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Scalable X2 Technology ™

Full spectrum helicopter

performance is closer to flight


X2 Technology Demonstrator

Currently in ground test, the Demonstrator is

SAR designed to mature critical technologies that Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation’s
will enable the next generation of vertical flight.
X2 Technology Demonstrator

will achieve cruise speeds

We pioneer flight solutions of 250 knots while retaining
that bring people home favorable helicopter attributes.

everywhere...every time ™


6900 Main Street, Stratford, Connecticut 06615 USA
+(800) WINGED-S (946-4337) or +(203) 386-4282 X2-007  1559 5C  February 2008

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What is X2 Technology ? ™
How does it work? Why is it possible now?
X2 Technology – 2 rotors. 2x the speed.

X2 Technology is an integrated suite of technolo-

gies, improving on the capabilities of helicopters.

It provides all the desirable low-speed handling
characteristics of a helicopter combined with
increased performance, including higher speeds.
Sikorsky’s XH-59A Advancing Blade Concept (ABC)
helicopter flew 240 knots level flight in the 1980s.

All Composite Airframe

Program (ACAP)
coaxial rotor

Vertical lift is a compromise. X2 Technology ™
delivers more by breaking the paradigm of hover
efficiency vs. speed. A new, full spectrum of
Proprietary hub fairings Critical aerospace technologies have advanced
performance for helicopters, from hover to high
will reduce X2 Technology ™

to enable X2 Technology. The Demonstrator

speed, is now in test.

helicopter hub drag builds on this foundation to enable the next

Helicopter Increased generation of vertical flight.
Attributes Performance
The unique advanced
Precise hover Speed (250 knots cruise) composite rigid rotors
control are designed for hover
No in-flight transformation
Low downwash and autorotation per­
velocity Level body accel/decel
formance with a large
Low hover power Excellent OEI performance increase in lift-to-drag.
Long hover Excellent maneuverability
endurance Improved range
Slowing the rotor keeps
Autorotation Increased payload the rotor blades subsonic
Competitive cost at high speeds.

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