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Sixth Form Preparation Reading & Viewing List

The Sixth Form at Haileybury provides a stimulating and friendly environment in which you can continue your academic education beyond I/GCSE examinations. The school offers a real breadth of choice with the academic provision encompassing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and A Levels but both require a more developed and ambitious approach to learning. In the Sixth Form, as Haileyburians, you will undoubtedly benefit from the expertise of highly qualified academic staff and the facilities available to support your studies. The Sixth Form is very much a staging post between the largely directed education of the GCSE years and the independent learning that will be undertaken at university. Within a context where appropriate direction is available, Haileybury Sixth Formers can develop the attitudes and skills to enable you to learn on your own. Independent study and intellectual curiosity are qualities that will serve you well both at school and beyond It is absolutely essential that as pupils in the Sixth Form you enjoy your academic work for its own sake. Sixth Form study, whether for A Levels or the IB Diploma, provides a passport to university. But that passport will carry far greater weight if it is imprinted with a genuine desire to learn. With this in mind we very much hope that you will take advantage of a lengthy summer break be it at home or in more exotic locations to engage in some preparatory reading for your Sixth Form studies. The books, TV programmes and films recommended by departments are neither compulsory nor exhaustive but should give you a flavour of what to expect in terms of subject matter and level of complexity, whilst sparking your interest in new and exciting material. You are of course not expected to read or view them all. I do hope however, you will dip your toe into the water and enjoy the experience of reading some really interesting material. If you have any queries or concerns about choosing from the list in terms of accessibility of areas of specific interest please do not hesitate to contact me or the relevant Head of department. I heartily recommend them to you.

Mr Simon R. Smith Director of Studies

Ben Goldacre Matt Ridley Paul Colinvaux Richard Dawkins Steve Jones Jared Diamond Bad Science (essential reading for all Sixth Form biologists) The Red Queen Why Big Fierce Animals Are Rare The Blind Watchmaker In the Blood Guns, Germs and Steel
Genome - The autobiography of a species in 23 chapters

RSC Sam Kean Magazines Cutting Edge Chemistry The Disappearing Spoon New Scientist

Classical Civilisation
For The Odyssey Homer The Odyssey (Penguin ed translated by E V Rieu

For Women in Athens and Rome Euripides Aristophanes Aristophanes Sarah Pomeroy For background James Renshaw Peter Jones In Search of the Greeks Vote for Caesar: How the ancient Greeks and Romans solved the problems of today Medea (Penguin Translation) Lysistrata (Penguin Translation) The poet and the women in Frogs and other plays (Penguin Translation) Goddesses, whores, wives and slaves: women in Classical Antiquity

General Interest DVDs Rome (HBO series) Ancient Worlds: Richard Miles I, Claudius (BBC series) Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire I, Caesar The Collection

Classic Works Austen Pride and Prejudice Emma Sense and Sensibility Mansfield Park Oliver Twist Great Expectations Hard Times Bleak House Little Dorritt David Copperfield Nicholas Nickleby A Tale of Two Cities Tess of the DUrbervilles Far From the Madding Crowd The Return of the Native The Mayor of Casterbridge Jude the Obscure Sons and Lovers Women In Love The Rainbow Lady Chatterlys Lover Hamlet King Lear Othello Macbeth Twelfth Night The Tempest The Winters Tale Antony and Cleopatra Beowulf The Canterbury Tales Doctor Faustus The Duchess of Malfi The White Devil Paradise Lost The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Clarissa Robinson Crusoe Frankenstein Middlemarch Jane Eyre Wuthering Heights Dracula The Picture of Dorian Gray Nostromo The Secret Agent Heart of Darkness Ulysses Huckleberry Finn Moby Dick Tales of Mystery and Imagination



D H Lawrence


Chaucer Marlowe Webster Milton Sterne Richardson Defoe Shelley Eliot Charlotte Bronte Emily Bronte Stoker Wilde Conrad Joyce Twain Melville Poe


Wharton Fitzgerald Hemingway Steinbeck Poetry

The Portrait of a Lady The Bostonian Washington Square The Turn of the Screw The Age of Innocence The Great Gatsby For Whom the Bell Tolls The Sun Also Rises The Old Man and the Sea; East of Eden The Grapes of Wrath

Any selected works by Byron, Percy Shelley, Keats, Coleridge, Browning, Tennyson, Yeats, TS Eliot, Auden Helpful critical/theoretical works: Robert Eaglestone Terry Eagleton Sean McEvoy Jonathan Bate Fintan O'Toole David Lodge Stephen Fry Paul Muldoon Doing English Literary Theory Shakespeare: The Basics The Genius of Shakespeare Shakespeare is Hard, but so is Life The Art of Fiction The Ode Less Travelled The End of the Poem

