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Thank you for downloading this book. This book must not be reproduced, copied or distributed in any form or means, without the prior permission from the author. Your support and respect for the hard work of the author is appreciated. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons - living or dead, places or events is purely coincidental. We hope you and your child enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed writing it.


Children Fun and Learn Book Subject: Science Topic: Plant Habitat *****

CHAPTER 1 - A little plant in trouble

One fine day in a small town, a small boy Aman was walking through a garden. He was in a great hurry. He was talking to himself while walking, I should walk fast otherwise I will be late for my cricket match.

While he was passing by the pond, suddenly he heard a loud cry sound of a small baby. He paused for a moment and looked around to see where the sound was coming from. He looked here and there but to his surprise, he could not see anybody. He shouted and asked, Who is crying here? Where are you?

He then went near the pond from where the sound was coming. He saw a little plant lying near the pond and crying. The little plant cried, Uuuuuuuuu.

Aman picked up the plant and asked, What is the matter my friend? Why are you crying? The little plant cried and replied, I am lost I dont know where my family is. I want to go to my home. By the way, who are you? Aman said, I am Aman. Please dont cry let me think what I can do.

Aman thought, How will I find this little plants home? But my cricket match is starting soon I should go. He looked at the plant. On seeing its innocent face, Aman changed his mind.

Aman told the little plant, Please stop crying my little friend. I will help you to find out your home. Little plant happily said, Thank you, Aman. But how will you find my home. Aman replied, I think we should go and ask that old banyan tree. It has been around for so many years. I am sure it knows about all the plants and may tell about your home. CHAPTER 2 - The search for home

Aman carried the small plant in his hand and walked to a near-by area.

A big old banyan tree with long roots was standing in the middle of the garden.

Aman reached near the banyan tree and politely said, Hello Mr. Banyan, can you please help us to find the home of this little plant?

Banyan tree looked at the little plant and replied with a heavy voice, Who is he? I know all the nearby plants that grow in plains. But he is not the one of us. Aman asked, Are you very sure?

Banyan tree said, Yes, look at me, we have flat and broad leaves and thick stem. Look at this plant. It has very different leaves and stem. You go to the hills and meet Mr. Conifer. It can tell if this little plant is amongst them.

By hearing this, Aman said to himself, Oh! But that hill is really far. How will we go there? Just then, a dragonfly flew in with a buzzing around.

Dragonfly said, You are doing a good work. I can help you. I can take you around on my back. But my ride wont me free. I love chocolates. You have to give me 2 chocolates as the trip fare.

Aman happily said, Wow - this will be so much fun! I am ready to give you 2 chocolates after the trip. Dragonfly asked him to promise, Gentle mans promise - correct!! Please do not forget! So, what are you waiting for? Just hop on me.

Soon Dragonfly became big.

Aman sat on the dragonfly with the plant in his hands. Dragonfly flew up.

Aman looked down and said, Wow the view below is so nice. CHAPTER 3 - At the hills

They reached to a hilly region. It was very cold covered with snow everywhere.

Aman as well as little plant started to shiver. Little plant cried, I am feeling cold here! This cannot be my home, please take me away from here.

Aman saw lot of tall trees with sloping shapes on the hills. He went to one of them.

Aman asked trembling with cold, Hello, sir. I am looking for Mr. Conifer. Can you please tell us where we can find him? I am Mr. Conifer. What do you want? asked Conifer. Aman replied, Hello Mr. Conifer. I am Aman. This small plant has lost home. Can you tell us if he lives in this area?

Conifer said, This plant cannot live here. All the trees which live here have needle shaped leaves as it snows here. This needle shaped leaves doesnt allow snow to settle down. And this plant has such big leaves. If it lives here snow will settle down and it will freeze to death. Aman asked, So what should we do? Conifer suggested, Why dont you go to the desert and check if this plant is from the desert? Aman said, Thank you, Mr. Conifer!

Aman sat on dragonfly and proceeded for the desert. CHAPTER 4 - In the desert

Soon they reached the desert.

Aman became sweaty due to too much heat in the desert. The little plant also became very uncomfortable. Aman could not see any tree or plant in the desert. Aman said, I am sweating so badly. It is really hot and dry here. No doubt we cannot see any trees or plants around! Let us walk and see if we can find someone.

After some searching, suddenly he heard a voice. It was a cactus plant which was very talkative. Cactus said, Welcome, Welcome!! Looks like you had nice ride! I am Mr. Cactus. You see, only I am able to survive in such a harsh climate. It is difficult to survive but I can manage. I am the BIG BOSS of this area. So what brings you here? What do you want?

Aman said while pointing to the little plant in his hand, Hello Mr. Cactus. This little friend of mine has lost his home. Do you think it lives in this area? Cactus replied, Not at all. It cant be! Just look at me. Dont you see my leaves have reduced to just thorns and I have fleshly stems - as water is so less in this area. We struggle a lot here. I dont think so this plant can survive here.

Dragonfly is amused and thought, Mr. Cactus doesnt get to talk often here. Thats why he is talking non-stop.

Aman is now exhausted and said, We have searched so many places. Let us go back. I am too tired and hungry now. We will search later. Dragonfly agreed, Yes, yes! Lets go! He again sat on the dragonfly and proceeded to the place from where they started. CHAPTER 5 - Home sweet home

They returned to the same place where Aman had found the plant.

Aman was very tired. He sat on a stone near the pond. Little plant was very upset and asked, Where is my home? What do we do now? Suddenly a small frog came out.

Frog asked, What is the matter? Why are you so sad? Aman replied, Hello Mr. Frog. I am Aman. This little plant is lost. We are looking for its home. We went to so many places to a hill, to a desert but could not find its home.

Frog laughed, Ha! Ha! Haaaaa!

Aman was annoyed and said, We are so upset. And you are laughing at us? Frog replied, Aman - I am sorry! I was not making fun of you. Please dont take it otherwise. You searched so many places but why didnt you think that this plant can be a water plant? You found it near the pond, so you should have first looked into the pond.

Aman now realized, Oh! How silly of me? Yes it does look like lotus. Why didnt I realize this before? The dragonfly also agreed, Yes, yes. Thats right!

Aman went near the pond. He slowly put the plant in the pond and the plant immediately became comfortable in the pond.

It thanked Aman, Thank you Aman! You took so much trouble to find out my home. You even missed your cricket match for me. Aman replied happily, Oh! You are always welcome!! Dont worry about my match! I can always play the next time. And I am sure, my team will win!!

Dragonfly said, Hey! Is no one going to thank me? And dont forget my chocolates Aman, Bring it tomorrow for sure, Ill wait for you here. BYE, BYE!!! And Dragonfly flew away.

Aman headed back to his home. Moral of the story: A person who works hard always achieves his target CHAPTER 6 - Food for thought 1. There were many kinds of plant in the story. Why do they all look different? 2. What did Banyan tree said about the plants found in plains? How was little plant different? 3. Why was Mr Conifer having needle shaped leaves? 4. If Mr. Conifer had huge umbrella like shape similar to Mr. Banyan, what would have happened to it? 5. How did Mr. Cactus manage to live in the desert? Can any other tree in story survive in the desert? 6. Was the dragonfly greedy or helpful when he gave ride to Aman? 7. The roots of plant enter soil to keep the plant fixed at a place. Then how did the little plant get lost? 8. If you were Aman and there was no dragonfly, what would you do to find the home of the lost plant?

Feel free to imagine, generate new questions, think and discuss the answer to all the questions with your friends, teachers and parents. Have Fun! ***** THE END *****

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