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Soumik Roy


Permanent Address: 193, Bangur Avenue Block - B Kolkata West Bengal, India Phone: +91-9038772775 E-mail: Experience Synopsis

Software Professional with 7 years and 5 months of experience in Java/J2EE based Project Life
Cycle including analysis, design, development, implementation and project management. Currently working as Asst. Project Manager with Cognizant for a reputed Canada based Insurance Company. More than 2.5 years of client handling experience from client location. Expertise in analysis, designing, coding and testing of variety of software applications using JAVA, Windows 98/ 2000/ XP, and DB2. Posses 2+ years of experience in Insurance domain. Experienced in working in complex and high critical projects for USA and Canada based Insurance companies. An energetic, self-motivated team member with hands on experience in training, programming skills, client-server infrastructure, business analysis, requirements gathering, application integration and customization. Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and management skills. Professional Experience
Feb,2004 till date Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kolkata Asst. Manager - Projects

No 1 2 3 Name of Institution Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Diploma or Certificate Sun Certified Programmer for JAVA 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 Sun Certified Web Component Developer for JAVA Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 Sun Certified Business Component Developer for JAVA Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 Year of Completion 2008 2008 2009

Skill Sets
Technical Languages Operating Systems Web Technologies (Server side) Web Technologies (Client side) Other Tools & Tech. Database Developer Tools Application Server Web Servers Configuration Tool Specialized Knowledge Functional Currently working as Asst. Manager Projects with a team of 20 associates. Excellent client handling with more than 2.5 years of onsite client handling experience. Recently worked as a Tech. lead at the client location for a team of 3 on-site and 6 offshore associates. Interacting with clients for requirement analysis and contributing to system study and analysis. Design and development of the work-flow program and handling various phases of application development based on technical specification. System design and creation of algorithms. Involved in application development and Unit, Integration and System Testing. Debugging and troubleshooting of the application. Involved in project documentation for each module of the application. Identification & implementation of new technologies according to clients requirement and upgrading the same. : : : : : : : : : : : Core Java Windows 98/ 2000/ XP, MS-DOS. Servlet, JSP, Struts, AJAX, Enterprise Java Beans, iBatis, SOA JavaScript, HTML Dojo, iBatis, Castor, XML, XSL, JAXB, Web Services (SOAP, REST) IBM-DB2 RAD, WSAD, Toad, Visual Explain (Query Optimizer) IBM WAS, IBM WPS (JSR 168, PUMA SPI, XML Access) Tomcat 5.0 VSS 6.0, CVS, PVCS Vignette, TrueComp, WebFOCUS, Control-M

Key Project
Title Client Platform/Server Technologies Database App Server Role Team size Duration Description : : : : : : : : : : The scope includes maintenance, enhancement and end to end support of around 70 mainframe and non mainframe applications. Following are the key applications that are maintained as part of this project. Forms Maintenance RI Forms Center Application is a J2EE based application that takes the guesswork out of which forms are required when submitting applications. A few probing questions in the checklist page help determine the desired scope of the business and the end result is a list of specific forms and documents needed for that particular sale. Role based view is provided to different users and questions in the checklist page is driven by different business catalogs. Form Selection screen displays the checklist summary along with the list of forms. Forms displayed are driven by the Forms Rule Catalog and User Inputs captured in the checklist page. User can view individual form clicking the hyperlink beside each form description and also can generate PDF package which bundles the selected forms. TrueComp TrueComp is a Callidus Softwares Enterprise Incentive Management software system that provides the ability to calculate compensation based on rules. It supports complex compensations plan and rules to calculate different types of compensation arrangement across any number of levels within the hierarchy. In the current set-up TrueComp is primarily used for distribution of calculated commissions coming through CRR from policy admin systems and also to calculate different types of Bonus/Incentives based on credit rules. Additionally TrueComp also does the statement processing and compensation reporting through a platform called WebFOCUS closely integrated to TrueComp data repository. JH Life, Maintenance Major Life Insurance Company, USA-Canada LINUX, AIX, Windows Java, J2EE (XML/XSL), JAXB, TrueComp, WebFOCUS, Control-M, Avaya IVR IBM-DB2. Oracle 9i WebSphere Application Server 6.0/6.1 Offshore Project Manager, Onsite Tech Lead (till Apr, 2011) 120 Dec 2009 Apr 2011 (Onsite) Apr 2011 - Till date (Offshore)

VRU VRU stands for Voice Response Unit. This is an IVRS application built on top of Avaya Interactive Voice Response system intended to automate the conversation of a customer with a back office customer service representative. Voice Response Unit is aimed at servicing high call volume, reduce cost and improve customer experience. All legacy traditional and non-traditional policy holders are potential users of VRU application where they need to provide only the policy number and unique identification number to retrieve their policy details.