Steven Levitt Paul Collier Magazines Superfreakonomics The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing The Economist

A de Saint Exupry A Begag Le Clzio Sartre Semp/Goscinny Albert Camus Voltaire Le Petit Prince Le gone du Chaba Printemps et autres saisons Huis clos any Le Petit Nicolas books L'Etranger Candide

Cinema Jean de Florette/Manon des Sources Etre et Avoir

Amlie La Haine

Nazi Germany Len Deighton Christabel Bielenburg Richard Evans Cold War Jeremy Isaacs and Taylor Downing John Lewis Gaddis John Le Carr Kim Philby India George Macdonald Fraser Denis Judd Arab-Israeli Robert Fisk Channel 4 Drama Channel 4 Drama Susan Abulhawa China Jung Chang Tudors Philippa Gregory Margaret George Hilary Mantel C J Sansom The Other Boleyn Girl The Autobiography of Henry VIII Wolf Hall Shardlake Novels eg. Dissolution Wild Swans The Great War for Civilisation The Prime The Promise Mornings in Jenin Flashman and the Great Game The Lion and the Tiger The Cold War: for 45 years the World Held its Breath The Cold War The Spy who came in from the Cold My Silent War Winter The Past is Myself The Third Reich in Power

Aleksandrs Rozens C Hartman & G Squires Gene Shiles Cohen Raj Patel Thomas Friedman Giles Bolton Monica Ali Robert Harris Floods, when disasters strike There is no such thing as a natural disaster {New Orleans Flood} Tribes of the Orange Sun How many people can the Earth Support? Stuffed & Starved The World is Flat Poor Story Brick Lane Pompei

Films & Documentaries

Blue Gold: World Water Wars Rising Waves The Island Too Hot to Handle I am Legend Survivors {BBC} We Feed the World Blood Diamond City of Gold The Full Monty

Goethe Schiller Th. Mann Arthur Schnitzler Kstner Brecht: Bll Frisch Faust Die Leiden des jungen Werthers Don Carlos or Maria Stuart Die Buddenbrooks or Tod in Venedig. Reigen, Remarque: Im Westen nichts Neues Emil und die Detektive, Mutter Courage or Der kaukasische Kreidekreis, Dr Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen, Homo faber or Biedermann und die Brandstifter.

Homer Nigel Spivey Christopher Logue Martin M Winkler Xenophon Mary Renault Stephen Pressfield background Donna Tartt Alain de Botton Peter Jones The Secret History The Consolations of Philosophy Vote for Caesar: How the ancient Greeks & Romans solved the problems of today The Persian Boy Gates of Fire: an epic novel of the battle of Thermopylae Songs on Bronze: The Greek Myths made real War Music Troy: from Homer's Iliad to Hollywood Epic


Umberto Eco Tobias Jones John Dickie Tim Parks Cinema

Il Nome della Rosa The Dark Heart of Italy Cosa Nostra: a history of the Sicilian Mafia Italian Neighbours Il Postino Cinema Paradiso La vita bella Non ho paura

Ted Hughes Charlotte Higgins Robert Harris Beard and Crawford Conn Iggulden & Steven Saylor Suetonius Richard Holland Virgil Andrew Wallace-Hadrill Peter Jones Tales from Ovid Latin Love Lessons Imperium Lustrum Pompeii Rome in the Late Republic Any novels eg. Emperor Life of Nero in Suetonius: The Twelve Caesars Nero the man behind the Myth The Aeneid (Penguin Translation) Augustan Rome (Classical World Series) Vote for Caesar: How the ancient Greeks and Romans solved the problems of today

General Interest DVDs Murder in Rome I, Claudius Nero in Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Augustus in I, Caesar: The Collection Cleopatra

Fiction Doxiades, A Mark Haddon Robert Harris Dan Brown Non Fiction Uncle Petros and Goldbachs conjecture Logicomix (graphical novel) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Enigma Digital Fortress

Eastaway, Robert Simon Singh Simon Singh G Polya Timothy Gowers

Why Do Buses Come In Threes? The Code Book Fermat's Last Theorem How to Solve It A Very Short Introduction to Mathematics

Burkholder/Palisca/Grout Stanley Sadie Nicholas Cook Howard Goodall Leonard Bernstein A History of Western Music The Cambridge Music Guide Music: A Very Short Introduction Big Bangs: Five Musical Resolutions The Unanswered Question The Joy of Music

