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45, Issue 1

Summer 2012

Brant NDP Newsletter

The Grassroots

NDP Leadership Matters

successful visits to Brant Riding this year.

Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair have had

Andrea's Visit
When Andrea Horwath visited Brantford back in late January she came to listen. Her full schedule saw her meet with a large group of small business owners at The Station Coffee House & Gallery, then take a meeting with the Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce, followed by lunch with local activists and an open meeting with seniors and citizens at the Seniors Resource Centre.

Tom's Visit
New Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair visited the riding in March and held two public meetings. The rst was at the Seniors' Resource Centre to talk about the harmful Old Age Security changes being made by the Harper Government. This was followed by a large gathering at the Brantford Conference Centre to answer questions from community members.

Local News

A Letter From Our President

I was a curious, faceless crowd member. He was an affable fellow of smiles and friendly words. Sounds like a novel. But gifted people like Jack Layton speak to your heart. And listening to him last April, I suddenly realized that my vote isnt enough to improve the world. Action must follow intent. Inspired, I volunteered for my rst political experience. A scant year later, Im writing as president of the Brant NDP. Politics isnt old guys with cigars in smoke-lled rooms. Its regular people trying to make the world a little better. Its regular people like me. And more importantly, its regular people like you. People who, somewhere between feeding the kids, rushing to work or caring for grandchildren, manage to care about important issues. People like you, who volunteer time, donate spare change and raise your voice for change. I always thought that politics was for clever strategists in dusty hallways. Its not. Politics is people like us: passionate, caring and active. Your commitment to your community is inspiring. I am honored, and humbled, to work for you. Yours in service, Sue Draper President, Brant Joint Riding Association


MPP Jonah Schein visited Brantford in May to support the efforts of the Save Hardy Road Organizers

The Brant NDP had a table at the recent Pride Day Celebrations at Mohawk Park (above). Membership Officer Bethany Schultz (below) was also one of the musical acts

Brant NDP President Sue Draper


Brant NDP Launches Diversity Committee

By Diversity Chair Michael Issa The NDP has long recognized the mosaic cultures and make up of our country. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain a just relationship with these groups. This requires our party to have a culture of inclusion where all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly and provide an opportunity to excel within their adopted homeland. To support the realization of our vision and mission, we have established the following strategic objectives: 1) Diversity - Improve the representation of minorities at all levels of the NDP and integrate their talent and aspirations. 2) Inclusion - Create an inclusive policy that fosters equality and promotes everybody's ability to be active members within our community. 3) Communications - Ensure that Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, actions, and results are transparent to all these groups. 4) Accountability - Hold leadership accountable for Diversity & Inclusion goals and objectives. See the next page for a full list of other Brant NDP Committees any member with an interest can join today!

Local News

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath at the Station Coffee House.

Tracy Macdonnell was one of the many men from the Brant NDP supporting Nova Vita at the Men in Heels Walk.

MPP Jagmeet Singh (centre) was a keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Brantford Youth Leadership Conference. Over 50 local youth attended this free conference organized by the Brant Young New Democrats this past May.

A full room gathered for our 2012 Annual General Meeting at Myrtleville House Museum.

Brant NDP Committees Reports

By Len Davies

Since our Annual Meeting in April, over a dozen committees and teams have been formed to extend the orange wave in Brant riding.

As you have read on the previous page our diversity committee is very active. Our environmental and conservation team, is working hard on a position statement regarding Brantfords waterfront, and was with MPP Jonah Schein at a recent Hardy Road wetlands visit. Womens Committee chair Ellora Jones and members of the LGBT team were in the Brantford Pride walk in June, and signed up members while handing out NDP related items to the families there. Also, our Brant Young NDP organized the 2nd Annual Brantford Youth Leadership conference which grew signicantly from the previous year's event.

Membership chair, Bethany Schultz, and her committee works closely with the fundraising and volunteer committees, and is on a mission to double the 2011 riding membership this year. President Sue Draper tells of our riding hosting at least three fundraising events, so watch for notices of these events on our website, by email and telephone. The special events and volunteer teams attend community events or create their own events to put forth an NDP face in our community. The seniors advocacy team has been established to liaise with local organizations and works under provincial vice-president Tim Deelstra. This committee will give recommendations to our delegates to Provincial Council. During the last Provincial Council in April we're happy to report that several Brant riding proposals were adopted as ofcial policy by the party. Our new Aboriginal/Onkwehonwe committee hosted a very successful booth in June at Solidarity Day, and is planning to host a VIP for the Three-Fires Pow-Wow in August. We're also starting a Greater Brant Committee for those interested in rural & county issues/outreach. Communications chair, Marc Laferriere has put the NDP in the local and national spotlight with over 3 dozen media hits in the last few months. Please look for his monthly political column in the Brant News. With a provincial by-election imminent in Kitchener, Brant NDP volunteers have been asked to work with Kitcheners professional organizing team to learn skills and strategies we can use here when the next general election is called. You can help build a winning campaign team in the months ahead by volunteering your time and engaging your friends, family and neighbours in discussions about Andrea Horwath, Tom Mulcair and New Democratic ideas. The Brant NDP is leading the orange wave, and we hope you will join us as we work to build a better Brant in the months and years ahead!


Call 519-751-9111 or e-mail for more information or to attend one of our monthly meetings.