. 3/25/12 (EGYPT) National Bank of Egypt, CEO Tarek Amer said that he will step down from his position at the end of 2012. Ma 550. 3/26/12 (HONG KONG) JP Morgan's most senior banker in Asia-Pacific, Gaby Abdelnour, will quit this summer to pursue personal interests 551. 3/27/12 (ITALY) UniCredit SpA, Dieter Rampl to resign as chairman of the Italian bank, saying he would step down on April 19. Rampl will represent the bank on the board of Mediobanca (MB.MI), a smaller Italian bank in which UniCredit has a stake. 552. 3/28/12 (RUSSIA) Bank of America sales director, George Kogan, who worked in Moscow leaves firm. 553. 3/28/12 (RUSSIA) Bank of America, Dir. of equity sales trading, Ekaterina Myasina who worked in Moscow leaves firm. 554. 3/28/12 (RUSSIA) Bank of America Sales Traders Alexander Orekhov who worked in Moscow left the firm. 555. 3/28/12 (ZIMBABWE) CBZ Holdings, CEO Nyasha Makuvise has stepped down after serving for 16 years. 556. 3/29/12 (SRI LANKA) Seylan Bank, Eastman Narangoda steps down. 557 . 3/29/12 (USA CT) Union Savings Bank CEO Jay C. Lent abruptly resigned Thursday, saying his "his heart is no longer into managing the Danbury lender". Lent, who took a three month leave of absence in October, cited personal reasons for his departure after spending 11 years at the bank. 558. 3/30/12 (INDIA) IDBI Bank has announced that Mr Rakesh Singh, a director, has resigned from the bank's board. This follows his appointment as Chief Secretary of Punjab. Mr Singh, who was additional Secretary in the Department of Financial Services, was a Government nominee in IDBI Bank's board. He took charge as Chief Secretary of Punjab on March 26. 559. 3/30/12 (UK) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, President of European business, Jonathan Moulds, is set to step down to pursue philanthropic activities, after almost two decades at the bank. 560. 3/31/12 (HONG KONG) Credit Suisse Hong Kong Private Bank Location Head, James Hong, Steps Down 561. 4/02/12 (UK) Royal Bank of Scotland, Simon Taylor, head of equities sales trading at Royal Bank of Scotland, has left the to rejoin JP Morgan after four years. 562. 4/02/12 (AUSTRIA) RZB, CEO Christian Konrad resigned two years before the expiration of his term in office. 563. 4/02/12 (UK) British Bankers Association (BBA), CEO Angela Knight, to step down as CEO in the summer. The BBA is a century-old lobby group that oversees the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR). 564. 4/02/12 (UK) J.P. Morgan Cazenove, One of London's most prominent bankers was fined 450,000 pounds for passing on inside information in a case that will embarrass his employer J.P. Morgan Cazenove and which marks a push by regulators to target highprofile figures. Top "rainmaker" Ian Hannam resigned on Tuesday, to fight the fine imposed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in relation to 2008 emails that contained information about one of his clients, Heritage Oil. The gruff former special
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567 . 568.


57 0.

57 1.

57 2.

57 3.

57 4.

57 5.

57 6.

57 7 .

57 8.

57 9.



582. 583. 584.

forces soldier, who rose from humble beginnings, is the fifth person to be fined in relation to improper disclosure this year by the regulator, which has previously been accused of being ineffectual in its fight against financial crime. Of the five, Hannam is the most prominent. 4/02/12 (NETHERLANDS) Rabobank Group Kees Beuving will step down as Chairman of the current Board of Management of Friesland Bank. He is making way for new members of the Board of Management. 4/02/12 (NETHERLANDS) Rabobank Group Anne Vlaskamp has stated that, after 37 years of service at the bank, he sees this as a natural moment to step down and to give the new Board of Management the space to guide the integration. 4/02/12 (JAPAN) UBS AG, chief equity strategist Shoji Hirakawa has left the firm 4/02/12 (JAPAN) UBS AG, Fumihide Goto, an analyst covering makers of electronic parts has left the firm . 4/02/12 (JAPAN) UBS AG, Shinsuke Iwasa, who covered media stocks has left the firm. 4/02/12 (JAPAN) UBS AG, Aya Fujiki, an insurance company analyst, has also left the company 4/03/12 (CHILE AND PERU) Deutsche Bank, Chairman for Chile and Peru, Jos Miguel Alcalde, has resigned after almost twelve years at the institution by his desire to spend more time with his family. 4/03/12 (INDIA) Avigo Capital Partners buyout specialist Girija Tripathy Quits, To Start Own Fund 4/03/12 (INDIA) BSE Ltd, Madhu Kannan quits to join Tata Sons. Kannan was instrumental in launching currency derivatives, SME Exchange and derivatives of four global indices trading on the exchange platform. 4/03/12 (CYPRUS) Bank of Cyprus PLC, Christakis Christofides has resigned as a director effectove March 31, 2012. 4/04/12 (USA NY) Shearman & Sterling senior partner Rohan Weerasinghe has left the US firm to take up a new role at Citi. Weerasinghe will take up his new position as general counsel and company secretary at the Wall Street investment bank. 4/05/12 (USA NY) Brian Sack to Resign from New York Federal Reserve Bank see also 4/05/12 (UK) HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), Europes largest bank, said commercial banking chief Sandy Flockhart will step down after 37 years at the company. 4/05/12 (EGYPT) Credit Agricole Egypt bank, Mohamed Lotfy Mansour resigned from his post as the CEO of the bank. Family members of two Mubarak-era ministers have left their posts on the board of Credit Agricole Egypt bank, state-run news agency MENA reported Tuesday. The Maghrabi and Mansour families together own 17 percent of the Cairo banks total capital of LE1.14 billion. Last year, an Egyptian court sentenced Maghrabi to five years in prison on charges of profiteering and abusing public funds. 4/05/12 (EGYPT) Credit Agricole Egypt bank, Yaseen Mansour resigned as a board member. For details see Mohamed Lotf Mansour above. 4/05/12 (EGYPT) Credit Agricole Egypt bank, Youssef Mansour resigned as a board member. For details see Mohamed Lotf Mansour above. 4/06/12 (UAE - DUBAI) Deutsche Bank: MENA, Henry Azzam, the chairman of its Middle East and North Africa operations and one of the region's most senior bankers, has stepped down. 4/06/12 (UAE - DUBAI) Shuaa Capital CEO Michael Philipp has stepped down 4/07/12 (MALTA) Fimbank director directors Grard Lohier resigns 4/07/12 (MALTA) Fimbank director directors Pierre-Olivier Fragnire resigns

