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Solution Library for working on Logs related to xxx Processes - Intercompany/Intracompany STO

SN Error Description When does it happen

1) In case of Auto. GR activated, error will

1 " Good receipt not possible"
occur at the time of GI posting

2) In case Auto. GR is not activated, error will

occur at the time of GR Posting.

"Vendor is not defined as supplying While creating Intercompany PO (ZICP) on

2 plant" the first screen itself.

Pricing error -- "Transfer While creating Intercompany PO ( ZICP) on

3 condition type ZTP1 is missing" Item-details screen

"Pricing error - 00" -- while creating SD While processing SD invoice thru VF01 with
4 invoice. reference to Outbound Delivery.

Pricing error while creating SD invoice -- While processing SD invoice thru VF01 with
5 "Condition Type ZTP1 is missing" reference to Outbound Delivery.
When trying to create Outbound Delivery
6 "No delivery processed".
thru ZL04.

"No delivery processed & no document When trying to create Outbound Delivery
7 created" thru ZL04.

"Customer XXXX is not created in

8 company code ABC"
While creating SD invoice (VF01)

"Outbound delivery can not be deleted

9 first delete inbound Shipment While deleting Outbound delivery thru VL02N

"Customer does not exist ( Please change While creating Intercompany order (ZICP),
10 entry in plant xxxx)" while on the first screen.

"Please maintain sales

While creating Intercompany order (ZICP),
11 org/division/distribution channel in
while on the first screen.
supplying plant."
Account HAR HAR is blocked for posting
While doing IV for Intercompany PO in
12 in Intercompany process.( Where HAR -
Receiving Plant/Co.code
Company code)
pany/Intracompany STO (ver 1.0/020708)

Why does it happen What are steps to resolve it

There are two ways to resolve this:- 1.

To remove shipping notification from
Inbound delivery is not updated in
confirmation tab and make it blank thru
the purchase order item details -
ME22N and 2. To
confirmation tab
create inbound delivery manually thru
VL31N with reference to purchase order.

To resolve this problem you have to

make plant and vendor assignment in
vendor master data. The
Internal vendor master data is not
path is as follows:- XK02 -
created properly
Purchasing data - Extras ( menu bar) -
additional purchasing data - maintain
vendor as plant

Intercompany pricing procedure

ZTP001 is determined in
combination of Internal Vendor
To resolve this, update Internal Vendor
Schema Group '03' and Purchasing
master with Vendor Schema group '03'
Organisation schema group 'Z001'.
in Purchasing Data tab.
To determine Pricing procedure,
both of the above needs to be in

To resolve this -- check and update

This will occur in case no pricing
Pricing procedure = '5' in Sales Data tab
procedure is determined
in Internal Customer Master (XD02).

Maintain Condition record for Condition

type ZTP1 thru VK11 in key combination
This will occur if Condition record
of -- Payer- Receiving
is not maintained for Condition
Company code, Plant - Supplying
type ZTP1.
Plant, Destination country - Country
of receiving Plant and Material.
Delivery document is not created
(not processed) when batch in Please maintain same batch number in
Supplying Plan and Receiving Plant both receiving plant and supplying plant.
is different.

Check and maintain assignment between

Sales Org., Dist. Channel & Supplying
Delivery document is not created
plant thru following path - SPRO --
because proper assignment between
Enterprise structure - Assignment --
Sales Org., Dist. Channel &
Sales & Dist.-- Assign Sales
Supplying Plant is not maintained.
organization,distribution channel &

Internal Customer master data is

created only for Sales organizatoion Extend Internal customer master data
,Distibution channel, Division and for company code thru XD01.
not for Company code

In Change mode of Outbound delivery

(VL02N), first change the item-quantity
Because user has deleted Inbound
equal to ZERO and then delet the Line
delivery first, before deleting
Item and save. Then again go to Change
Outbound delivery.
mode of Outbound delivery and delet the

From the error it can be said that

Internal Customer master data is Maintain Shipping data for Receiving
not created for plant xxxx ,but it is Plant by following path:- SPRO --
observed that Internal Customer Materials Management -- Purchasing --
master data is already existing for Purchase order --- Set up stock transport
Plant XXXX. Error occurs because order -- Maintain shipping data for
Shipping data for the plant is not Receiving plant
properly maintained in SPRO.

Maintain Shipping data for Supplying

Plant by following path:- SPRO --
Shipping data for Supplying plant is Materials Management -- Purchasing --
not maintained properly in SPRO. Purchase order --- Set up stock transport
order -- Maintain shipping data for
Supplying plant
Check in the SD invoice (thru VF03)
where the PAYER and Co. code of
Supplying plant will be the same. Now to
Because SD invoice is created at
correct this, make correction in Internal
Supplying plant with PAYER =
Customer master data Sales data view in
Supplying Co. code.
Partner Profile tab (thru XD02). That is
PAYER must be equal to Receiving Co.
Any specific precautions/steps to be
taken to ensure that Log is repeated

Use ME22N only and NOT ZM22

Vendor Acct Group must be VEIN.






Correct way is to delet Outbound delivery

first and then Inbound delivery.

Observations - If Customer Master data is

not maintained, the error message will be -
- "Customer does not exist".