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Lesson Plan Template EDTECH 541 Your Name: Casey Farmer Lesson Title: Networking Introduction: This lesson

is intended to give a brief overview of what a network is and what they can be used for. Content Area and Grade or Age Level of Students: Middle School Computer Class Objectives: Given a worksheet with questions, terms and concepts and access to on-line

resources students will utilize their information literacy skills to gather information about computer networks. They will demonstrate their understanding of these terms by completing a quiz with 80% or better accuracy.
Standards Addressed: NC Computer Engineering Technology X107. Basic Networking (Core 6.0) ("Ncdpi," 2004) Relative Advantage: Learners will understand the basic concepts and terms of networking. Timeline: 2 class periods Materials: Computers Visuals of (Coaxial cable, twisted pair cables, Switch, Router, Network card, Hub, Modem) Networking Worksheet/Quiz Basic Networking Handout Grouping Strategies: Each student will have access to an individual computer. Learning Activities: Students will take part in class discussion with PowerPoint. Followed by a group activity reviewing the handout in which they will read and highlight key terms and phrases. The lesson will end with a worksheet/quiz. Assessment: Students will complete a brief 5 question quiz about the information they have learned. Students will show 80% mastery. Adaptations for Learners with Special Needs: Extra time and resources will be provided to individuals that need them. References:

Ncdpi. (2004, June 22). Retrieved from des/7991-7992_ol.pdf Peters, C. (2011, February 8). Networking 101: Concepts and definitions. Retrieved from Peters, C. (8 Fe). Techsoup. Retrieved from Yeshi, S. (n.d.). Basic Networking Tutorial. In what is a computer network. Retrieved June 14, 2012, from

Question 1

What is a computer network and where are they commonly used at?

Question 2

Using a computer network can have many advantages, what are some of these advantages?

Question 3 Define LAN and WAN? Give an example of each.

Question 4

There are two main strategies for connecting computers what are they:

a) Briefly describe each strategy. b) Draw a diagram to represent each strategy. Question 5 What types of servers can be connected to a network? Describe them.