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585. 4/09/12 (USA FL) Florida Bank Chief credit officer Thomas Croom resigned as EVP and chief credit officer of Florida Bank. Croom resigned to pursue other employment opportunities. 586. 4/09/12 (USA NY) Pioneer Bank CEO Eileen Bagnoli to retire after 40 years. 2 587 . 4/09/12 (UK) HSBC Holdings plc, Sandy Flockhart is retiring as an executive director 588. 4/10/12 (USA PA) The Federal Reserve ordered Louis A. DeNaples to step down from his position as chairman of the board of First National Community Bancorp of Dunmore, Pa., following a settlement he reached with prosecutors following perjury charges. DeNaples must also submit a plan for selling his controlling stakes in First National and another bank. 589. 4/10/12 (POLAND) Bank Millennium SA, CEO Boguslaw Kott, will leave the bank's top job by June 2013 after heading the lender since 1989, Millennium said Tuesday. Millennium's troubled owner, Banco Comercial Portugues S/A (BCP.LB), had put its Polish unit up for sale last year because of a heavy debt load, but dropped the plan after restructuring its balance sheet. 590. 4/10/12 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs, co-head of global M&A Yoel Zaoui is stepping down. Zaoui has been with G.S., for 25 years. 591. 4/13/12 (GERMANY) Deutsche Bank economist Thomas Mayer to step down. 592. 4/13/12 (USA) Bank of America chief information officer Marc Gordon has quit and embarking on a "personal change in direction" says a statement given to Reuters. 593. 4/13/12 (USA) Barclays Bank, US wealth unit COO Ian Lowitt to depart 594. 4/15/12 (JAPAN) Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Hiroshi Okuda, governor of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, has stepped down as an adviser to Toyota Motor Corp after becoming the bank's head as of April 1. Okuda no longer holds a position at the major automaker after the government-owned bank said it was undesirable for Okuda to keep titles at a private company while serving as the bank's head. 595. 4/16/12 (UK) Jefferies, Star UK media rainmaker Jonnie Goodwin, who has advised on 100 transactions in the sector worth an aggregate $15bn in the past decade, has quit Jefferies to launch an independent merchant bank called Lepe Partners. Goodwin, who joined the US investment bank after selling his investment banking boutique Longacre Partners to the latter five years ago, said that the new start-up will target media and internet transactions, and has raised an annual pledge fund worth almost 25m from erstwhile clients and the investment offices of wealthy families. 596. 4/16/12 (US CA) Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Economic Advisory Council member, Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, resigned from has decided to step down as SAGAFTRA (actors union) Co-National Executive Director on April 30. Hedgpeth also served as a Trustee of the AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds, a member of the boards of the AFM-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund, Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies and SoundExchange, a VP of the AFL-CIO's Department for Professional Employees and a VP of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America. 597 . 4/17/12 (USA NY) UBS AG, The head of investment banking for the Americas at UBS AG, Aryeh Bourkoff, has resigned "to pursue other opportunities" 598. 4/18/12 (AUSTRALIA) Heritage Bank, Brian Carter, head of Australia's largest building society, is retiring as chairman of Heritage Bank after 30 years of service. 599. 4/18/12 (USA NY) UBS AG, Ehren Stenzler, the co- head of U.S. mergers and acquisitions, is leaving the bank 600. 4/18/12 (European Union) Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker, reaffirms plan to resign as head of euro zone finance ministers in midyear. 601. 4/18/12 (UK) Serious Fraud Office, The Serious Fraud Office has seen the sudden departure of its CEO Phillippa Williamson only days before its director of operations is also due to leave. In an unexpected move, she left the agency this week, and a spokesman said she may not necessarily be replaced. 602. 4/19/12 (UK) Royal Bank of Scotland, Ian Alderton, chief information officer at the corporate division of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), has left the bank this month, Computer Weekly has learned.
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603. 4/19/12 (UK) DJ Rothschild, The chief executive for Rothschild's Middle East business, Herve Sawko, has stepped down and has been replaced with the bank's previous head of M&A in the region, people familiar with the situation told Dow Jones Newswires Thursday. Sawko, a French national, took up the post in Dubai at the end of 2009 following three years at the bank's New York office working on cross-border transactions. He is returning to Paris where he has spent most of his career with Rothschild. 604. 4/19/12 (UK) Instinet Europe CEO Richard Balarkas, an early pioneer of electronic trading, has decided to step down after four years at the helm of the Nomura (NMR) owned agency brokerage. 605. 4/19/12 (UK) Aviva Plc, Igal Mayer, CEO of Europe steps down. 606. 4/19/12 (UK) Aviva Plc, Richard Hoskins, CEO of North America steps down. 607 . 4/19/12 (UK) Aviva Plc, Alain Dromer, CEO of Aviva Investors steps down. 608. 4/20/12 (UK) Financial Services Authority, Hector Sants, one of Britains top financial regulators during the banking crisis of the past five years, has decided to step down as chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, in a move that deals a blow to current arrangements to overhaul the countrys system of financial regulation. 609. 4/20/12 (ISRAEL) Morgan Stanley, The head of investment banking for Israel, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa at Morgan Stanley, Ronnie Golan, who prior to joining the bank was an F15 fighter jet pilot in the Israeli air force, is to leave the bank ahead of an expected move to a rival. 610. 4/21/12 (ROMANIA) ING, deputy chief executive Albert Roggemans, said he was leaving for personal reasons 611. 4/22/12 (INDIA) Dhanlaxmi Bank Senor VP & Head of Marketing, Sheran Mehra steps down, taking a position as Head-Marketing, Mahindra Holidays. End of list as of 4/22/12 Addendum: It is not known under what circumstances these individuals have left their positions, I make no judgement on that. I find the timing of so many resignations extremely curious and a temporal marker in history of high significance. No one should assume I make any judgement about the character of these people. I frankly don't know their reputations except for a few rather famous ones. This list includes Banks, Investment Houses, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Equity Funds, Savings Retirement Funds and other shadow banking organizations. The line is very blurry between these entities, some are owned by banks some are banks, some invest in banks as well as owning entire industries (common in Hong Kong and Japan).

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As the Galilean sage from Nazareth said "a house divided cannot stand". Skepticism is good and healthy, but don't let it degenerate into close minded cynicism. The lifeguard has blown the whistle, time for everyone to come out of the pool!

norikbhut March 10, 2012 7 :57 AM I agree

Anonymous March 11, 2012 8:33 AM Not sure if it is true or not but I read that the Gnostic Illuminati gave them until March 31, 2012 to resign their positions. I'm very suspicious though. Guess we shall see.

Anonymous March 11, 2012 7 :20 PM Kia ora from New Zealand, where the top dog of our reserve bank has resigned, and an ex Minister of finance has had to resign because found guilty of losing $120 million of mums and dads investments. I get these updates through to the "biggest picture" going on in our cosmos. David Icke has the information too. There is a divine plan to rid this earth of the dark Cabal (or the 1%) whose plan has been to rule the earth. It's brought me much hope for the future.

julianaheaslet March 13, 2012 11:54 PM

Anonymous April 2, 2012 4:24 AM You may like to read this article utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=gregg-prescottimminent-mass-arrests-of-globalists-bankers-and-political-elite ,as well an interview between David Wilcock and Drake.

Anonymous April 3, 2012 12:54 PM Top JP Morgan banker resigns to fight abuse fine LONDON | Tue Apr 3, 2012 7 :15am EDT

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CurtisB April 17 , 2012 4:01 PM "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wakeup homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." -- Thomas Jefferson -- The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809) --------------------------------------------------------------"The issue that has swept down through the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People verses the Banks" (Lord Acton 187 5) Reply

roark183 March 8, 2012 8:00 AM Evidently banking is becoming an increasingly unpopular profession. In the last week two were killed. Five resigned from Goldman Sachs the same day, including 3 board members. It appears that rats are deserting the ship (unless they get killed first). Reply Replies American Kabuki March 8, 2012 8:18 AM The deaths are a little shocking aren't they? Keep your eye on Kenya and Uganda Central Bank Governors both are under heavy pressure to resign and both are refusing to do so. Not sure how those situations are going to end. Hopefully peacefully.

Anonymous March 9, 2012 1:06 AM please drop a specific link on the 2 deaths last week and the 5 G-sax resignations, including 3 brd members. and please count sudden deaths in your resignations list in the future.

roark183 March 9, 2012 9:26 AM I count eighteen Goldman Sachs resignations, including Blankfein's expected this summer. Kabuki apparently discovered some from earlier on that were missed before, because last week it was only ten. This is really significant as it has been Goldman Sachs that has been largely responsible for the global economic decline. To me, those deaths are really more interesting than shocking. These are criminals killing other criminals to shut them up and keep them from talking, such as Geithner having fingered Bush Sr. and Bill Gates. Now they all have

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protection to keep them from getting killed by other criminals. Or it could simply be common folk that are fed up with these criminal bankers.

markrod420 April 16, 2012 9:31 PM Please leave a link or at least some names of these 2 deaths. Please.

roark183 April 18, 2012 12:32 PM The links are in the list. 3/03/12 (RUSSIA) Enza Capital KK, Wealthy British banker Philip Townsend (Baron Townsend of Rathmore) and his wife killed at Estonia holiday home 3/07 /12 (HAITI) FORMER DIRECTOR HAITI CENTRAL BANK SLAIN! I haven't found any new killings, but this is clearly not a healthy profession any longer. Reply

roark183 March 8, 2012 8:03 AM Thank God for your compulsive writing disorder, Kabuki. Your efforts in keeping this list are appreciated. Reply Replies Anonymous March 15, 2012 12:19 AM TexasGranny---I totally agree. It must be a pain to keep the list. I do not see this info anywhere else. Not on the news nor talk radio. Very strange.

Anonymous March 15, 2012 4:04 PM Wake up people. You see this no where else because the Banks OWN the media! If this is not obvious to you yet go watch thrive. Reply

American Kabuki March 8, 2012 8:19 AM Reply Replies Anonymous March 20, 2012 3:33 PM Well... another one leaving the ship... 2/en/Raymond-J-Baer-to-assume-roleof-Honorary-Chairman-of-Julius-Baer-and-Daniel-J-Sauter-nominated-asnew-Chairman-of-the-Board-of-Directors.htm? Article=47 993&ArticleReturn=1298 Reply

Amaterasu Solar March 8, 2012 11:44 AM So very interesting.... This surely means SOMETHING. The question it good or bad for Us? Thank You for Your work in compiling this list and updating it regularly. Reply

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Yuryno March 8, 2012 1:51 PM NICE Reply

Bobert March 8, 2012 6:10 PM Thank you for all of your efforts. You are truly an important source for me. Reply

Christine Springer March 8, 2012 7 :26 PM Thanks for compiling this list and allowing re-posts. I shared the information on my blog in this post: Reply

Anonymous March 8, 2012 9:39 PM A friend recently vacationed at a deserted resort in Sinai in Egypt and while there met a man (I believe he was of European origin) who said that he had been a banker for a decade and more based in Cairo, but *he* had just resigned, in order to become a "consultant"...! Thanks for this work you've been doing! Sean David Morten's most recent radio show ("Strange Universe") had Benjamin Fulford as his guest...worth a listen! Reply

Anonymous March 8, 2012 10:04 PM Thnx everyone :) Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2012 12:03 AM I hope I'm wrong, but all these rats are jumping a sinking ship. We may in for a very bad economic down turn like a calasp maybe. Reply Replies Anonymous March 9, 2012 3:18 PM They've been given a deadline of March 23 (or 31) to resign or they will be arrested. The corrupt know who they are. This is a worldwide effort to clean up the rats in banking, government and elsewhere. Access to funds has been blocked so they have no choice. Yes, there may be a short period of a downturn, but hopefully the new system will come into place right away. This is why people need to have emergency supplies on hand in case the system shuts down. It has to be.

