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Connections member newsletter january/feburary 2009

Pellecchia Assumes FMA

Leadership in 2009
January 2009 2008-2009 FMA Chairman of the Board
23 FabCast–Fundamentals of
Stamping Presses
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST

February 2009
4 FabCast–Slitting Practices &
Tooling Considerations
10 - 12:30 p.m. CST
20 FabCast–Stamping Die Setup
10 - 12:30 p.m. CST
26 FabCast–The Basics of Waste, Flow,
and Variation
10 - 12:30 p.m. CST

March 2009
4-6 Toll Processing ‘09:
Steve Heim (right) passes the gavel to Mike Pellechia.
The Power of ‘E’
Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Mike Pellecchia has been in the metal Q. What do you see as the biggest challenge
19 FabCast–Finding and Measuring fabricating industry since 1981. His career facing the industry?
Waste and its Effects: The Value has included positions with Strippit Inc., A. I believe the looming economic
Stream Map Raytheon, U.S. Amada, FaST Machine downturn will be the biggest challenge for
Tools, Fabricating Machine Tools Ltd., and our industry, but it will also present the
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST
PRIMA North America. best opportunity for companies that have
25-27 Metal Matters: FMA’s 4th Annual
Leadership Summit Pellecchia is currently a regional manager embraced new technology, like
at MC Machinery Systems Inc. MC automation and integrated information
Carefree (Phoenix), Ariz. Machinery Systems imports, sells and systems. I have been through several
services Mitsubishi laser and EDM recessions starting with late 1970s, the
Details at machinery as well as press brakes and water early ’80s, then in 1991-92, and finally
jet systems. MC Machinery Systems is post-9/11. Each time, the companies that
headquartered in Wood Dale, Ill., but has were well managed and using efficient,
offices throughout the United States and up-to-date machinery were able to weather
Canada. the downturn and emerge stronger. It
2008-2009 FMA Board.................... 3 He joined the Board of Directors in 2003, will not be any different with what we are
has been on the Precision Sheet Metal Council experiencing today.
foundation....................................... 5
for several years and is currently on the Q. What are FMA’s strengths?
education......................................... 6 Industrial Laser Council. He has received an A. FMA brings many resources to our
newsmakers.......................................9 FMA Industry Award for his dedication and members and our industry. We have the
contributions to the sheet metal industry. Prime Advantage co-op buying program,
safety, health, and the economy.......10 Pellecchia is also a regular speaker and has been which can save our members a significant
the chair for FMA Sheet Metal conferences.
cont. on page 2
Pellecchia Assumes FMA Leadership in 2009
2008-2009 FMA Chairman of the Board cont.
amount of money on material and supplies.We are partnering with Q. How does FMA need to evolve to meet these goals?
educational institutions to create programs to attract and educate A. We need to become less inward focused and more outward
new workers for our industry, and we are introducing a certification focused. We have to leave our comfort zone and take chances. The
program for metal fabricators to insure that the people who take Fabtech and AWS with Metalform show is one example of a
the time to educate themselves have a way to demonstrate their skill partnership that started when all four organizations—FMA, SME,
level. We are producing a revamped and exciting Metal Matters AWS, and PMA—decided to work together rather then on their
networking and education program for company owners and own, and this has produced an outstanding trade show. We have to
managers and we are expanding the metal fabricatoring section of do the same thing with education programs and industry outreach
the ALAW Laser conference produced with our partner, the Laser to young people who don’t know about the opportunities in metal
Institute of America. forming and fabricating. We have an outstanding board of directors
Our research library is second to none when it comes to answering and all the team members at the FMA are ready to tackle anything
questions about emerging technology and trends in our industry. I that comes our way, so I feel privileged to be part of this group.
also would put our partnership in the FABTECH & AWS Welding Q. H
 ave you done anything to prepare yourself or your company for
Show including Metalform as a strength. This trade show will be the year ahead?
largest metal forming, fabricating, and joining show in the Western
Hemisphere, and I believe it will continue to be a focal point for A. I am working toward becoming more efficient and more aware
industry suppliers and their customers. of opportunities that will present themselves as the economy settles
down. Even in an economic downturn, there are sectors of the
Q. What are the association’s weaknesses? How can they be market that remain strong, so I plan on focusing on these areas.
