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Frequently used phrases

Hi, Hello How are you doing? How are you doing? Im fine Im fine This is This is Yes No Good morning Marhvaba Kiifak? (addressing male) Kiifik? (addressing female) Mniihv (ml) Mniihva (fem) Hayda (ml) Hayde (fem) E La The most used is the French's Bon Jour (pronounced Bon jur) Nharkon saxiid is a Lebanese phrase that is used also. Good evening The most common phrase is the French's Bon Soir (prnounced Bon swar) Masa lkher is also used Good night The most common phrase is the French's Bonne nuit (pronounced Bon wii) French's Merci is most used, pronounced Mersii English's Thanks is the second most used Yislamo is a Lebanese term that is also used Arabic's Cukran is the least term used for Thanks in Lebanese Welcome If French used for thanks, the


reply will be Derienpronounced Deryan If English used for thanks, the reply will be Welcome If Lebanese used for thanks, the reply will be Aheln or: Tikram (ml) Tikrame (fem) If Arabic is used for thanks, you can reply in Lebanese or use Arabic Xafwan You can also use Ahlen What is your name? What is your name? My name is Tom Pleased/ honored to meet you I love you Cu ismak? (ml) Cu ismik? (fem) Isme Tom Tcarrafna Ana Bhvibbak/ Bhvibbak( addressing male) Ana Bhvibbik/ bhvibbik (addressing female) Lebanon Do you Speak Lebanese? I speak a little I speak good Lebanese I do not speak Lebanese Maybe For sure Sorry Bye Good Libnen Btihvke Libnene? Bihvke cway Bihvke Libnene mniihv Ma bihvke libnene Yimkin Akiid Pardon ( French) pronounced Pardon Bye (English) Mniihv

Very good OK Now Later Waw Oh Here

Ktiir mniihv OK Halla Baxden Yay Yii Hon