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Research on water

By: Simeon Andreev and Daniel Sokolov

The main rivers in Bihor
Countri are: Crisul Repede, Crisul Negru and Barcau Crisul Repede(148 km in length)has its springs in the Cluj Country and crosses Oradea The Peta Lake is situated near the Baile Felix and 1 Mai spas.This lake hosts the lotus (Nyphaea lotus thermalis), a protected species

Their region is located in the
central part of Poland on the Vistula, Brda, Drweca and Notec rivers-the main sources of water

The main resources of water in
the prefecture of Drama are: the River Nestos and its lakes in the northern and central areas of the prefecture, the River Aggitis in the southern and lowland areas, the Voiranis, Drama and Mylopotamos springs which are used in the irrigation network for the plains around Drama and a reservoir on the plateau of Kato Nevrokori with the aim of irrigation the plateau

The main sources of
water for our regoin are:
The lake 40th Springs The main rivers in our region are: The Asenitza river(86km long) and Maritza river

Average water consuption of water at home (per month)

Romania -9,3 mc Poland Greece -10,6 Bulgaria 11,25

Average water consumption of water at school (per month)

Romania-110 mc cold
water and 10 mc warm PolandGreece-75 mc Bulgaria-120 mc

Problems connected with water usage in Romania

A large number of rural homes use well water to provide
safe, quality drinking water to their families, but a well can change over time and numerous problems might arise sediments in water, change of taste, color and sometime contamination levels. To solve these problems, a well contractor can remove the pump and inspect the well.

Problems connected with water usage in Poland

The main problem is a low level of
groundwater which has an impact on a landscape and flora

Problems connected with water usage in Greece

The main problem connected with water usage
is the frequent water. There ate different and contradictory opinions about the chlorine and its use in water cleansing. It has been the mot effective method so far, although there are certain disadvantage in using it.

Problems connected with water usage in Bulgaria

Prevision of quality drinking water Change of taste colour etc. Frequent chlorination (the most effective
method so far to clear the water).

What causes water pollution in Romania?

The polluents can be microbiological
(Escherichia soli, Salmonella, Enterococci) and chemical polluents (such as pesticides, ammonium nitrates, nitrites)

What causes water pollution in Poland?

The fields over fertilization causes runoff
from the fields the fertilizers such as: nitrogen, phosphorus etc., which has a detrimental effect on lakes and rivers condition and causes severe pollution of the water bodies. Consequently water is overgrown with algae.

What causes water pollution in Greece?

There hasnt been noticed any serious
water pollution in our area. However, the water supply system is constructed with amianthus pipes which could be responsible for potential damages to human health.

What causes water pollution in Bulgaria?

The polluents can be microbiological
(Escherichia soli, Salmonella, Enterococci) and chemical (ammonium nitrates, nitrites)

The quality of water in Romania

In Bihor country the quality of drinking water
is generally good. Samples of drinking water are periodically collected from the water supply network, consumer is tabs and wells. Analysis are carried out in the laboratories of the Public Health Authority of Bihor Country. They inform the population about the safety of potable water in their area

The quality of water in Poland

Water in Inowroctaw is within the limits
what is normal and meet the health requirements. Their water is not poisonous but on the other hand it is not spring water as well. In some places water contains too much iron and it is too hard. There is mo influence on the environment.

The quality of water in Greece

In the prefecture of
Drama the quality of drinking water is more than good. Besides their region is famous for its spring, especially their town which is built on underground water sources.

The quality of water in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's indigenous
water resources derive largely from mountain watersheds where orographic effects enhance precipitation. These watersheds provide resources upon which lowland communities, industry, and irrigation depend.

Tips for saving water consummation in Romania

Check regularly for any leaks in your

toilet, faucets and fix them. Install a low-flow showerhead. Take short showers and save the baths for special occasions. Dont rinse dishes before loading dishwashers. Was only full loads in the dishwasher and in the clothes washer

Tips for saving water consummation in Poland

1.Take a shower instead of having a bath. 2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and

shaving 3.Change a gaskets in a leaking tap or toilet cistern 4.Replace a rubber washer in a leaky faucet or a leaky toilet cistern. 5.Do washing in a machine only with a full drum. 6.Using a dishwasher instead of washing up under running water. 7.Save water with a two stage flush toilet. 8.Properly turn off a tap 9.Water the garden plants with rainwater

Tips for saving water consummation in Greece

1.Turn off the water while brushing your

teeth/washing your hair/shaving. 2.Report broken pipes, open hydrants and leaks to the property owner or your water provider 3.Water only when necessary (more plants die from over-watering than from under-watering) 4.Wash your pets outdoors in an area of your lawn that needs water. 5.Wash your fruit and vegetables in a pan of water instead running water from the tap.

Tips for saving water consummation in Bulgaria

1.When you wash dishes, do not let water run continuously. Prepare a soap

solution in the sink or in another court. 2.Run the washing machine or dishwasher only when full. 3.Do not overfill the kettle, it will save and electricity.

4.Charge refrigerator drinking water instead of every time it drain tap until
cool. 5.Defrost meat, put it in the refrigerator or microwave rather than under running water. 6.Do not throw water down the drain when you can use it for something else, such as watering or cleaning.