overcome? Most of the products produced by our industry are durable goods,
A. I feel our membership level is something that could use not indestructible goods, so that means opportunities for
improvement. We have so much to offer members, but it has always manufacturers, even if the economy slows down.
been difficult to get this message out to the industry. We will be I also believe manufacturing will be the driving force over the next
hosting networking events across the country, which will provide couple of years, as people start to get back to the idea that you need
members and nonmembers a chance to come together and discuss to create or build something to generate wealth. I feel the company
the topics of the day. Keep an eye out for dates and times for these I work for, MC Machinery Systems (Mitsubishi), is positioned well
events and make it a point to attend for the future because we focus on automation and very powerful
Q. Where do you see FMA in 5 years? 10 years? software that significantly increases efficiency.
 . FMA is a vibrant organization and will continue to grow and Q. What have you learned from the time you’ve spent volunteering
change as the needs of our industry and members change. In five for FMA that will help you succeed as chairman?
years, I hope we have significantly more members. I see the need for A. I learned that our organization has a wealth of talented, dedicated
skilled workers increasing as the baby boomers leave the workforce, people and that you need to create an environment where everyone
so educating new workers will be critical and FMA will be on the feels comfortable to contribute. I learned that no one person has all
forefront of providing the programs needed for this training. the answers and that each board member, council member, and
It is so hard to see 10 years into the future, but there are some things associate needs to be an integral part of the process of advancing the
that will not change: the need to interact with your peers, the need goals of the group. I hope to be able to direct all of this energy and
to stay abreast of the latest technology and trends, and the need for talent toward furthering of the goals outlined in our planning
personal improvement. All of these elements are the cornerstone of session during the February 2009 board meeting.
what makes FMA an organization that will remain relevant in the Q. How do you view your year as chairman of the board?
 . I view it as an honor and challenge. When I first joined FMA as a
Q. What is your focus for the year in your position as chairman of speaker at a conference, I could never have guessed that I would end
the board? up as chairman of the board, but my comments (the nice way to say
 . I hope to continue the work that was started by Steve Heim, our criticism), about how the conference could be improved, led to me
former chairman, of partnering with other industry associations. chairing it the next year, and to my closer association with FMA. I
The mission of FMA is to work toward finding common ground know we are in for difficult times for our industry and country, but
with other organizations, so we don’t duplicate efforts in the area of I am an optimist. I think that we will ultimately come out of this
education and service to our industry. better and stronger then we went into it.
I believe that by partnering we will all be significantly stronger than Q. Any final thoughts?
each organization is individually. We will need everyone pulling A. My plan for FMA is to have a great year and not get bogged
together to insure we are meeting the needs of our industry. The down with what we cannot affect, but focus on what we can do to
assimilation of the Metalform show into Fabtech is hopefully the make our association and industry better. I would encourage
start of additional partnerships with other trade groups. I also would everyone to turn off the evening news and stop listening to the
like to use the networking events as a possible springboard toward doom and gloom of the pundits and talking heads and adopt a
local groups spreading the word about what the FMA has to offer policy of personal and company improvement, because it will pay
on a grass-roots level. dividends in the long run.

2008-2009 FMA Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board First Vice Chairman Second Vice Chairman FMA Secretary/Treasurer Immediate Past
Mike Pellecchia John Koschwanez Tom Nederpel Michael “Mick” Nallen Chairman of the Board
MC Machinery Independence Tube ArcelorMittal Thermatool Corp. Steve Heim
Systems Inc. Corp. Hamilton, Ontario East Haven, Conn. Brenco Industries Ltd.
Loveland, Ohio Marseilles, Ill. Delta, British Columbia

Director Director Director Director Director

Dave Barber Bruce Benedict Tom Connell Burke Doar Jeff Knauf
MegaFab Production Tube Main Steel Polishing TRUMPF Inc. Medalist Laserfab Inc.
Rockford, Ill. Cutting Inc. Co. Inc. Farmington, Conn. Oshkosh, Wis.
Dayton, Ohio Tinton Falls, N.J.