Martin Cohen Jostein Gaarder Elizabeth Gilbert Thomas Nagel Jodi Picoult Paul Young DVDs 101 Ethics Problems 101 Philosophy Problems Sophie's World Eat, Pray, Love What Does It All Mean? My Sister's Keeper The Shack

Deja Vu The Fountain Gattaca Inception The Matrix Trilogy Sliding Doors Vera Drake What Dreams May Come Physics
Bruce Bassett & Ralph Edney Carlos I. Calle J.P. McEvoy & Oscar Zarate Larry Gonick & Art Huffman J E Gordon Introducing Relativity Superstrings and Other Things: A Guide to Physics Introducing Quantum Theory Introducing Stephen Hawking Cartoon Guide to Physics Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall down The New Science of Strong Materials: Or Why You Don't Fall Through the Floor The Universe in a Nutshell Introducing Newton

Stephen Hawking William Rankin

F.A.E. Pirani & Christien Roche Ziauddin Sardar & Iwona Abrams Joseph Schwartz & Michael McGuinness Magazines

Introducing the Universe Introducing Chaos Introducing Einstein Scientific American New Scientist

UK Peter Hennessy Dennis Kavanagh Anthony Seldon & Dennis Kavanagh Margaret Thatcher Anthony Seldon Jeffrey Archer Michael Dobbs USA Martin Walker Joe Klein Jon Micklethwaite Barack Obama John McCain Bob Woodward Hillary Rodham Clinton Anthony Bennett Mark Steyn George W Bush Sarah Palin The Hidden Wing The Prime Minister Consensus Politics The Power behind the Prime Minister The Major Effect The Downing Street Years Blair Effect First Among Equals The Fourth Estate House of Cards Final Cut Clinton - The President They Deserve Primary Colors The Right Nation: Why America is different The Audacity of Hope Faith of My Fathers Bush at War Living History The Presidency & Presidential Power America Alone Decision Points Going Rogue

Political DVDs/Movies Yes Prime Minister Series The West Wing Series JFK W Primary Colors The Manchurian Candidate Charlie Wilson's War Fahrenheit 911 Celsius 41.11


Geoff Rolls Nigel Benson

Classic Case Studies in Psychology Psychology A Graphic Guide To Your Mind And Behaviour

John R. King Angel Flores M. De Cervantes Saavedra Laura Esquivel Javier Cercas Gabriel Garca Mrquez Vicente Blasco Ibez Isabel Allende Pablo Neruda & W. S. Merwin Antonio Machado Federico Garca Lorca New Penguin Parallel Text: Spanish Short Stories Spanish Stories: Cuentos Espaoles Don Quijote/Don Quixote (Bilingual Novels) - Spanish & English Parallel Text Como Agua Para Chocolate Soldados de Salamina El coronel no tiene a quin le escriba Noticias de un Secuestro La Barraca La Casa de los Espritus Cuentos de Eva Luna De amor y de sombra Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair: Penguin Classics Campos de Castilla La Casa de Bernarda Alba

Sports Science
David Wiggins Vamplew & Stoddart Thomas Hughes Matthew Syed Lance Armstrong Sport in America from wicked Amusement to National obsession Sport in Australia a Social History Tom Browns Schooldays Bounce It's not about the Bike

Theatre Studies
Michael Bloom Alison Hodge Bella Martin Antonin Artaud Peter Brook Peter Thomson & Glendyr Sacks Thinking Like a Director: A Practical Handbook Twentieth Century Actor Training The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit The Theatre and Its Double The Empty Space The Cambridge Companion to Brecht

The Penguin Dictionary of Theatre

Barlex John Cave Chris Lefteri P Fowler M Finney & K Crampton C Chapman & M Peace J Morrison & J Twyford James Dyson James Dyson Product Design TEP Technology in Practice Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design Collins GCSE Design & Technology: Technology Collins GCSE Design & Technology: Design & Communication Collins GCSE Design & Technology: Design & Realization Design: Capability and Awareness History of Great Inventions Against the Odds: an autobiography

Visual Arts
H W Janson & Anthony F Janson Stephen Little Phaidon Sister Wendy Beckett Vincent van Gogh Peter Dormer E H Gombrich Hugh Honour & John Fleming History of Art for Young People .Isms. Understanding Art The 20th Century Art Book The Story of Painting Van Gogh's letters (published by Thames & Hudson) The Art of the Maker The Story of Art A World History of Art