Anonymous March 10, 2012 6:38 AM Who is giving the March 23rd or 31st deadline?

Anonymous March 11, 2012 4:55 PM In Fulford's letter of 2/20/2012, He says that Alexander Romanoff, spoksman for a group that claims to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions, gave the Committee of 300 that deadline. Reply

Unknown March 9, 2012 12:23 AM david: thank you for taking this on. and for doing it so well. question: do you know ben personally? Reply

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Replies American Kabuki March 9, 2012 6:48 PM I do not know Ben. I would like to meet him some day though! I've been following his posts for at least 3 years now. I have a fascination for Japanese culture, especially their gardens, architecture, movies.

Anonymous March 16, 2012 9:15 AM This is for your interest. My Japanese spiritual teacher's power spot lists in Japan. He is really a good photographer as well. Please click each prefecture name and small icon photos to enjoy full size of Japanese Natural Beauty.

Anonymous March 19, 2012 11:55 AM Here is link:

Anonymous April 16, 2012 10:56 PM Wow, Arigato Gosaimasu Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2012 3:08 AM I don't believe bad economic down turn at all, just the opposite with good things and a mineral backed currency coming! Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2012 3:13 AM 17 7 out of how many? Or, this would be a percentage of how much? Is this like a landslide? Or a trickle? Reply Replies roark183 March 10, 2012 5:00 AM Anyone who thinks this is a trickle has not looked at this data carefully. Through the last four months of 2011 there were 46 resignations. In February there were 92 resignations, twice the number of the last four months of 2011. So far we are 1-1/2 weeks into March and we have 65 resignations so far. This is not a simple trickle. This is a dam about to burst. It's the proverbial trickle that leads to a bigger and bigger hole that leads to the crash. It's rats deserting a sinking ship. Another Anonymous (same one?) pointed out that these folks have until 31 March to resign or face arrest. This is going to have huge effects on the political scene and the economic scene. The political scene will be especially telling.

Anonymous March 10, 2012 1:17 PM um one thing, we need to compare it to previous years data for the months of feb and march, as traditionally bankers quit before the new financial year in April, and after they get their bonuses in jan/feb.... so comparing it with the last 4 months of 2011 isn't good math, dude...

Anonymous March 11, 2012 12:21 AM It is our intervention and the old world dying for the new world not new world order though, they had been warned and hopefully all the cabal and their handlers worldwide will be taken care of for good.I can't wait to see this evil

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roark183 March 11, 2012 4:32 AM I was wrong earlier when I said 18 GS execs had resigned. It's only 14 to date. Three of those were board members resigning in one day. Two other GS execs resigned the same day. Six execs from B of A have resigned, including three in one day - March 9. There are six from JP Morgan and three more from CitiGroup. Twelve executives of central banks around the world have resigned or been killed. You think this is not related to the economic crisis that the banking cartel has wrought? You don't read much about arrests that have already happened Geithner, Bush Sr. and Bill Gates (of Microsoft, not Dept of Defense). A warrant has been issued in Russia for the arrest of George Soros. How many individuals of that ilk and caliber have you seen arrested in previous years? We have not previously had an economic crisis such as we are having now. Comparing current events to previous years only shows how dramatic events are becoming. There is no reason to compare current events to previous years, because current circumstances did not exist in previous years, except as those years led up to current events. It's not a matter of math. It's a matter of current events. Reply

TransAlchemy March 9, 2012 5:34 AM American Kabuki - The End of the Criminal Global Financial Syndicate (4m07 s) THANK YOU!! Reply Replies American Kabuki March 9, 2012 6:52 PM Thanks for the video homage! Quite unexpected! I think I would have chosen a different sound track, say Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan" or Leonard Cohen's "Anthem". Reply

Anonymous March 9, 2012 4:15 PM The Rats Are Jumping Ship... Reply Replies Anonymous March 16, 2012 2:48 AM Yes, they are rats. This could be their game of deception. Reply

Yuryno March 9, 2012 5:53 PM NIce every day number of arrest or resign goes up grow up every day , we are all happy for Reply
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Anonymous March 9, 2012 7 :11 PM Occupy Jacksonville was instrumental in staving off a "gift" from the City Council of over a million dollars to Goldman Sachs in exchange for an opportunity for a few measly jobs. Reply

lol March 9, 2012 7 :48 PM They are trying to run with the money! Reply

Anonymous March 10, 2012 6:58 AM Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00!! Reply

Anonymous March 10, 2012 12:32 PM I'm waiting for Jamie Dimon to get his justice in whatever form it will take. After all the evil he's one, it won't be good for him, but he has completely earned it. Reply

Anonymous March 10, 2012 1:11 PM I just can't innerstand why the government in the UK look so darned happy? Nick Clegg and Cameron,Hague and Osborne splitting their sides laughing a couple of days ago?! Also why are they ramping up the chemtrails? The White Hats should stop this spraying by hacking the computers which controls it imo. Reply

Anonymous March 10, 2012 5:51 PM Hang on a minute....the first link i check: 3/09/12 (UK) Barclays CEO John Varley who steps down in March after seven years at the top job The link has nothing to do with John Varley stepping down, in fact if you scroll down it clearly states that he resigned in March 2011 and was replaced with Bob Diamond. Reply Replies American Kabuki March 10, 2012 8:00 PM You are correct. It will be deleted in the next update. With the volume of additions yesterday I'm surprised I didn't make more mistakes. Reply

American Kabuki March 10, 2012 8:19 PM Someone mentioned Prince Fiso (Netherlands) being in a coma, from a ski avalanche accident, stating he was a banker. From what I can find he was CFO of Urenco Group, a uranium fuel company. If anyone knows of his role as a banker let me know. Reply Replies American Kabuki March 10, 2012 9:54 PM "...He joined Urenco Ltd., a London-based uranium enrichment company, as chief financial officer in January 2011. He previously was a managing director at Wolfensohn and Co. and had worked at McKinsey and Co. in Amsterdam and Goldman Sachs Group's investment banking unit in London." Since his tenure at Wolfensohn and Co. was before 9/1/11 I won't be including
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him in this list. His life is intriguing, he married a woman for love, she had a prior relationship a drug lord of the Netherlands, which caused Parliament not to recommend her as a bride (Dutch nobility is supposed to get permission for marriage) but he married her anyway because he loved her and forsook the title Prince of the Netherlands. Something about this guy seems like he might be a quite exceptional person diverging quite significantly from usual royals. I hope he recovers from his coma.

Gabriel March 12, 2012 9:48 PM I've been reading some new stuff on Friso lately, where he's actually said to be quite involved with the Cabal. After all, queen Beatrix is part of that Bilderberg Group...I'm not really in the know, but those are some of the things I've read. Do a search on him in those alternative forums to see what you can get. They're saying that his supposed comatose state is quite suspect, considering how everything occurred. The royals here in NL are...they seem to put on a very 'pure' and 'proper' front, but there might be more to them than meets the eye (like with the English monarchy).

American Kabuki March 12, 2012 10:39 PM You mean he's not in a coma?

Anonymous April 3, 2012 9:48 AM One site published Friso's involvement with a satanic ritual in which a girl died: English article related to the above: Reply

Anonymous March 10, 2012 8:49 PM Anonymous that comment on UK was absolutely spot on. They seem unphased. Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 1:13 AM Chrysler's Former CEO Steps Down at Cerberus 020460300457 7 27 16529987 917 34 .html?mod=googlenews_wsj Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 1:31 PM Stanley Fischer to leave Bank of Israel Reply Replies American Kabuki March 11, 2012 5:37 PM Found that one last night. Its in the next update!

Anonymous March 15, 2012 2:28 PM Mr. Fischer resigns' why? A clause in Fischer's contract allowing him to accept job offers abroad makes his impending resignation possible. This clause is what enabled Fischer to nominate for the position of International Monetary Fund managing director, for which he was eventually ruled ineligible because the rules stipulated that
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for which he was eventually ruled ineligible because the rules stipulated that no-one be appointed to the post above the age of 65. Sources close to Fischer say he is still hurt by the IMF episode, and is driven by a love for the African continent he left behind more than 50 years ago and by a desire to use his expertise to help improve the situation in the world's poorest region. "Stan loves Israel and is proud of his Jewish heritage, but his heart has always been in southern Africa. He probably has the best collection of Bantu artwork this side of the Zambezi River," the source, who asked not be named, said. Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 3:58 PM This is all great, but I have one concern: if the same study was made from Jan 1, 2011 to March 15, 2011 -- how many were there? If the number is similar to 2012 then this all means nothing. If it the number is half or less, then we're definitely on to something. Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 4:39 PM uhmmmm just asking. how come the report on who is going to replace the wb head is not a hot topic? well rumor has it that its an american woman. that enough lead :P Reply Replies American Kabuki March 11, 2012 9:24 PM Ermmmm...perhaps because the World Bank is going away?


American Kabuki March 11, 2012 5:41 PM I keep getting the same comment from Aanonymous about "what did this time last year look like?" I frankly don't know. Feel free to go through Google and all the trade publications to find them give us the results. It would be interesting to know. I'm pretty busy just keeping up with the current ones. Reply Replies Anonymous March 11, 2012 7 :27 PM Ya know, I want this to be true so badly ... but I also am flabbersgasted no one has tried to find out what the mainstream financial / headhunter media says is the REASON for this. Well, here it is. I'm not saying that it's true. It may even be a planted article to counter this growing awareness. What I am saying is that you'd better be aware of both sides of this issue before you start shouting from the mountaintops that it's over -- because they're just going to come back at you with THIS: by

Chairs-Means-to-the-Job%20Market.aspx#page1 Go ahead and refute everything they say. That's not why I posted this. I don't believe it myself. But it's what THEY will say when this list grows even bigger over the next month or two. So be prepared. Dave

American Kabuki March 11, 2012 9:23 PM Planted? Probably not. At best its like the London Bobby saying "move along folks nothing to see here!" You don't really expect media that is controlled by the same people causing the problems to admit this do you? Reply

abundance333 March 11, 2012 6:20 PM - US Congressmen, and Governors not running for re-election found here. I have no historical perspective on typical numbers but this seems high. Now Obama impeachment resolution is actually moving forward as well. Lays groundwork for impeachment if Congress not consulted before war. : Additionally, Head of US FAA has resigned back in December. Interesting position that has access to info associated with flights for 9-11 and USAF response. 337 929/faa-head-resigns-after-dwi-arrestin-va/ Thanks for the continuing coverage. Does seem like much of the predictions of mass removals are occurring in an incredibly well orchestrated manner. May we live in interesting times... Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 6:35 PM Dear American Kabuki, I only recently discovered your site, thanks to Steve Beckow's "". Thank you SO much for this concrete evidence that the NWO is collapsing. I concur with so many other commentators: it sure looks like 'rats leaving a sinking ship' to me! Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 6:51 PM OK, first understand that I REALLY want this scenario to be true. But all I want is info about how it compares to see if it really is true. I found an article online that sort of explains it, but not fully. It may be a mainstream media planted article to explain the situation. However, we should all have both sides in our heads in case someone calls us on it... Reply Replies Anonymous March 12, 2012 2:06 PM There are some charts that compare resignations for the last 4 months of 2011 to this year at Kauilapele's blog that show the average resignations per month went from about 10 to 63 in 2012. You can see them here:
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the-254-resignations-from-world-banks-et-al/. Reply

Susan Denham March 11, 2012 7 :25 PM Thanks for your hard work, and keeping us up to date on this. Very interesting. I will probably schedule a repost at Keep up the good work. Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 11:00 PM Tu t'laisses poustache ? Reply Replies American Kabuki March 12, 2012 4:51 AM Translation "You grow a mustache?" LOL!!! Not yet! Maybe I need a pipe like Sherlock Holmes too? No? Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2012 11:07 PM I found this article which says that the Health Care CEOs are bailing a lot faster than the Bankster CEOs. Here's the article. Be sure to go to the link & read the article. :) Thanks for all you do! Chicago Dreamer 5 Reply

narudeko March 11, 2012 11:44 PM Tokyo, March 6, 2012Nomura Holdings, Inc. today announced a number of organizational changes and new management appointments aimed at further enhancing the firms group management structure and strengthening its Asia franchise. All organizational changes and management appointments are effective from April 1, 2012, subject to the necessary regulatory approvals. Developing the group structure Koji Nagai, currently Deputy President and Co-COO of Nomura Securities, will take over as President of Nomura Securities, and Hitoshi Tada, Retail CEO and Deputy President and Co-COO of Nomura Securities, will become Chairman of Nomura Securities. Current Retail COO Eiji Kutsukake will take over as Retail CEO. Reply

narudeko March 11, 2012 11:54 PM Thank you for your hard work! This is the link to my previous post. Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2012 12:10 AM Add to list : Christophe de Backer CEO HSBC FRANCE become CEO ROTSHIELD BANK FRANCE Reply

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Anonymous March 12, 2012 1:54 AM Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton Some info for you Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2012 9:07 AM We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Lives For A Life Changing Newsflash! All your life you have waited for the good news, and that day has finally come. Very soon you will witness large-scale mass arrests all over the world of many men and women who you have come to know as the world's political and financial leaders. These arrests will reach high into the U.S. Government and include many members of the financial and banking worlds. Many of these names you will immediately recognize, though some you may not immediately recognize, but all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people, leaving our nations bankrupt why they looted our hard earned money. These arrests are groundbreaking, and these arrests are Earth changing. Humanity will finally be free from the tyrannical control of these powerbrokers commonly known as the Cabal. These arrests should come as no surprise to many of us as we all know deep down that there is something very wrong with this world, a place where so many go to bed hungry at night while a few others possess not millions or billions, but trillions of dollars, pilfered from the labors of the people. There has always been enough wealth on this planet to go around, yet these few men and women have been dividing up for themselves virtually all of the wealth of our world, leaving only crumbs for the rest of us to compete over. Upon these arrests, this will now change.... Read the rest of this post at Reply Replies Anonymous March 21, 2012 10:20 AM Are you suggesting that being rich, in itself, is a crime? Are you advocating stripping people of their private property if some arbitrary decision is made about how much wealth is too much? Sounds very Soviet to my ears.

American Kabuki March 21, 2012 4:56 PM The scenario he's talking about is those who have become rich from war, famine, contrived scarcity, theft through contrived scarcity, collusion, cartels, and secret cabals. Nobody's talking about taking money away from people who worked hard to earn it. One thing that is certain, that any centrally planned economy, be it run by politburo or central bank, is doomed to catastrophic failure. Many Russian free market Oligarchs were once KGB. "Behind every great fortune there is a crime." Honore de Balzac French realist novelist (17 99 - 1850) Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2012 4:13 PM 259 - 3/09/12 SOUTH AFRICA Company secretary Yashmita Mistry resigned on 31 March 2011. This is last years news. Reply Replies

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American Kabuki March 12, 2012 10:38 PM Good catch, will remove it. I have another 20 or so updates to add. Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2012 4:40 PM NOT ENOUGH! Prosecute, Jail and SEIZE ALL their last 4-years pay, bonuses stock options and HIDDEN ASSETS! Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2012 5:02 PM their is the reason behind the curtain if you know how to look and comprehend beyond it. Reply


Anonymous March 13, 2012 4:32 AM I hope that all of the resignations are a good sign but Clif High (of Webbot research) said in his latest 2/26/12 interview on YT that it was most likely because the Global Elite were heading to their underground bunkers but he also admitted that his research is frequently wrong. I hope that Fulford is correct in that we are headed for a new age of enlightenment because I can't take too much more of the Neo Dark Ages & the American Soldiers are way past their breaking point with the suicide rate being at an historical high for them Reply

Anonymous March 13, 2012 8:03 PM Resign does not equate with arrest. They have financially sodomized the entire planet with their toxic instruments of fraud and deceit. A good place to start is right here in the U.S. by following the plan laid out to get them all in jail, seize their ill gotten assets and throw them off the bus. Go here and see how; Reply Replies American Kabuki March 14, 2012 5:29 AM Wow! A 300 trillion dollar class action lawsuit against the Federal Reserve! I did not know about that! Interesting! Reply

katwilo2 March 13, 2012 11:09 PM Hey, is there any way to reverse your order? We see who is 1st to resign, since I'm following you rather frequently, start with the first last and the last one resigning first, so we can see who is the latest without having to scroll down. Am I making myself clear? :~) Reply Replies

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American Kabuki March 14, 2012 10:53 PM There is a link you can click that will move you to the bottom of the list quickly without having to scroll multiple times. Reply

American Kabuki March 14, 2012 12:24 AM It can be reversed but under current HTML the numbering can't, HTML5 has a feature for reverse ordered lists but most browsers do not yet support it. The other option is create a database driven list, which poses complications from a blogger blog and potential web performance issues with a database that is not located on Google's servers, It is something that needs to be done, but requires thought and I'm kept quite busy just keeping the list up to date. There is a link you can click that will take you to the bottom of the list. Reply Replies Se777en March 14, 2012 3:57 PM I'm happy with the way it is, but if you did decide to share a database file or excel file, you could upload it to Google Docs, and share it publicly with a link on your site for people to download it from Google Docs. All the bandwidth usage for downloading the file would be on Google's servers. Just an idea. Reply

Anonymous March 14, 2012 4:45 AM . 118 and 119 are not actual resignations!!! The article says that the two French negotiators for the Greek debt "quit Greece..because they had longstanding appointments outside of Greece" not their jobs. Reply Replies American Kabuki March 14, 2012 5:16 AM There are many euphemisms for leaving a position, "personal reasons", "business reasons", "pursue other opportunities", "health reasons", "another position", and the very direct "was fired". Since I can't possibly know what each situation is I don't make any assumption as to why a person leaves a position. I am not passing judgement on these people. I am only reporting on positions vacated. There are people in this list who have been promoted to better positions or simply changed firms. This job churn should be expected, but from what I have been reading in this research, its not all that common. These are highly paid positions often coveted by others.