Director Director Director Director Director

Dan McLeod Carlos Mendizábal Pérez Carlos Rodriguez-Borjas Edwin Stanley Al Zelt
A.J. Forsyth-A Div. of Industrias Sekbir Sa Acero-Prime S. de R.L. The Gas House Inc. ASKO Inc.
Russel Metals Inc. De Cv de C.V. Fort Payne, Ala. Homestead, Pa.
Delta, B.C. San Luis Potosí, Mexico San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Director Associate Director TPA Chairman President & CEO

Vivek Gupta Ed Severson Walter Sperko Gerald M. Shankel
Texas Profab Corp. Wilson Tool Sperko Engineering Svcs. Fabricators & Manufacturers
Carrollton, Texas International Greensboro, N.C. Association, International
White Bear Lake, Minn. Rockford, Ill.

Notes from Abroad
By Tony Granelli

FMA’s most recent tour to China, the tube and pipe expedition, took Guangzhou has a population of about 13 million including
place September 20-27, 2008. Tony Granelli was the TPA volunteer 3 million transients from the interior. The average wage for a factory
who catered to an intimate group of travelers and he returned with the worker is about 400 GMB/month ($60) and includes lodging and
following observations: three meals a day for the family. Technical and trained workers get
Driving in China is not a pleasurable experience. The traffic is 4,000 GMB/month but no housing or meal allowance.
horrible and most streets have no traffic lights or stop signs so everyone Shanghai has a population of about 18 million and is 2,500 square
merges together at a constant speed of about 25 mph. Remarkably, miles. The construction and growth is phenomenal. Everyone lives in
most cars are newer models with no visible damage. Perhaps this is apartments, which are purchased, and anything more than five years
because only the very wealthy can afford a car. Cars have the right of old is considered “old” and gets a tax break. Only a limited amount
way and our tour guides would not let us cross the street by ourselves of license plates are issued each year and residents bid for them. Only
because it was too dangerous, hence, they answered to “Mother.” cars with a Shanghai license plate are allowed to drive on the elevated
expressway during rush hours.

Tony Granelli is a TPA past

chairman of the board. In October,
Tony wrapped up more than 18 years
of volunteering for the Association.

Great Wall of China


Tiananmen Square
Tuition relief on its way!
Are you or someone you know taking classes—and maybe even College scholarships for members are $5,000 per school year versus
working toward a degree or certification—in engineering or another $2,500 for non-members. Trade school and two-year college scholar-
manufacturing-related field? ships up to $2,000 per school year require membership. Students may
On Jan. 5, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association apply for membership at the time of application.
Foundation will begin accepting scholarship applications for The benefits of becoming a student member of FMA or TPA easily
college- or trade school-bound high school seniors seeking careers in justify the $25 fee. Besides qualifying the applicant for double the
manufacturing. College scholarship applications must be submitted scholarship dollars—$5,000 rather than $2,500—student
by April 3. membership offers substantially discounted registration fees for any
To be eligible, applicants must be full-time students with a minimum FMA or TPA training program. (Go to to view the full
3.0 GPA (for college scholarships) or a 2.0 GPA (for trade/technical line-up of conferences, seminars, workshops, and FabCasts
school scholarships) enrolled in an engineering or manufacturing- (webinars), on a broad range of technology and management topics,
related course of study, or a trade or technical program that may lead to offered throughout the year across North America.) Student members
a career in manufacturing. Students will be responsible for submitting can purchase FMA Store products at a reduced price as well.
academic records and an engineering or manufacturing-related program Membership also includes a bi-monthly print newsletter and a
description with each application. once-a-month e-newsletter to update you on association news. Plus,
Membership-based scholarships are available for individuals who are student members can access FMA’s Job Board, where they can search
members of the FMA, TPA, or the Outside Processors Council; the for employment opportunities and post a resume.
employee of a member company; or the child of a member or member
company’s employee.
For more information, call 888-394-4632 or visit

