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This Week at Pan Africa ILGA


Dear Members of Ethiopian Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual Community Ethio LGBT We hope this email finds you well! It's time to give you a heads up on what's happening on This weekly newsletter is sent to 3285 LBGTI and allied organizations in the world, in English and French. To post an article on, update your groups page, add pictures and a logo on ILGAs directory, apply to become a member of ILGA or renew your membership fees, please log in using, the email we have for the person acting as contact between ILGA and your group: Selam NEWS/ACTUALITIES

LGBT meeting in Cameroon turns bloody as gay-bashers invade Representatives of several LGBTI organisations attacked at a gathering organized as part of a week of IDAHO events in Yaound, with the goal of providing a forum where young LGBTI artists could pass along a positive message to the community.

The LGBTI Movement and Social Media in Africa Homosexuality is presently criminalized in 38 countries in Africa, with sentences ranging from fines to imprisonment (3 months to 14 years), while in some Islamic states it is punishable even by death. Over the past 6 years the campaign for LGBTI rights and decriminalisation of same sex relationships has been aggressively pursued by an increasingly visible community of activists from across the continent.

Repealing Malawis LGBT Laws: An Example for Africa? At a news conference shortly after she was sworn in as Malawis president, Joyce Banda announced her governments intention to decriminalise homosexuality. It is unclear how she will achieve this, but the move is in stark contrast to the approach of her predecessor, Bingu wa Mutharika, who openly condemned it.

Amid Rapid Changes in Global AIDS Response, AIDS 2012 PreConference Event Highlights Implications for Gay Men and Transgender People Full day event to focus on implications of treatment as prevention, shifts in global financing, HIV criminalization, and ongoing barriers in addressing global HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men and transgender people.

UNESCO Report: Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying On 16 May, 2012, UNESCO published a landmark publication Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying. The report is based on a 9-month worldwide

consultation, in which Global Association on LGBT Education (GALE) assisted UNESCO intensively.

Gay hate day must wait Gays and lesbians will have to wait a little longer before South African ambassador to Uganda Jon Qwelane takes the stand to clarify his views about an anti-gay column he penned four years ago.

South Africa's 'Corrective Rape' of Lesbians - Op-Ed South Africa is the first African country to openly support LGBTQ civil rights. In 2004 its Supreme Court ruled that the common-law definition of marriage included same-sex unions. And in 2005, South Africas Constitutional Court made any inferior status imposed on same-sex partners unconstitutional.nBut South Africa has a serious problem with its LGBTQ population, and especially with lesbians.

Faith leaders, rights activists blast Ugandas baseless raid The Ugandan police raid on a human rights meeting on June 18 not only had no basis whatsoever in law but also encourages violence against LGBT people, international human rights groups and faith-based advocates say.

Nobel Peace Laureates raise their voices to protect LGBTI rights In an unprecedented statement, four esteemed Nobel Laureates, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Muhammad Yunus, have expressed solidarity with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people worldwide. Together, they call on the global community to recognize that traditional cultural values compel them to respect the inherent dignity and human rights of all individuals.

Drama As Kenyan LGBT Activists Want To Boycott US Embassy Pride Event Kenyan activists are divided over the recent announcement that the US Embassy in Nairobi is set to hold an LGBT Pride on Tuesday next week.

Uganda vows to ban NGOs that advocate for gays rights Uganda is getting ready to ban 38 non-governmental organisations accused of recruiting Ugandan children to promote homosexuality. This statement was made on Wednesday 20 June by the minister of Ethic, Simon Lekodo. He did not give the list of NGO targeted but did say that it was local and international organisations. The different NGOs in the country reject those accusations.