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How to Start Your Satanic Coven

Have you have found the benets of Satanism and Satanic magic? If so, you are probably progressing in your new-found art almost daily and Satan is greatly blessing you for your time, diligence and tenacity. You are probably performing rituals and magical workings in the privacy of your newly formed ritual sanctum, whether large and well furnished or small, intimate and humble. At a certain point in your pursuit of all things evil, you will probably ask yourself How can I nd like-minded individuals to share my Satanic experience? Perhaps the thought of forming a Satanic coven crosses your mind. Well, for many, this is only a eeting thought that is never seriously entertained however, some determined, strong-minded individuals do more than just think about it; they actually do it!

The trials and tribulations of forming a coven can be daunting to anyone and for those who are a bit chicken-hearted, it can be a terrifying proposition. Those armed with only good intentions are doomed to fail and subsequently, they blame Satan for their failure. Let me be clear; Satan does not set you up with your very own must do the work. Satan can (and will) bless your coven and your work if you are doing it for truly the right reasons..period. The sweat and hard work is totally up to you. There are also those who think forming a coven will bring them power, recognition and other attributes of self fulllment. Wrong again. The truth is you will spend more time, money and energy in forming and sustaining your coven than you will ever recoup and as for recognition; Do sheep admire the shepherd? I am not calling the coven members sheep however a great deal of your time will be invested in leading the coven and solving problems (some of which are difficult) to ensure the health of your group. The coven will not govern itself; that you must do. I obtest and digress. One method that works very well is word of mouth, provided people already know about your belief. If not, do not risk harm to yourself or character assassination by trying this method. The Christians (and any other religion including Atheists) will try to verbally, and in some cases, physically rip you to shreds. Those loving and tolerant bible thumpers would not mind beating a Satanist with a metal pipe to prove their point so do not take that chance. Another method that works well is the internet. Seeking out those of like mind is fairly easy in modern chat rooms, forums and websites (like I have introduced people living in the same city to one another because they both sent me separate emails inquiring about local coven contacts. Forums are a good place to meet and chat but as usual, use caution when meeting that person for the rst time. I recommend a very public place where you both can feel relaxed and relatively safe. Do not meet anyone for the rst time in the back of an alley. Use good sense. So after you meet some perspective members who are on the same wavelength as you, it is time to nd a place to meet. This can be as simple as someones house, garage or barn. I have experienced some very elaborate meeting areas while serving as guest Magus in other covens. One such place was in the middle of the woods on land owned by one of the members. It was very secluded and a really excellent place to really let go and be totally uninhibited. One of my favorite places is on a small uninhabited island that can only be reached by boat. It is a great place and just inside the tree line, is a wonderful area that serves well as sanctum. My home coven is fortunate to have our own sanctum that is very lavishly furnished and all members take pride in constantly improving the building.inside and out. You would never know what the building is used for if just driving past. The building is in an industrial area and the front is actually a service business storefront. There is ample private parking in the back and a rear entrance into a large room that is decorated as a corporate meeting room. Down the hallway, past the restrooms, is the changing rooms and sitting area, equipped with television, refrigerator and comfortable couches and recliners. Still nothing out of the ordinary. Down another hallway is the entrance door to our sanctum. Once you have found the location for your sanctum, you will probably want to acquire some implements of the Satanic ritual. A knife, athame or sword is used during magical workings as well as a chalice, patent (small plate may do ne) and appropriate clothing for the participants. Black robes are usually worn by coven members with some groups wearing either red, blue and / or purple dening a certain hierarchy of the members. There is no wrong or right when it come to the clothing and many groups simply wear black clothes instead of robes. To each their own. The main focus of the group should be Satan and serving Him absolutely. A coven can be a great social group however, do not forget why it was formed. To exclude Satan from your coven will certainly lead to the covens demise. Remain focused and your coven will grow and prosper. Until next time, Aleister Nacht