FMA Foundation Board of Directors

Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary/Treasurer Marcia Arndt Dave Barber Don Begneaud
Jeff Knauf Tom Connell Delbert “Del” Mullens Dean, Manufacturing President CEO/Owner
President Consultant Managing Partner Technology MegaFab Begneaud Manufacturing
Medalist Laserfab Inc. Main Steel Polishing Spector Sales Inc. Moraine Park Technical Rockford, Ill. Lafayette, La.
Oshkosh, Wis. Tinton Falls, N.J. Seattle, Wash. College
West Bend, Wis.

Terrence J. Egan, CFRE

FMA Foundation
Rockford, Ill.

Bryan Hawkins Steve Heim Matt Hotch Michael “Mick” Nallen Traci Tapani
President/CEO President President President Co-President
Hawkeye Industries Inc. Brenco Industries Ltd. Matt Hotch Designs Thermatool Corp. Wyoming Machine Inc.
Tupelo, Miss. Delta, B.C., Canada Fullerton, Calif. East Haven, Conn. Stacy, Minn.
Nathan Ruby, CFRE
Major Gifts Manager
FMA Foundation
Rockford, Ill.

Conference Preview
Be sure to mark your calendars for these outstanding spring events!
Toll Processing ’09: The Power of “E” Metal Matters:
 arch 4-6
M FMA’s 4th Annual Leadership Summit
Disney’s Contemporary Resort • Lake Buena Vista, Fla. 
March 25-27
Carefree Resort & Villas • Carefree (Phoenix), Ariz.

FMA’s 13th annual Toll Processing Conference will focus on

issues of high priority to metal processors, producers, and
distributors. Join colleagues and industry experts as they discuss labor
market concerns, management perspectives, and economic trends.
Engaging presentations will address these Power of “E” topics:
• Economy Save the date for Metal Matters: brought to you by The Fabricator®.
• Employees This fourth annual event offers an exciting new format. Three
• Education concurrent tracks concentrating on leadership, operations, and
• Energy technology will deliver more opportunities for you to find solutions
• Environment to your most pressing business management concerns!
• Equipment Exchange ideas and solutions at your choice of peer- and
Keynote Richard Judy, author of Workforce 2020, will explore the consultant-facilitated roundtable discussions essential to your
major trends that have led to a skilled worker shortage and shaped the business’ bottom line. Programmed by industry leaders, for industry
nation’s work force. A panel discussion coordinated by the Outside leaders, the following new roundtables have been added:
Processors Council will feature representatives from mills and • What’s up with Steel? (Besides the Price!)
processors to share their experiences and strategies for attracting and • Exporting: Don’t be Left on the Outside Looking In
retaining workers in today’s changing manufacturing environment. • Exploring Shop Business Systems
You’ll also hear enlightening perspectives on the outlook of the steel • Proven Web, Marketing and Sales Tactics
industry, trends in the appliance market, and developments in new • Grow Your Bottom Line by Cultivating Your Work Force
technology. Other highlights you won’t want to miss:
Exceptional networking opportunities include a welcome • Engaging Keynote by FMA’s Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl
reception, dinner and entertainment at Pat O’Brien’s on Universal • Popular Workshops on Estimating, Plant Layout for Optimum
Studios CityWalk, and golf outing at Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Workflow, and Lean Leadership
Course. • Golf tournament at Rancho Mañana Golf Club
Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are still available. • Networking opportunities at receptions, exhibits, and Industry
Contact Cindy Day at 815-227-8208 or for Awards Presentation
more information. Metal Matters 2009 is a must attend for those working to move
ahead in today’s competitive market.
“The best way to rejuvenate your competitive advantage,” says
Richard Neff, a 2007 and 2008 Metal Matters attendee. “Sometimes it
feels like you are alone in doing what you do. Come meet others who
are fighting the same good fight you are.”
Sponsorships and tabletop exhibits are still available! Contact Jen
Christian at to secure yours today. Want additional
program details? E-mail Megan Paja at

Register at or call 888-394-4362.

