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Situation Reaction Test 1.In a Bus you realize that someone has left his/her wallet.

You would 2.Do you think that one should change his job often and face new situation? 3.While traveling the train, you observe some college student pulling the alarm chain simply to get down at there desire point. You would.. 4.You want to get married to a person of your choice, but your family members give their own reasons, why you should not marry that person which you do not find very convincing. What you do? 5.You are a team leader and two of your colleagues are having a strained relationship with each other. As a result, they are not contributing well in the group activities. How will you handle such a situation? 6.His bridge (card game) partners parents died and he had to play the bridge championship after two days. His bridge partners parents live in other town. He 7.His exams were after two days and he had fallen ill. He 8.He was in the reception committee of the Prime Minister and he received a telegram informing him about the illness of his father. He 9.His colleagues went on strike against the principal of the school. He 10.He was travelling with his friends on motor cycle when a speeding truck knocked them down. His friend was profusely bleeding and the truck driver had run away with his truck. His motor cycle had been seriously damaged and is not roadworthy. He 11.His baby brothers clothes had caught fire. He was the only one present besides his sister who was upstairs. He 12.He saw a man in the deserted bazaar smashed a jewellers window, steal some ornaments and drive away in car. He 13.He was asked by head of his educational institution to make arrangement for a cricket match. He 14. He was a crew member of a boat race.Suddenly the rudder of your boat got broken. He. 15. He along with his friends was sitting in his college canteen. A few boys from other college came and started abusing him. He 16. Annual function in his college was going on. A few boys from outside came and started shouting. He 17.Exams were approaching and his friend had no money to pay the examination fees. Both of you didnt have money. He 18. Misunderstanding crops up between him and his friends. He 19. He and his friend were arguing over a topic later he found that his friend was correct. He 20. As he asked time from a person he started abusing. He.. 21. He wanted to marry a girl of his choice while his father was against it. He 22. He was going to meet his sister in the village 40 km away. He had to pass through a dense forest. Suddenly his bicycle got punctured & it also started raining. He.. 23. He was going to Shimla on a visit. Suddenly he noticed that all his items were stolen . He had no money in his pocket. He.. 24. He was watching a movie in a cinema hall. He observed that his girl friend was being teased by somebody sitting next to her. He.. 25. He was on leave in his village. Once at night he got up due to firing sound and cries of the villagers. He noticed that village was attacked by dacoits. He.. 26. He got up during night and entered into the bath room. He noticed a cobra was lying there. He.. 27. He was going to Delhi with his friend. On the way in train his friend developed high fever. He.. 28. His friend looses his job and runs into a financial difficulty. He.. 29. He finalizes his programme of picnic. All of a sudden his father gets seriously ill. He.. 30. He wants to join army but his father feels that he must look after his family business. He..

31. While travelling in a train, he involved himself into a discussion. Nobody agreed with his arguments. He.. 32. His step mother refuses to give him more money to see a movie. He.. 33. He wanted to continue his studies but his father wanted him to take up a job. He.. 34. He was travelling in a train. All of a sudden he found that a man got up and demanded his suitcase at knife point.He.. 35. He was fighting for Presidents election in his college. All of a sudden he found that his own supporters were supporting his opponents. He.. 36. He prepared well for the exam. But to his surprise he failed in the exam. He.. 37. He received contradictory orders from his two superior bosses. He.. 38. While working he received orders from his Commander. He felt that Commanders approach was wrong. He.. 39. While crossing a jungle, he observed that a tiger was standing just 10 yards from him. He.. 40.While going through a jungle, he noticed that someone was following him with a rifle. He.. 41. While going through a jungle suddenly one armed tribal had confronted him. He.. 42. He received a letter that his exam were preponed by two months. He was not well prepared. He.. 43. The students of his college wanted to give a call for a strike for their demands. Their demands were genuine. They were forcing him to join the strike. He.. 44. His father wanted him to marry a wealthy and educated girl. But he was in love with a poor and beautiful girl. He.. 45. His uncle had a quarrel with his father and threatened to kill him. He.. 46. Most of the time he found that his friends disagreed with his arguments. He.. 47. He received a SSB interview call up letter, when his parents were away on a tour. He had no money. He.. 48. His subordinate was organizing a variety entertainment programme in the unit in his absence. His subordinates mother fell seriously ill. He.. 49. He observed a Cobra was approaching his brother who was sleeping in a room at night. He.. 50. While going to the office he saw an injured man asking for his help. He was getting late for the office. He.. 51. He was kidnapped by the dacoits. They asked him to sign a ransom note to his father. He 52. He was in a NCC Camp. While on guard duty at night, he observed a group of dacoits approaching him. He 53. While going through a forest with his brother, he lost the way and it had become dark. He 55. While negotiating a forest with his friend, his friend lost consciousness due to exhaustion. He.. 54. He was going to see off his friends to the railway station at night on a bicycle. He accosted a group of persons with lathis. He 56. His parents were out for a week. All of a sudden his younger brother developed high fever and become unconscious. He.. 57. His friends family members were fast asleep, when their house got fire, he was informed of the situation by a neighbour. He.. 58. His father was forcing him to continue his studies with science and maths but his interest was in literature. He.. 59. The boat developed a leak when he was in the middle of the river. He did not know swimming. He.. 60. One evening he noticed his girl friend moving with another friend of his. He.. 61.He was a boarder in a college. He found that his room mate was a person of different nature. He found it difficult to adjust with him. He 62. Due to financial difficulties his father couldnt support him for further studies. He is in his intermediate. He. 63. In a discussion he found that he was losing ground. He 64. He was caught alone at night by dacoits who demanded all valuables on him while he was unarmed. He 65. He was traveling in a boat with his friends when water started gushing inside the boat due to a small hole. He

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