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Adam Dean League of Legends Essay Fargnoli English 101 The Journey of Jax, Grandmaster at Arms.

The world, of Runeterra is burning. Cities and tribes across the continent of Valoran are at war. The Rune Wars, as they are now known, not only changed the people who fought in the wars, but also destroyed parts the continent that millions called home. To solve the growing physical and political instability, the best wizards of Valoran came together and created the League Of Legends, a battlefield where cities put forth their champions, to resolve their differences in a controlled environment. Jax was a strange champion with friends in every city he visited. A mighty warrior, his past is unknown to most. In his fallen fathers purple robes, wielding a scimitar he has slain all that have faced him. Jax has just arrived in Freljord, and is currently walking to a nearby pub. Gragas! Hows it going buddy! Jax said as he enters the pub. Gragas grins, Jax old buddy! Its going great as long as the tap doesnt go dry! The two catch up for a while, talking about their lives since the last time they met. So whatve you been up to Jax?

Jax pats his scimitar, Just trying to stay alive. I heard theres a hit on my head for something back in Noxus. I cant get into detail if you catch my drift. Gragas guffaws, and pounds another pint. A ear shattering crack throws them from their chairs. They run toward the door. Another ear shattering crack rang out as the step outside. In front of them stands a large monster. Jax grabs his scimitar as Gragas runs back inside. As Jax approaches the monster, he hears from a crowd behind him, Its Chogath, theTerror of the Void! Jax begins to size up his opponent. At three stories tall, Chogath was the ugliest thing Jax had ever seen. Chogath stomps the ground with such force that giant spikes fly out of the ground below Jaxs feet. Jax flies backward landing on his side. He springs to his feet and dashes toward Chogath. He slashes his sword and ChoGath is onto one knee. The beast screams in agony The sound is deafening and disorientating. Chogath takes this time to whip Jax with his tail. Jax looked over his shoulder to see Gragas, grinning, another cask at his feet. Jax steps forward and with a single blow cleaves the beasts head off. Jax looks at Gragas, and the two nod in agreement that the fight is indeed over. All fall silent, but then the town erupts in a cheer. Townspeople mobbed him, but all Jax could make out was Gragas screaming for another pint. King Tryndamere shouts over the crowd, Jax approach me! Jax moves through the crowd and steps up to the town central platform. With Queen Ashe at his side, Tryndamere asks Jax to kneel before him. He takes out his massive sword and places it upon Jaxs shoulder. I hereby knight thee, Jax the wanderer!Jax stands and the whole crowd cheers for him.

Jax meets up with Gragas later that night. Well that was exciting, but I cant handle being popular. says Jax as he gathers his things. Eye its that time again. Gragas says with a sigh. The two nod and Jax walks out the door. As Jax leaves the city, a shadowy figure approaches from the tree line. To his disbelief, a beautiful woman, dressed as a pirate, approaches him. $40,000 for your head. she says. Jax is unable to speak. Again she says, $40,000 for your head, whichis going to be mine. She draws her pistol and starts to aim for Jax. He jumps and barely dodges the bullet. Jax scrambles to his feet and flees to the woods a head. His chaser follows him closely making sure not to lose sight of Jax. The two run for what seems like an eternity, Jax finally leaps into a nearby tree. Jumping from branch to branch confuses his pursuer, who Jax is slowly losing behind him. The tired and lost Jax finally loses his pursuer. As he stumbles through the dense forest, Jax finds a strange-looking mushroom. It had a green top with purple polka dots. Jax reaches out and grabs the mushroom, as he does the mushroom explodes in a cloud of purple smoke. Jax began to cough and the light starts to become dark. As he falls to the ground, he hears a quite laugh from the distance. Slowly the light returns to Jaxs eyes. Little does he know, the owner of the quiet laugh has brought him to a small town further into the forest. As he awakens, Jax sees a small figure sitting in the corner. The figure looks like a small Boy Scout cadet with a blowgun and a pair of bright red goggles. As Jax starts to stand, he feels the tug of rope on his wrists.

Thats not going to work, says the small voice, not until you tell me what you were doing in my forest. Jax looks around, still trying to figure out whats going on. He looks at his left arm, then at his right. Jax pulls with all his might, but the ropes will not break. Good luck with that, thats the strongest clove hitch this side of the Sablestone Mountains. Why did you bring me here, who are you? said the confused Jax. The small voice began to walk around the room, as if thinking about his answer. You were trespassing in my forest and as for me he took a short pause, I am Teemo, the swift scout.Jax still trying to figure out whats happening, I was running from a bounty hunter, I didnt mean to invade. Teemo looks at the large purple intruder, at first he is hesitant but after a moment his childish instincts kick in. Well in that case, Okie dokie! Teemo walks up and unties Jax, and hands him his scimitar. Thanks for understanding, says Jax. Let me show you around. Teemo grabs Jax by the hand and proceeds to escort him outside. As the two walk around town they see many other little creatures. What exactly are you, and where am I? asked Jax. Well Teemo starts, we are yordles, and this is Bandle City. As they continue to walk around town, Teemo introduces Jax to his many friends. This is Tristana, Kennen, and Rumble. Nice to meet you all, says Jax , Who is that over there? Jax points towards a lone yordle attacking a training dummy with a massive hammer. Oh that? Thats Poppy, says Teemo, she isnt much of one for talking. The two say goodbye to everyone and head back to Teemos home. Well its been fun, exploring your town, Jax begins, but I really should get going. I dont want to endanger your town with the price on my head. Teemo gives him a sad look, Alrighty, if you feel that way. I

