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486 ditch SOW.—PI. Itjn. Y. Maaa. 8h. IV, end, 55c top., v. yes. Gen. B. a.
SOW.—PI. Itjn. Y. Maaa. 8h. IV, end, 55c top., v. yes.
Gen. B. a. 67 jmn Tl large (old) lettuce plants. Lam.E.
to 1,1 tqi (ma m l) m twa a bundle of &c
XDtl II pr. n. m. flow. Yeb. 121b.
yS&n, Tosef. Kel. B. Mets. V, 13, read: Vn, v.
mo IX
ion i (v. next v.) to be white, pure, charitable,grace-
ful.—Vart. paaa. nen, -fern, n-nen, .endowed with ion,
graceful. Keth. 17* (in a bridal song) Tn r\tO nto hand-
some and graceful bride. Niun.B.s. 12; Cant. B. to III, 10
(not nmen).
ICn II (b. h.; cmp. "On, r»n); Pi. *mr\, TOPI [to
scrape off,] (cmp. rpJ, q"U) to jeer, scoff1 at, to shame.
Buth r. to IV, 8 tres-n yittna (or ttoto; ed. wn. Tronic)
he scoffed at them publicly (speaking ironically, with
ref. to n Chr. XIII, 8); Y. Yeb. XVII, beg. 15c 'I'tfim
'31 he jeered at Jeroboam; Gen. B. s. 65; ib. s. 73 BTWHB
ed. Wa (oth. 'OTOJ); Lev. B. s. 33; Midr. 8am. ch. XVIII
Tiam»; Yalk. Kings 205 TiBnai. — Ex. B. s. 30 (ref. to
Ex. II, 14) '51 «jts when Dathan and Abiram sneered
at him. Ib. 'si ini« BrMsmtB ma with the very word
(aBlts) with which you sneered at him, I shall give him
the rulership (B"*aD1Ba). Peaik. B. s. 42 niB net B^-T^rra
(not 'Vwrra) jeered at Sarah; a. e.—V. Uttm.
ch. same, 1) to be put to thame (be whitened).
Targ. Ps. XXXIV, 6 Ms. (ed. tSXt). Ib. XL, 15 (ed. Lag.
oth. Ithpa.; some ed. "I for 1).—2) to shame Ac.; v.
Pa. "ran, Af. monet to jeer, blaspheme, disgrace (in
ed.frequ.Pe.). Targ. I Sam. XVII, 36. Targ. Prov. XXV, 10
Trwi? Lev. (ed. TyiO!"t3); »• tr. [Some ed. 1 for 1.]
Ithpa. "renret to be reviled, put to shame. Targ. Pa.
LXXI, 24; a. e.; v. aupra. Targ. Prov. XX, 4 (v. LXX).
"lOn m. (b. h.; ion I) grace, kindness, love, charity.
Sifra K'dosh., Par. 4, ch. X (ref. to Ton, Lev. XX, 17)
ton Tl
loetn etaiO if you will object, why did Cain
marry hia aislerf (Anaw.) It was an act of kindness (to se-
cure the propagation of the race); Y.Yeb.Xl, 11° top 'n
'31 THOS I (the Lord) dealt kindly with &c—Tl blB am,
am. Succ. 491' naa Tl lb \
npIS yet charity is
rewarded only in proportion to the benevolence in it.
Ib. Tl blD mm a study of love (for its own sake);—
Buth B. Par. 3, beg., v. naTOn.—Gen. B. s. 8 laiet Tl
Charity said ic.—PI. E*non acts of kindness. Succ. 1. c;
fr.; v. baj a. mV'as.
ion, fcO&n, 'dtii ch. same. Targ. Y. Lev.
XX, 17'(v. Y.TYeb. XI, li'1 top, quot. in preced). Targ.
Gen. XXXIX, 21; a. fr.—Y. Ab. Zar. Ill, 421 top; Y.
Hag. II, 77'1 bot., v. to; a. e.— PI. St'^lBn, 1311; "fion,
Tjn, W. Targ. 0. Gen. XXXII, 11. Targ. Pa. CVII, 43;
(=b. h. Ten) shame, reiilenient,
interch. with enwm q. v.
pr. n. m. Hisda, name of several
Amoraim.' Ber.V; Y. ib. IV, 9a top.—Hull. 10".—Y. Hall.
I, 57r top; a. fr. V. Fr. M'bo, p. 891', sq.
(TSIDn m. (denom. of ewon I) kind, pleasing.—PI.
â– jWBTi/Gitt. 7" "|Vnj Til "jaw etTOm thy name is Hisda
(Love), and lovable are thy words; [Bath B. Par. 3, beg.
-on nai ion net, read: ^rvn].
pr. n. m. Hisdai (interch. with
Boon). Buth B. Par." 3, beg. 'Won; (Gitt. 7» eoom). Y.
8nb. I, 18J bot
Y. Erub. IV, end, 22"; a. fr.—V. Fr.
M'bo, p. 90».
NTI^Dn f.=!twr<on. Targ. Cant. VII, 6 (ed. Lag.
"SW)/ Tar'g. Ps. LXIX, 11 Ms. (ed. Lag. Ten, oth. ed.
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pi^lOn, v. tton I a. ifjte.

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