World Class Rollforming Workshop

April 21-22
Louisville, Ky.
Are you ready to boost profits and streamline your processes? FMA’s
comprehensive roll forming conference, World Class Roll Forming
Workshop, is coming to Louisville, Ky., April 21-22. Whether you’re ALAW Laser Applications Workshop
a roll forming operator or an engineer you’ll update your technical 
May 12-14
knowledge, find solutions to the challenges in your operation, and
The Inn at St. John’s • Plymouth (Detroit), Mich.
learn strategies to boost productivity. This must-attend workshop
features small group settings, allowing interaction with both speakers The ALAW Laser Applications Workshop is celebrating its 17th year
and other attendees. May 12-14, in Plymouth, Mich. This unique two-day conference
features real world, cost-effective laser applications in automotive and
Twelve interactive sessions will be presented covering everything
general manufacturing. ALAW 2009 will emphasize the solutions to
from basic roll forming systems, to advanced troubleshooting, to
today’s manufacturing challenges as well as provide practical guidance
material handling for high production roll forming, and more.
for new design problems. The two keynote topics are the
Whether beginner or expert, these sessions offer real solutions you can
benchmarking of automotive production and green car body
use to improve your bottom line!
Also, the success of last year’s new Ask the Speaker/Council
The laser automotive track will focus on developing applications for
member session, warranted expansion. This one-on-one type
laser materials processing systems to reduce costs, improve quality and
consultation session has been expanded from one 45-minute session
provide flexibility in laser manufacturing. Presentations will feature
to two sessions covering 2 ½ hours to allow everyone a chance to
CO2, fiber, disc, and diode lasers used for cutting, welding, drilling,
meet with experts to discuss challenges, review parts or drawings,
marking, and other applications. The fabricators track has been
and get answers.
expanded to two full program days with a “Making Green and
Plus, it gets better! A networking reception provides an opportunity Going Green” theme. Some of the topics that will be covered are:
to make new contacts and gain expert advice from colleagues. Top it combination punch lasers, flat sheet plus 5-axis lasers, new fiber laser
off with a plant tour of Roll Form Corp. in Shelbyville, Ky., and you applications, laser welding of tubes, and metal volatility and pricing.
get a total package you don’t dare to miss! The fabricators track will also include customer case studies. New to
Contact Audrey Long at 815-227-8206 or for the program this year is an afternoon of interactive roundtable
more information. discussions on workflow across lasers and a cost estmating ssession.
For more information, visit or contact Jen Christian at
FMA’s Safety Conference: Your Blueprint

to Safety Success

May 4-6
Hyatt Regency • Deerfield (Chicago), Ill.
Planned by FMA’s Safety Council, this innovative conference will
give professionals with safety responsibilities the solutions they need.
Owners, supervisors, safety committee members, human resources
managers, and others are encouraged to join us May 4-6 at the Hyatt –
Deerfield, just minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.
Participants will enjoy dynamic sessions on safety topics unique to
the metal processing, forming, and fabricating industry. From risk
assessment to implementation, this program will cover job shop safety
issues A to Z. Get an OSHA update from Region V administrator
Mike Connors; consult with speakers, council members, and peers on
your biggest challenges during interactive “Stump the Safety
Professional” roundtables; benchmark best practices through case
study presentations; network at the FMA Safety Awards Presentation
and Reception; plus, tour the Underwriters Laboratories! See how UL’s
corporate home is specially designed and equipped to conduct safety
investigations on thousands of electrical, chemical, and mechanical
products and systems.
Think safety doesn’t affect your bottom line? Think again! Add
value and competitive advantage to your company with tools from
FMA’s Safety Conference 2009!
Contact Megan Paja at 815.227.8203 or to
learn more about the conference and sponsorship opportunities.
Register at or call 888-394-4362.
Q: I currently own a small job shop in Illinois, and we do mostly roll forming. Because
of family health issues, we’re planning to relocate to a southern state, probably
Florida. Can you tell me how many roll forming companies are in Florida?
Will I have a lot of nearby competition?

