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TARGET QUALITY To create the target quality of this case, I will try to use Critical Succes Factor (CSF). Critical Success Factor is the indicator on how to achieve certain aims with rational and achievable target. It does not only relies on the process or system used but also reflects the feedback received from the end user. Critical Success Factor is recommendation to upgrade the maintenance management system practiced. Because nowadays technology has made a very frequent changing. The Critical Success Factor (CSF) is derived from goals and objectives of the organizations where certain factors and processes have to be in place. Universitys management act as a provider who aims to provide a better education environment in producing quality graduates. Therefore the facilities need to be maintained at all times and upgraded to meet the customers satisfaction, especially students and lecturers. In this assignment, I will reflect to the K. Alexander and friends in their book of Facilities Management, Innovation and Performance about the CSF as below. Table 1. Customer Perspective Critical Success Factor And Measure. Critical success factors Possible measures /measurement instrument Customer satisfaction Service quality Customer complaints Range of services offered Reaction to customers needs Customer satisfaction surveys Post occupancy evaluation

Table 2. Internal Processes Perspective: Critical Success Factor And Measures. Critical success factors Possible measures Service excellent Technology capability Understand the customers Employee competence Process efficiency Teamwork and coordination Staff development Service standards, service quality survey Equipment costs, post-occupancy evaluation Customer satisfaction surveys Employee qualifications, training hours per employee, employee satisfaction index. Output/cost ratio Interdependent meetings, interdependent training courses Courses completed, number of multiskilled staff

Table 3. Financial Perspective: Critical Success Factor And Measures. Critical success factors Possible measures Management expectations Financial growth Cost reduction,productivity improvement Asset utilisation Management of working capital Cash flow, cost reduction rates, costs per unit of output, new business development Balance income and expenditure Financial reporting Cost per unit, reduction of indirect costs, services sharing with other business units Reduction of working capital Average rate of return

Table 4. Learning And Growth Perspective: Critical Success Factors And Measures. Critical success factors Possible measures Technology leadership Continuous service improvement Time to develop new processes Service innovation cycle time, employee turnover, staff attitude survey, number of employee/customer suggestions, development area identified, new facilities/ service introduced Employee satisfaction, staff development programmes, courses completed, internal promotions made.

Upgrading staff competencies

ACCEPTANCE BY PEOPLE People in this case consist of 10 male and 10 female with a different class of age. Five males are the elder for the others five, so do the female. There is no specific number of age. Then in this assignment I will distinguish the acceptance doing. Elder Employee Value their experience Train them, because they need more training Be flexible Use them as mentor Dont try to be the boss, they have seen it all before. Just try to leading them. Younger Employee The first one is listening with understanding . You are taking his ideas and feelings so seriously that you check carefully to make sure you understand before you move on with the conversation. The person becomes less defensive and mutual trust is created The second skill is the expression of warmth and acceptance. By being available when the person needs help, asking him to help you when you need it, spending time with the other person, or going out of your way to help him.

ENTHUSIASM To be clear, I will differentiate the enthusiasm into elder and younger too. Elder Employee Younger Employee

Make sure the plan meet their security needs, such as medical coverage, vision care, and financial planning. Motivate them more often. Develope an equity condition of everything, either it in compensation and security problem or even respect. Motivated them by achievement of pride, promotion and others. Motivated by Camaraderie
References K. Alexander, B. Atkin, J. Brochner, T. Haugen (2004), Facilities Management, Innovation and Performance. David Sirota, Louis A, Michael Irwin M (2005), The Enthusiastic Employee, Soundview Executive Book Summaries. S.H. Zulkarnain, E.M.A Zawawi, M.Y.A. Rahman, N.K.F. Mustafa (2011), A review of Critical Success Factor in Building Maintenance Management Practice for University Sector, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology.