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Question 195: Some parents who have righteous children but they do not (help them) to get married, and likewise parents to whom compatible religious and well mannered men come, but they dont marry (their daughters) to them, what is your advice to them (these kinds of parents)? Answer 195: What we advice them with is that they should be grateful to Allah subhaanahu wa taaala Who blessed them with children and not to waste or weaken this community. That your child is chaste is better than for him to be lost and weak far away from the [female] dogs. A lot of women are like (female) dogs, they cannot be classified as humans, (because) they jump from one mans (bed) to another, further to this is AIDS disease that is widespread and the doctors cannot cure it, they do not have with them except to suppress (the effect) of some of its types. So, if Allah subhaanahu wa taaala blesses a man with a righteous child, then it compulsory to help him (the child). And the Messenger sallallahu alayhe wa sallam said O young people! Whoever from amongst you is able to afford the cost of maintaining a wife, let him get marry, because it is best in lowering the gaze, and protecting the private parts, and whoever is not able to marry, let him fast, for it will be a shield for him. [Sahih Al-Bukhari] If Allah blesses him with a righteous woman, she will certainly aid him in seeking knowledge and upon the continuation in his studies, and upon the safety from the current corrupt and corrupting free mixing, she will help him on that. So if he is unmarried how long can he struggle with himself? And it is possible that after a while hell not be able to struggle with himself anymore and Allahs aid is sought. Source: Last Journey of Imam Muqbil Ibn Hadee Al-Wadee By His wife, Shaykhah Umm Salamah As.Salafiyah Translated by brother Abu Humairah Slight editing by Nasrin As.Salafiyah