American Kabuki March 14, 2012 5:23 AM As a further note I started a regular Fortune 1000 CEO list of resignations, the same time I started the banker list, and abandoned it. It became quickly apparent that the "private sector" has a huge turnover in executives because they must make quarterly quotas to satisfy both bankers who hold their debt and to please shareholders. There was simply no way to make any clear observation in the non-banking field. There is, from my research here, a huge set of resignations in the pharmaceutical and medical world. Quite a few investment house resignations in this list are related to the healthcare industry. I don't quite understand what is going on there but it is a parallel phenomena. Gabriel is tracking these on Facebook at the URL at the top of this web page. Reply

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Se777en March 14, 2012 3:36 PM Goldman Sachs executive director, Greg Smith, resigns today, slams bank's 'toxic' environment. He has been with the company for 12 years. Reply

Se777en March 14, 2012 4:07 PM PHH Mortgage Names Interim President as Luke Hayden Resigns 28/phh-mortgage-names-interimpresident-luke-hayden-resigns Reply Replies American Kabuki March 14, 2012 11:03 PM Mark Johnson the treasury also resigned. They will be in the next update. Reply

Anonymous March 14, 2012 6:23 PM I'm afraid you misunderstood. Charles Dallara managing director of the Institute of International Finance (IIF), which is representing the banks and financial institutions owed money by Greece, and Jean Lemierre, a representative of French bank BNP Paribas are alive and kicking. They didn't quit they jobs, they didn't move to different or better positions, they didn't go anywhere. They are still negotiating Greece's debt with the banks and since the article was written, they have come several times in Greece (they are both French, not Greek). What it did happen back in January, is that during a negotiation for Greece's haircut, they left (quit) Greece rather unexpectantly in order to put some pressure on the Greek government. I'm all for those resignations and I hope there are more to come in the future. I'm also very thankful and grateful that you are posting them for everybody to read. I just believe it is important to be as careful and accurate as possible at this stage. Reply Replies American Kabuki March 14, 2012 10:52 PM In that case I need to remove them. Reply

Bill March 14, 2012 7 :46 PM You know, I was thinking a database driven capability might be useful here... I have a website that I could set up this functionality... would have to figure out how to code the statistics for it, but an interesting thought. Does support 'calls' or embedded modules to other sites? Reply

American Kabuki March 14, 2012 11:01 PM I don't know. There are some provisions in both HTML4 and HTML5(not all of HTML5 has been implemented in all browsers) for smaller datasets. It might be possible to index XML data but I haven't tried that yet. Otherwise the data is going to have to reside off site, which is not a huge problem except for it would have to sit on a non-google site which means more lag time in displaying it. Reply

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lifeisfullofchoices March 14, 2012 11:03 PM Kudos to user LordofArcadia for the graph and research. 16,000 resignations in 1QTR2012 from SEC EDGAR database. It is graphed at the link below in that forum. Typical looks to be about 2000 per qtr. Big jumps coinciding to when the interesting resignations started happening with banks, etc. mentioned in this post. Obviously, we may be missing a bunch of financial sector resignations. all the best Reply Replies American Kabuki March 14, 2012 11:47 PM Thank you for that tip. I reposted it here in full and resized the graph to make it easier to view. Reply

Anonymous March 15, 2012 11:21 AM We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Lives For A Life Changing Newsflash! All your life you have waited for the good news, and that day has finally come. Very soon you will witness large-scale mass arrests all over the world of many men and women who you have come to know as the world's political and financial leaders. These arrests will reach high into the U.S. Government and include many members of the financial and banking worlds. Many of these names you will immediately recognize, though some you may not immediately recognize, but all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people, leaving our nations bankrupt why they looted our hard earned money. These arrests are groundbreaking, and these arrests are Earth changing. Humanity will finally be free from the tyrannical control of these powerbrokers commonly known as the Cabal. These arrests should come as no surprise to many of us as we all know deep down that there is something very wrong with this world, a place where so many go to bed hungry at night while a few others possess not millions or billions, but trillions of dollars, pilfered from the labors of the people. There has always been enough wealth on this planet to go around, yet these few men and women have been dividing up for themselves virtually all of the wealth of our world, leaving only crumbs for the rest of us to compete over. Upon these arrests, this will now change... Entire post at Reply Replies Anonymous March 27 , 2012 1:12 PM Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

Anonymous March 27 , 2012 1:13 PM 'cause I said this to me if I want to open this page? I believe that this is a hoax?

Thanks for the prompt response Reply

Anonymous March 15, 2012 1:00 PM

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funniest and most common reason for resignation is 'personal reasons' .. Reply

Marilda Oliveira March 15, 2012 1:24 PM Prezados,Devemos pensar SE os poderosos abriro mo mesmo to fcil assim de tamanho poder como NOS querem fazer crer. Devemos considerar a possibilidade dessa "vitria" sob os cabalistas, a priso de Bill, a renncia do Papa,o pentgono se rendendo, a energia livre sendo financiada pelo oriente, o Obama se dando mal, etc. Lembremos que a elite global sempre foi capaz de sacrificar muitos membros dos seus(ttica de guerra) em prol de seu objetivo maior que o controle absoluto, e no devemos nos esquecer que essa ttica tambm velha(fazer parecer no teatro mundial que os membros de uma faco criminosa se deram mal, afast-los do poder ou sumir com eles(tudo um grande jogo, a exemplo a elite nazista(incrivelmente 90% judaica) toda ela fora poupada e vivinha da silva atuando nas amricas e, principalmente nos EUA), na realidade s mudam os pees e cenrio. No devemos acreditar em lados opostos tipo oriente X versos ocidente, drago branco contra drago vermelho, etc. Eles sempre estiveram de mos dadas. Goldman Sachs! Persio Arida (brasileiro), que morava em Londres, um dos principais scios do Goldman Sachs e economista-global do grupo, retornou para o Brasil em 2009 para administrar os crditos de carbono. Eta! cambada de impatriotas omissos e entreguista no! Vejam a explorao do carbono na Amaznia pelos banqueiros internacionais: Crditos de Carbono!!!!! Em Honduras: 23 fazendeiros e 2 Jornalistas assassinados. Novas informaes indicam que o nmero de mortos j chega a 32. Este mais um exemplo do "LIMPO NEGCIO" dos CRDITOS DE CARBONO ver aqui Saudaes, Marilda Oliveira - Brasil Reply Replies American Kabuki March 15, 2012 10:58 PM Google Translation of the Portugese: Dear Sirs, We think SE would forgo even the powerful so easy size NOS power as would have you believe. We consider this "victory" in the kabbalists, the arrest of Bill, the resignation of the Pope, the Pentagon yielding the free energy being funded by the East, Obama is giving the evil, etc.. Recall that the global elite has always been able to sacrifice many of its members (a tactic of war) in support of its ultimate objective which is the absolute control, and we must not forget that this tactic is also old (making it appear that the theater world members of a criminal gang have gone awry, remove them from power or disappear with them (it is a great game, like the Nazi elite (incredibly 90% Jewish) all she had been spared and Vivinha silva working in the Americas, and especially in the U.S.) actually change only pedestrians and scenery. We should not believe on opposite sides of type X east verses west, against white dragon red dragon, etc.. They always were holding hands. Goldman Sachs! Persio Arida (Brazil), who lived in London, one of the main partners of Goldman Sachs economist and global group, returned to Brazil in 2009 to administer the carbon credits. # comments Eta! impatriotas bunch of sell-out and not missing! See the exploitation of the carbon in the Amazon by the international bankers: Carbon Credits!! In Honduras, 23 farmers and two journalists killed. New information indicates that the death toll has already reached 32. This is another example of the "CLEAN BUSINESS" of CARBON CREDITS see here. Greetings, Marilda Oliveira - Brazil

American Kabuki March 15, 2012 11:24 PM Good information, MOSTLY. Blaming this situation on Jews is a serious mistake. The cabal is an equal opportunity corrupter and doesn't really care if one is Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Hindu, as long as they are in control.

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There are factions within the cabal, the Nazi faction headed by, what Ben Fulford calls the Bush Nazi Crime family, is but one group. There are others, such as the Khazarian bankers, Faction 1 and Faction 2 Austrian Templars (at war with each other) - Faction 2 being one that wants to end this madness, the P2 Lodge in Italy, factions within the Vatican, and the Military Contractor/Consulting complex loosely called the "Defense Industry". There are no doubt entire networks of other allied and competing groups within the "cabal" umbrella. There are also the children of the Illuminati who object to what their parents and ancestors have done, and actively fight to stop it. I get comments blaming this on Jews, and I delete comments that do that. Don't even waste your time sending them to me, as I researched that issue long ago. If you believe Jews are responsible for all this, you're missing the entire point. This predates Judaism. This goes back to Sumer in the Fertile Crescent. Maybe even farther back than that. Jews are as much victims of the cabal as anyone else, probably more so as they have had the unfortunate situation of having crypto-Judaic chameleons in their midst (who in many cases don't even believe the religion). Its easy to wrap a scoundrel in God and the Flag and get elected. It happens all the time in America! But the same holds trues of the Arabs, Iranians (you think average Iranians want that government?) If it had not been unseen and unexpected forces and events, the cabal would have incinerated both Israel and Iran by now in a precursor to WW III. The cabal cares not one wit for the survival of Jews or Iranians or the common man.

