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Complete patient exams done LIVE!

Dr. Cynthia Wiggins, Dr. John Droter, & Dr. Steven Olmos
Watch them use the protocol they incorporate in their daily practice! Each patient will be interviewed, tested, diagnosed, and have their treatment plan presented LIVE.

Early Registration Special

Before Dec. 15th 2012 Doctor $1,850 Staff $1,250 After Dec. 15th 2012 Doctor $2,150 Staff $1,550

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This seminar is for any dentist and provides 20 hours of CDE credit. Only BioRESEARCH Assoc. Inc. provides commercial support for this program.

Schedule of Events
Thursday, May 2
8-9:45 am 10-12 pm 1-4 pm
Dr. Olmos Dr. Patel/ORielley

Friday, May 3
Dr. Droter Dr. Shirazi

Saturday, May 4
Dr. Wiggins Dr. Becker

Drs. Mitch/Colt Dr. Marangos Dr. Beck Dr. Girouard Dr. Nosti

Dr. Lipskis Dr. Freedman Dr. Smith Dr. Mitch/Colt Dr. Green

Dr. Girouard Dr. Beck Dr. Freedman Dr. Lipskis Dr. Kerstein

Dr. Wiggins, Dr. Droter, & Dr. Olmos

Live Patient

Dr. Wiggins, Dr. Droter, & Dr. Olmos will interview, test, diagnose, and treatment plan a live patient using the protocol they incorporate in their daily practice.

Dr. Neal Patel & Kindra ORielley


Dr. Patel & Mrs. ORielley will discuss how incorporating biometrics has improved the predictability and profitability of their thriving implant practice.

Dr. David Shirazi


Dr. Shirazi will teach you how to dramatically speed up the treatment of your TMD and sleep patients using adjunctive therapies and treatment modalities.

Dr. Ray Becker

PFD Analysis

Dr. Becker will give you a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to triage every patient in your dental practice using JVA.

Dr. Dennis Marangos
Dr. Marangos will discuss his patient education model that quickly and easily ensures each patient understands and appreciates the interrelationship of the TM joints, occlusion and airway.

Dr. Jim Beck

Dr. Beck will discuss his Mini Type 1 exam and why it is the key to his success and his practice philosophy.

Dr. John Nosti

Dr. Nosti will teach you how his cosmetic practice is supported and protected by his successful diagnosis and management of complex cosmetic restorations.

Dr. Lawrie Freedman

Dr. Freedman will outline which appliances, splints and orthotics work in which situations, as well as other conditions that may hinder your patients progress.

Dr. Patrick Girouard

Dr. Robert Kerstein

Dr. Girouard of Tufts University will teach you how to improve athletic performance and actually prove it. You will be able to incorporate a new athletics driven market for your practice.

Dr. Kerstein will show you how to reduce the time it takes to perfect the occlusion by simultaneously managing the teeth and muscles during an equilibration.

Dr. Ed Lipskis

Orthodontics is a Full Mouth Reconstruction. Dr. Lipskis will demonstrate how to ensure successful balance of the teeth, muscles and joints that too many orthodontic practitioners ignore.

Dr. Michael Smith

Dr. Smith will show you how to safely and effectively speed up tooth movement when doing orthodontics using the MLS laser technology.

Dr. Jordan Green

Dr. Green, University of Nebraska Speech Pathologist and researcher, will discuss the proper development of mastication patterns in infants and toddlers and the role your practice plays in their proper development.

Dr. Paul Mitch & Dr. Rob Colt

Drs. Mitch and Colt will teach you a systematic hygiene driven model that drives the profitability of their general dental practice.

BioRESEARCH Assoc, Inc. is designated as an Approved PACE Program by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for fellowship, Mastership, and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. The current term of approval extends from 6/1/11 to 5/31/2014. Provider ID: 211696. This seminar is for any dentist and provides 20 hours of CDE credit. Only BioRESEARCH Assoc. Inc. provides commercial support for this program.

The Annual Conference is the culmination of our mission to improve dentistry through superior diagnostic aids,

without regard to treatment philosophy. Our clients and speakers run the spectrum of treatment philosophies, but are all joined by the common dedication to objective measurement of TMJ, muscle, occlusal and airway function. Despite the fact that our speakers come from different philosophical and educational backgrounds, the annual conference is free of the divisive bickering that is common between different treatment camps. We encourage lively scientific debate over diagnostic and treatment options, but expect that all speakers and attendees give the professional courtesy and respect that all clinicians deserve. You will see specialists consulting with general practitioners, NM dentists working with CR dentists, TMD doctors teaching and learning from cosmetic doctors. They all realize that despite our differences we all share the common goal of improving the level of care available to the patient. We look forward to being your host at this years Annual Conference.

Course Location: Intercontinental Milwaukee | 139 East Kilbourn Avenue | Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414)276-8686 Cancellation: BioRESEARCH reserves the right to cancel any portion of this conference for any reason. Should you need to
cancel, BioResearch must be notified before March 1, 2013 to receive a full refund. Cancellations after this date will be subject to a $175 fee per attendee. No refunds are available for cancellations made within 30 days of the seminar.

9275 N. 49th Street, #150 Milwaukee, WI 53223

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Note: If three or more Doctors from one practice attend, they will receive a 10% discount on their tuition (does not apply to staff tuition).

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