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Feasibility Study on Photocopying and General Merchandise

is widely used in business, education, and government. There have been predictions that photocopiers will eventually become obsolete as information workers continue to increase their digital document creation and distribution and rely less on distributing actual pieces of paper. However, photocopiers are undeniably more convenient than computers for the very common task of creating a copy of a piece of paper. As a group we have decided to choose a photocopying center as our nature of business for this feasibility study. Through out our brainstorming, certain ideas were raised as to why we arrived to this kind of business. Our main reason for basing our feasibility study in this kind of business is our clientele. As students, we have considered our own needs. It is inevitable for us to photocopy certain modules for each of our subjects, photocopy research materials for our assignments and other additional information for our lessons and photocopy missed lessons. We have also considered the needs of our teachers, they also have the need to reproduce exams for their students, reproduce reviewers and reproduce their own researches for their lesson plans. Principally, the group has considered the need of our clienteles to photocopy and reproduce important documents.

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Introduction I Project Summary Name of the Enterprise Location Descriptive Definition of the Project Project Long-Range Objective Feasibility Criteria Highlights of the Project II Market Study Product Description Demand Supply

Factors Affecting the Market Marketing Program SWOT Analysis III Technical Study Services Processes Production Schedule Project Location Project Layout Building Furniture & Fixture Machinery & Equipment Supplies Raw Materials Utilities Waste Disposal Production Costs Labor Requirements IV Financial Feasibility Major Assumptions Total Project Costs Financial Statements Payback Period Payback Reciprocal Return on Investment V Organization & Management Study Form of Ownership Project Activities Project Schedule Gantt Chart Work Policy Organizational Chart Officers and Key Personnel VII Socio-Economic Study Employment and Income Taxes Supply of Commodities Demand for Materials

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In 1937 Bulgarian physicist Georgi Nadjakov found that, when placed into an electric field and exposed to light, some dielectrics acquire permanent electric polarization in the exposed areas. That polarization persists in the dark and is destroyed in light. Chester Carlson, the inventor of photocopying, was originally a patent attorney, as well as a part-time researcher and inventor. His job at the patent office in New York required him to make a large number of copies of important papers. Carlson, who was arthritic, found this to be a painful and tedious process. As a result, he was motivated to conduct experiments with photoconductivity. Carlson used his kitchen for his "electrophotography" experiments, and, in 1938, he applied for a patent for the process. He made the first "photocopy" using a zinc plate covered with sulfur. The words "1022-38 Astoria" were written on a microscope slide, which was placed on top of more sulfur and under a bright light. After the slide was removed, a mirror image of the words remained. Carlson tried to sell his invention to some companies, but, because the process was still underdeveloped ...

... operation manual of the equipment. Therefore, the need for employees with high educational attainment is not necessary. As such, the project may then elevate the employed individuals in earning income to sustain the needs of their everyday living. Taxes Taxes are financial obligation of a certain business to the government. Issued permits and licenses are being paid annually and collected by the local government of Alaminos City. The amount collected will then utilized for community enhancement program and various development project. The amount of mandate tax depends on the nature of the business.

Supply of Commodities In most public offices, school or private firms, the necessity for photocopying increases. The easy reproduction of important documents lessens the work load. Since the business already have long term equipment, prices will depend on the power consumption and the price of raw materials. Demand for Materials Since the project operates in central business area, the demand for local materials will not be difficult to obtain. Raw materials can be taken or be bought in nearby stores for stocks.
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Princess R. This is a feasibility study. I believe this could be of great help for those who are doing similar studies. Well-written and well-researched.