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Cults and Occults

A. Occult Practices 1. Faith Healing tawas oracion hilot 2. Fortune Telling or Divination astrology Chiromancy - palm reading Cartomancy - tarot card reading mirrormantic - using crystal balls, mirrors, rock crystals psychometry - uses articles belonging to a person numerology - birthdates Additional forms: tea cup reading by arrangement of tea leaves geomancy - dot reading arithmancy - interpreting the configuration of fire dice reading bone reading liver or entrails reading lead pouring selenomancy - moon divination sleep reading tephromancy - ash reading augury - interpreting flight of birds divination by rod aeromancy - observing ripples on surface of water 3. Spiritism, or necromancy mediums calling on the spirits telekinesis - moving objects w/o physical assistance levitations objects/persons raised up in the air apports - appearance of solid objects materialization appearance of spirits in material form table tilting spirit or automatic writing trumpet speaking spirit photography

4. Magic black magic white magic magical hypnosis mental suggestion - transfer of ideas w/o speech movement magnetism or mesmerism mental telepathy 5. Satanism and Witchcraft satanic vows satanic worship animal sacrifice & blood offering nature/object worship sorcery, witchcraft (wicca) 6. Current Occult Influences Ouija boards I Ching Mantra (New Age) Precession (New Age) satanically inspired rock music: Lenorg Metal, New Warne, Punk rocks, KISS, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Twisted Sister, Venom, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Nirvana, etc. movies: Rosemarys Baby, the Exorcist, Temple of Doom, Witch Mountain, Poltergeist, The Craft, Harry Potter, etc. cartoons and Video games: X-men, Dungeons and dragons, Diablo, etc. toys with demonic manifestation subjects on demonology 7. Superstitious beliefs pamahiin (wedding, dead, planting, new house, etc. new year ritual feng shui 8. Occultic Objects Luck - golden frog, buddha, dragon, horse, chinesegoddesses, Chinese lanterns, chinese zodiac pig, dwarves, Talisman - anting-anting, charm, bullet, crystals, bacua,

B. Cults Christian aberrations: Jehovahs Witness, Mormons, Unitarians, The Way, The Unification Church, H.W. Armstrong (Worldwide Church of God), Christian Science, Church of the Living Word, Rosicrucianism (Science of the mind), Unitarianism, Unity movement, Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) Eastern cults: Bahai, Hari Krishna, Tadtad, Father Divine, Rizalian, PBMA Eckankar, PCM Roy Masters, Zen, Black Muslim Self-improvement: E.S.T. (Erhard Seminars Training/the Forum), Scientology, ECK, Rajneesh, Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT), John Rogers Insight Seminars, Gary Koyens Wings, Thomas Wilhite (PSI world), Hanleys LifeSpring, Mind dynamics, Silva mind control, Transcendental meditation, Yoga, New age movements, Pranic healing, Core energy, Ennea-gram Theosophical Societies, Freemasonry