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UCiTS and onshore investing Conference: 2020 & beyond

3 OctOber 2012, tHe brItISH MUSeUM, LONDON

We are pleased to announce that the second absolute ucits conference will be held at the British Museum on 3 october. it will explore the alternative UCiTS hedge fund industry today particularly how it will grow and what it will look like over the next decade. With the sector expected to expand to assets of $1.5 trillion by 2020, the absolute ucits conference will bring together leading industry speakers to examine how changing regulation, investor demand and market sentiment is enabling the alternative UCiTS market to grow.


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ConferenCe TiMingS
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SeSSion 1 What are the advantages of institutional and retail investors allocating to alternative UCiTS? The negative interest rate environment has brought challenges to many investors meaning that alpha is crucial. For many institutional investors, unable to access offshore hedging strategies, they have to access hedge fund strategies via a UCITS or onshore structure. Also retail investors who are thinking beyond cash, equities and bonds to build their portfolios will turn to alternative investments for capital protection, alpha and diversification. This session will explore the implications for investors of all types. SeSSion 2 Who has the best strategy ideas for alternative UCiTS today? What is the impact of markets, regulation or the UCiTS wrapper itself? Volatile and risk-on/risk-off markets mean that equities have lost some of their appeal. How are asset managers responding to this challenge? Will strategies that dont need to be domiciled offshore come onshore? This session will discuss the latest strategy developments. SeSSion 3 How to attract assets into alternative UCiTS? Are platforms the solution? or is a new distribution model needed? Raising capital for funds was easier for asset managers before the global financial crisis. Since then, the traditional distribution models have been challenged by a number of factors. This session will explore distribution models and the best way to raise assets in todays highly challenging market conditions. SeSSion 4 The future: Alternative UCiTS and the onshore hedge fund industry in 2020. The sector has a lot of opportunities to grow due to convergence between the hedge fund and traditional asset management industries, more investors will demand that the funds they invest in are domiciled locally, which will mean more esoteric strategies will be available to onshore institutional and retail investors. This session will attempt to paint a picture of what the alternative UCITS and onshore hedging industry will look like over the next decade. Session timings will be confirmed closer to the event

spEakErs confirmEd so far

Gran EmtEsj ALTeRnATIVe UCITS ConSULTAnT Goran is an independent financial consultant. Currently he is starting up a company with senior figures from the financial industry. He is mainly going to work with his former company Folksams board of directors and on a couple of investment boards. Goran is also chairman of the board at oPM, a Swedish company that runs FoHF. oPM is owned by its founder and Carnegie Bank. adrian Harris RenAISSAnCe ASSeT MAnAGeRS Adrian is managing director and head of distribution and investor relations at Renaissance Asset Managers. Renaissance Asset Managers is the investment management business of Renaissance Group, the leading emerging markets investment firm. Founded in 2003, it aims to be the leading specialist manager for investing in Russia, the CIS, emerging europe and Africa. The companys AUM is $2.95 billion. tHomas sandELL SAndeLL ASSeT MAnAGeMenT Thomas is founder, Ceo and portfolio manager of Sandell Asset Management. established in 1998, Sandell manages a multi-strategy global event-driven hedge fund which invests in corporate event-driven situations across the capital structure. In 2010 a dedicated merger arbitrage/equity-event fund was launched, as well as the UCITS fund version. Sandell manages roughly $750 million and has offices in new York and London. fiLippo stEfanini eURIzon CAPITAL Filippo is head of hedge funds and manager selection at eurizon Capital. eurizon Capital is part of Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the main banking groups in Italy. The company divides its asset management activities into two distinct areas with specialised skills: advice and structuring, and investment management. juLiEn tizot AG2R LA MondIALe Julien is head of alternative investment at Agicam, a member of AG2R La Mondiale. He runs two funds of Absolute Return UCITS funds and he is in charge of analysing the funds, building the portfolios and managing an overlay to remain within limits of the mandates. Agicam is one of the investment arms of AG2R La Mondiale, a large French insurance company and pension fund with approximately 45 billion AUM for the group.
More speakers will be announced shortly. Visit for further details.

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