would suggest going to Demacia, its a pretty safe place. Jax gives him a nod, grabs his stuff, and heads out the door. Jax waves everyone a goodbye as he starts his new journey. After a while of walking, Jax looks behind him to see the glow of Bandle City in the distance, but not only this he sees a shadow following him. As Jax prepares himself for a fight, the shadow reveals itself. Can I go with you? says the voice. Reveal yourself and Ill consider it says the cautious Jax. The shadow turns on a lamp, Its me Poppy, I heard you were going to Demacia and I needed a companion for the long journey.Jax gives Poppy a kind hearted smile, Of course you can come along, but it wont be an easy hike. Poppy gives him a smirk and the two continue away from the city. As Jax and Poppy approach the top of the hill, they see a sign saying Demacia 5 miles And in the distance the two see the grand city of Demacia. Jax looks at Poppy, who has that smirk on her face again. We finally made it, says Poppy. Yes, yes we have, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, its getting late says Jax. They set up camp for the night, and the two go to sleep, both anxious for morning. After they clean up their camp, Jax and Poppy start the final leg of their journey. Then after what seemed like an eternity, they reach the gates of Demacia. As they approach the large golden gates, they are stopped by a man with long black hair, a razor sharp spear, and shiny gold armor. Who goes there! says the man. Jax approaches the man, Uh we are Jax, the wanderer, and Poppy of Bandle City. I am Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia, I stand guard of this mighty city. Wait did you say you are Jax the wanderer? says Xin in excitement. I

did says Jax with a confused tone. Well you can come right on in, and you too Poppy,says Xin as he opens the gates to the city. They walk inside the city walls, which reveal numerous amounts of people, white and gold buildings, and the smell of adventure. Xin takes them to the city palace. Here you will find Demacian royalty, they will be most pleased to find you have come to their city, says Xin. Both Jax and Poppy nod and start up the long white staircase. Once they reach the top, they are greeted by a brown haired warrior in giant white and blue armor. I am Garen, the Might of Demacia, and who might you be? The two introduce themselves once again. Ah you are Jax the wanderer! I heard all about you slaying the void monster in Freljord. That was absolutely amazing! exclaims Garen. You heard about that? says the surprised Jax. Of course, we are in close relation the King Tyrndamere. But quick I must introduce you to the prince. says Garen, as he shows the two to the royal chambers. As they walk towards the room, they see many expensive looking paintings, and artifacts. Jax and Poppy walk into the room where the prince sits, with his spear in hand. Greetings all says the prince, I am Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia. Hello, we are Jax the wanderer and Poppy of Bandle City. announces Jax. Ah you are the one who beat Chogath, I see says Jarvan with a twinkle in his eye, then you wont mind helping us with our next attack on Noxian forces. Jax ponders the thought for a moment, but before he can speak Poppy bursts into the conversation, An attack on Noxus! I cant believe it! Can I help? Its always been my dream to fight in the Demacian Army! Jarvan gives a kind hearted laugh towards the small warrior, Im

unsure that a person of your stature can fight with Demacian might, but as for spirit you certainly have it. Of course you can come along, you may even learn a thing or two. Poppy jumps up with glee, she turns to Jax Can we go? Please Jax, please! Jax nods and the two leave the room. Just as they reach the bottom of the stairs, Jarvan yells out Tonight, an hour after sunset, meet at the gates! I shall inform you there! The two waves up to Jarvan, then continue to explore the city. Percisely an hour after sunset Jax and Poppy are waiting at golden gates of Demacia, Jax with his scimitar, and Poppy with her hammer. Just then Xin pops out of the bushes, Right this way. as he motions towards the forest. As the two walk through the forest more and more soldiers join them. Eventually an entire army is following them. Poppy looks behind them and squeals with glee. Jax pulls his hood just slightly over his eyes and continues to march forward. Here we are. announces Xin, as Garen and Jarvan move to the front of the group, which has stopped infront of a field scared with the heat of previous battles. Off in the distance, Jax can see the Noxian forces forming. Here we stand brothers! shouts Jarvan. The army readies their weapons and prepares for battle. Xin is the first to charge. Be a man! he screams as he charges the enemy forces. Garen is right behind him, spinning his blade in a circle, creating a whirlwind of steel and death. As the rest of the troops begin to fight, Jarvan leaps across the battle field screaming Demacia!!! striking the ground with such force that the ground crushes downward as if making a dirt arena.

