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Introduction To effect maintenance repair works to be done on the Underground Drainage Pipeline that carries oily/process water from

the Desander Pit to Sump#2. The Desander Pit . A section of the compromised line will be replaced with a new pipe and cleanout points will now be included in the run of the line to allow future maintenance. All works shall comply with all material, construction, and inspection requirements set forth in the Engineering Specifications adhering to the BP Guidance on Certification Process and providing the necessary information that may be required of the process. The works to be undertaken on this project comprises: a. The excavation of Test pits, and working Trench for removal of pipe b. The installation of reinforced concrete manholes c. Installation of new underground Pipeline All work shall be done to design specifications

1. Mobilization Mobilise Equipment, check to ensure all vehicle and equipment are certified for use at Facilities .Operators have Valid Permits and orientation .Inspection of all equipment will be carried out prior to mobilization onsite 2. Safety & Orientation Ensure all personnel associated with job are to be oriented to work on the Job site and shall comply with the safety requirements 3. Obtain Safety Passes & Work Permit Before the commencement of any work the relevant Work Permits and safety Passes must be obtained from the safety Department 4. Set up Site Office/Work shed/Toilet facilities A Site office is to be erected on site to monitor daily activities In addition a Work shed and Toilet facilities for the Employees shall also be constructed .it is expected that these areas will be kept clean at all times

5. Establish Survey Benchmark A licenced Surveyor will establish Survey bench marks prior to Excavation Exercise .The Benchmark shall be clearly identified with fluorescent paint 6. Obtain Excavation Permits Before any Excavation takes Excavation Permits must be obtained from the Safety Dept. 7. Testing & Approval to work The site is to be tested for any emissions by company personnel before commencement of work on site 8. Excavate Exploratory Holes Exploratory holes shall be hand excavated at 20m centers with utmost care to locate 12kv line and any other utility line which may be in the area to be excavated. The process shall be conducted over a period of three days, All safety requirements and obtaining permits and testing on site applies

9. Establish Survey Line Once utility lines are located the surveyor will establish a line clearly indicating the location of the utilities lines by placing fluorescent markers at every 10 m to avoid contact by equipment

10.Client to isolate 12kV lines Once Lines are Located the contractor will advise Client who shal then shall advise on the process of isolating the lines 11. Obtain Excavation Permits Before any Excavation takes Excavation Permits must be obtained from the safety Dept.

12.Excavate trench 3ft deep@280m The entire length of the trench (280m) shall be excavated to a depth of 3-0 (see diagram 1) 13.Remove waste material from site All waste material shall be removed offsite 14.Excavate trench further 3ft @280m The second excavation level shall constitute a benched area to a depth of 3-0(see diagram 2) 15.Remove waste material from site All waste material shall be removed offsite

16.Excavate trench further 6ft@280m The final level of excavation will involve the removal of existing waste line which will be done in collaboration with the shoring exercise for the trench

17.Remove waste material from site All waste material shall be removed offsite 18.Construct trench access There will be four access ladders erected inside the trench for access in and out of the trench 19.Install trench shoring The shoring shall confirm to international best practices and standards and shall be constructed throughout the trench to mitigate against cave -inns

20.Dewater trench two pumps shall be employed to dewater the trench sumps throughout the entire process

21.Place selected fill material in trench and compact Selected fill shall be placed at the bottom of the trench and compacted in accordance with given specifications

22.Install junction boxes This shall be done in accordance with the drawings 23.Establish 400mm pipeline levels Surveyor shall establish the gradient of the pipeline in accordance with specifications

24.Install 400mm pipeline the Pipeline shall be installed by a licenced Plumber in accordance with the Specifications 25.Inspections Inspections shall be conducted by client prior to backfilling exercise

26.Backfill & Compact with selected fill material The trench shall be backfilled in 6layers and compacted in accordance with specs 27.Housekeeping It is of paramount importance that housekeeping is done on a daily basis and after the job is complete a general housekeeping exercise must be done on site to remove any debris, materials etc.

28.Demobilisation All safety rules and guidelines must be complied to when demobilising site