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I would like to try and reply to Prof Harriss report.

On the 6th July I was told after x-ray that the tooth could be saved with a filling. Yet on the 15th July I was told that the tooth was bad and that two teeth needed extraction I am very surprised with his comment in number 7 of his report regarding history of depression, I was given Cipramil 15 years ago not for depression but for the menopause my doctor felt this would help manage the change of life and I have just continued taking it. When I was prescribed amitriptyline I was informed it was not for the treatment of depression that this was found to be very good for pain relief. I have no history of head, neck and back pain, irritable bowel, painful menorrhagia and pruritis at any time in my life. I have only attended the Doctor when it was needed as per common problems like all people I would only attend my Doctor once every six months until the problems with my gums. I would also point out that there is no family history of depression and there is no social history to cause any dysfunction. I would point out the only reason I changed Doctors was because one Specialist passed me to another for further help. I would also point out that it was not a sports specialist I attended when I went o Santry but Mr. Josh Keaveny who is one of the best pain specialist in Ireland. I also found it very difficult to take the medication, I would end up vomiting and very sick. The reason I went to Dentist in the first place was because I had a pain in my tooth. We do not understand 1/2/3 of the conclusions. I do not have any problems with obtaining records from my general medical practitioner, and will have no problem signed a release form for you. Mr. Victor had an MRI brain scan done which was clear Management by a medically and dental qualified pain specialists. By going to Mr. Canavan I would presume that is why I went there but he could not sort out the pain. I have looked up Somatization and am amazed that a Doctor who never examined me or has seen my medical records could suggest such a diagnoses I am quite upset that it would be attached to me as there is no emotional stress etc. in my life. (I have looked up from the pubMed health. A service of the national library of medicine, You will see the range of systems I am talking about. Given this suggestion, which I deny, what weight should be put on the rest of his report? Before all this pain I was a very outgoing person/Mother/Grandmother who was active in pitch and put and played and socialized regularly. I am also part a large part of her extended family.