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Types of procedures followed in MFF L&T along with details of electrodes and fluxes used and their demarcation. SMAW GMAW GTAW SAW FCAW II. Types of possible jobs (joint design thickness -- material) Types of joints (Backing) Thickness and types of materials used. III. Important terms familiarization Welder, welding Inter pass temperature operator PWHT Bead/weaving/stringer Heat input Preheat Variables Post heat temperature IV. Types of defects possible Porosity(most imp) Arc strikes Overlapping Slag Inclusion Undercut Tungsten inclusion Excessive penetration Spatter Concavity & Convexity Burn through Reinforcement HAZ Cracking Incomplete fusion and penetration V. Tests performed physical (destructive and non destructive) & NDE Tensile testing (Izod Reeves Test impact Strength LPT/DPT Test/CVN Test) MPT Macro testing UT Bend test RT root,face,side 2. CODES I. ASME Sec. IX II. AWS D1.1 III. ASME Sec 2 C 3. WORK FLOW (FLOWCHARTS OF WELDING DEPARTMENT)

Head Welding Engineering In-Charge Welding Engineering Welding Engineer(s)

1. HEAD Welding Engineering shall be responsible for 1.1 Approval of Welding Consumables Brand list for MFF 1.2 Approval of Welding Consumable Purchase Requisitions 1.3 Providing enough resources as required 2. In-charge Welding Engineering / His designee shall be responsible for 2.1 Controlling, administering and implementation of Quality System in Welding Engineering function. 2.2 Identification, Estimation and generation of Purchase Requisitions for Welding Consumables (based on MTOs or other relevant documents & Project Specification) 2.3 Carrying out required testing for Brand Qualification of Welding Consumables. 2.4 Issuing monthly Incentive / Penalty Letters to Contractors based on their NDE (RT+UT) repair statistics. 2.5 Awarding Best Welders based on their productivity, discipline and NDE (RT+UT) repair statistics every month for improving overall quality and productivity. 2.6 Preparing specific Repair Procedure as and when deemed necessary with specific instruction and site control. 2.7 Maintaining liaison with TPI / PMC / CA / AI and clients for discussion and resolving Welding related technical issues, if any. 2.8 Taking necessary initiatives for Continual Improvement of Welding Processes and for optimizing implementation of semi automatic and automatic Welding Processes on various Projects during Welding planning stage. 2.9 Execution of Welding Procedure Qualifications based on requisition given by Quality Assurance and co-ordination for necessary testing Chemical/ Mechanical/ Corrosion). The documented and approved Procedure Qualifications Record to be handed over to Quality Assurance. 2.10 Inspection and clearance of Welding Consumables upon receipt in MFF Warehouse & Stores and drawing of sufficient quantity of Welding Consumable from Warehouse & Stores to replenish Site Issue Stores stock on regular basis. 2.11 Welders, Brazers and Welding Operators personnel qualifications as per specifications and codes (as applicable) and document & maintain Performance Qualification Records along with Project specific Welder Master List. 2.12 Monitoring of assigned welding related activities at site and subsequently bringing to the notice of Manufacturing and QC & Inspection function for deviation observed and corrective action (if any). Also carry out weekly Welders NDE Performance and first time acceptance review against the set Quality Objective. 2.13 Paying special attention to welding and distortion control for Critical items and Special Materials. Issuing Method statement whenever deemed necessary for proper weld sequencing and distortion control. 2.14 Monthly analysis of data of Weld repair and subsequently bringing to the notice of Manufacturing and QC & I for initiating necessary correction, corrective measures and preventive action for avoiding recurrence. 2.15 Observing all safety precautions and assuring that the same is in place during their routine surveillance. SYSTEM FORMATS FOR WELDING ENGINEERING Test Report for Welding Materials Requirement for Drying of Welding Consumables

Baking Record Consumable Requisition MFF Job wise Consumable Issue / Return Record Procedure Qualification Request Procedure Qualification Record as per AWS Procedure Qualification Record as per ASME Welding Procedure Approval Record as per BS Performance Qualification Request Performance Qualification Test Details Record of Welder / Welding Operator Qualification Test Record of Brazer / Brazing Operator Qualification Test Welders Performance Qualification Test Record Welder / Welding Operator / Brazer Identification Card Welding Parameter Slip Spot Check Report Typical Repair Procedure for Weld Repairs Work Instructions for Welding Engineering Welding Consumable Selection & Procurement Brand Approval of Welding Consumables Drying and Issue of Welding Consumables Receiving Inspection of Welding consumables Storage of Welding consumable in MFF Warehouse & Stores Safety Precautions during Welding Operations Welding of Deck Plating Prevention of Weld Defects Welder, Welding Operator & Brazer Performance Qualification Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) Standard Operating Procedures Procedure for Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) Procedure for Welder & Welding Operators Qualification Procedure for Drying & Issue of Welding Consumables Procedure for Preparation of Testing Plan Procedure for welder selection from welder information system Guidelines for welding consumables estimation. Procedure for Brand Approval of Welding Consumable Procedure for Storage of Welding Consumables Procedure for Batch Testing of Welding Consumable