Highlights Exposure o

Involved with the project since the planning phase, identification of the key features of each application and grouping them in various phase of knowledge acquisition. This was followed by identifying and planning for training needs of associates supporting each application. Overcoming challenges with respect to gaining adequate knowledge on widely dispersed technologies across the applications. Initial planning of the technology landscape and training needs were instrumental in successful completion of the knowledge transition phase that included one of the most critical financial calculation engines e.g. Callidus TrueComp, SalesNet etc. Responsible for all non mainframe applications based out of Canada that are part of this project. It involves attending key training sessions for all applications as well as interacting with application managers form client side for planning and execution.

Responsibilities As offshore project manager I am responsible for managing the JAVA team of 20 associates, working on different applications. Apart from daily status tracking i am also responsible for monthly steering committee meeting with client, track escalations, identify areas of improvement and scope of improving profitability. I worked as onsite tech lead for all non mainframe applications based out of Canada. From inception of the project following are my roles and responsibilities in the project. o o o o o Manage status reporting, review all design documents and conduct design walkthrough of any major enhancement with the client. Maintaining the project plans for ongoing applications. Mentoring the team while designing and helping the development team with critical functionalities. Understanding Business Processes. Learning the new tools and technologies as part of the knowledge transition phase and guiding the on-site and offshore team members to facilitate the transition to steady state as early as possible. Writing and reviewing knowledge transition document for each application. Design walkthrough of the enhancements assigned to us as part of shadow and reverse-shadow phase. Proposing solutions (e.g. an XML-XSL driven framework for the enhancements in Forms Maintenance).

o o

Key Project
Title Client Platform/Server Technologies Database App Server Tools Role Team size Duration Description : : : : : : : : : : : TARGIT Release 7 was the final phase of the TARGIT program, the focus of which was to consolidate multiple RMIS (Risk Management Information Services) systems into a single, consolidated environment. The goal was to improve the insurance business by increasing overall marketability and competitiveness against similar services in the RMIS space. More specifically, it intend to improve customer experience by improving the usability of the RISKTRAC user interface, by providing additional features and functionality, by providing consistent risk information from multiple services, as well as reducing overall operating costs to deliver risk information services. Moreover, the system was componentized so that the business processes associated with TARGIT 7 will be made available based on the customers licensing model. Security Administration Manager (SAM) The Security Administration Manager (SAM) component automated the application of security rule definitions to the users of the TARGIT7 application. The component translated the defined rules to role and data level security. The data level rules were enforced using dynamic creation of views on the database based on the rules defined. The component was also used to dynamically configuring access on the portal server and the Business Objects generated reports based on the rules defined for the User or his hierarchy. Claim and Incident data inquiry and search functionality (TARGIT 7) The TARGIT 7 application brought claim and incident inquiry under one umbrella providing integrated claim and incident inquiry functions to its users. Claim included LOB selection and based upon that selection only claims from selected LOB would be available for visualization, addition and modification. Online reports for claim and incident (TARGIT 7) Reports are generated on claim and incident data based on predefined customizable templates and report distribution mechanism for report recipients. The TARGIT 7 application will be providing a number of customizable reports based on the claim and incident data. TARGIT 7 will provide the users ability to run reports based on pre-configured report templates based on their access rights to the reports as well as the underlying data. Users can also distribute the reports after generation through a recipient list set up as part of the address book functionality. TARGIT- 7 Application Major P&C Insurance Company, USA LINUX Core Java, JSP, Struts, AJAX, DOJO, EJB, iBatis, Castor, PUMA SPI, XML-Access IBM-DB2. Websphere Application Server 6.0/6.1, Websphere Portal Server 5.0 IBM Rational Application Developer, DB Visualizer Tech Lead 40 March 2007 April 2007 (Onsite) May 2007 2007 - August 2009 (Offshore)

A phased approach is adopted as described below, to complete the objective of TARGIT-7 application. Phase 1 involves: Planning Infrastructure set-up Requirements understanding, requirements gap analysis, requirements completion, usability analysis and Use Case modeling. Architecture finalization through proof of concepts Technology selection High Level Design Logical Data Model Test Plan and Strategy Completion of Project Cost Estimate and schedule. Phase 2 involves: Detailed architecture & design Construction Functional and non-functional testing User Acceptance Testing Data migration/conversion Implementation

Highlights Exposure of working for various key areas like:

o o o o UML Design including sequence diagram, class diagram POC on various design patterns and finalizing design patterns e.g. Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Faade, DAO (fine grained and coarse grained) Part of the key decision making architect team including Cognizant and client leads, to come up with the unique strategy of dynamic view creation for Data Security. Implemented Functional Security using PUMA SPI and XML-Access using IBM Portal Server APIs. Designed and worked on JSR 168 portlets deployed in WebSphere Portal Server 5.0. The TARGIT-7 application is deployed in WPS 5.0. It consists of 4 main portal pages Claim, Incident, Report and Alert each consisting of multiple portlets. The access to the individual portal pages and portlets are restricted using XML Access using portal groups. The portal groups are assigned to users based on the licensing agreement and this is handled programmatically using PUMA SPI.