A: Florida does not appear to have many roll forming

companies, based upon the number of operational roll forming
lines found in Florida, and on the number of Florida companies
that promote their roll forming services.
To find the number of machines, I checked our recently
published Machine Tool Inventory which totals the number of
roll forming lines in the Forming Machine section. The survey has
a geographic breakdown by region, rather than by state. Illinois,
for example, is in the East North Central region, and Florida is in
the Southeast region. Survey responses indicate that there are 135
roll forming lines in the East North Central region compared to
only 76 lines in the Southeast region.
To find the number of companies that offer roll forming
services, I researched several different sources. The first one, our
membership directory on, shows that none of our roll
forming members are located in Florida.
The other sources, such as the Forming & Fabricating Industry
Directory on, the Thomas Register, and
Globalspec, list less than 10 roll forming companies in Florida.
So, Florida offers opportunities for a roll forming company
such as yours.
You don’t mention the products that you roll form, but if you
market to the residential housing industry, you will be interested
to know that the south could see an upswing in that industry in
the coming years. The Metal Service Center Institute’s 2008
annual forecast conference had some positive thoughts for the
housing industry. One chief economist predicts that the baby
boomer generation will soon be looking for retirement homes in
warmer climates. He expects the 60-plus age group to relocate
and purchase smaller homes suitable for retired couples. He also
expects an increase in the number of assisted living communities.
These demands will stimulate the housing market, and should
result in new, easy-living, easy-to-maintain new homes.
Good luck with your new venture. Maybe you’ll be FMA’s first
Florida roll-forming member!

As a member, you have access to the largest and most extensive library devoted to
the metal forming and fabricating industry—a benefit reserved exclusively for
members. FMA’s Research Assistance Center is the most efficient source for the
information you need to optimize your operation. Advantage and AdvantagePlus
Members enjoy unlimited FREE research, while Basic Members receive one hour
of FREE research assistance per month. Get your research questions answered
photo courtesy of W.A. Whitney
when you call the Research Assistance Center at 1-815-399-8700 or

