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Released on: June 13, 2012 Author: Equities Management Division The Savanna Africa Fund was launched

on Zurich International Investment Platform during the recent Asian roadshow Raffles Equity Research, Inc., an experienced fund management company specializi ng in innovative investment, held its first road show this month, starting off i n Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The equity research company appeared on t he Zurich Investment Update roadshow in order to introduce the Savanna Africa Fu nd to South East Asian investors as a way of getting exposure to a key growth ar ea that is their African portfolio offering. In the past decade stock markets across Africa have produced impressive performa nce relative to other global markets, however, Africa as a region has historical ly been difficult for retail investors to access, especially in South East Asia. The Savanna Africa Fund provides diversified, one-stop access to the exciting g rowth potential of the African continent. It is an absolute return product, whic h does not attempt to invest purely in companies belonging to a particular index or benchmark. The fund targets double-digit returns from Africa's high-growth e conomies. The fund is simple for clients to understand as it does not use gearing nor deri vatives and hence avoids unnecessary risks. Currently, Savanna is listed on a nu mber of platforms, which service the Asian and Middle East markets. Commenting at the roadshow, Dr. James W. Arnold, CFA and Director of Research at Raffles Equity Research said: "This is our first roadshow for the new fund and we are happy to have kick-started it here in South East Asia. For us, the SEA re gion is a fast growing and vibrant area. Asian investors are educated and unders tand the way emerging markets work and are open minded about investing in such o pportunities available in the African financial, consumer, resources and industr ial environment." Dr. Arnold went on to say, "We have started to develop strong, long-term relatio nships with clients in the SEA region and with the launch of the Savanna Africa Fund we are able to deliver attractive growth to investors on a long-term, susta inable basis. Raffles offers investors a carefully formulated strategy to maximize long-term i nvestment opportunities. In 8 of the last 10 years emerging markets have outperf ormed developed economies in delivering investment growth. Additionally, there a re strong and increasing ties between South East Asia and Africa with cross regi on investments. Raffles unique proposition with the Savanna Africa Fund is to deliver outstandin g returns to investors and offer a new model for investment management built aro und a core principle of positively impacting lives through sustainable investmen t opportunities in these emerging markets. Contact us with your interest in this emerging opportunity: invest@rafflesequity .com