Anonymous March 26, 2012 8:15 PM I am pleased to see you say this isn't just about Jews being the bad guys. As any group, the Jews have their share of bad guys as does any other group. The 'cabal' is made up of all types of people, not just Jews. Just as in other groups of people, the Jews have many good guys, too. Reply

Anonymous March 15, 2012 5:02 PM id=57 019&SearchText Something worth reading. We could see many more in following days. All the best Reply Replies M. Johnson March 17 , 2012 5:22 PM That comment cannot be found at that site. What did it say?

American Kabuki March 17 , 2012 7 :46 PM Fortunately I posted it in full Before it was deleted by the CFTC. Reply here:

Anonymous March 16, 2012 12:18 AM Are there any any similar reports occurring with Judges or lawyers? Thanks for such a great blog report! :) Reply

Marilda Oliveira March 16, 2012 12:51 AM Prezado Kabuki. De fato, a conspirao sionista contra a tradio e lei judaicas tornam o Sionismo e todos os seus feitos e entidades os arqui-inimigos do povo judeu! O Sionismo uma heresia, e

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os verdadeiros judeus no so contaminados pelo Sionismo. Judeus verdadeiros no se envolvem com as atividades sionistas. De acordo com a Torah, no nos permitido insultar, humilhar ou dominar outro povo. Reply

American Kabuki March 16, 2012 1:14 AM Translation of the above from Marilda Oliveira: Dear Kabuki. In fact, the Zionist conspiracy against Jewish tradition and law makes Zionism and all its entities, and made the arch-enemies of the Jewish people! Zionism is a heresy, and the true Jews are not contaminated by Zionism. True Jews are not involved in Zionist activities. According to the Torah, we are not allowed to insult, humiliate or dominate another people. Reply Replies American Kabuki March 16, 2012 1:32 AM Exactly! I pointed this out in the article The Torah is an exceptional document, because it defines justice as being kind to the foreigner, taking care of the orphans, stopping the oppression of the powerless. The leaders of Israel would do well to remember the words of the Torah. The Torah is not-unique in that regard, the same is taught in the Koran, Christianity and most religions. The Good Samaritan Jesus spoke of was in actuality a Palestinian. Even today the area where the Palestinians live is called Samaria by the Jews. In the story of Cain and Abel, when Cain is questioned about his murdered brother's whereabouts, Cain retorts "Am I my brother's keeper?" The answer to that is a hearty "YES!" We all are!

Anonymous March 26, 2012 7 :58 PM If you check the information properly, ie., look at both sides of the story, you will see that Israel is doing far more to help its neighbor than the help Hamas and the Palestinians are extending to ANYONE. My heart goes out to the many of the poorer Palestinians. They are living in refuge-like camps without even toilet facilities while their leaders are living in 1.5 million dollar homes. Israel provides free medical care not just to their own but the Palestinians as well using a tirage system when necessary meaning that often Palestinians are treated before Israelis. Israel has taken truck loads of food to the Palestinians (P) while the P's throw rocks at the trucks. Israel would only be happy to do more if the P's let them. You need to listen to Brigitte Gabriel's interview at Duke University in about 2006 (or 2004). This woman is neither P or Jewish and she has been there in the thick of it. An amazing interview! The Jews long for peace and are willing to do much and give much to get it. The P's only want the Jews dead.

American Kabuki March 27 , 2012 1:09 AM Ms Oliveira is a Jew from Brazil. I'll let you argue the finer points of Israeli politics with her. Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2012 4:33 AM March 16, 2012 I have a feeling that these people are not leaving due to pressure from the "Good Guys" but instead are leaving to go to the Underground Bases. Something very BIG may be about to happen and they will be nice and safe underground. Reply Replies

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Anonymous March 16, 2012 12:31 PM Except most of those bases were blown up...

Anonymous March 16, 2012 1:09 PM Their underground bases were toasted and no longer support life there. So, how can they still go there?

Anonymous March 16, 2012 6:13 PM No where to run to, no where to hide. Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2012 12:38 PM Efforts by futures firms and exchanges to develop industry-backed fixes, for some of the structural shortcomings revealed by MF Global's downfall, will help reassure users about the markets, according to John Damgard, who is stepping down as president of the Futures Industry Association. Read more: Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2012 6:06 PM Please read this : 20,000+ extra resignations that no one is reporting Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2012 7 :20 PM In Denver......underneath the Airport. Can we begin a running check on flight manifests to Denver for all these names or any of them? First Class seating only will make it a lot easier! d. morrisseau w pawlet, vt 802 645 97 27 Reply Replies American Kabuki March 16, 2012 9:38 PM Speaking as a former airline reservation programmer, you'll never see those manifests. Especially in this age of terrorist worries. Not only that the airline reservations systems have long suppressed the identities of government agents. That was true even as early as the 1980s. There are software security mechanisms in place, for obvious safety reasons. Anyone you'd want to know about you'd never be able to see anyway. Reply

Ade March 16, 2012 10:05 PM It would be nice if it were true, more likely they are heading for their bunkers, maybe not. With regards to redistribution of wealth, I see a problem, If we all get $20 million each, who is going to build my Ferrari. I wont need to because I'll be rich, but then so will everyone else, so nothing will get built. So we will still need to work, but hopefully, just not quite has hard or for as long. Use the money to create a better world.

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Reply Replies American Kabuki March 16, 2012 10:41 PM The Nesara idea is one of the toughest things for me. I've seen UFOs, I know they exist. Perhaps I struggle with Nesara thing because I have always struggled with economic upheavals in every career I have chosen and have always been dealing with reinventing my career with each new financial upheaval. I was born slightly after the prosperous "baby boomers", I never knew the life they were financially fortunate to have. That being said, I think a new economic system is an automatic result of a new consciousness that recognizes the oneness of all in the Creator and that abundance is built into the universe. Will some unseen group release funds locked up in a secret trust that's been earning interest payable in Gold for 300 years? I don't know. I won't complain if they do! If not, I'll just be happy with a better world for my child and future grandchildren. We need peace and unity in a good purpose more than anything. If such a thing does happen, wouldn't you want your Ferrari built by someone who really loved building cars, and not just doing it to pay his mortgage? In the end its really about freeing people from debt slavery. People don't have to be impoverished to produce, especially in this age of technology and robotics.

cooter March 17 , 2012 2:28 AM I will probably start crying when I start to see big names like George Soro's and the Bush family resigning or being arrested. I don't believe that aliens are here to save us.Actually I'm of the mind that they are fallen angels come to set up the anti christ kingdom.But man oh matter your religious affiliations this is an amazing time we are living in now.Even if it will eventually result in destruction it will be amazing to see the high level swine being thrown into jail

Anonymous March 17 , 2012 6:49 AM I have heard that under NESARA Saint Germain's Trust will distribute $100,000 dollars to every citizen every month or something. Whether or not it is true, I can be sure that the distribution won't be on the scale of 20$ million per person. That just seems obnoxious.

Anonymous March 17 , 2012 11:27 AM the thing is though thats a good perspective but they have crazy robot tech for building cars, plus aliens IMO are apart of this whole thing happening right now. watch bob dean as soon as the evil is removed we are going to see our ET friends who have much to share. there tech will far exceed and will probably have solutions for the work but this is just how i feel.

American Kabuki March 17 , 2012 5:47 PM Our ET cousins are not here to save us. They are here to give us a chance to be who we really are! We are the ones we've been waiting for! They even say that! They're just here to help us through the transition to full consciousness, and to rid this planet of some nasty parasitic 4D ETs who have been masquarading as "gods", but were really purveyors of fear and bloodshed. Reply

apeman2502 March 19, 2012 2:33 AM I'll bet every reader of this site that not one of them resigned with their pockets empty, leaving useless scrip in their wake. Reply

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Replies PSU Jobs March 22, 2012 5:25 AM True. They are taking millions with them. Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2012 4:34 AM Hey kabuki Thanks for keeping us updated with the resignations - just found this info out - 20,000! Resignations!!!!!!! Check out but it tells you of a public database that you can search with resignations, I have not had chance to check this out yet to see what results you get from the database. Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2012 12:37 PM If all these top executive banksters are leaving it can only mean one thing... there is no job left for them in banking and finance. You might not want to comment on their reasons but I can. These people are not known for their morals but for being corporate animals, back stabbing, trampling people on their way up and only looking out for themselves. If they are leaving there is a cause and you can safely bet it's not good. Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2012 10:34 PM HSBC Brazil CEO resings today, they said he left company for another opportunity Reply

Anonymous March 19, 2012 10:35 PM 14422.html HSBC Brazil Chief Executive Conrado Engel Steps Down Reply

