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Course Code: Course Objective:

The legislative power to make laws relating to land and land ceiling is in the state list. Different States have enacted their own laws on this subject. The Constitutional perspectives relating to this subject have to be taught as an essential part of this course. The provisions in the Constitution in Part III, IV and XII as well as those in Schedule VII relating to distribution of legislative powers over land are essentially to be taught with emphasis.

ILBLW 40702

Credit Units: 05

Course Contents:
Module I: Constitutional Perspectives Fundamental rights, Property as Legal Right, Agriculture reform, Legislative Powers, The Union, The State, Local bodies. Module II: Post-Independence Reforms Abolition of Zamindaries, Abolition of Intermediaries, Tenancy Reforms, Land to the tiller, Personal Cultivation, Voluntary Surrenders. Module III: Evaluation of land Reforms Lack of Political will as an impediment to land reforms, Role of Law, Role of law and Legal Profession in implementation, Position of Bars to the jurisdiction of Civil Courts, Role of administrative agencies. Module IV: Land Management in Uttar Pradesh: Relevant Land laws to be specified Module V: Houses and Shops Rent Control Legislation in Uttar Pradesh

Examination Scheme:
Components Weightage (%) P/S/V 10 CT 10 C 5 A 5 EE 70

Text & References:

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