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Rules and Guidelines of the Essay Competition 1. Structure of the Essay Competition: The Competition is divided into three categories viz. Category A School Children of Class 11th & 12th . Category B- Undergraduate Students. CategoryC1.1 Students pursuing PG/including Diplomas/M.Phil/PhD/CA/CWA/CS/MBA. Post Graduate

Essay entries submitted by the participants must be accompanied with a SCANNED COPY of student Identity Card. Entries received without a SCANNED COPY of student Identity Card shall summarily be rejected and no query, correspondence etc. pertaining to such entry(s) shall be entertained by the Commission under any circumstances. The Essay Competition entries shall have to be on the topics provided in the Advertisement and submitted by prescribed date stipulated therein. Collaborator papers of up to two persons are also welcome. Only one paper per participant or per collaboration team may be submitted. The prizes in such cases will be shared among the team members. Entry to the competition shall be free. Only one essay is allowed per participant or per collaborator team.



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2. Procedures for the e-submissions of essay 2.1 The e-submissions have to be sent, latest by 30th June, 2012

through email only at

language only. 2.2 2.3 in ENGLISH

Participants shall furnish the details as per Entry Form (Annexure A to these guidelines). Submission sent by post/mail (hard copy) shall not be accepted.


Only original essays will be considered for the competition. Previously published essays shall be rejected outrightly. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the essay. Length of Essay: For Category A: The Essay should be within the limits of 750-1500 words. For Category B & C : The essay should not be more than 3000 words including footnote. There is no minimum word limit, however, papers submitted in less than 1500 words are not encouraged.



Format Requirement. Typed on a A4 size electronic page. Font size shall be 12 points (English) in Times New Roman. 1.5 interlinear space Margins of 2.54 cm on top, bottom and both sides.

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Citations: Participants may use any recognised style of referencing system and this must be consistently used through the Written Submission. The List of References shall include all cited texts throughout the Written Submission.


Scoring of the essay:

2.8.1 Following criteria may be used in assessing the documents: Content Originality: 65 % weighting Clarity: 15 % weighting Structure: 10 % weighting Overall impression: 10 % weighting

2.8.2 The quality of language will not be a decisive factor, as long as the text retains its clarity and coherence. 2.9 Wards and relatives of employees of Competition Commission of India are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in this competition.

3. Prizes: 3.1 CCI will honour each of the winner from each of the category with cash prizes as under:

Category A:( School Children of Class 11th & 12th) First Prize - Rs.7500/Second Prize-Rs.5000/Third Prize- Rs.3000/- and 10 Consolation Prize of Rs.1500/- each Category B:( Undergraduate Students) First Prize - Rs.10,000/Second Prize-Rs.6000/Third Prize- Rs.4000/- and 10 Consolation Prize of Rs.2000/- each Category C: (Students pursuing PG/including Post Graduate Diplomas/M.Phil/PhD/CA/CWA/CS/MBA) First Prize - Rs.15,000/Second Prize-Rs.10,000/Third Prize- Rs.6000/- and 10 Consolation Prize of Rs.2000/- each 3.2 All the winners of above prize(s) shall also be awarded a certificate of merit by the Commission. Names of the winners will be published on CCIs website in the third week of August, 2012. Separate intimation will also be sent to each of the winner and prize money will only be given to those winners who submit attested/ certified copy of current Identity Card or a letter from his/her educational institution as proof of bonafide student. However all the participants will be given a letter of appreciation by the Commission for having participated in the Essay Competition. 4. Copyrights:


All the essays submitted shall be exclusive property of CCI and Commission shall be free to use the information/ views therein in any manner it require.

5. Decision of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in deciding the winner(s) in each category shall be final and binding and no query, correspondence etc. in this regard shall be entertained by the CCI. 6. CCI shall not be responsible for any essay(s) not received. 7. Laws of India with jurisdiction of courts at Delhi shall apply to this competition. Note: Essays incompatible with the above rules and conditions will not be considered. Submission of entries to the competition implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions by the participant(s).

Competition Commission of India

Entry form
National Level Essay Competition-2012

(to be filled by CCI)


1. Title of the essay: . 2. Name & address of the student (in CAPITAL letters) 3. Class/ Course/ Programme (year or semester) of the student . .. 4. Name & address of the recognized school/ college/ University/ Institute of the student ................................