Anonymous March 20, 2012 8:41 PM check out website trillion dollar lawsuit Reply

Anonymous March 22, 2012 1:12 AM Hi American Kabuki. first i would like to thank very much for all the hard work it must have taken to build this comprehensive list. Your work is much appreciated by those that have been & are tracking the intel on how the historical fraud, lies, thievery, and general criminal conduct of our "leaders" is FINALLY being addressed by the global community and the non-criminal faction of law enforcement. I have been telling friends of this site as "proof" that there is real change for the good , FINALLY happening after 99 yrs of the criminal Fed stealing from Americans and the people of the World. How many decades has it taken for humanity to get it? The 1% are sucking the blood out of the 99% and it has to stop ASAP! NO MORE FAKE WARS! NO MORE LIES EVERYDAY ON TV! NO MORE POISON IN FOOD, AIR, WATER! NO MORE POISON "MEDICINE" AND EVIL HEALTHCARE FOR PROFIT SCAMES! TAKE THE BANKSTERS DOWN NOW***>>END THE TYRANNY OF 6 BILLION PPL! PS- so now that you are not going to keep your ongoing list current, can you please direct all of us out here watching daily for progress on stopping these lunatics from starting ww3, where the list will get updated? Im sure there is someone or group out there that is going to pick up where you left off. can you post a site link or button at the top of you site/this page for all to easily see

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so the can jump to the next site keeping this growing list going?? This intel is some of the best hard data that there is REAL progress in the movement against the evil baksters move for a total takeover of the entire planet so the can bring absolute tyranny and fascism. They Must be stopped, and immediately. no more sitting and watching. There must be 7 0-100 more in the last week at the current rate! Humanity needs one central site with a current running list. thanks for all you have done American Kabuki! bless you and peace to you, L Reply Replies American Kabuki March 27 , 2012 10:57 PM I will try to keep it updated as regularly as I can. I do have other things I also need to do in life (like my college courses and family obligations). There are some rare individuals who prefer to live in a state of fear and worry, and all the proof I can provide will give them no comfort. Not much I can do about that. And there are others who profit and rule from fear who keep spewing forth ever more dire things to worry about. Its up to the individual not to lend their energy to that which does not improve the human condition. Reply

Anonymous March 26, 2012 9:06 AM Benjamin Fulford wrote in his March 26 issued newsletter that two hundred people arrested in world banking executive class just within last week. Reply

Anonymous March 26, 2012 10:47 AM Whats coming down the line, it matters not what they stash and bring with them. So long as they keep quitting they are making a choice which is entirely consistent with their sociopathic mindset: me first and everyone else can lump it. Those that don't quit will be rounded up and face harsh judgement, and its this last grouping that literally cannot let go of the reins of power they crave like crack junkies. You reap what you sow ;-) Reply

Rob March 26, 2012 1:36 PM The rats are abandoning ship. Next----come the arrests and the final end of several despotic governments. The outcome will be positive however. This is the very beginning of an entirely New Paradigm beyond anyones wildest imagination. Reply

Anonymous March 27 , 2012 1:18 PM hy, can I know if this rumor is true or and everything written to reassure the people of the world? 'cause I'm on fb everyday I read several news and more scary, like that of the type now wants to propose a new UN World Government ...

may I know how can I give more reason to believe?

Thanks for the prompt response ... I live each day with fear, and with thoughts of commit suicide alone Reply Replies American Kabuki March 27 , 2012 10:49 PM

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There are no rumors in the banker resignation list, although there could be some in comments. Each URL to the source is included. I did it this way to be undeniable. These resignations should be seen as very good news. Change is here, and its happening. I do not agree with all comments posted here. If comments are generally informative and not too fear laden I will post them. I generally post anonymous comments last, and I make no guarantee I will post all comments. This is a blog, not facebook. Sometimes its helpful for others to reply to them so as to encourage others who are fearful or distressed by the tough times we live in. The only thing you really need to believe is that you are a part of the Creator of all things, as such you need to see that the same is true of all other humans they, like you, are reflections of the Creator Source of All Things. When we show love to other humans, the flow of love from God flows through us to others in a virtuous ever increasing circle. Evil is simply love that has stagnated and is not flowing, like a foul smelling pond. The best way to discover this connection to Source is in quiet meditation. You are the observer of your thoughts not your thoughts. If your thoughts get especially troubling ask the Creator to dissolve those thought energies, patterns, and mental loops into un-manifested void where that thought energy can be recycled into something useful. There are many web sites that instruct how to do meditation, I won't need to go into that here. Its important that all learn to do this in their own way that is appropriate and meaningful to the individual. I have lost 2 very close friends to suicide. So I take comments about suicide very seriously. Both were taking anti-depressant drugs. If you are on these kind of drugs for depression they may be the source of your depression. This is especially true for young adults and teens due to young people's body chemistry. However, if you are on them and choose to get off of them, get off of them gradually with a doctors help. Some anti-depressants can give horrible results if one quickly discontinues their use, sensations like electric shocks and other distressing symptoms. I don't know your situation and I am not a medical doctor so I can't give medical advice. This might not apply to you at all. I am just speaking out of concern for your well being. The one world Government idea was real, but the one world fascist goverment is not going to happen. It is now being removed, thanks to brave humans and lots of outside help. The Cabal has little power left except frightening words to scare people. Laugh at their words and their fake TV News. They are just paper tigers who are about to collapse in the fresh spring rains. VERY GOOD NEWS is coming, take heart, be of good cheer. The storm is ending and the rays of of a new bright day are coming through the dark clouds in humanity's troubled history. You don't want to miss this show that is about to unfold on Planet Earth, its very unique in the whole Universe! Reply

Anonymous March 27 , 2012 2:47 PM Aren't these people going home with a big chunk of money anyway? Greetings from the south of the world.. Reply Replies American Kabuki March 27 , 2012 10:23 PM Perhaps. But ill-gotten gains are subject to confiscation under most countries laws. Reply

Rob March 28, 2012 12:11 AM What will happen after all of this? How will the people of the world benefit? Reply

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Rob March 28, 2012 12:14 AM People are resigning but are people filling the positions? Reply

Anonymous March 28, 2012 1:13 AM I have yet to see any backbone to the statements regarding the arrests of the global cabal. I just see them resigning, maybe they know of an event soon to take place, maybe they know money won't be of the essence in the near future, maybe they're going to bunkers. Also, who would do the arresting? The UN? Reply

Anonymous March 28, 2012 5:40 AM Yes, I too commend you American Kabuki for your hard work. You are very well-known now ;) Thank you so much. K Reply

Anonymous March 28, 2012 11:03 AM Me parece realmente preocupante que esta informacin solamente se pueda leer en algunas webs a las cuales ingresamos con mucha busqueda y curiosidad, pregunto porque la prensa internacional o emisoras de tv y radio lo callan o no dicen nada..segun esto se soluciona el problema finaciero realmente y no se cumple la profesa del Armagedon?...creo que toda profesa se cunple si o si al 100%...entonces de que vale que los seores estos esten renunciando? Reply Replies American Kabuki March 28, 2012 8:12 PM TRANSLATION: I find it really disturbing that this information will only be able to read in some websites to which we enter with great search and curiosity, wonder why the international press and TV and radio stations as silent or say nothing .. according to this Loans simulator solves the problem really and not fulfilled the prophecy of Armageddon? ... I think that all prophecy was fulfilled when or if 100% ... then it's worth these are the gentlemen giving up?

American Kabuki March 28, 2012 8:26 PM Your shock is understandable. Its the natural reaction to the comprehension of the hemertically sealed information environment we have all been living in. They only want you to know those things that keep and reinforce their power. Its an illusionary power really, if the entire world suddenly shunned these people for a week or two, they'd be out of business. Our western finance and business models now run on two things, the velocity of money and its dependent supply chains of commerce. The goods don't move if the money isn't moving. If people bought nothing, paid no bills, for just two weeks, it would shake the financial system to its core. So many business depend the capital markets (interim debt-generated cash financing) for cash flow, there simply would not be enough cash for these jerks. We have had our part in this, we have been born into a world and told we have no power and are at their mercy. Education and religion has made us believe these things. Some of us have taught people they have no power. Others have taken advantage of those beliefs. They have given us prophecies to believe we have no say in our future, not even the angels know exactly what humans will do a year from now, let alone 2000 years in advance. We always have free will. The human brain is such that will do no more than what it believes is possible. Fundamentally its our beliefs about ourselves that have to change, and they are changing, for a new world to emerge. Not a New Word Order built as yet
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another pyramid of self selected elites, but a New World Network, fully transparent, sharing information freely, and cooperative governance. These are new concepts to many. The time is right.

Anonymous April 5, 2012 2:13 PM I'm in, I won't pay my bills for the next two-weeks, and to try to do one better I will buy only necessities, no eating out or any extras. To pay a small late fee or sacrifice for two weeks would be worth the risk to see these idiots gone.