Responsibilities I lead the Security Administration Manager (SAM) module with team strength of 10 associates. We started with the UML design for SAM module which assigns security using dynamically created views to the entire user base for TARGIT 7 application. As a Senior Associate at offshore, my responsibilities included: o o o o o o o o Business Process understanding and knowledge gathering. Designing the security administration manager portal. Strategic decisions during the designing phase of the security administration manager portal. Constructing the portal for Security Administration Manager (SAM) based on the detailed design. Optimizing queries to fetch data from the database. Did POC for the automatic view creation functionality. Integrated BO (Business Object Crystal Report) functionality to SAM. Completed framework establishment for Claim (for LOBs other than WC) module and integrated them with Views and External Interfaces to retrieve data.

o o o

Used HP Quality Center to track, distribute and manage issues related to application developments. Analysis, Design, Coding and Unit Testing of new enhancements and developments as per the technical specifications provided by the client. Used Optimal Advisor for code validation and Query Optimizer for tuning SQL queries. Pacific Pride Online Major Petro Card provide, USA Windows NT, IntelIJ Struts, JSP, JavaScript, SQL, LDAP Tomcat 5.0 Onsite Coordinator/Senior Developer 10 March 2006 March 2007 (Onsite) Jun 2005 March 2006 (Offshore)

Key Project Title : Client : Platform/Server : Technologies : Web Server : Role : Team size : Duration :


: Our client provides Fleet Card Management services to its customers. It introduces new features for its customers every quarter. In Q3 and Q4 of 2006, major enhancements were made for their customer Pacific Pride. Existing functionality available to Pacific Pride Distributor Application at the end of Q2 of 2006 were: Administration: User provisioning (adding/modifying users with specific roles) Account Set Up (Creation/Modification/Termination) Creation of Administrator level profiles Account Maintenance: Card Maintenance (Add/Modify/Re-Issue) Driver Maintenance (Add/Modify/Terminate) Creation/Modification of Account Level Profile Activity Logs (Audit Trail for activities performed for the account) User Preferences Setting/Changing Email Setting/Changing Password Authentication and Authorization Verification of valid users with JAAS and LDAP After role determination, present the role specific menu items to user

Highlights Exposure of working for various key areas like: o Coordinating with offshore resources o Interacting with client architects for design o Interacting with client developers for day to day status reporting, enhancement and bug fixes.
Responsibilities o Analyzing & preparing design docs for application development o Coding & Testing Application o Interacting with Onsite team while in offshore o Interacting with Client and directing Offshore team o Planning for forthcoming projects from onsite o Analyze current processes, identify bottlenecks in application design and suggest Defect Prevention activities

Key Project Title : Client : Platform/Server : Technologies : Role : Team size : Duration :
Description :

Nina Major Hotel Chain in USA Windows NT, Oracle 10g Application Server Core Java, JSP, JDBC, Oracle 9i Developer 8 October 2004 May 2005 This project undertakes a web development initiative called NINA. A new application is developed as a new Hotel Web Client which is a new web-based front-end to the hotel CRS. This web application has been redesigned with a focus on hotel customer needs, an up-to-date look and feel, user-friendly interface design and ease of use. Internally, the application has been re-architected using a model-view-controller framework (Apache Struts) deployed and evaluated by our client and several of their partner hotels which provide more re-usable components, internationalization, and a common validation framework.

Highlights Responsibilities: o Requirement Analysis. o Design Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagram. o Developing of two complex modules (Rate and Admin) starting from scratch. Key Project Title Client Technologies Role Team size Duration Description

: : : : : : :

PRISM Life Insurance Company, USA Core Java, Servlet, JSP, HTML, JDBC, JavaScript. Developer 4 April 2004 September 2004 Our client is a leading provider of investment products annuities, mutual funds, college savings plans as well as life insurance, group and employee benefits, automobile and homeowners' insurance, and business insurance. Cognizant was responsible for developing the Prism module. In Prism all the information from third party systems and actuaries are maintained online. PRISM is a web based application featuring complex calculation for different insurance plans. Another part of the application was to generate reports both or customer and admin users. Some of the objectives of the project include enhancements in screens using Java technology and updating the database table structure along with required code base for specific client requirement.

Highlights Responsibilities: o Understanding design docs o Coding o Understanding architecture

Educational Credentials
Degree BE (Electrical) XII X College/University Bengal Engineering College, Shibpore (D.U.) Hindu School West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education Hindu School West Bengal Council for Secondary Education Year of Passing 2003 1999 1997 Marks 71% 85% 86%

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Passport Number : E7276394 Date of Issue : 30/05/2004 Date of Expiry : 31/05/2014

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: 14 November, 1980 Marital Status : Single Language Known : Bengali, Hindi, English