John Brown, chief executive
officer of AddisonMckee, Newsmaker Spotlight
announced his phased retirement
commenced January 1. DeWys Manufacturing Receives Green Supplier Certification
AMS Controls launched a new Grand Rapids-based Advantage Member DeWys Manufacturing Inc. announced it has
Web site with all-new features, been certified as a Green Supplier by the Green Suppliers Network, after completing a
look, feel, and new information.
rigorous audit and improvement process that began in March 2008.
Check it out at
AP&T now has the simulation The Green Suppliers Network works with large manufacturers to engage their suppliers
tool, PamStamp, available in technical reviews using objective, outside resources. The technical reviews identify
in-house. strategies for improving process lines (value streams) and using materials more efficiently.
Bauer Welding welcomes Steve The team comprised of representatives from The West Michigan Regional Office of
Stelter, Quality Control Manager. the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC-West), The Right Place of
Butech Bliss shipped a scrap Grand Rapids, and DeWys Manufacturing Lean Team. Together, they worked to target
chopper from its Salem, Ohio and eliminate the root cause of waste. The result of the Green Supplier Certification is not
facility. This scrap chopper has only a stronger bottom line, but a position at the forefront of environmentally responsible
two sets of slitter style entry manufacturing.
chutes and powered width
Emphasis on sustainable changes
FUCHS Lubricants Co. and “It was critical that the changes we make to improve our environmental impact be
its parent, Fuchs Petrolub, AG, economically viable,” says Jon DeWys, president of DeWys Manufacturing. “Any
announce the acquisition of MS company can become ‘greener’ by throwing money at it. But those efforts don’t last.
Fluid Technologies of The Green Supplier process ensures that these improvements have a cost benefit to the
company. That means the changes become an integral part of our company.”
Northwest Pipe Co. reported it
has received a Letter of Intent
from Garney Construction of Process changes bring personal benefits
Kansas City to supply pipe for DeWys Manufacturing is altering its manufacturing processes to improve the efficiency
the Prairie Waters Project for the of material consumption and to reduce energy consumption. Bob Miller, a continuous
City of Aurora, Colorado. improvement manager at DeWys Manufacturing, took part in the initiative and felt the
John Brieck has been promoted impact of the Green Supplier Certification process on a professional and a personal level.
to the position of regional vice
president for Olympic Steel’s
“I’m recently married and have two little kids, so I think about the world that they’ll
newly established southern inherit,” says Miller. “Through the Green Supplier Certification, I know that all of DeWys
region. is working day in and day out to give them a healthier planet. That’s a pretty good feeling”
Tiffin Metal Products Tiffin By participating in the Green Supplier Certification program, DeWys estimates that
Outdoor™ introduced a series of it will reduce its solid waste by 30 tons annually. Increased efficiency will reduce the
new products to the marketplace company’s energy usage by 10 percent and save DeWys tens of thousands of dollars
taking aim at the innovations annually.
being sought in eliminating
paper and paste from poster “We’ve always been a responsible company, so I was surprised at the potential for
panels across the United States. improvement,” says C.T. Martin, vice president of DeWys Manufacturing. “Thirty tons is
Its Windguard™ Trim products a lot of waste that’s NOT going into a landfill. Over time the changes to our process will
were introduced nationally at the significantly improve our environmental impact, and just as importantly, our bottom line.”
Outdoor Advertising Association of DeWys Manufacturing received a $7,500 grant from West-Michigan based Steelcase
America Operations Corp. and the U.S. Department of Commerce to participate in the “Green Suppliers
Sandvik announces a new model
of oil skimmers is now available
in three belt width sizes: 100, About DeWys
200, and 400 mm and in three DeWys Manufacturing provides precision metal fabrication to a range of clients from
length sizes 1, 2 and 3 meter. office furniture to mailboxes for the U.S. Postal Service. From its manufacturing facility
GKN, a market leader for car in West Michigan, the company provides a wide range of production and assembly
CVJ sideshafts launches capabilities to more than 100 clients in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio.
production on Schuler forging For more information, visit
line in Shanghai.

