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I. Title: Raraan 2012


Rationale and Background

UP Bugkos by tradition are really heavy drinkers and it is from this organizational culture that Raraan 2012 has been conceptualized. Raraan 2012 is an alcoholdrinking competition that will be a part of the major activities of the organizations 25th anniversary.

This activity will be open to UPLB students (only) and will include relays and other alcoholic-related games such as beer bong and the like. This event is expected to be a fund-raising activity that will aid in the expenses of the said anniversary. Moreover, this will be a good avenue in promoting the organizations name will cater to the culture of UPLB students as well.


Objectives At the end of the activity, the organization is expected to a. gain profit that can aid in the implementation of other major activities for the 25th anniversary celebration b. develop stronger bond with fellow UPLB students; and c. establish a good publicity.


Venue and Date

Raraan 2012 will be on August 23, 2012 at *Kambingan, Demarces, Sta. Fe (*Kambingan is a known drinking place that offers cheaper charges in beers and other alcoholic beverages. This is a potential area for the event since other drinking bars or venues like Java Avenue, LB Square, ICs bar, are costly and over-used.)


Budget / Activity Costs Plan A Venue: P3,000 Teasers/Publicity: P500 Beer & Liquor: a. w/out sponsor: P5,000

b. *w/ sponsor: P3,500 *Since sponsors only give discounts if not totally free sponsorship of drinks Security: P300 Prizes: P4,600 a. 1st prize: P2,500 b. 2nd prize: P1,300 c. 3rd prize: P800 TOTAL: P17,000

Plan B *Venue: P3,000 *According to the owner of the venue, the rental of the venue which is P3,000 is already considered consumable. By consumable, we mean that all costs that can falls under that amount (like beers and pulutan) is covered by the rent and will only require to add payments if the costs that were consumed already exceeded P3,000. Teasers/Publicity: P500 Additional Alcoholic beverages (contingency): P 2,000 Security: P300 Prizes: P4,600 a. 1st prize: P2,500 b. 2nd prize: P1,300 c. 3rd prize: P800 TOTAL: P10, 400


Anticipated Problems Anticipated Problems Initial Funds to jumpstart the event Possible Solutions Borrow from any committee that can lend capital and comply to return the

borrowed money upon acquisition of

earnings. Unpopularity of the venue There is an option to change the venue to a more popular one although the other pressing issue is funds. But then

probably proper promotion can do the job to the unpopularity of the venue. Overlapping of sponsorships Internal arrangement between event



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planning strategy formulation looking for potential sponsors drafting of sponsorship letters sending out sponsorship letters FRA's promotion a. first wave promotion b. second wave promotion c. third wave promotion polishing of event resources main event evaluation/asse ssment

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