American Kabuki April 5, 2012 8:18 PM Doing that alone would be pointless. It'd have to be group effort by humanity. Reply

Anonymous March 28, 2012 2:58 PM Just a side note on: 10/01/11 (USA MO) Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Thomas M. Hoenig retired on Oct. 1, 2011 He spoke in Overland Park last year to HFAC and indicated he was the odd man out on the FED and does not agree with their policies. He is the one guy with a conscience in this whole thing. Reply

dandomina March 29, 2012 3:35 PM Thank you for update, everybody on the planet references your database now. :) JPMorgans Asia head quits - Gaby Abdelnour is quitting as JPMorgans regional head for Asia after six years in the job to pursue personal interests, Apparently New monetary system has been (or nearly) implemented in Asia, That's why so many bankers are purged, I wonder. Reply Replies Anonymous March 30, 2012 3:46 AM Yeah! I think so too. (...) The creation of an investment bank, or BRICS Bank, the groupings first institution, was also on the agenda. The summit concluded with a Delhi Declaration on major world and regional issues. BRIC initially grouped Brazil, Russia, India and China, but was enlarged last year to include South Africa and renamed as BRICS. The first BRIC summit was held in 2009. With roughly 42 percent of the worlds population, BRICS has a combined nominal GDP of 13.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2011, or 20 percent of the worlds total, according to estimates by the International Monetary Fund. The bloc aims to expand their inter-trade from 230 billion dollars last year to 500 billion dollars by 2015.(...) Reply

Paradigmbuster March 30, 2012 3:01 AM Thank you for keeping on top of this, it is of vital importance. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep it up my friend! Reply

Anonymous March 30, 2012 11:08 AM

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their time is nearly up. ygvprv&h=-AQE27 nxf Reply

Anonymous April 2, 2012 10:56 AM Christian Konrad of the austrian RZB AG resigns in june, 2 years prior expectation. he's head of the board of directors. 7 04320547 621150067 7 04320547 6211501_67 97 897 004197 41890_67 97 97 05125627 562667 97 97 05125627 5626-NA-9-DE.html#rcard-2 Reply

Cyberspectre April 3, 2012 4:59 PM Sky breaking news today : FSA has fined a senior member of JP Morgan almost half a million pounds for 'market abuse'. FSA say Ian Hannan (think that is what it sounded like) who is CHAIRMAN AT CAPITAL MARKETS JP Morgan Caseno(?)who allegedly emailed insider information about Heritage Oil to one existing client and 2 prospective ones in 2008. Mr Hannan (Hallam?) has RESIGNED today but says he will appeal Reply

Cyberspectre April 3, 2012 5:23 PM Ian Hannam JP Morgan Chairman capital assets.....fined 450,000 by FSA and resigned today from HJP Morgan Casenove. He apparently said he will appeal fine for 'market abuse' From sky news and others. Reply

Anonymous April 3, 2012 6:20 PM I'm still waiting for the perp walks. Reply

Anonymous April 3, 2012 7 :01 PM "Reports today (16 March) suggest Germany's Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, is set to become the new Eurogroup chief after Luxembourg Prime Minister,Jean-Claude Juncker, resigns in June." Reply

Anonymous April 4, 2012 5:43 PM ... and where have these scum gone? Retirement? Reply

Anonymous April 5, 2012 7 :57 PM WITH $millions of dollars in "Golden Umbrella" severance payments to each of them, it's no wonder there's has reputed to have been $$$billions handed over to departing CEOs over the last three years !?! Reply

Anonymous April 12, 2012 1:12 AM 93.html?ref=tw Here's another one for you! Reply

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propriog April 12, 2012 2:25 AM very interesting. thank you Reply

Administrator April 12, 2012 7 :43 PM You never forget a FACE! pics of these criminals. inspired by American Kabuki and massresignations Reply

Anonymous April 13, 2012 11:59 PM When you get a chance. Thanks for your site. <3 Reply

roark183 April 15, 2012 9:03 AM We might soon see a rash of departures from the Federal Reserve. Liens have now been filed against each of the twelve Federal Reserve branches. The liens are claimed in lieu of claiming 4,638,7 91 metric tonnes of gold from the Fed. This includes 2,420,937 metric tonnes in principle, actually owned by the American people from 1961. The suit claims 4% interest on that gold, totaling an additional 2,217 ,855 metric tonnes of gold. Thus the liens are being held against the Fed for a total of 4,638,7 91 metric tonnes of gold. The current spot price of gold is $53,282,7 38 per metric tonne. This means the dollar value of the claim against the Fed is $247 ,167 ,485,500,000. (That's ~$247 trillion.) And the claimants (representing the people of the US) are demanding payment in GOLD!, since the original principle was in gold. Where do you suppose Ben Bernanke is going to come up with 4.6 billion metric tonnes of gold? See "MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks" -liens 13 April 2012 These liens were filed on 11 April 2012 and have not as yet been responded to by either the Fed or any judge or other quasi government official. This data is just now off the press. Reactions from Fed bankers will be interesting. Resignations? Unexpected retirements? Unexpected vacations to Siberia perhaps? Reply

Anonymous April 15, 2012 10:36 AM 3/19/12 (BRAZIL) HSBC Brazil Chief Executive Conrado Engel Steps Down was twice mentioned. Reply

Anonymous April 16, 2012 12:05 AM #57 7 and #587 are the same. Reply Replies AMERICAN KABUKI April 16, 2012 9:46 PM

That will be fixed in the next release. I do my best to proof read them but mistakes do slip by. Reply

juliano66 April 16, 2012 3:19 AM I tried to explain the significance of the mass resignations to a relative, his reaction was basically, 'Well, there must be thousands and thousands of these people, etc, etc.." I
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didn't have an answer as to how many top level people there are or what is a normal amount of resignations at these levels in a six month period. Anyone with any ideas or info on this? Reply Replies AMERICAN KABUKI April 16, 2012 9:44 PM

Its way out of the ordinary. Inform people but don't preach. They will remember what you said when everything changes. We all have to let go of the idea we need to convince people, everyone comes to their awakening in their own way. Lots of "experts" out there right now calling various people liars. Many such accusers are purveyors of doom, they are noticing a drop in their online sales of fear based paraphernalia and books. Reply

sonic April 16, 2012 3:11 PM As has been the case for awhile, whenever I try to share one of these updates on facebook, the headline keeps reverting to the previous tally number. For instance, this one keeps saying 450 resignations instead of the current number -- when it was 450, it said 358, etc. Can you please correct that if possible so the facebook posting headline will be up to date with what you are reporting? Thanks!!! Much love and appreciation :) Reply Replies AMERICAN KABUKI April 16, 2012 9:39 PM

Facebook caches a header based on a URL and keeps reusing it each time the URL is posted. For me to change it would mean I'd have to create a new post each time I update the list, which will obsolete all the existing blog links from other web sites that are linking to this page. So for now, FB's screwy way of doing things is beyond my control. Reply

Francine April 16, 2012 4:59 PM FYI, a few in the list appear to be duplicates (e.g., Sandy Flockhart 57 7 and 587 , Yaseen Mansour, 57 9 and 580). Understandable considering all the info you're tracking. Now that your numbered list is a distinguished global reference, maybe it should be checked for that kind of thing (in your "spare" time - LOL, I realize) so there are no vulnerabilities. Thank you for this dynamic list, and for the beautiful web page. Reply

Anonymous April 17 , 2012 10:17 PM I heard today on a news program that the banking lobby which out numbers members of the US Congress 50 to 1 and has billions in slush funds for campaign contributions to "donate" to both parties has stepped up their efforts to influence more legislation for purposes of deregulating securities and commodities (fraud) so that they can loot these markets as well before the ship goes down in flames. The treason and sedition committed by our US congress is truly unprecedented in the history of corrupt governments. Time to clean the house and the senate and give them one more term, life without possibility of parole. Or the same they gave William Wallace of Scotland? Reply

John Sync April 18, 2012 4:25 PM " Save yourself the wear and tear on your karma" excellently put, thank you. Reply

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miloski April 18, 2012 11:30 PM I believe there should be a correction on: 3/20/12 (GERMANY) #524 Deutsche Bank, Chairman and CEO Josef Ackermann exits with pension of 18.7 million This is not a resignation. His contract is simply up in 2013. It even says in your link he is staying another year. Also, I dont think youll see anyone leaving with a multi million dollar bonus when they are forced to step down. I looked up Josef Ackermann in wiki and found this: Josef Ackermann (born February 7 , 1948) is a Swiss banker and chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank. Ackermann agreed at the end of 2009 to continue as chief executive of Deutsche Bank for another three years until 2013.[1] Hes not resigning in 2013, his contract is simply expired by then. I think this is different than what this list is for. Hope this helps. Reply Replies Anonymous April 23, 2012 1:45 PM Monday 4/23: How about the strange deaths? Here's one possibility: Exec at Chilton Investment Co. in NY found in his car in the water at the end of a boat ramp in NC: 17 7 ?Title=Man-missing-from-Figure-Eight-Island

Anonymous April 24, 2012 7 :20 AM check out #603 4/19/12 (UK) DJ Rothschild, The chief executive for Rothschild's Middle East business, Herve Sawko


April 26, 2012 1:55 AM

I will add the mysterious deaths in the next update. That makes about 6 such incidents so far. Reply

Anonymous April 24, 2012 4:04 AM One aspect of the thievery, is the ability of these brokerage firms, to make or break any publicly traded Corporation. They do this by creating phantom stock, in the form of naked short sales, when they want to disrupt or destroy a Corporation. These phantom shares are sold on the open market to depress the price, and then they FTD - Fail To Deliver. They can keep this con running for years, and have. Reply

jacunni April 26, 2012 10:46 AM The central bankster psychopathic rent-seeking scum are trying to flee so when shit hits the fan, people don't go after them. But karma will bring on the judgement to their doorstep, eventually. They've enough blood on their hands to leave a permanent mark on their heads. Reply

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Mr. M April 26, 2012 10:13 PM So, what does this mean? Who is taking their spots? More of the same, or people with accountability? Reply Enter your comment...

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