Safety, Health, and the Economy
It’s hard to escape the sobering economic news. For many donors, pledge modest sums in return for walking a certain number
businesses, the fiscal fallout that started with the banks and brokerages of miles in a given number of weeks or months. Another way to
is affecting their companies in a substantive way. The need for belt build in fun is to create competitive walking teams. Try to get your
tightening and justifying of expenditures is being felt across the board. top leaders involved. It’s a great way to demonstrate their commit-
But when it comes to safety, the stakes of cutting back are high. The ment to wellness, and the presence of the big bosses encourages
tendency to jettison worker-protection efforts in favor of what appear others to participate.
to be more immediate needs is strong. But at what price? As safety Polish your sales skills. As a safety professional, you’ve had to do
professionals know, tough times make vigilance to worker safety even your share of “selling” the benefits of investing in safety and health.
more important. People are distracted. The threat of layoffs can keep With company owners and managers scrambling to preserve the
workers from concentrating as they should, and worries about rushing bottom line, you may need to be prepared for conversations about
out to a second job can cause people to cut corners, all with dangerous reductions within the safety department.
results. Injured workers are costly to replace, and additional injuries Arm yourself with facts and develop a set of “talking points” to
can raise your cost of workers’ compensation. communicate the business value of safety and health at your
How can the safety and health department respond to budget organization. Compile statistics, but remember that safety and
constraints without compromising worker protection? health is not just about the numbers—it’s a people business. Focus
Create, don’t eliminate. If you’re facing a request from the corner as well on incidents that drive home the message that real lives are
office to reduce safety staff, cut back on training, and reconsider protected when companies invest in finding and fixing hazards.
launching a new safety manual, you’ve got a serious challenge on Encourage your top leaders to continue to demonstrate
your hands that’s beyond the scope of this article. But if the need commitment to safety and health. This can be done in countless
is to scale back what you’re doing without cutting away the essence ways—from an e-mail message to recognize ongoing attention to
of your program, we’ve got some solid suggestions. Consider these safety, to a strategic walkabout during which the CEO observes
strategies to do more with less: and acknowledges safe behaviors. Another way to communicate
that safety is a value is to establish an internal recognition pro-
Turn to your employees. Your employees know the jobs and the
gram. Assign an employee committee to develop and run it, and let
risks in your workplace better than anyone else. If your budget for
workers vote on best safety innovations and achievements by their
outside trainers has been cut, create an employee trainer brigade.
Identify volunteers who like to be in front of a crowd, are
knowledgeable about the subject, and like the idea of teaching
others. Convey the seriousness of the role by providing training and T
 his article and many more can be found at This
constructive feedback. Volunteers are more likely to sign on once a new Advantage-level member benefit allows access to more than
couple of pioneers have paved the way. 90 safety-related subject areas offered at The site
includes customizable and downloadable training tools (in English
and Spanish), regulatory analyses, daily regulatory updates, best
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Get employees involved in recognizing safety and health

milestones. But instead of a costly lunch provided by management,
consider a potluck celebration or an inexpensive hot dog roast.
You’ll spend much less than you would on a catered event, while
still giving employees an opportunity to participate and celebrate.
Substitute fun. If you’ve been required to scale back wellness
benefits, such as subsidized gym memberships, consider starting a
walking club. It’s not hard to do, but it needs to be well-managed
so that participants take it seriously and know what to expect. Many
workplace walking groups select charities to which they, or other

Outstanding Safety Record? Get Recognized.
FMA and CNA will once again honor Advantage and
AdvantagePlus members for excellence in safety for 2008. To be
eligible for a certificate of recognition, simply submit OSHA Form
300A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. Just copy
the completed OSHA Form 300A and fax it with a cover letter
that includes the name of the person completing the form, contact
information, and your membership ID number to Nancy Olson at
Award-winning members will receive a certificate of achievement as
well as recognition in FMA publications. Awards will be presented at
the Safety Conference ’09 in Deerfield, Ill. May 4-6, 2009. Deadline
for submission is Feb. 28, 2009.

Calling All Authors

Member Connections, FMA’s bimonthly newsletter publishes
member news and updates along with current topics pertaining to
small job shops. Members are encouraged to suggest topics and
volunteer to write articles. Interested in getting published in 2009?
Send your name, contact information, and a brief summary of the
topic on which you would like to write to Kimberly Pollard at

January Networking Event—Minnesota

If you are in the Minneapolis area January 29, please join FMA at
The Great Manufacturing Get Together at Hennepin Technical
College, Brooklyn Park, Minn. FMA will be exhibiting as well as
sponsoring an evening reception with food. FMA Economist,
Dr. Chris Kuehl, will be a featured speaker with a presentation at
1:00 and 4:00 p.m. on economic expectations for 2009.
Networking begins at begins at 4:30 p.m. and is capped by a
manufacturing-oriented “Tonight Show” featuring host Dr. Jim
Bensen. Dr. Bensen will open the show with stories of emerging
technology and staying ahead of the curve and then welcome guests
who are FMA favorites— actor John Ratzenberger, founder of Nuts,
Bolts, & Thingamajigs; Brennan Palmiter, student race car driver;
and Dr. Chris Kuehl.

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