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I lemnly affirm under the
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_____ read or ad ro me and I under, land lhe '0'; form,
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Sub ribed worn to before me thi- -8:-- day of -J
Tim: J . /s hi COITUDI -IODer
lund fstand that a har_ing document -ill be i--u d and thn 1111' P
at ---------rune-- .0 \ 'hen notified y the Clerk..{at the. Co
for maID on __ . _
location sho \11 at the top of this fi nu.
o I ha\ e ad -eLl:l ph f - -elding ngbt. 0 Ap Ii .. t decline -hi 1 ill:=-_
Old lined to i sue a h rging document becau e oflack of probable cause.
,-------- Cor;;mlMIOeT
DefeR I (Rev. 12 '_006) Print : 1009
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Martin I, Miami. Florida, 33161-c=J called me from
his listed phone n mber (786) I !, numerous times on m home phone and
cell phone threatening me. He called my mother by nam on her home phone at
least six times harassing her about me. He called my teenage daughter, asking for
"c=::J the LEGO Queen," and frightened alarmed and annoyed her. He called my
neighbors and left messages telling them lies about me in order to instill fear in
them. These caJis came in from May 17 through May 31. Above are a series of calls
he made to my cell phone on May 29, 2012.
I repeatedly told Ir. Maher that his contacts \: ere unwanted and not to call my
phones or my family and that his calls" ere harassing. I also tol him that I v as
recording his call and I did. Mr. Maher said that he would continue to call and that
he 'as calling about a business matter.
In one call, on la 25,2012, Mr. 1aher said that I was "croin to pa n for framing
Aaron \ alker, and he said that he had friends who .. ere on the s at team who
ould take me out. In another call, on May 25
, he left a e ge on oice mail
.. hich said, "He Brett Kimberlin, I am just wondering ho 'loud yo squealed in jail
when au w re getting i .. I have retained a copy of this oie mail
On May 29, 2012, he called and left a message demanding to talk to me saying tha
he" as going to report me to the Maryland Co nty Sheriff for sam un-named crime.
I retained this oicemail.
On May 31, at 9:34, he left a voice mail on a neighbor's phone stating that he \: as
"calling all of Brett Kimberlin's neighbors" to tell them that I am a dangerous
criminal. I have a copy of that voice mail.
I ha' e Peace Order against Mr. \> al er for stalking and harassing me, and he has
used other people to continue harassing me. The Peace Order against 1r. alker
was issued on ay 29, 2012 a approximately 11:30 am. an of these harassing
calls took place after the Peace Order issued. r. alker has been in contact
\I ith many people since the Peace Order .. as issued urging th m to ontinue
harassing me. He has continued to tell people fal ely that I framed him for an
assault, and tha 'must be made to pay. This has caused people s ch as Martin
Maher to call and threaten me ith physical harm. These caJls ha e been repeated,
u", anted, and have caused me serious alarm, anno ance. f' (
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