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6/22/12 Thermal Phsics: Errors in Solutions

by Daniel V. Schroeder, Department oI Physics, Weber State University
First printing, January 2001
Here is a list oI known errors in the solution manual. II you Iind an error that is not listed here, please e-mail
me at
Page 8. In the second displayed equation, within the big parentheses, the denominators oI the second
and third terms should be inverted to obtain (V/n) and (V/n)
, respectively. (Thanks to G.
Wiegerinck posted 10/9/02.)
Page 16. About 9 lines Irom the bottom oI the page, the calligraphic N in the equation U NT/2
should be replaced by a normal N multiplied by f. (Posted 1/27/06.)
Page 107. In the next-to-last line, the subscripts on the partial derivative should be N and T, not N
and P. (Thanks to J. Lockhart posted 3/19/01.)
Page 126. The labels "Steam" and "Water" in the phase diagram should be interchanged. (Thanks to
J. Lockhart posted 3/26/01.)
Page 162. In the last displayed equation on the page, the numbers aIter the second equals sign should
read "-46.3 /- 106.8 153.1 or 60.5." This correction then propagates through the text just below:
50 becomes 60, 150 becomes 180, 200 becomes 160, and the Iinal computation becomes 160/(2x60)
4/3 the Iraction 2/3 thereIore becomes 4/7. (Thanks to A. Gavrin posted 4/26/04.)
Page 171. In the last displayed equation on the page, in the Iirst exponent, 10.2/.862 should be
10.2/.819. (Thanks to J. Lockhart posted 1/24/03.)
Page 187. Please delete the extraneous sign aIter Iirst summation symbol, in the displayed equation
at the middle oI the page. (Thanks to J. Lockhart posted 1/24/03.)
Pages 191-194. The symbol P (script capital P) should be changed to D in the solutions to Problems
6.36, 6.38, and 6.41. (Thanks to J. Lockhart posted 4/25/01.)
Page 208. Near the middle oI the page, the ratio 10/55 is equal to 18, not 10. (Thanks to L.
Cominsky posted 1/17/01.)
Page 259. In the last expression oI the displayed equation in part (b), the Iactor oI pi
in the
denominator should be pi
. This change should also be made in the similar expressions that occur in
the two displayed equations in part (c) lower on the page. In the last equation on the page, the Iactor
oI c
in the numerator should also be changed to c
. Back in part (b), just below the displayed
equation, the numerical answers 9 x 10
and 6 x 10
should both be increased by a Iactor oI 100,
so the exponents become -29 and -10, respectively. The number oI photons emitted per second is
approximately 40, not less than 1 as claimed. Amazingly, the numerical value oI H given at the
bottom oI the page is correct, as are the Iurther calculations on the Iollowing page. (Thanks to M.
Davis posted 7/23/04.)
Page 331. At the end oI the last equation on the page, the exponent should be -10, not 10. (Posted
6/22/12 Thermal Phsics: Errors in Solutions