Jax and Poppy begin to fight, but almost immediately after they join a large green monster wielding a giant axe walks up the battle field uttering nothing but, Sion kill. Looks tough, says Poppy, Hes nothing we cant handle. says Jax. They both ready their weapons and prepare for a fight. Sion starts the fight by empowering his axe with the souls of the warriors hes slain. The axe gains an orange glow, and Sion screams in the faces of Jax and Poppy. Poppy is the first to strike. She takes her hammer and charges into the gut of Sion, knocking him back several feet. Sion doesnt even flinch. Wow that was my strongest punch, says Poppy in amazement. Jax is up next, he leaps onto Sion, giving him a strong smack to the chin. Again Sion doesnt even bat an eyelash. Its like he doesnt even feel pain! says Jax. Sion screams upwards, creating a sort of shield around him which glows red with anger. After a short time, the shield explodes in every direction, knocking back both Jax and Poppy. As they regain their footing, Sion begins to walk towards them. Poppy swings her hammer and hits Sion square in the jaw. He takes his axe and hits Poppy with such force it knocks her unconscious. Oh now youve done it! screams Jax as he rushes Sion. As he does Sion gives him a petrifying gaze, so terrifying that Jax freezes in his tracks, frozen by fear. Sion simply walks up, throws Jax up over his shoulder, and walks back to the Noxian forces. They take Jax back to Noxus, where they throw him in the highest security prison. The stun from the gaze finally wares off, and Jax is able to move again. He is in a tiny cell with a

bed, and a small window with iron bars. Jax begins to search around for his scimitar, but it cant be found anywhere. Looking for this? A woman begins to swing Jaxs scimitar around, just outside his cell. Actually, yes I am, announces Jax Could I have it back? The woman laughs, Of course not what kind of prison would this be if you had a weapon. Jax looks at the woman, Who are you? You look familiar. She sheaths the scimitar, Not many live to see my face more than once. I am Katarina, the sinister blade. Well, Jax begins, why have I been imprisoned? Katarinas voice changes, You have committed crimes against my people and those who commit crimes must pay for their crimes. With that, Katarina walks out of the room, leaving Jax to rot in his cell. Jax begins pondering about how he is going to escape. He notices a small crack above the window. He jumps on top of the bed to get a better look. Light can be seen through the crack. Jax looks around for something he can use to break through. The only thing in the room is he and the bed. Jax grabs the leg of the bed and tries his hardest to snap it off, but its no use. Instead he puts the bed on its side and kicks the leg off. This should work. Jax thinks to himself. He smashes the pole against the crack, and slowly the hole widens. Bit by bit, piece by piece Jax breaks away at the wall. Finally, Jax is able to squeeze through, and escape to the streets outside. As Jax runs down the street, he hears a siren screaming from the prison. There he is get him! Jax hears behind him. Jax sprints down the street and cuts a corner. After running down an alley, Jax hops a fence, and hides behind a dumpster, but its no use a group of guards find him in the alley.

As the group draws their swords, Jax looks around for a weapon. The first guard charges him, Jax reaches for anything in reach. His hands contact a cold brass pole. Jax looks up and swings, contacting the guard right in the head. The guard falls to the ground, as Jax looks at whats in his hands, its a solid brass pole with a street lamp on top. Amazed that this simple lamp worked as a weapon, Jax readies himself for the next attack. One by one, the guards fall to Jax and his lamp weapon. Jax scampers off with lamp post, thinking to himself This lamp post is just like me, unique, strong, and an outcast. After a few more close encounters, Jax finally makes it out of the city. In order to cover his trail, Jax heads deep into the woods. He finds a small clearing, and sets up camp for the night. Time to put this night behind me, says Jax as he sets up a makeshift bed. The next morning Jax, packs up his things and continues through the woods. He finds an old man sitting on a stump. The man has a long white beard, light blue robes, and a hood covering his face. As Jax walks by the old man speaks out, Why hello there. I dont see many people in this neck of the woods. Jax gives him a smirk, Yeah, Ive been just trying to avoid somethings. The man gestures Jax over to sit next to him. Im Reginald Ashram, who might you be? asks the man. I am Jax the wanderer. says Jax with pride. Reginald points at Jaxs lamp post, Whats this you have here? Oh this Jax starts, this is my weapon. A shocked look arises on Reginalds face, You fight with a lamp post? Not only are you a wanderer, you are a grandmaster at arms! Jax gives a slight smile Grandmaster at arms, I could get used to that

So what troubles you Jax asks Reginald. Jax sighs and explains his adventures of the past couple days. I see, caught up in the politics of the war. I may have a solution for you. Jax raises his brow, What might that be? Reginald gains a grin, The League of Legends, a battle field where all are exempt from persecution of politics, and solve their differences with force rather than words. Where is this place, it sounds just like what I need. says Jax. Youre in luck, Im the leader of the league. What I say goes. I can get you in like that. says Reginald with a smug look. The two talked for hours about Jax joining the league. Eventually they leave the woods and head towards league arena. With a little persuasion, Reginald gets Jax into the league. Jax with lamp post in hand quickly makes a name for himself in the league. This name is Jax, Grandmaster at Arms.






-Miss Fortune (Bounty Hunter)






-Xin Zhao





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